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        11-04-2009, 08:58 PM
    Rodeo roughstock live pretty pampered lives - although they are not stalled. I've never seen one that is too thin or not pretty well groomed. It it not unusual for the geldings to compete (yes, they compete) well into their 20's and better. They aren't over worked and they generally have very few joint/health problems. The mares may not compete quite so long - they are generally retired to broodmare status before they get to old for breeding.

    I've seen some that were big babies when not in the arena - I even rode one on a trail ride and had a great time - but I nearly fell over backwards when I found out he was competing in a local rodeo the next weekend.

    I've seen some that I wouldn't want to turn my back on, too - but they are the exception. Most may not be especially friendly (the one I rode couldn't have cared less) but they aren't vicious.
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        11-05-2009, 05:36 AM
    Sometimes they will be bred for it too. There is a stock contractor here (I can't remember his name to save my life) that will buy the retired bucking mares and breed them to his retired bucking stud and some of those colts are a LOL. It is possible to retrain a bucking horse to be a riding horse but it is not something that anyone could do and usually, you would never be able to fully trust that horse. Of course there are exceptions but that is the norm.

    WAIT!! Bill Hext is his name. LOL. Now I feel stupid.
        11-10-2009, 12:06 PM
    I disagree with alot of these partial answers we have 20 head of bucking stock at our house and do spend alot of time with them> I've seen everything from a bronc you could ride to herd cattle then buck the next day, to stock you can't even get in the same pen with. Some are very dangerous and some are workable but mostly they are bred to buck and are your typical wild horse.
        11-10-2009, 12:37 PM
    I have to agree with the PP. I just went to a rodeo on Sunday. Some of the bucking stock was RANK to handle, and some were very good natured to handle, but they all BUCKED! The other thing they had in common was their apparent good health. They were all in good flesh and seemed in tip-top shape. As for retirement, a good bucking horse in revered by cowboys and stockman. They generally retire to pasture or a breeding program. I don't know what becomes of them if they are so-so performers.
        11-15-2009, 06:30 PM
    In bronc riding what do they do after the horses serve their purpose? Nothing their usually buckers til the day they get put to rest.
    How long of a carreer does a bronc really have? Until the horse needs to be put down could be 1 year could be 25 years.
    And after all that bucking can you ride em? People usaully don't but some might be able to with alot of work
    Or are they too afraid of humans to let you get near them.most of them aren't afriad of humans my friend owns a whole bunch of them n I can take them in their areana and run around and play with all of them
    Wouldnt it be cool to get a clinician who could change a bronc into a riding horse? It would be hard to find someone who would take on the job

    I no all these things because my friend runs a cattle ranch and he has about 25 broncs, and acouple of bulls and the horses are nice as any horse and the bulls are pretty nice wouldn't want to be around them on there bad days but mostly their really nice. My friends little cousin that's 6 can go out in the bronc pasture and put a halter on any one of them and it would follow her around all day just like a big puppy. Most horses arent abused like you get told and most of them can be just like any rideable horse but with out the riding part of it. (LOL)

    From what I've seen at my friends ranch they have a stall for each bronc and I just remebered that the girl that can lead all them around can also ride most bareback on a lead rope and she hasnt came off.

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