discipline advice? (switching and learning )

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discipline advice? (switching and learning )

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    10-25-2012, 05:15 PM
discipline advice? (switching and learning )

Alright so my horse, Chewy, was 'green' when I bought her but her breeder defined his idea of 'green' as ready for her first trip to a rodeo (not performing just ready to get out and get used to the noise/crowds/people/horses).

She's roping bred stocky type (both parents were short and stocky and she's really filling out) and rope trained when I bought her. He called her a 'heel' horse and said she was loving the job. She's leg-trained and I'm not xD so I'm training her neck reining slowly (very slowly) to move her off the bit entirely for pleasure rides ( and hopefully permanently ) and teaching myself leg cues by going off of what she knows and memorizing 'this told her this' as well as learning leg cues on my friends moms ex reiner ( who has no problems leaving me in the dirt when I cue her unexpectedly P: )

I don't rope lol never have and likely never will. I played baseball so I have the coordination for it I'm just not big on cows. Sooo I'm looking to retrain Chewy for low-level shows that she and I can get into but I've never done competitive riding. I'll admit whatever direction I go I'll need a trainer to help improve my abilities because for simple trails I'm good but anything beyond that I'm absolutely horrendous not going to lie.

Chewy's very willing to learn and well built. My question is what would be the best thing for us as beginners to get into? I thought about WP but I thought that we'd do horrible because she has a very fast stride. Short but fast and I don't have the ability to pull her back to the same slower walk that I see in WP (not the pros but just in general she's much faster). If that kinda pace would be acceptable I'd love some input otherwise any one have other ideas where we could go? I'll mostly be self-teaching her so I definitely couldn't jump into cutting or barrels until summer after I've learned them but... anything else we could do? Or any ideas what we could do just to 'get out there'? I'm not looking to 'win' anything. I just want the experience and to get her into new and different situations to round her out.

Please please please I do not want to read an argument on what's better by whose opinion or semantics of this versus that. I just want ideas of what would be good (and easy!) for us to get into just for the experience and practice.

Here's the best 'confirmation' shot I have if that helps? It's a pretty old pic taken soon after we brought her home she's grown taller since then (and fatter lol)

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