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The March 27th Friday Night Conversation

Hello everybody time for another adventure. How are you? This is week 2 for me, how bout you?

Have enough supplies? I have some chicken breast to do for supper but not really decided about how to do. I made the Longhorn copy of parmaesan chicken last time. Latter today will pass that along. But undecided for now.

What are your plans for today and the weekend. Adjusted as they may be.

Anyone gotten anything accomplished that they wouldn't have?

Or like me yesterday less than I thought which leaves some grass cutting, weed eating for today.

How is your stress level? For me it varies. There are close to 50 cases in my county which is cause for concern

And of course now more than ever any random nonsense is perfectly welcome.
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Is it Friday!? I’ve lost track of the days, as they all feel the same.

We’re still on lockdown, only allowed to leave for one form of exercise, groceries or medicine.

I’ve anything from 40 – 300 cases in my own and surrounding Health Authorities.

I think I’ve enough supplies to last another 5 days, at least as long as I’m careful. I don’t want to venture out too often.

Supper tonight is a stew/stovies – beef, potatoes, onions, carrots and turnip with oatcakes.

I was working from home but I’ve put on Furlough for the next three months, which means that I’m going to have to find activities to fill my hours.

I’ve pulled out my art supplies and I might even have a go at knitting! There are a few organising jobs in the house and I know that there’s plenty needing done around the sheds and garden. At least they’re far enough away from people, that I won’t break the 2 metre or 2 people rules.

That’s my plan for the weekend … and the next twelve weeks! Ugh!

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Partial week and now this one. Getting more done with the horses. Instead of cooking and putting up for the week on the weekend I am cooking every day. I think I prefer the weekend and putting up. Pizza last night and tonight will be beef vegetable soup. Too hot really for a soup except a cold one but the crowd here aren't fans of gazpacho. They'll eat the beef veg cold and like it. I can't stand to. Got to be at least warm enough to liquefy the little fat left. DC is working at the barn. BO's list is longer than mine. It keeps him outside and off the tech so I'm not complaining. I do have trees to plant once I decide where to put them and need to get a garden in. We have fewer chickens than most years so plenty of room in the pen that I can leave them while the garden grows to a size they will be more concerned about the bugs and less about eating the new growing plants. Weather is approaching summer like which is fine for now but will get old fast with no relief in sight as this is March. So glad I went to a forage based diet. No worries about affording feed the moment as the hay is stockpiled and should last until first cut. It'll hit when I have to start putting up for next winter if I don't get back to work. I already lost summer pay with the day camps as they won't open this year.

Number of cases here are still low. Will see what happens as time passes.

Some horse people change their horse, they change their tack and discipline, they change their instructor; they never change themselves.
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5 cases in our county as of yesterday morning. While that isn't a big deal considering what other places are battling it's concerning when you live in a low population area that is very rural. They aren't saying whether these people had been traveling, picked it up leading their every day life or what.

Hubby went to town this morning to get more milk so added things to his list that they were out of last week. He just called to say still no potatoes and wanted to know if I wanted him to venture further afield for them. I told him absolutely not. We're not totally out yet and even if we were leaving potatoes out of our diet wouldn't be a bad thing.

Supper will probably be something to go with ham. I baked one a couple of days ago when we had ham & beans so we need to use it up. Maybe ham & cheese omelets.

Weekend activities will most likely be tree clean up from our last storm. We started yesterday but didn't get done before the rain started back up. Having 50 acres + 9 horses means the chore list is never ending. LOL

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Got clothes washed and now waiting for the last to dry. Raining off and on here since last night. Hoping the weekend is good to work outside as I got the kennel panels to build Carmen's run free area. It is going to be around an 80 or 90 ft. by at least 10ft. wide, and wider behind the house.

Not much else going on here . Just watching the neighbors and what they are not doing. Grass is growing so mowing will not be far away.

Who likes Maxine cartoons. Here is one to get a laugh from.
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I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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Happy Friday All!! It's been a busy week at work.... Hoping to get out on a kayak later this afternoon. With everyone in my department working from home now my boss mentioned earlier this week that the company might mandate video conferencing... I'm like WHY?? So they can see me with messy hair?? And another coworker chimed in "I work in the nude"... cracked me up...

I'm pretty much good on supplies I will need flour soon so I'm hoping I find some.

I'm a little stressed as I've been isolating myself but can't see doing that for too much longer without it affecting my mental state?? I'm not complaining but I did feel a little depressed earlier this week.... I think it was depressed as I was down and I don't get down very often.

I haven't gotten much more accomplished, though I should have. I did start clearing my garden out and will finish that this weekend. Would like to get some things planted...

@QtrBel - I hope you can get back to work soon.

I think I'm going to make queso and refried beans and do something mexican for dinner...

Edited to add I guess my county just went on lockdown... may be no kayaking after all... wait it goes into affect at 5pm...
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@RegalCharm - I like Maxine! And that one is my favorite!! lol
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Is it Friday?? I am still working full time, but the schedules seem really messed up so I'm having a hard time keeping track of the days. I forgot to set my alarm this morning and enjoyed a little sleep in, before I realized it was a work day.

I have no idea what dinner will be tonight. I'm in a weird mood where I'm not craving anything and can't really think of any ideas. I hate these moods. Normally when I'm like this I will end up having a bagel and an apple or something.

Our weather is getting a bit nicer and the snow is melting. It is starting to get really sloppy outside. My paddocks are poopy/soupy messes and I'm having a hard time finding places to feed hay that is relatively out of the poop and mess. I am actually hoping it melts enough today & tomorrow that I could possibly harrow part of the paddock on Sunday. I fear I may need to wait a bit longer though for things to dry up a bit more.

Weekend plans? LOL....this is going to get real mundane. I was SUPPOSED to be volunteering at a road race and also running same race this weekend. Now I will probably get my garage cleaned out. Which is good as it needs to be done.

Last I heard there were 5 cases in the closest city and 2 in our county. But I'm sure that has changed since I last read the reports. I am self isolating as best I can. I do need to go to the store at some point and also go get fuel as well. My hands are an absolute mess - very sore and dry from all the hand sanitizer and washing.

Funny thing is, I am normally home a lot anyway. But it has been hard not being able to make plans and having things to look forward. I am honestly starting to feel a bit depressed, but trying to get outside as much as I can.

Hope all are doing well and healthy!!
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Originally Posted by RegalCharm View Post

Who likes Maxine cartoons. Here is one to get a laugh from.

I LOVE Maxine

I got up from the barn in time to watch the last twenty minutes of “Poor Little Rich Girl” with a pre-school age Shirley Temple

I loved her. No matter how many times people have claimed they had the “next Shirley Temple” — they did not, nor will they ever. That mold truly was broke when Miss Shirley was born.

As an adult, she was ambassador to two countries and I think held other US Govt. positions. She passed at age 85.

Every dance in every movie was always jaw dropping perfection.

This is from the movie I watched this morning.

Supper = ????

I need to mow - blah. Not today if I bath a dog or a horse —

Supplies - we’re good for 2-3 weeks, except for produce & milk. Horses are good for a couple of months except for shavings.

My county now has one recorded person with Covid19 . You can bet there’s more but testing is limited to certain people who “meet the criteria”.

It’s going to hit 80 today with humidity - I need to shampoo someone - the Rottenweiler if I’m smart as she lives in the house and all that hair stinks, lol

Here is a couple of dog fotos for humor:)

The dog konked out on the bed is the Catahoula/Pit Bull. Don’t know why he’s so tired, he hadn’t even done his daily fence checking duties yet, lol


This is The spoiled Rottenweiler’s third birthday foto (March 23rd). She says “yes, I know I’m pretty”:)
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A Good Horseman Doesn't Have To Tell Anyone; The Horse Already Knows.

I CAN'T ride 'em n slide 'em. I HAVE to lead 'em n feed 'em Thnx cowchick77.
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Well, Friday, already? Wow! Got quite a bit accomplished this week. We changed the window in Miss Snow's stall, she's the only horse that's messed with it 14 years but she was really working on getting into trouble. So, window is out and cattle panel mesh is in. That'll save her from herself.

Working on a new, small chicken coop for the Salmon Faverolle chicks I bought. They're too stupid to live so can't go out free ranging with the others. I've got 5 that survived out of 10 ordered, so already down 50%. Building them a small coop so we can keep them in while we let others out, then let them into the enclosed run should keep at least a couple of them alive to maturity, which for my experience is a bonus. For now, all the youngsters will all go in it, then get integrated into the "big girls" coop once they're big enough, but they're fast outgrowing their brooder pens.

Got Honey Boo Boo bred last week and waiting on a preg check date, this week breeding Goldie and she'll get checked about 10 days behind Boo. Both foals are already spoken for, so net gain in horses here = 0. I've sold Boo, her foal, Goldie's foal, Kokopelli (Joker) and Twoey. Mort is at the trainer's getting started and will be sold soon as he's ready to go. I'm going to miss that little mischief! Miss Snow will go to the trainer to get fitted for Pinto World's (hoping that doesn't get cancelled) in June. She's already entered so all we gotta do is brush her up on her stand up and manners. Skippy is a happy boy, been breeding mares and flirting with others. Dolly has turned into Snow's "babysitter". Snow was raised in a show barn and knows nothing of how to be a horse, doesn't know to roll in the pasture. She's learning.

Whacked my hair off REAL short, don't know how long all this lockdown is going to last, so I didn't want to have to mess with it. I hate sweat running in my eyes from long bangs, so CHOP, they're gone. And it's feeling like summer down here already, so I think I'm going to be really glad I did that.

Weekend? Keep teasing mares, breeding the ones that are in and keeping the ones who aren't under lights. Spraying pasture, checking fence and probably the first mow of the season.

Dinner tonight? Not sure. I'm thinking chicken & dumplings but they may be more like work than I want to get involved in. We'll see.

Gotta start my "Victory Garden" this weekend. Going to put some common veggies in so we don't have to go to town. They always taste better anyhow.

Oh, DH scored a a pak of TP at the store the other day. He said, "I could only get a 4 pak.". I said, "A 4 pak beats a NO pak any day.". We're doing ok on supplies. Food, we're good for quite a while. Even if we run out of potatoes and can't get anymore, we have a lot of rice and use a lot more rice than potatoes anyhow. I have everything I need to bake bread and have cooked up some roast and some Tri Tip and sliced it up for lunch meat. We also have a big spiral cut ham to cut up into lunch meat. We'll do fine.

Had to take a break from typing, the NOAA weather radio went off and alerted to a severe storm headed our way, so had to go put the horses in the barn. Everyone is all tucked in and safe. Not thrilled of course, they'd rather be outside playing and grazing but I can't think how guilty I'd feel having perfectly good barns, if someone got hit by lightning.

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