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My worst experience was with my demon horse maddy. We went for a trail ride with another girl for the first time, and she didn't like the other horse. Not only that, but she also doesn't really like much of anything, including me and our other gelding that my mom was riding. The whole ride she tried first bolting, then bucking, then kicking to get me off. My mother and the other girl were oblivious and decided to canter up a hill without asking me. By then maddy had had enough of me ruining her plans of running free, and she reared and fell over backwards taking me with her. Luckily for me she rotated a bit so I fell to the side and avoided being squashed, but I did end up with a broken ankle. Maddy ran the second she got up and got all the way to the road with sparks flying from her shoes. My mom went after her and found her grazing in someone's lawn. Of course, this left me stranded in the woods with a broken ankle. I thought it was just sprained at the time and didn't take it very seriously. The other girl lent me her pony so we all got home ok. Needless to say, this incident was the last straw with that evil mare and we sold her as soon as possible.
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My only really bad experience trail riding i had scared the CRAP out of me. Where we are we have to walk along the edge of roads and sometimes cross them to get where we need to go. Well this passed september My friend on her paint horse(who is kinda nuts) and me on Phantom were riding through a field and we decided to let Phantom lead again. He's led before so no big deal. We were coming up to a road that had a blind spot where there were a bunch of trees and stuff so you couldn't see down the road to see if any cars were coming unless u stepped out a step or two onto the road. Well i stepped Phantom out and he did great then i saw a car coming from the opposite way(they were coming from the right over the other side of the road)no problem so i turn Phanotm around to take him back down the trail and he stops dead on the road. I urge him foreward by kicking him and the thing he did next scared me so much. He began backing up towards then other lane. I had the reins foreward and i was pounding his sides and screaming at him to move forward because we were getting closer and closer to the dotted line in the road(did i mention it was a 50mph zone ugh) no matter what i did he kept backing up into the road then we crossed the yellow line thats when i really started to get scared. The car kept coming then finally i guess they noticed a horse in the middle of the road and they stopped about 4 yards form us. By this time Phantom had stopped moving. I was shaking like a leaf i literally, in my head, saw the car hitting us and me going flying while my baby got hurt. I cried the whole way home we could not figure out what made him do it. but now when we come up on a road Phantom is not allowed to lead and every time i think about it i wonder what could have happened if that car hadn't stopped.

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I ride English, so I don't have any absolutely terrifying trail stories, but the camp I go to has some amazing trails, and they've given me some interesting stories. These are all from last summer. :P

I was in the advanced riding class last summer, so we're given all the young, spooky, touchy horses to ride. We call them our SPED (special ed :P) horses.

Anyway. I was riding one of them, a young dappled mare named Skye. Her main problem was bolting whenever she had an open space in front of her. We were riding on this gorgeous trail, with a pretty steep hill on one side, and a giant drop off on the other, when we came to a hill that was probably a good 55, 60 degree angle- you couldn't see the bottom of it. The horses were all pretty jumpy, side-stepping, tossing their heads, etc. I have no idea why I thought it would work, and I thank god it did- I gave Skye her head (something I would never dream of doing, even in an enclosed ring), and let her pick her way down. I was shaking so bad, I don't know how I managed to stay on. I just kept picturing Skye bolting, me having no reins, and both of us tumbling over the edge of the cliff. (She did manage to run me into a tree branch though. :P)

Another time, I was on a young, very spooky mare named Buttercup (the horse in my picture. :]). Our trail leader was one of the barn directors, whom I love to death. I was riding right behind her, and she was on another young, spooky mare (she always chose the worst leads, :P). Anyway, Elise (the counselor) liked to take us on the trails that weren't actually trails. Anyway, Buttercup spooked at a tractor before we even left the barn, and then decided to skitter, side-step, and bunny hop across the road. We finally made it to the trails, and Elise turned off onto an itty-bitty trail, with thorn bushes on either side. While the rest of us are sitting there getting poked to no end by the thorns, Elise was just sitting there humming.

Each time we turned off onto a new trail, I would jokingly (kind of :P) berate Elise for her choice of a trail. Finally, she decided to let me pick a trail. I pointed to the left, because it wasn't as overgrown as the trail on the right, and seemed like a better choice.

Definately not a better choice. Not only did it end up being the same trail I went on two years ago, where we ended up having to gallop madly back to the barn because of the presence of ground bees (thankfully they had moved on by last summer), but it turned into...well, not a trail. Towards the end, the grass with well above the horse's heads (they were having a field day :P), there were tons of fallen logs to go over/around, and there was a cliff on one side, and a hill on the other (like many of their trails are). Finally, we managed to see the edge of a field. However, the only way to get to it was by walking through a thick stand of trees. Elise being Elise, she gives her young, spooky horse her head, squeezes her forward...and closes her eyes. (She's a character. :P) Buttercup found a way around the trees, but it turns out that the field was an unmown hayfield...needless to say, we were about 20 minutes late getting back to camp. (They were getting ready to send out a search party. xD)

Not so much a terrifying trail, but it was...interesting nonetheless.

There was a trail however, that I wasn't on, but scared me either way. Myself and some others were sitting by the ring across the road, where you can see parts of the trails. Long story short, we saw one of our counselors walking towards us holding two horses, and our first thought was that someone had been bucked off or something. We got pretty scared when we saw the ambulence pulling into camp though. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad- one of the girls had gotten stung by a bee, which she's alergic to, and used her epi-pen like she was supposed to. They called the ambulence to make sure she was okay, but it was still rather terrifying before we knew what had actually happened.

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I have one for each horse...

Bart is my little old man. He is 12.3hh and 19yo now. A year or two ago we were in Big Bear(mountain) and riding a really narrow trail(like 12 inches wide) one side was the mountain and one side was a drop off. There was a little itty bitty stick crossing over the trail and Bart decided he would not be able to make it over so he turned and faced the cliff... I jumped off and eventually we got him to walk over it then I got back on and his tail brushed the bushes and made them make a noise. He jumped then bolted. It was... fun...

Tater(sold) was pretty bad on one of our 'trail' rides. I was in the process of selling him and had ridden him over to this lady's house to show her him. Well, the mare that she wanted to trade me for Tater broke her halter and really got Tater acting dumb we both agreed that Tater was not for beginners and I started on my way home. All I had to do was cross a field then a street then I was in my front yard. Well, Tater started 'naughty' trotting as I liked to call it and I knew bucks were on their way. Well, I was right, he reared and bucked and backed and trotted and wouldn't stop. I was so scared I was going to fall off(I was bareback and he had bucked me bareback before but never out of my yard) we made it home but I was so scared and he bucked and trotted and was just horrible all the way home! I was sooo scared!

Dozer is my new guy. Tater's replacement. I got him end of March beginning of April and trained him a bit(so he would have a one rein stop) and took him on a nine mile trail at the end of April. EVERY SINGLE HILL HE WOULD RUN UP AND DOWN!! Not worrying if he ran through horses, bushes, off the trail. Nothing stopped him! After trying to stop him on a few hills I stated bumping hard! and he finally starting turning in circles when I bent him. Up a really big hill my grandpa decided I had controlled Dozer enough and let his horse canter up a BIG hill, what did Dozer do? He tried to do the same thing but I kept bending him and we eventually got caught in a tree that we had spun into! It was horrible! My cousin got on because she is stronger and he was still horrible for her but he was still amazing on flat land. Now that hill problem is all taken care of :)

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My horse and I got sunk in quicksand. If that doesn't scare the sheeeeet right out of you, nothing will. I saw a beautiful little stream crossing with water only 6" deap - beautiful crystal clear. It was hot - thought she'd love a drink. She flat out REFUSED to go down to the water. I got kind of ticked because she never misbehaves like that. I growled at her and gave her a good kick. She went down to the water and promptly sunk to her belly.

She started to struggle and managed to get turned around and get back out but both of us were scared to death and shaking.

I found out another guy had sunk his horse the week before and he had to climb off over the horse's hindquarters, and then pull him out with the reins.

After hearing that, I called the park headquarters and had them section the area off with red tape and warning signs.

Definitely a nightmare.
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Hmmm. I actually kinda had a hard time thinking of a bad trail experience. I guess I have been pretty lucky! I've been dumped a few times, but haven't been badly injured (yet).

My scariest moments have come from having saddles roll with me. One time I was trying out a new saddle, a Reinsman flex-tree. It as right after a snow but the roads were clear and I was riding my Mustang out towards the woods. All of a sudden he spooks and spins and the saddle rolled with me and I fell into the ditch on the side of the road. Luckily the mud was soft.
Then I look up and he is bucking like a bronc above me and I am thinking I better get out of the way, but in the meantime John took off onto someone's property, bucking, with the saddle hanging on his side. He was so scared I couldn't even catch him. Finally, a neighbor was able to catch him. That kind of hurt my feelings that John wouldn't let me catch him. But he was really scared by the whole incident. I discovered on my next ride that there was a culvert right there that was normally dry, but due to the snow it had with water trickling through it making a noise, so that is what spooked him.

Second incident, I was riding my old Arabian out on a trail and he was really hyper so I let him run up a road that went up the side of a mountain. Well, I ducted to miss a tree limb and the whole saddle rolled over onto the horse's side with me and I hung on for a few strides and then thought "crud, I'm going to pull him over on top of me" because I was still holding the reins. So I let go and dropped off onto the ground. I don't know if he was still running or doing a fast trot by the time I dropped, but hitting the ground hurt REALLY bad and it took me a good minute or two to figure out if I was hurt or not.

Now, while I LOVED that Arabian, I always thought that if I fell off, he would run home and leave me for dead. And I was in too much pain to jump up and grab him. But you know what? he came back and stayed right by my side until I could get up and take hold of the reins. This turned out to be a good incident in my mind because it meant I had a better relationship with my horse than I thought I did.

The saddle was slide over so tight on him I could hardly un-cinch it to re-saddle him.

Which brings me to the moral of both stories. Breast collars can save your life. I've had it happen twice now, where a saddle has rolled on the horse, and I honestly think that if I had not had a breast collar on both of those horses, the saddle would have rolled under their belly and me with it! At the very least, it saved both saddles from getting kicked to pieces, but I think it saved me grave injury too.

Everyone says breast collars are for keeping your saddle from sliding back going up a hill, but if they are properly adjusted, they will also prevent a rolling saddle from going completely under the horse. So I ALWAYS use a breast collar for trail riding now. I feel naked without it!
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I guess I should mention, tightening your cinch once in a while is a good idea too!
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Yep, had a scary one a few years back. Was having a lovely canter heading away from stables (they were apx 1/2 km behind us) and had to make a u turn because of a dead end, however my horse decided he was going home,nothing I could do to stop him and he just went for it. Everything I tried and nothing worked, part of the bridle broke and I was basically hanging on for dear life. When we arrived back, my friend /old owner of the horse/ owner of the stable told me to go straight back out as letting him finsih now would send a bad message to him so off we went again.....not to far though! I was glad to get off that day and needless to say I brought a new bridle too!

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Ok so i thought i posted this but heres my story!

We were on a family vacation in hawaii.!
i was on a trail ride in hawaii and i was just trotting along and i want looking where 1 was going. i hit a tree branch and i smacked me in the stomach and i rolled off the back of the saddle and the horse. the horse trotted away and i was left scraped up and in the mud.

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My worst trail experience ever happened when I was 13. I had a 7 year old QH/Pony cross gelding that had always been the best trail mount ever. He had never been spooky and had never bolted at anything. Well...we went out for a ride one morning and we were trotting along our normal path, when all of a sudden he bolted to the right and I went to the left. I landed on my side, cracking my hip and tearing a nerve in my upper right thigh. I was so furious with myself for letting my guard down that I almost didn't notice the 6 foot black snake coiled up on the side of the path..only a few feet away from me! My fearless boy had finally been spooked by a snake. To this day I have no feeling in part of my upper thigh and am always a little more cautious when riding him.

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