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a few beginner ?s

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        01-02-2010, 06:57 AM
    Originally Posted by new2horses    
    When she was speeding up, I would end up bouncing all over the place. I was afraid to fall so I would pull on the reins and say "whoa" everytime but I'd like to actually ride her that fast next time. How do I calm down enough when she's going fast to actually think about what I'm supposed to be doing and do it instead of just panicking and stopping her LOL?! My bum is so sore from all the random bouncing and I don't mean sore muscles, I mean there's a swollen lump on the inside of each thigh
    Take a deep breath and don't think too much! When you think too much, your lower body gets tense and stiff, and that will make you bouncy and sore every time. Don't be in a rush to go fast or get fancy. Spend the time to get the experience and confidence that you can control your horse. Once you trust yourself and your horse, your body will relax and will naturally follow the horse's movements.

    I could not for the life of me get the horse to turn right. Everytime I tried she would just shake/bow her head and start to get agitated. I tried pulling the rein straight back, out, using my leg aids etc. I wasn't frustrated or anything and would have kept trying but I was a little afraid to piss her off so we just went left a lot
    Have your instructor watch you. A good lesson horse knows it's job and head tossing often means you're unknowingly sending mixed signals with your hands/legs/seat.

    I want to try jogging her next time but I worry that she will end up running and I'll have to stop her real quick and end up falling off. She sort of just does her own thing and it seemed like she had a ton of pent up energy. She's a little too much horse for me right now. Riding her is such a thrill but I think maybe I should be learning on a different horse.
    Certainly try another or several different horses if you feel uncomfortable, but I wouldn't switch after only one lesson. Keep in mind that horses aren't machines...they do have 'off' days, get sore, can be very fresh, etc. Every ride is different.

    Be patient, don't worry, have fun.
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        01-02-2010, 08:44 AM
    I think the horse was very in tune with your tenseness and was taking whatever unknown cues you were giving her coming from you being tense and inexperienced. Just relax, think of ways to keep your muscles loose and supple and maybe do that by practicing breathing exercises in the saddle and stretching your muscles, like muscle rotations etc.

    I agree though, it sounds like the Arabian you rode was a bit too much for you first several rides. You need a less responsive horse, at least till you have got the very basics down. You don't want any incidents that might sour you to riding by riding on a horse that is too much for you at this point.

        01-02-2010, 09:09 AM
    This is going to sound a little harsh perhaps but the horse you were on was the absolute worse horse for a very first lesson. A first ride needs to be 100% confidence building, not the experience you had - not that you were scared but that you had too many things to be thinking about.

    That being said, I question the judgment of the instructor. If I don't have the right horse for a 1st time rider, then I don't let them ride. I'll have them doing other things but getting on the wrong horse is not going to happen.

    Knowing nothing else but what I read in the first post, you may want to consider a better instructor for the time being. He/she may be a wonderful rider and trainer but putting a 1st timer on a horse like that shows either questionable judgment or someone who just wants to earn a lesson fee.

    My 2
        01-08-2010, 09:04 PM
    Congrats on your first lesson. Sounds like you hung in there pretty well even though your lesson horse tested you. I absolutely agree with the previous post - you will learn more and gain a lot more confidence once you master the basics. After all, you have to learn your numbers before you learn how to add and subtract. In order to concentrate on the basics, you need a good, seasoned lesson horse. Once you get the basics down and gain a good seat, balance, good hands and posture, there's no limit to what you can do. Be patient, soak in everything, and have fun !!!

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