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Logging 2013 Miles - How far did you go?

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        03-12-2013, 10:38 AM
    Green Broke
    Oh yeah...one more thing. When I was opening the trailer door at the barn to unload Biscuit I felt something hit my upper lip. Dang! I nearly had a cow.........it was a little tree frog. I nearly had a stroke - I thought something had got me.
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        03-12-2013, 10:59 AM
    Originally Posted by apachewhitesox    
    I can't remember the proper terms but basically one of the flaps in the back of his throat is not opening up.

    They are supposed to open with every breath but one of his barely moves it just hangs down. So only one is working. He is pretty much as bad as he can get. I can ride him but if he works to hard and is forced breath really heavy, it could cause inflamation etc in the part of his throat that is working which would make it even hrader for him to breath. THe vet said the cause is the nerve along that part of the throat has been injured at some point and is no longer its job, or something like that.

    I can save up up for a fairly expensive operation if I want but he said there isn't a guarantee it will fix it, it doesn't always work. There are abviously risks and its just whether I feel I should do it or not, since he isn't in any pain or anything so long as I'm not riding him hard.
    I am so sorry to hear about Sammy. I know you will do what is best for him. Good luck working with your other horse! Hope to see more trail photos/stories from you soon:)
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        03-12-2013, 11:47 AM
    Yesterday was one of the worst experiences on trail I have ever had.

    Day started out fine. I only worked a half day, so I came home and happily tacked up George. It was in the mid 50s when we left the barn. Got a couple miles up the trail to find they had done yet more logging on our good climb, leaving muddy ruts and downed trees and a general mess.

    We slowly picked our way around and through the mess. George was being very careful, not silly or rushing like he sometimes can.

    Just out of sight of the above picture, he stepped down on what appeared to be clear ground and a small thin branch snapped UP and smacked him. He jumped and flung his head up and I could see a dirt mark along the bottom of his jaw. But before I could see much else, he trotted off (the trail had cleared) and seemed fine. We got to the top of the climb and I got off (normally hand walk them down the hill there).. and I realized his right eye was swollen shut and weeping terribly.

    Despite having to be in a lot of pain, George let me open the lid and get a look, and what I saw had me calling the vet from the side of the hill. He had a bulge in his cornea, his eyelid/surrounding membranes were swollen severely, and his eye was leaking ocular fluid.

    I handwalked him the 2 miles home.. and bless his heart, he went along happy as could be, totally unconcerned with his face. He seemed more confused about why I was on the ground. The walk home took forever (just over an hour). The vet arrived at the barn about 10 min after we got there and took a look.

    Unfortunately, my initial impression was correct: full thickness corneal tear, with basement membrane (aka, inside of the eyeball) bulging in an attempt to seal the hole. The fluid leakage had slowed, but not stopped. Called DH who immediately came home and hooked up the trailer. We were on the road to Cornell in about 15 min.

    Three hours later, we arrived at the vet hospital. The opthamology resident and an ER resident met us and evaluated his eye.

    George had surgery last night and they were able to close the cornea and they removed as much debris as possible from the eye (the body starts laying down fibrin in at attempt to make a "clot" and plug the hole.. the problem is the fibrin will attach to anything, including the pupil and other structures that need to move in order to have vision). There was still some dazzle response pre-surgery, so his retina hadn't totally detached.. but just how much damage there is remains to be seen. He came out of the anesthesia without issue (always a scary thing) and is recovering quietly, but there is still a ton of inflammation in that eye. He is due for an eye ultrasound this afternoon to assess the retina and other structures.

    Any prayers for his continued recovery are greatly appreciated. Horses with eye injuries are very prone to colic, so he is being watched around the clock for that complication as well. Luckily he is a very stoic boy and a great eater, so we hope being in the hospital doesn't phase him.

    Loking out in the pasture and only seeing 2 ponies is horrible..
        03-12-2013, 11:54 AM
    Green Broke
    Oh my goodness, how horrible. I am so sorry!

    Here's hoping he heals up nicely and there isn't much damage.
        03-12-2013, 12:17 PM
    Green Broke
    Dawn, so sorry about poor George. OMG he was such a good boy during all of this. My cousin's horses, Elan and Aladin had eye surgeries for this type of injury and it was so stressful on all concerned.

    I will be saying prayers for George and I hope he is ok. Thank God you were able to get him into surgery so quickly. Hugs and treats to George from me and the boys.
        03-12-2013, 12:32 PM
    Dawn, I am so sorry about George. I hope that he recovers completely. I am so glad that you were able to get him to surgery right away. That is no doubt his only hope to have vision in that eye. Poor George and poor you.
        03-12-2013, 12:57 PM
    Prayers are going up for George, Dawn. ((((hugs))))
        03-12-2013, 01:39 PM
    Dawn, I will be thinking of you and George and hoping for a good recovery.
        03-12-2013, 03:12 PM
    Green Broke
    Will be thinking of you and George, I hope he gets better soon.
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        03-12-2013, 05:04 PM
    Oh Dawn, jeez that is so terrible about poor George. Horrible and very scarey to injure an eye. He is so lucky to have good kind owners to help him through this. He is such a good boy, calm and smart too!

    What a tough time this is for all of you, you are all in my prayers. Especially praying for a fast and successful recovery for poor George, and he regains the sight in his eye.
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