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How I admire!

Those who live in the hot and humid states!

How do you cope?

We are in a heat wave, humiditynhad been in the 90s especially at night. Temperatures are what some of you might call moderate - I call them life sucking, just not use to it.

Sometimes there is a breeze but nothing today. Even out with the dogs at 6 a.m. it was still and hot. Max, who usually doesn't stop hunting, had a good run and then was plodding along even through the woods where I thought it might be cooler.

It has gotten so bad for me that I have even sorted out a pair of shorts - if I wear them out the neighbour's will be shocked.

I sit in my house windows all open and it is stifling, no air conditioning. What is the best fan to get ormare they just pushing hot air around?

I feel like a wet dish rag. Head throbbing most of the time all due to heat and humidity.
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In weather like this you need to drink a lot more refer to symptoms of dehydration.
Water, can be flavored but no caffeine and no bubbles like fizz of soda...water.
No coffee or tea in excess, water.

I deal with the H&H by thinking cool thoughts and October is soon to be here...that for us is cool-down time.
Chores are done by 6:30 AM if I can. Horses are fed by this hour usually.

I mow the grass, tractor running by 7:00AM and I'm off cause it makes a slight breeze.
A hat is a must for me always as I burn badly, but covering your head with a baseball or shade-making hat helps cool you too.
Any outdoor work is for real done at my house by 9:00AM, time to go in...we will think about resuming it after 6:00PM if the worst of heat left and a breeze arose.
I can deal with heat, humidity makes me when humidity levels reach 70% or above I am a miserable person.
A/C is not a luxury, it is a necessity in Florida.
If the house not have central air every room sports a window unit.
Excellent insulation is a must as are insulted glass windows and tinted glass in house and vehicles to try to protect you from the sun.

My horses see me all day long through the kitchen widows that line my house back wall...
I see them too...
I touch them morning and night during the worst of heated days and they get hosed off every evening around 6:30...lord do their sweaty bodies stink...gross.
During the days of worst heat/humidity the horses don't even want to go graze...they eat and pour sweat off of them.
My guys today never left to go graze, they instead stayed home and ate the round roll of hay then came under the barn for shade to cool down...back they went to eat, back they came to cool...
Says something...a animal won't eat its to hot, you know its hot.

Riding, forget it.
Not me...not doing that to me nor my animals.
When I'm dripping wet just brushing them no way am I carrying out, forget saddling them in heavy saddle blanket and saddle to can wait.
I'm also not inviting a vet bill for heat issues to the horses either.

I wish it was only 90 degrees foxhunter.
We've been averaging 105 -110 heat index here, that is inhuman to demand any creature to endure forget work in for more than a few minutes.
Think cool thoughts and drink water, lots of water...cooled with ice cubes but not frigid.
Me, I like a twist of lemon or lime squeezed then dropped in my glass.

The worst day is instantly better when shared with my horse.....
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I don't cope. I hate it. I can't wait until we move to Seattle (three years and counting).

Riding in the early morning in the covered arena, when there's a breeze, isn't TOO bad.

Living without air conditioning is the worst. I will say, when we lived near Seattle, people didn't have air conditioner and they would deal with heat waves by either hiding in their basements or by going out and getting on the water. Even being on the beach is better than being at home.

If it's humid, there isn't a lot you can do. One thing I've heard, but never tried, is to use cotton or linen sheets and get them good and damp (I guess wet them thoroughly and then dry them out thoroughly) before you go to bed. Supposedly the early settlers here used to do that. I read a blog post from someone who tried it and she said that she actually woke up COLD in the night. And this was here in Texas, in the summer.

If it's dry heat, you can get a mister -- it cools the air by releasing water into it. I can tell you from experience that they are VERY effective when it's dry.
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we fight over who gets to stand in front of the barn fan and hope for the best

No matter how much you think you know about horses, there will always be one that'll come along and teach you something new.
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No AC. Box fans in windows that draw air from in cooler side to out the warmer side. Ceiling fans have never been turned off in 20 years (unless electricity went off). Would do much better if ceiling height was taller but if is what it is. Shade trees and lots of insulation in the ceiling. House is situated to catch the prevailing breeze.

Drink lots of water and I keep those cool ice towel things wet in the fridge. Drape around your neck.

Cotton or linen clothing. Wet and wring out or hose down if outside. White or light no dark colors. Wet towel on head and shoes and socks off often. The cooler the head and feet the cooler you are.

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Originally Posted by horselovinguy View Post
In weather like this you need to drink a lot more refer to symptoms of dehydration.
Water, can be flavored but no caffeine and no bubbles like fizz of soda...water.
No coffee or tea in excess, water.
When I was trekking in the outskirts of the Sahara, our guides made hot mint tea with sugar at every stop. Best thing ever to beat the heat, as menthol is cooling. I adopted part of that habit and boil a pot of mint leaves every night, resulting in mint herbal tea for me to drink during the day. To make sure I drink it all, I fill a 2 liter bottle and my aim is to have it empty by evening... Normally I leave the sugar out, but if I know I am working outside a lot, I add some sugar and salt to replenish some minerals. No ice, as icy cold drinks just trick your body, thinking it needs to warm up the core. And as an import I am still not used to the US way of having more ice than drink
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LOL! We have a thing here called the "Muggy Meter". Today, for instance, the dew point temperature is 70+ degrees and falls into the "Oppressive" category. A day when you get up at 4:30 a.m. and get your morning chores done by 8 a.m. . Then you come in the house, cool off a bit under the AC, then do your inside chores. Cook early, do laundry early and save the drying for later tonight. If you hang clothes outside, it will take FOREVER for them to dry. Or they'll get rained on, a definite possibility today.

Drink lots of water, stay inside as much as possible, use a dehumidifier and the Air Conditioner if you have one. I tie a bandana around my head (I hate having sweat in my eyes) and I wear a hat when I go outside. Currently it's about 90 degrees outside, feels like about 100, humidity is about 59%, so it's freakin' MISERABLE out. I also have some neck ties and a hat liner that I can wet down and throw in the freezer and use them to help cool myself down.

I ride out early in the morning or late in the evening as the sun goes down. When you can add the temperature and the humidity and it's over 130, it's too dangerous to ride so we just don't. Today it's 90 + 59 = 149, so no riding today indoor or out.
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I am VERY THANKFUL for A/C in the house.

I have one 36" and two 42" drum fans in the barn. They are on heavy duty outdoor timers. I aim them on me when I am cleaning stalls which are pipe panels so good air flow.

I also take an entire tray (the old fashioned kind) of ice cubes, put them in an oversized kitchen wash cloth and stuff that between the girls before I go to the barn. Most of the time all the ice has melted by the time I get back from the barn 2-1/2 to 3 hours later.

I do the same thing when I go out to mow, which mowing is a beatch in the SE because of the humidity. It's better on the mowing deck to wait until the grass dries and guess what time of day that is -- blech. Thankfully my John Deere has a lid so that really helps but I can only last 2-3 hours these days.

@Foxhunter , you be careful of heat exhaustion -- both you AND the dogs. We stopped running the dogs because it's too hot - they are gaining weight:( They go to the barn at night to help with chores - "help" means the Rottweiler is in front of one of the fans and the Catahoula/Pit Bull is on the knoll beside the workshop watching the neighbor dogs or he went back to the house and is laying on the cement garage apron, lol.

What about a window air conditioner? or a window fan? And here is a link I found on "how to stay cool without AC". Just ask the internet and ye shall receive, lollolol.

I get soaked again when we shower the horses down before putting them in for the night. They look forward to their showers to cool down and get the sweat off them and then get stalled in front of those drum fans until they shut off at 1:00 AM.

I've made mention several times about the drum fans - I just paid the electric bill - it has gone up about $70/mo since June for A/C in the house and fans in the barn. The water bill has gone up about $20/mo because I demand the horses have fresh clean water and lets not forget they get showered down. I will split hot dogs twice before I cut back on these three things and I am very thankful the money is there to pay for them.

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Thanks good folk.

My place gets the sun all day, the side that doesn't has only one window. Well, that isn't really true, it has a hole in the wall where a window will go when it has been made! That is in th bathroom. Coolest room and with everything open best place is to sit on the loo!
No AC.

I went from NC to Salt Lake City back in 01. Heat was oppressive in NC with very high temps and humidity. No storms to clear the air. On arrival in Utah I hadmto cross to a small runway to get my next flight. I walked out the revolving door and the heat hit me, I just followed the door back inside! LOL

I had been told that it was not hot in Idaho as the people I wasmstaying with were 4500 ft up the Rockies.

They lied! Itmwas over 100f most days But with a strong wind and a dry heat so I was able to tolerate that surprisingly well.

Part of my problem is that I do not really sweat. Might get a bit damp on my face but that it all. Just makes me boil inside.

Well, all I can do is moan about it - hopefully a good storm is coming in.
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@Foxhunter , do you have exterior window shutters? Or at least I think this is how you all them in English - see pic below. If you can, close them (and your windows) as soon as the sun hits your house. Open them and the windows WIDE as soon s the sun goes down. This creates a cross breeze that will help cooling your house down a little bit. At least that is what we did in Switzerland. Granted, due to living in the Alps, night time temps were rarely bad...
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