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Logging 2013 Miles - How far did you go?

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        11-23-2013, 06:19 PM
    Yesterday I rode the giant distance of .9 miles. Better than nothing I guess. The issue on going farther is that the neighbors had some kind of heavy equipment that frightened the poor Princess half to death. I think that I will try a different direction tomorrow.

    I should have plenty of riding time this week because I am off all week!!

    117.4 total
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        11-23-2013, 09:29 PM
    Green Broke
    I noticed that we are now on page #200 and I haven't rode 200 miles. That is just freaking WRONG!

    Dawn, glad you go out! Lucky dog! I was making a wedding cake that I had issues with one tier. I delivered it and the issue was color - but after I got to the reception and saw everything else, my color situation was not a problem. I nailed the colors but lawdy miss claudy - they were gaudy!!

    Cake is over and I am hoping to ride tomorrow. I am sitting in the dang dark because some fricktard managed to get across a ditch up on the highway and upend the car on its side with the wheels to the pole side. Pole had transformers. Saw all of this going to see mom. On the way back a cherry picker had arrived to remove the car that was still on its side. Was home about 30 minutes - boiling some pasta mind you and was plunged into darkness about 1 minute after pasta hit the water. Sitting here by candle light using my Hot Spot on the phone. I ate rather chewy pasta and still in the dark an hour later.

    Hope everyone gets out for a ride tomorrow! Woot!!
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        11-24-2013, 12:25 AM
    No ride this weekend Horses just got their shoes pulled for winter today, and we've had several days of hard frost at night, so we're giving them a few days to get their feet used to it.
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        11-24-2013, 10:21 PM
    Green Broke
    I got to get out for a ride today with my cousin and a lady that is riding one of my cousin's horses. It was chilly so we bundled up. I think the cool weather made my legs stiff as a board so I asked K.d. To hold Biscuit while I mounted. don't like that but I'd rather not get in a bad situation.

    We found a short little trail in a place we had never rode because it is between the road and part of the golf course! It was probably a little walking trail off of the garden center but we enjoyed it all the same.

    We rode 5.3 miles today and stopped to share cookies I brought from Subway. Our horses wanted in on the treats - they are a bit on the pampered side! Biscuit was all up in Kellie Kool Aid and Elan was for sure I had treats for him.

    Hoping to go again next week.

    I have a total of 186.4 miles for the year. Hoping to make 200!

    Biscuit Elan And Aladin 5.jpg

    Biscuit Elan and Aladin 4.jpg
        11-24-2013, 11:33 PM
    Originally Posted by QOS    
    Our horses wanted in on the treats - they are a bit on the pampered side! Biscuit was all up in Kellie Kool Aid and Elan was for sure I had treats for him.
    Yeah, I know that trick I usually bring some of my homemade fruit leather on rides as a snack for the humans. Then a couple of months ago I made the mistake of giving the horses a bit. They loved it, and now I can't even get the baggie out of the saddlebag without them all crowding around saying "Me! Me! Me!"

    And now the dogs are wanting in on it too. Lucky I made lots
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        11-25-2013, 12:38 AM
    Green Broke
    LOL James, we say they are like a bunch of guppies. Kellie's horse Elan just loves me. He will put his head in my lap for me to hug him up and pet him. This was the first time though that Biscuit did the same to Kellie. Had to laugh at them. They were terrific today though. Walked right past the huge crane type machine that we really had to get after them to go around a few weeks ago. They deserved a few treats.
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        11-25-2013, 09:39 PM
    Green Broke
    I am a bad horse momma. I have Biscuit up in a smaller paddock because he is hard to catch. We rode yesterday under chilly but nice weather. It was raining today and cold. I went out to the barn with my coat on and the hood pulled down on my head. Biscuit looked at me like I was one of the Sand People off of Star Wars and I noticed he was shaking. I tried to catch him and he kept walking away from me yet I could see he wanted to come to me but he looked scared. I went and got him feed, spoke softly too him and he let me catch him. Poor fellow was shivering. I am a bad horse momma.

    He had a little shelter he could have gone into but it is small and the door is narrow. He had wind breaks but no other shelter. He was wet (of course!) and I took him into the main barn and rubbed him down with a towel, fed him and gave him quiet a bit of hay. I checked on Sarge, he was shivering a little as he was eating but he was standing in water. I checked all the horses - the ones standing in a little water were shivering just a little and the others were fine. Biscuit was ok when I left. No shivering and was happy to munch hay.

    I went back to the barn 3 hours later and Biscuit was mostly dry...just a little damp area on his back. I checked Sarge and he was just fine but not interested in leaving his shed! I feel like a total heel. I had just read an article yesterday on why not to blanket horses as it fricks up their natural ability to fluff their hair blah blah blah. I still believe that but my poor boy didn't have a shed to get under. Kicking my butt all the way home
    I am sure Biscuit thinks I need to be on the other side of the bars!
        11-26-2013, 10:33 AM
    Cold and rainy here too! Brrrrrr I have one dog refuses to even go outside (even with her little raincoat on) she'll have to get out there eventually, the rain ain't quiting until sometime tomorrow...

    I left the horses in for the night, with their blankets on. I've read how blankets don't let them fluff their hair up too, but darnit they sure seem to want those blankets on!

    Plus I really don't think it is good to let my southern horses grow thick enough coats for Alaska, then it turns back warm again & they are miserable. Chivas, since he's only been in the south two years, still looks like a caterpiller, but the others don't grow so much fuzzy hair.

    I am thinking of cooking all the pies today, and do some deep cleaning. The house sure needs it!

    My miles are horrible, too much rain this year, plus vehicle issues, plus losing my farrier, plus hoof issues with my daughter horse, too much overtime at work, all = low miles. Drat
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        11-26-2013, 12:26 PM
    Green Broke
    Teehee, Biscuit looks like a convict xD
    I'm sure they don't hold the crappy weather against you ;)
        11-26-2013, 12:50 PM
    Had been hoping to get Dream out this morning, but the storm beat me to it :

    Annoying enough for today, but its likely going to cancel our holiday riding plans. Simply not worth it to try to haul in such crappy conditions. Guess we have no excuse to avoid the joyous family turkey meal now.
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