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Last spring I had to do a "trace clip" (in parenthesis because it was about as close to a proper trace clip as a McDonald's hamburger is to a quality steak) on Pony in the spring. I guess he gets a really thick winter coat, and once it started hitting the 70s and 80s here consistently, he was just too hot.

Last year, someone at the barn let me use her clippers, but she isn't here any more. So I guess I'm going to need to buy my own. Some questions:

1. Is there any time they might go on sale?
2. What are brands to avoid or to prefer?
3. Do they make wireless (like, battery operated) clippers, and would they work OK? I hate that cord.
4. If I just need to clip him once a year, maybe it would be cheaper to find someone to do that for me with her own gear? Never mind, I just looked at some local prices for that and that doesn't make sense.

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You can do a trace clip with bigger "small" clippers but I wouldn't want to completely body clip a horse with the smaller clippers.

I really like the Whal products but I forget which one I have, lol

Yes they make cordless. Mine have a really long cord but my horses are plenty used to not moving when they hear the clippers fire up. That's another thing -- the Whal clippers aren't too noisy.

Stateliness tack has several styles on sale -- maybe Santa Baby would put one in your stocking? :)

Also, I lovelovelove the palm sized Whal battery operated clippers for trimming the jaw line on nervous horses, like my Arab was when it came to clippers.
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I just hire someone whenever I need a clip done. It's easier, no need to worry about sharpening the blades and stuff, plus professional clips looks really good. Way better than what I could do. Last one was around $120 for a chaser clip.
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I've used Oster, Wahl, and Andis. I got along well with each. Some corded. Some cordless. I use whatever an owner has.

I own a set of Oster that I can do body clips and manes with. My daughter had a small set of Wahl that I can borrow for lower legs. I don't trim whiskers or the inside of ears.

The Oster's I have can even be used to shear sheep, I'm told. With a different head out on them. That's a tough way to make a living! I don't intend to try it.
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Originally Posted by boots View Post
I've used Oster, Wahl, and Andis. I got along well with each. Some corded. Some cordless. I use whatever an owner has.

I own a set of Oster that I can do body clips and manes with. My daughter had a small set of Wahl that I can borrow for lower legs. I don't trim whiskers or the inside of ears.

The Oster's I have can even be used to shear sheep, I'm told. With a different head out on them. That's a tough way to make a living! I don't intend to try it.
I don’t clip whiskers (feeler gauges) or ear hair either. I clip the shaggy hair under the jaw line and in the throat latch area.

Where I live all that thick under-the-jaw hair does is hide ticks. I just had to cut a big patch of jaw hair from Joker to get at a tick, since I have no fingernails. I had to put medicine on the spot because he had rubbed it so much from the itching

I will clip any “grandpa” ear hair that is growing beyond the ear and make it even with the edge of the ear.
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A Good Horseman Doesn't Have To Tell Anyone; The Horse Already Knows.

I CAN'T ride 'em n slide 'em. I HAVE to lead 'em n feed 'em Thnx cowchick77.
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I used Wahl KM5s to clip a whole 17hh horse minus legs. It took two hours.

However, it took three hours to clip the same horse with Oster large animal clippers the winter before.

I am not slow but I'm also not the fastest. The biggest issue I faced with the large animal Osters was overheating and the fact that the extremely sensitive horse couldn't handle how hard they vibrate for very long at all.

KM10s are slightly more powerful but the same size, and that size clipper blade is a good medium between full body and legs/head. I don't clip legs on my mare but I do face and attempt ears (she won't let me do the whole ear yet but we're working on it) and the standard sized blade works well.

For a cordless clipper people rave about Heiniger Saphir! But then there's also the Wahl KM Cordless which has a KM10 motor :)

All of the above do best with a wide blade, you can get them to attach to that size clipper, and you will work WAY faster with a spare set of blades to swap out when they get hot. That way you only have to stop for 30 seconds to swap blades instead of 30 minutes to wait for them to cool down!

This is the clip I did with KM5s by the way!
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I don't clip so I can't answer your questions, but I just wanted to thank you for your first sentence that gave me a real laugh during a tough day
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Not cheap but I love the Laube clippers.

They come with a wide and narrow blade, have two batteries and can be used from the mains.
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Love my Wahl stable pro. Hasn't let me down in over 15 years. It was expensive, but so worth it. Easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. Comes in a nice hard case. Here's what it looked like retail - not sure what the equivalent is now.
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I have smaller hand-held clippers that classify as touch-up, for doing face and leg trims and I also have large animal clippers in single speed and a variable speed machine.
In smaller hand-helds I have Oster A5 and then Andis something or other that I hate, period.
Hate the noise, hate the vibration and hate the to short cord of the Andis.
Just about any clipper today has the snap-on/off blade that came into being with the Oster product, now known as A5 style. Before that it was screws and screwdriver to switch blades {A2 model}....
I have original model single speed A5 along with a 2-speed there are more models to choose from but not needing to replace I have not gone looking.
My clippers I use are Oster brand...because they are that old and reliable it was the only brand at the time that offered snap-on/off everyone has copied the technology.
Again, my clippers are near 40 years old, still work fabulously and if that isn't reliable not sure what is.
I did show horse grooming and used appropriate machines for the task, as over-working a machine effects its longevity and job produced over time. I've probably clipped in total with these machines over 1000 horses, with no problems.

My large animal clippers are Oster, actually Oster/Sunbeam is on the identifying plate.
Single speed and their variable speed machine....
I use the standard blade that comes on them that leaves a bit of coat and not the scalped look that today so many seem to think is the look to isn't for your animals sake.
Remember when you clip a body you are stealing the animals only protection it has from sun and wind irritation and of the body never intended to be shorn short suddenly have near no hair is pretty big a deal to some animals in how their body prepared with several weights of blankets, sheet and coolers as you stole mother natures natural coat warm & cooling system now you are responsible for replacing it and keeping the animal comfortable as weather changes occur!
I found with my clippers the clipper never overheated but the blades do.
Clipping dirty coated animals, pushing to hard to fast on the machine will do this to any machine regardless of brand.
Some machines have a cooling fan built in {my variable speed machine does} some do not.
I can not say what other brands have or not.
Again, my machines are over 30 years old and done many a horse year round when conditions presented that a body being clipped was necessary.
I have no idea how many horses I've done, to many to count or remember....

When you clip, regardless of machine brand or style you need several sets of blades to change off with.
They heat up and they dull if the horse is not just surface clean but clean to the skin....a deep cleaning bath day before the clipping to take place is advised as is having on hand sheet/cooler/blanket to cover the animal as you remove their coat if cold out...
Lube spray, several cans to cool & lubricate the machine...

I happen to use kerosene to dip my blades in as I body clip, wiping well the blades of residue before touching the horse again.
A easy way to flush the blades of particles...

I have minimal experience with battery operated machines.
I won't invest in them because I don't need to...
I have used some others machines and don't like them as I find it doesn't take long for the battery to wane down and that then makes clipping slower and more a chore to me...
I also know when my husbands razor starts to lose battery power it pulls not cuts his facial whiskers and it hurts...not going there with a 1000+ pound animal.
I can just see running out of battery umph part way what..plug it in...just use a wired machine to start with and have consistent power throughout the clip is my feeling.

As for blades...they make or break the job in looks and ability of the animal to have some protection from the natural elements.
If using a small hand-held A5 machine...please, please do not go any higher in blade than a #7 or have a horse scalped in appearance with so short a coat they are exposed to sunburn and wind burn...
The higher the number of the blade the shorter the coat length left...
#5 or #7 are = to what the large machine with general clipping use recommend...
You won't find these blades in a tack shop either, possibly a dog groomers store, but tack shop...rarely.
Expect to prepare by ordering in your materials needed ahead of time.

Now in honesty, I have used Labbe and Lister brand clippers...
Did not find any differences that would have me spending $$$ to replace my old trusted machines.
Only clippers I've handled that were very different were groomers style and the motor was attached to the wall, only the head, the cutting unit was in your hand. They were light, fast, minimal vibration to handle...but they have a cord attached and not my unit but understand they are pricey.
Expect to spend near $300 or more today for a machine and then around $30 for each set of extra blades needed...
So, for me...
I have no intent to replace machines that work, do their task easily and reliably with new products so Oster brand is what I have and use.
My clippers are all corded...with extra length cords they came so I rarely have a issue of not enough cord to reach...or more often I turn the horse to get best lighting on their body, no shadows for a better finished look done so don't run out of cord either.
Do use the appropriate machine for the job...
If you're going to be doing body clips often enough then invest in the large machine...
Less strokes done, less passes each cut, motors that have cooling fans built in not just run at higher speeds make a difference to the animal in comfort of machine touching their body and you needing to hold that machine in your isn't just the horse that feels heat when over-taxing a machine and what they truly were designed for..
The biggest one though is you as the machine handler need to know what you are doing and that your animal is going to be cooperative.
Once started is not the time to find your horse has low-tolerance for this job or will not tolerate this thing running across their body...know your animal and prepare that part of the job very well...bath, sedation if needed by the vet...and proper equipment and enough of it...and the biggest one is time, the time to not rush or be stressed by what you look at...take your time!
Do your homework about machines...
Go out and find the machines you're interested in and handle them, not for a minute but hold them for 1/2 hour at chest height arm extended cause that is where you will be at when clipping and it makes a difference, truly it does.
Enjoy your search for what you need/want...this is not a cheap investment and can last a lifetime if cared for properly used, not abused or over-worked.
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