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March 20 Fridiay Night Conversation

What a week huh? How are you doing? I usually ask what are your plans for Friday night and the weekend but for once we all pretty much have the same ones. But give your variations.

Supper plans? Mine this week has been a weird mix. One night I just had grits and bacon. Don't know what it will be tonight.

I do have to do a little grass cutting today. Not a lot yet but looks like rain for the next few days so need to get that taken care of.

Anyone discovered any good books or tv series? Or rewatching old favorites. And thing good pass along. No new releases for at least 6 weeks.

Please check in more. Even if nothing to add other than I'm here and ok. Hopefully we have lots of different things going on. If you are worried about something, please share so we can help or at least keep a good thought for you. If this finds you more alone and isolated- anytime just say something. Anything.

I'm off to the grocery store in a bit. Will tell how it goes. How is it in your area?

Sorry that virus subjects were the main thing. I said regular nonsense will continue and it will. If you have any , added it on in.

Will finish the same until it's over because it's what is on my mind pretty strong. Whatever comes, comes. We will face it together.
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I made a bunch of enchilada casserole last night, which should see us through the weekend. They didn't have everything I wanted at the store, but the nice thing about a casserole is that you can be flexible-- substitute this kind of cheese for that kind (to a point), kale for spinach, one salsa for another, etc. The casserole is still good, it just might taste a little different. That reminds me I was going to start some beans soaking for a side dish to stretch it out some more. I made enough to put some in the freezer, which was good.

We are currently told to limit gatherings, inside or outside, to 10 people, but that's totally doable at our barn. We pretty much have the back barn to ourselves, don't share tack or horses, etc., so not so much worries about spreading stuff. With three arenas, people can keep to themselves.

Having said that, there's a strong we cold front coming through right now, and it's supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend. So maybe not. Next week, right now, they're saying it could get up to 90 on one day.

I would also welcome check-ins from people.

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I'm officially part of the work from home crowd now, and extremely grateful that I have a job I can work from home. I'm very worried about the local coffee shop/bookstore combo that I worked through college at... they have been such an integral part of our community for so long and I know things are rough right now. They've been around for 20+ years so I'm sure they have a little more padding than some of the newer small businesses, but I'm not really sure HOW much of a padding they have and how long they can last like this with reduced hours. I've been budgeting very carefully so that I can both care for my horse and keep putting money in savings every month for house hunting endeavors (which I've also put on hold because I'm just a little too worried about everything else to pursue that immediately), but I think I'm going to break over tomorrow and go buy some ground coffee and I may go ahead and start a account to purchase some audiobooks even though I told myself I wasn't going to do that until I got through some of the hard-copy books that I have. I know I am just one person, but I know other people in the community are also stopping by for carry out lunch, buying their ground coffee, and using their libro accounts or calling in to ask if they have a certain book and then stopping by to do a pick-up.

The factory my partner works at makes parts for cars, mainly for Ford I think. Their last day is today then they'll be shut down for at least a week. I'm not so worried about his job, I think even if the shut down lasts for longer than expected he'll still have a job to go back to. But I'm very concerned for a friend of mine who just started there this week; she lost her last job almost a month ago, and her wife runs a pottery business from home so she's basically out of work as of now too because people simply aren't buying as much even online. Even with the new unemployment rules for this emergency situation, I still don't think the one who started at the factory will qualify for unemployment as a temp worker who has only been there a week. She may get the opportunity to volunteer to stay and clean and be paid for that but we're not sure yet. I can make sure they are fed if it comes to that point but I obviously cannot pay their bills. They have 0 back-ups.

Sorry... that's not a very fun check in either. I am fine myself. I like working from home but I wish it weren't under these circumstances. But I am worried for others around me.


I am still getting through the Witcher series, the books that the video games and that newish Netflix series was based on. I highly recommend the series to anyone whose favorite genre is fantasy. Knowing that there's a video game version might make one warry of reading the series, but the game was based on the books, not the other way around, and they are excellently written. The author is a fantastic world-builder. There are 5 main books I think and then two books of short stories, so lots of reading to be done. I do find it interesting that because the video games are so well known in the gaming community that there was already such a precedent for how the main character looked. Even for the book readers, when the Netflix series came out everyone pretty much unanimously said: Yep. That's Geralt.

I went to the barn yesterday evening as well. There is only the owner family and myself right now. The husband is always home anyway and the wife has been home-bound for work for about a week and a half now, she typically has to travel a lot for work and I'm kind of surprised her company didn't stop that earlier. We thought we would have a few pretty days and maybe we would trailer out for a ride at the local lake, but it just looks like the rain is never going to stop.

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This is a book I really enjoyed recently:

American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America

The book is somewhat politically biased IMO, and it would be a lot more useful if it had been written more recently or had an epilogue or something written more recently, but it's still a great read. The author's thesis is that the US (and, for that matter, Canada) consists of different "nations" whose culture reflects that of the original settlers. And that US history has been a history of these "nations" vying for power, working together, etc.

Also if you want horse books, anything by Mark Rashid. I'm so bummed, he's doing a clinic in Houston today but they cancelled it to auditors. I think it totally makes sense, but I'm still bummed...

"Saddle fit -- it's a no brainer!"" - random person
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Yes, substitution time. Shrimp fried rice instead of chicken last night. That as going to be for Friday but church is still doing the Friday night Fry. Bragg's Liquid Aminos instead of soy sauce. No one uses it here. They don't know what it is much less why it would even be in the section with Asian foods. I tried last weekend to top off the staples that I keep. Normal shopping for me. Not any bulk buys, well expect coffee. I'm picky about what I drink so I bought 2. Couldn't have made bulk purchases anyway as nearly EVERYTHING was sold out. The few items that weren't I had to go with alternate brands. Good time to clean out the freezer and then restock.

Tonight will be fried fish from the church's Lenten supper. They are going drive thru only instead of eat in or take out.

Spent time with an old friend I had not seen for ages. She retired and we only somewhat kept up on FB. Turns out she lives just down the road and on the river and she offered to allow the boys a convenient short cut as my brother lives just on the other side. She couldn't find eggs in the stores, would rather fresh; she remembered my son raised chickens and was hoping he still did and that we had extra. She decided after the umpteenth million time passing a high vis mailbox with the family name to stop in. Pulled in the drive and used Messenger to call ahead before she knocked. We live behind that relative, so not much further to go but not quite the right house. Great visit and a wealth of info as she is retired FACS (home ec) and that is what I'm teaching at the moment.

French toast this morning and a run to the post office as the jerk that subs the route won't come down to the house. Always has an excuse. Can't wait to see what yesterday's was.

Getting in time with the horses that I normally wouldn't. That is a good thing. DC is keeping busy with work for his riding instructor. Hoping to get more time in and spending some time on trails. We'll see.

Some horse people change their horse, they change their tack and discipline, they change their instructor; they never change themselves.
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It's raining here. Thankfully as of now my job is still going. The owners are trying really hard to get us all our needed hours but big item business is slowing down. Don't know how much longer we'll be staying open with all the restrictions being handed out either.

HEB plus in my town has been stripped bare on most necessities for 2 weeks now. Thankfully we saw this coming and I was able to slowly stock us up pretty well before it all went sideways. That said, I'm meeting my mom halfway to trade goods that we each need and can't find in our towns.

If it stops raining I'm going to finish getting my garden put in. My sprouts are doing well and I got the rest of my plants yesterday.

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The gym closed for three weeks and laid off nearly all staff (excepting high level management). While that's frustrating (will I get my job back?), it means I'm picking up more ambulance shifts. That's... Well, its own special anxiety. 😐

Trying to think positively - I have more time to ride (as long as we don't get totally locked down). I've been trying to implement a schedule on my off days that includes a walk/exercise, some time for schoolwork (just started an online bachelor's program), and some time for creative work. I've got plenty of sketchbooks, yarn, keep misplacing my knitting needles... But I'm going to try and knit something other than a scarf for once.

Dinner... Food is weird these days. I either want nothing, or comfort food. Dad's going over to his gf's place so I'm on my own. And I have work tomorrow, so I'll have to head to bed early (5am wakeup). Maybe I'll just make some pasta.
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No plans to go out this weekend. Everyone is being told to distance themselves from crowds as much as possible.

I was told by my boss that I will be working from home for the next few months. I think it will get more difficult as time goes on but at least I am one of the lucky ones and still have a job.

Supper is a stew with steamed vegetables.

We have had beautiful, sunny Spring weather for the last few days and it looks like continuing into next week. The good weather has encouraged everything in my garden to grow so it is a good opportunity to start preparing for the summer. My lawns need raked and cutting, the ground cleared of last yearís growth, the larger bushes and roses need pruning, some of the plants lifted and split, and weeds removed from the earth.

While I was rummaging around in the attic yesterday, I found my Great Grandfather and Grandfatherís gardening books and seed catalogues. I am going to go through them with my mum this weekend, as she has some wonderful stories about their gardens and plant nursery.

It is Motherís Day on Sunday but we have nothing special planned other than spending the day together.

I spent this morning (and yesterday) grocery shopping. I took my mum to our local supermarket, as it had an hour set aside for elderly and vulnerable people to shop, but the shelves were empty. There were plenty of Easter Eggs and boxes of chocolates though! Apparently, they are not considered a necessity! I dropped her back at her house and visited a couple of our local shops, only to find the same thing. When I was standing talking with a group of people at the checkout (at an appropriate distance LOL), one man whispered Ďif you visit the shop around the corner, they have toilet paper, only one packet of four per customer thoughí. We have got to the point where sources of toilet paper is a great secret .

I hope everyone has a good weekend and stays safe and well.

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The place I live doesnít have a kitchen so Iíve just been eating a lot of frozen meals lately unfortunately. I think tonight is a frozen prime rib taco meal.

One of my coworkers introduced me to Brandon Sanderson and had me read the Mistborn Trilogy which then led me into currently reading The Stormlight Archive. Iíve just been on a massive fantasy kick lately and I think Iím going to finally read The Wheel of Time series after I finish these next two books.

For shows Iím just watching The X-Files haha Iím still stuck in the nineties with everything I watch on hulu.

Stores werenít that bad here for a while and then all of a sudden everything was just gone. I havenít been out to the barn in weeks and Iím so dang bored. Iím confined to the county Iím in and the barn is two hours away in a different county. I might be able to go sneak out there haha
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Happy Friday. Although, I've forgotten which day it was quite a few times this week. Working from home will do that to you. But, I am thankful I am getting paid & able to work remotely. I really feel for those who are unable to work & are not getting paid right now. This whole thing sucks. It's hard for everyone. Not sure how long it will last either.

I've gotten a lot of stuff done around the house too, keeping busy. Taking this time that I'm home to really get things done that I don't ever have time for.

Not sure what I'm gonna make tonight. Maybe a burger, something easy.

The grocery stores here are crazy, I don't need to go this weekend luckily. Let us know how crazy it is over there!

I've been watching 100 Humans on Netflix, pretty cool experimental show. For fun. I wanna start watching Locke & Key, I've heard it's really good.
I've also been watching a lot of murder mysteries/crime docs. I'm obsessed.

No plans this weekend, I've just been going to the barn, then back home again. LOL, which is totally fine with me!

Ride more, worry less.
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