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Of course a steel bed will outperform an aluminum one. Only an idiot would think that means the truck itself is a piece of garbage.

I have a 2008 F150 with 112,000 miles on it, and it's still going strong. I bought it used in 2012, when it had 32,000 miles on it. Except for regular maintenance issues the truck hasn't been a money pit, and it's hauled my horse trailer all over creation just fine.

Do your research, and buy one a few years old. New aren't worth the price, because they depreciate so rapidly that first year. If you want a Ford, buy one. If you'd rather have a Nissan, Toyota, Dodge or Chevrolet, they all make fine trucks as well. The next truck I buy will probably be a Toyota Tundra, because I like their looks, hauling ability, and the fact that they're just plain well made vehicles.

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Originally Posted by AnitaAnne View Post
@horselovinguy thanks for posting the video. Ouch! That was bad, very bad. Can't imagine the damage an accident would do to the aluminum.

A truck needs to do truck things...but now am wondering about all the aluminum horse trailers too.
Yea...well, let us just say it is not a pretty picture.
Yes you save a few pounds...but what is the cost if there is a accident, even minor?
I'm not a fan of all aluminum trailers.

You have some good points carshon...
I can tell you that since federal mandates now in place are requiring DEF fluids to be used on new{er} diesels there are a lot more issues with every brand out there.
Recalls, breakdowns, reliability from tractor trailer sized trucks to school buses, diesel farm tractors to regular driver pickup manufacturer is immune.
Everyone is having some difficulties with engine issues and meeting new standards in weight classifications. Manufacturers are cutting weights where ever they can so they can still sell their product and have the least changes to it and their upgrading.
I also have to wonder if the new aluminum truck bed is a single skin versus steel double skin that use to not show damages quite so easily...yes indeed marketing.
Steel though will always be easier to fix for most, heavier and able to take a lot more abuse.
Only plus I see with so much aluminum is no rusting....but then there are other issues instead.
Today vehicles are made so "cheaply", yet so expensive to repair because of the cheap that simple accidents put a vehicle in "TOTALED" designation.

Me, think I will stick with my older, paid for trucks as long as possible. When needing to replace will look for a well-maintained used vehicle.
I sure can't afford $50,000 for new.

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My family is a die hard Ford family because my grandpa retired from there and we always had good experiences.

My mother had a 1995 Winstar van that she finally retired in 2013. It never had any major issues but wear and tear. Toward the end thou it was starting to die.

My dad has a 2001 F-250 7.3 diesel. It's been a great truck. My FiancÚ has a 1999 7.3 F-250 diesel again it has been a great truck. All of these of course had the average wear and tear.

I have a 2003 Ford Ranger and it has been a trooper for how hard I'm on it.

My mother has a 2013 Ford Edge which has been alright, it seems to have a transmission problem that mechanics can't figure out. But it has never stranded us . They are going to be trading that in.

My sister has a 2015 Ford Edge that she LOVES.

I have a 2015 Ford Focus that I LOVE. It's a great little care and again I'm hard on my vehicles.

My friend has a 2006 6.0 F-250 diesel. She has nothing but problems with that truck. But that's notorious for the 6.0's

In my opinion Ford had a rough time with their vehicles from 2004 - 2009 . After that my experience with their newer vehicles have been mostly good. And MY dealership always takes care of you from my experience.

Have you thought about maybe leasing?
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I'm a GM fan and can't comment on a Ford truck but I wouldn't avoid them because of the aluminum bodies. Most over the road heavy trucks have aluminum cabs. Aluminum is used because it is light, strong, and corrosion resistant. The best horse trailers are all aluminum, again because they are light and corrosion resistant. You couldn't give me a steel trailer. Aluminum is more expensive than steel but is a superior material. If done right, and I have no experience to know if Ford did it right, an aluminum body should be superior. As far as the video, only a fool would do that to any truck.
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Originally Posted by jenkat86 View Post
I'm and "old" ford person. I've had an 97, 04 and 2011 f150. All the same engine, extended cab, 4x4. The only one that hasn't left me stranded was my 97. That truck took a beating and just never stopped. My 04 would die while applying the brakes after we replaced the battery and the transmission eventually went out. Had all sorts of problems with the power steering and the 4 wheel drive. The 2011 would randomly die for no reason and RPMs would shoot up to 6 while driving 20 mph through a neighborhood... That one had all the mechanics stumped for awhile. Ended up replacing the computer and sold it shortly after.

Moral of the story...if you want a new truck maybe rethink ford, or spend some time googling "recent problems" with the 150's.
Interesting that you say that about '97 vs. the newer ones. I own a Ford Taurus 1998 V8 SHO, and belong to SHO Club. One of the men in there owns and operates a Ford performance shop that does repairs, tuning, and beefing up of things like transmissions on the Super Duty, Mustang, and SHO. He said that Ford started de-contenting its vehicles in 1997, with later years being more cheaply made than the '97. He claimed that the best SuperDuty diesel to own is the 1996 7.0L. With the V8 SHO, Ford made a cheapo decision to use swaged sprockets on the camshaft of an interference engine, over objections from the Yamaha engineers. The transmission was also a bit weak. Both of these flaws can be overcome with aftermarket repairs or beefed-up rebuild + a transmission cooler, but why should one have to? The SHO was at least a $30,000 car back in 1996 and most people would have the expectation that it should last longer than 3-4 years.
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My advice is go to the Ford truck forums and the enthusiast groups and search for patterns of complaints. If you see consistency, the truth will out sooner or later that the vehicle has a weakness or defect and there might be a recall or a class action lawsuit in the future. Or, you'll see right off the bat that the vehicle has a weakness or defect and the skilled ones have already come up with the appropriate repair or rebuild, lol.

The other place I'd research is consumer complaints at Keeping You Safe | Safercar | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). You might have to read a lot of blather and whining from ordinary owners compared to the truck fleet mechanics and car enthusiasts, but if you have diligence you can almost almost always spot the trends in complaints there, too.
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Wow. Really appreciate all the comments here. I tend to overthink any big purchases over long periods of time before I make the leap so all this information does help. Just have to sort everything out in my head if that makes sense.

I can't afford 50,000 on a truck either! It is an insane amount of money to haul a horse, loads of hay, and the occasional materials for projects. Plus keep up the maintenance on my car.

Have looked and looked at used trucks, and it just doesn't seem to be a real savings when I add everything up. To get a decent one, is about 30,000. The interest rate is higher on used and my trade in would be lower. Add in the cost of repairs cause someone else didn't take care of their vehicle, plus no warranty, and well the new seems cheaper overall when I can get one for 40,000.

Fords just seem more comfortable to ride in to me. Something more "work truck feeling" about a Chevy. I love the huge back seat area in the crew cab too. Plenty of room for my tack with the seats folded up. Since I don't have a tack room in my trailer, a place for tack is important. My current truck is an extended cab, and that worked fine when it is just me and one horse. But often I am carrying a second horse and a second set of tack. Plus I want to be able to camp out again.

But I really don't want something that can't do everything else for me too. Haul dirt, haul hay, and yes even have hauled rocks in my truck before.

Seems to me that folks only sell used trucks when they are used up.

Lease might be an option, but I can't imagine trying to keep a truck in new condition for returning, and then I wouldn't even have a truck to drive after paying all that money. I never have understood the reasoning behind leasing. Would be making payments forever...

No real good answer I guess
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Seems to me that folks only sell used trucks when they are used up.
Have patience!

A lot of pickups are sold when they are used up BUT, There are a lot of pickups being sold when its older owners dies. That older owner often babies that pickup and took immaculate care of it.

One just has to take the time to wait and search.

I had in mind I wanted a f250 or f350. Like you said most where used up. I just waited. Shopped a good 4 months before finding what I wanted, in the price I wanted. In our area older Fords go for a lot
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My family is also a die-hard Ford family. My grandpa is semi-retired and works once a week at a Ford dealer. He's been working for Ford probably all his life!

We had a '96 F250 for a long time. Don't think we ever had any major problems with it. We sold it because we wanted to upgrade, and it was still running great then.

We bought a, yes used, 2006 F350 longbed with a 6.0 diesel engine. I'm not a truck expert but I looove this truck. It has hauled a trailer with lots of weight fine. Transported cows up the road two months ago and back this week. About 6-7 cows per trip, thats at least 10klbs plus whatever the trailer weighs. Hauled fine. And we had to go up a steep hill (our driveway) when taking them up the road!

The only problem would be the engine. Doesn't sound like my dad and uncle are that huge of fans, I guess? And that's because with the 6.0, you can't just drive to church and back. You'll kill it. Gotta drive for longer distances, get the RPMs up, etc. But we have the same thing in our '03? Excursion so...

To each their own I suppose. That commercial was just outright false advertising. How could you compare the two trucks with totally different bed materials? I'm not sure what our bed is. Probably aluminum. We've had manure, panels, shovels slid across, etc. on it. Maybe scratched up but I personally think for a truck to be a truck, it needs to have a few scrapes and stuff. Just MO.

Speaking of newer trucks, I too would wait until some reviews come out. And this is for ALL brands. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, etc. I personally hate the look of the new F-150s. I havent looked into them but just the design itself...
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Originally Posted by AnitaAnne View Post
Went to look at the 2015 & 2016 F150 and some were good and handled well but honestly most of them did not impress me. All were the 5.0 engines. Some sounded and felt fine, some just didn't feel strong enough to pull the 10,000 pounds they are rated to pull.
I can't really give thoughts on Ford specifically because I have never owned one. I know people who do and love them. I'm a Chevy person, I just like them better. You may be noticing a difference in power between different vehicles because they might be fitted with different gear ratios. Chevy 1500 Silverados come in a V8 with 3.08 pulls 6800 lbs, a V8 with 3.42 that pulls 9800 lbs and a V8 with 3.73 that pulls up to 12000 lbs I think. Also when I was shopping for a truck, I had to pay attention to the motor as well. Some come with a V6 and some with a V8. Big difference with pulling power.

All of these trucks have the same skin, but big differences in what they can do. I have not extensively researched ford trucks, but I'm sure they do the same thing with their trucks.

Also, I'd like to add. If you are buying from a dealership, don't expect to get accurate answers from sales people. They don't have a clue a lot of the times. Talk to horse people, trailer people etc. They will have more of an idea of what you need.

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