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hoof boots for Moonshine

I posted this in my thread about Moonshine, but I think it got a little lost. I was thinking about getting hoof boots for her front feet. I have read that different brands seem to suit different horses and different hooves. Does anyone have any suggestion of a brand that might work for Moonshine? You can see lots and lots of pictures of her hooves here:


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I can only recommend Renegades, as they are the only brand that I have used that I can get on the horse! Easyboots are impossible for me.

Measure the widest part of her hoof, and the length from a line across her actual heel*not the bulbs) Do the measurements in MM and inches, then go to the Renegade website and see if regulars or Vipers are a better fit.

My horses in boots need frequent rasping in between trims to stay in the boots.
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Boots for riding or for therapy with extended time?
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Originally Posted by Hondo View Post
Boots for riding or for therapy with extended time?
Ideally they would be suited for both.

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My horses can wear any brand..guess I'm lucky.

What I have found for me riding trails is the boots that have a wire and snap-down locking mechanism are tough on my hands to secure and open.
I think both Renegade and EasyCare {Easyboot company name} have those styles and other styles...
I just look for the other styles..
I love the colors available from Renegade as if you lose one, picking a bright color makes finding so much easier. {I have orange}

I have Easyboot Trail & Back Country styles which open wide and secure with heavy Velcro straps and a padded collar design giving more stability and sand reduction.
These stay on in muddy trails and so far through crossing water.
The comfort my horse now has riding makes so much difference is him having tentative steps or striding out and walking now knowing his feet won't hurt walking over the sharp rocks some trails have been covered with if they share with wheeled vehicles of car or motorcycle...
Even riding on crushed limestone unless tiny pieces my horse was a wimp and would gimp...no more.
Both brands of boots offer complete sole coverage and support.
Renegades though have a strap above the boot itself for ankle/pastern flex and attaches...to me if the boot flops off it is caught and held.
The Easyboot Trail & Back Country fit higher on the hoof, encompassing to above the coronet band easily with a soft padded collar above that but below the pastern itself.
loosie helped me when I was searching with tips she knew for fitting and getting the proper size...

I bought my Easyboot Trails & Back Country but were given Renegades by a friend who sold her horse and is now out of owning so did not need.
Both brands work, no problems do I have with either.
In fact, when I take my horses of similar size they each get booted up {since I have them} and off to the trails we ride and I not have to be so concerned with what the trail surface is...we just ride.
I don't use boots on hinds, only front.
I haven't used either enough to tell you which brand will last longer... I don't know.
So, my freebie Renegades recently gifted are a bright orange/red color, Trails are 2-tone color and Back Country are black.

Happy shopping.
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Easycare has some just for therapy. I'm not familiar with them but don't think they would be good for riding. Scootboots, if fitted carefully and a little bit loose can be left on for extended times with riding at the walk still being fine. For trotting or galloping the loose fit might be a problem.

They do come with a neoprene fit thing that goes over the loops at the heel bulbs that tightens the boot up some. Extra pads in the boot will also tighten them up more.

So a loose fit for turn out and tighten up for active riding might work. One has come off a couple of times from rolling and raking the front straps off the buttons. But with a 4 1/2 acre turn out they were found. Once it was still hanging on by the fetlock strap.
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I am strictly an Easy Care fan. My story goes back to 2012 before Easy Care really got into therapy boots.

Back then I used their Boa trail boots with great success and cut my own 1/2” pads out of Golds Gym interlocking mats. But EasyCare stopped making the Boas right about the time they started getting into therapy boots.

Joker has tall heel bulbs and I will say the Easy Care gloves will NOT work on him. The Gloves stayed on Duke fairly well as his heel bulbs were low - he almost looked like he had underrun heels but he didn’t, it’s just who he was.

If you really want to do this right, buy a set of boots for trail and a fresh set of therapy boots for turnout in case you need them. It would be great if the therapy boots could be used on more than Moonshine.

For therapy, I love the EasyCare Rx. The Clouds are also fantastic but they are on the cumbersome side and Joker didn’t like them once he started coming out of his founder and could move better. The Rx allow for better freedom of movement.

Had I been able to ride Joker, since the Boas are now obsolete, my trail choice would have the new generation of Old Macs.

Don’t measure the hooves until you decide the brand of boot you want as the methods may vary.

If you decide on Easy Care, I would call them and have a conversation regarding heel height as it relates to boot fit. I need to look at your other thread but the Gloves might work for her. If they would, I still have Duke’s gloves “somewhere” this house. He only wore them twice for ~20 minutes each time. I have size 1 fronts and size 0 rears. I would make you a swinging deal, plus shipping.

BUT, to reiterate, the Gloves have to be a perfect fit across the heels to stay on, especially in mud.

EasyCare also has a new line of polyurethane shoes that can be nailed, glued, or cast on. My therapeutic farrier is giving serious thought to trying them ion Joker, since his new x-rays show two spots of arthritis in the right hoof and coronet band. Even though he is always on grass, this type of shoe may help reduce concussion even more for the Sweetie Boy.
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I went and looked at Moonshine's pictures and I think her feet look really good. Honestly......I don't think my horse's feet are as good as that and she's been barefoot basically her whole life.

As far as hoof boots go, I've really only tried Easyboot Epics and Easyboot Trails. I used Epics for YEARS and they stayed on great and wore great and I really didn't have tons of complaints except that I had so much trouble getting them on and off. I had to use a mallet to tap them on and a hoof pick to get them off, and it was just a real pain in the behind for me. And if I went up to a bigger size they seemed too loose and had too much toe for my horse to trip over. And the cables......at least once in the life of a boot I would have to replace the cables and I never got good at it.....it was always a lot of work and frustration.

So I finally decided to try something else and I tried the Easyboot Trails and I LOVE them. So easy to get on and off I can't believe it! I went with the cheaper Trails, the ones with the cordura/fabric exterior. I've had no real problems with wear of the upper other than stickers (little thorny plant seeds) can stick to them. But I just take a brush and brush the boots off when we get home. The velcro has held up great (probably my biggest worry going into the purchase). They say they are only good for about 25 miles per week. But I rarely do more than that anymore and there will be some shiny marks around her heel bulbs but it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

Here is the only problem I have with the Easyboot Trails........they have worn holes in the toes REALLY quick, like within 3 months. At first I figured they were worn-out and bought another pair, but I keep trying to get a few more rides out of the old pair and now it's been about 6 months and we are still using them. Her toe fits neatly into the holes and seems to keep the dirt out, so I figured why not? I will use them until the are not safe to use anymore.

Another small issue.......when I first started using the Trails my horse would get rocks and pebbles and sticks and stuff inside the boot. Which is probably why they recommend those sock things to go around the pastern. But I was too cheap to buy them so I made some flimsy little bell boots out of old sofa leather and I just velcro them around the pasterns over the tops of the boots and it kept 99% of the junk out. But now that the boots are old and broke-in, I haven't been using my homemade bell boots at all......it seems like the trails have form-fitted to her hooves and she rarely gets a pebble anymore.

So overall I have been very happy with the Trails. And for under $60 a boot it's hard to beat them. I got the cheapest model just to see if I could live with them because I was used to the Epics and didn't know how the bulkier style would work for us. But I love them! I don't want to ever go back to using cables and mallets and hoof picks to take boots on and off! Maybe sometime I will try the Cavallos or Mustads or something. But I really don't see much reason for getting a more expensive boot when the sole wears out quicker than the upper.

Do all boots wear out at the toe first or does my horse have a problem I wonder? (I don't think I could bring her toes back a ton more, but that is a topic for another thread.) It's Arizona, it's bone dry and the rocks and gravel are hell, so maybe that's normal under these conditions, I don't know.

But anyway, those are my boot experiences. I am now a huge fan of velcro, it makes life so much easier!

PS. One of the reasons I didn't go with something like Easyboot Gloves is that I like to let her feet get a little longer in the growing cycle so we can ride just plain barefoot more. And the Gloves require frequent trimming. The Trails fit my horse all through the trim cycle, so that is wonderful in my opinion.
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Being a bit of a hoof geek, I haunt several hoof and hoof boot forums. I've been an almost continuous hoof boot user since 1979, when EasyBoot was the only game in town. I've tried a lot of boots.

A trend I see these days is independent distributors of hoof boots who will go the extra mile to help you get a good fit. I decided to try a new boot, Flex Hoof Boots, for my mare with problem feet and after decades of buying boots I decided no way was I going to chance making a decision on my own. They cost too much! I found that the Flex boots are excellent for my mare and our level of activity.

Over the years I've watched EasyCare pour ridiculous amounts of energy into redesigning uppers onto unimaginitive stock soles. I don't quite get it. They get more and more complex, more screws to lose, more cables to break (their cables have been so greatly cheapened over the years), and in some cases the need to have the uppers heat fitted and use all manner of glues and "Scary Sticky Goat Tape" to keep them on. They've come real close to ripping off more innovative designs.

I have no experience with Renegades (I had a bad experience with the rep many years ago).

Scoot Boots are hot.

Flex Boots are catching up.

Cavallos are reliable, generally need protection from rubs, and they're a bit heavy and clunky, IMO, but I have heaps of satisfactory history with them. I think they're lacking in traction, but studs can be added.

Your horse has very nice feet. I don't think you'll have a great deal of difficulty finding a satisfactory boot, but I think getting advice from a rep with a good trial/return program is the way to go.
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Originally Posted by dogpatch View Post
I don't think you'll have a great deal of difficulty finding a satisfactory boot, but I think getting advice from a rep with a good trial/return program is the way to go.
How did you find a rep? Just google it? Does a rep sell only a particular brand? So, you'd search for "Easyboots Dallas" or whatever?

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