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Green Broke
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Coal, I think your goals are far outreaching what this horse is capable of. The truth hurts, but it sounds like this horse needs a hobby home with 24/7 turnout with an experienced person who will take care of her and ride her gently every now and then when she feels good. Your horse is mellow because she SICK and she doesn't feel well, you're worried about making her 'hotter' so you can compete? That makes me sad. Your vet and trainer are telling you what you want to hear-- because they probably have the same issues most people here are saying-- this horse is ill, but you won't reconsider not showing for awhile, so they keep on trying to pound a sick, square peg into a round hole to keep you happy. She got time off awhile back-- so what? That doesn't mean she doesn't need time off again. She is a living, breathing creature, not a robot. She's sick. REST HER.

I really, truly think that you will never be happy with this horse. You have had issue after issue with her. She's not sound. She's got a serious health issue that you aren't taking as seriously as you should. You are frustrated with her when you ride. You want an upper-level dressage horse and she's not built for that and her health problems will make high-level work nearly impossible. Every post is some sort of problem with Tyra. I really don't think you two are a good fit even if she was healthy.

Sit down and rethink your priorities. If your priority is this horse, then give her six months off with turnout and a gentle buddy, and reevaluate how she's doing then as you bring her slowly back up into work. If your priority is riding competitively, then I truly think you need a different horse. You bought Tyra knowing she had problems. You've realized what many of us have also learned-- horses with problems tend to have problems for life, and once they get over one, they get another one. You bought a known unsound horse that crashed and burned on the PPE, have now discovered she has a serious, life-long disorder, and you still are worried about competing with her?? That's the most unrealistic thing I've heard in a very long time. Either put your goals first, or put your horse first, but you can't have it both ways with this horse.

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@thecolorcoal I know there are a lot of post you aren't going to like,but the hard cold truth hurts. Please, Please reconsider what you are expecting of Tyra. She's screaming loud and clear she can't DO WHAT YOU are WANTING listen to her. Let her be a horse turn her out to pasture and let her heal.

Like others have said vet & trainer are telling you WHAT you want to hear,both have agendas that's to keep money in their pockets. Hate to say this but some will do whatever it takes at the expense of a horse's well being.

I'm afraid this here is the case with tyra and it's very sad to read these post. It's borderline abuse in my eyes sorry to say that but it is. Tyra hurts tyra doesn't feel good reason she's not got the pep you want. There is no magic feed supplement ,that's going to fix her, it's called REST AND NOT WORKING HER.

My gelding under the same training not feeling good, hurting & push ,push, push wouldn't be as kind as your tyra. He would blow up big and send you sailing sky high. He'd probably hurt you before you ever got on,he wouldn't put up with what tyra puts up with.
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Wow, what did I venture into here...

First off, for good reading on diets for horses that have issues with tying up, etc. I'd encourage you to search the journals here for Wallaby's journal (if it hasn't been recommended already). Wallaby has gone through some intense feeding programs for her gelding with serious muscle issues.

Second, to echo everyone else here. You need to rest her. I'm not saying lock her in a stall and pat her. I'm saying Dressage is HARD. It's hard on their bodies. You need to step back and re evaluate what you're doing. In this exact thread you mentioned wanting to do just trail. THEN DO IT! This horse is clearly not well enough for the upper level dressage tests, and might never be. Stop letting your trainer and whoever else influence you into believing she can. If you are "extremely of age" as you stated in your first post with Tyra, then YOU can make your choice. She is YOUR horse, and YOU are paying for her. Stop pushing a sick horse to be something she's not. Go play on the trails. Teach her trail courses. Have fun with her. No one gives a rip if the horse is truly FEI quality. There are probably thousands of "FEI quality horses" living their life in a backyard, or heck even in a kill pen. But the thing is, THEY DON'T KNOW THAT! A horse only cares that they are fed, they have water, they have shelter, and someone makes them feel better when they don't feel well. Right now, she's not. And working her hard when you don't have her diet 100% correct is not taking care of that last point. Lunging is hard on them. Working in endless circles is hard. Let the horse rest with turnout (I know Wallaby uses something like a feed pouch to prevent her gelding from grazing). Figure out her diet. Then come back and just do trails.
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Originally Posted by thecolorcoal View Post
I respect your opinion HLG but I disagree. if you want to talk more about my horse's ailments you can PM me. For now, I am listening to the advice of my vet who certainly does not have the doom-and-gloom outlook you have. I do not believe in trading in horses just because they have something that needs to be maintained.
So ask your vet!! The way I read it, HLG's 'doom & gloom' (as you put it, I didn't take it that way) & suggestion to get another healthy horse was only because you seem to want your cake & eat it too. THAT is the problem. AFTER you get her healthy, then MAYBE she will be able to perform as you want her to, but it is unreasonable for you to expect performance & want to pump more 'beans' into her now.

Some info I've found helpful; [COLOR=Lime][B]www.horseforum.com/horse-health/hoof-lameness-info-horse-owners-89836/
For taking critique pics; [COLOR=Lime][B]https://www.horseforum.com/members/41...res-128437.jpg
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Putting aside Tyra's health, is she a good prospect? No. The answer is simple.

You want to compete at a high level will you need a new horse? Yes.

So... what's the problem? You can't keep a broken horse and compete at a high level. Well, I mean you can... if you rely on the broken horse as an excuse for underperforming. "The scores are great considering she's on her last legs... literally" sort of deal. Throwing money at a horse doesn't automatically make you a hero, especially when it's negated by the fact the money throwing is just to prop them for the next competition.

Are you afraid of failing her by giving up? Are you afraid of getting a new prospect and risking your weaknesses coming to light that you can no longer contribute to Tyra's poor way of going? I can blame Katie in many ways of how much of a crap rider she makes me look. But then I ride a well trained, healthy and fit horse and suddenly... who can I blame then? Hm.

I am really trying to understand where you are coming from with all these posts.
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The fact is OP needs to make up their mind and either let tyra have the time she needs to heal. Lower her level of showing to a level horse can do comfortablely. Or find tyra a home who can do that for her. Or continue to ignore the horse, find quick fixes for issues that need more than a quick fix.

Tyra will break down and for good, or she will rebel and dump you good because it will be her LAST RESORT to get YOU TO LISTEN! I know i've had some post about my own horse and guess what i didn't like some replies i got. I didn't listen at first but i then realised i WAS HURTING my horse. I gave up riding so he could heal i LOVE TO RIDE it's my FREEDOM from my depression which i'm currently fighting.

MY desires are never put first anymore my horse's well being comes first. I have 4 kids who i want to learn, that it's never ok to put your desires above your horse's well being. The TRUTH HURTS to the core, but swallow your pride and do right by your horse,doesn't tyra deserve that???

OP people on here care about your horse's well being. They aren't attacking you to be mean, they are trying to get you to see your horse is screaming for help and a break from work. Everyone on here cares very much about you and your horse remember that, i sure had too not easy to do.
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I wholeheartedly agree with everyone else's posts here. Your horse needs a lot of time to adjust (6 months +) and you do need to resort your priorities. Unfortunately, you'll eventually need to make the decision whether you can adapt to Tyra's situation or if she would be better off with someone else. However, I think you've heard lots of that already, so I'm going to talk about other things you could do in Tyra's downtime to let her rest/figure out management and still feel somewhat fulfilled yourself.

I get the impression that furthering your riding at this time is also very important to you and I think there may be other ways you could still further your dressage without riding Tyra.
One suggestion is taking dressage lessons on other horses, whether that be lesson horses, a lease or a friends horse you could borrow in a lesson. This is a GREAT way to become a better rider quick. This opens up the opportunity to learn on a school master that can teach you the correct way to ride certain movements, allows you to learn different techniques for different horses and will encourage you to adapt your riding quicker.
If there are other dressage trainers in the area, I'd also suggest taking some lessons from them. You'll get good and bad advice from each, but learning several different technique can be an invaluable tool as a rider since no two horses respond the same.

You could also partially lease another horse, which would not only give you a horse to ride in lessons, but also one to practice on.

Most of all, I suggest getting out more in the horse community if your time allows it. Volunteer, go to watch shows and make friends. You never know what opportunities are out there until they arise. If people get to know you well and see you working hard, they might even offer a few rides on their horse in the future.

I know it can be quite hard to choose between your goals and your horse. I've been there, people I know have been there and I'm sure several forum members here have been as well. Just because you and your horse aren't FEI bound, doesn't mean you won't still do some cool stuff or get great opportunities. In fact, most FEI + riders don't get where they are by riding just one horse. Most gain a lot of experience riding several different horses over the years and even a portion just by watching lessons/clinics. Each horse teaches them a bunch of different things, then they take those skills and apply to their FEI mount.

Don't keep pressuring yourself or your unwell horse to meet those expectations because there is a good chance that your horse's health will just get even more downhill and then you will wonder why you even attempted to ride her so hard in the first place, when you knew better. On the other hand, don't let the bad news get you down either. Look at the bright side and find a way to learn from this situation.
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When one asks for advice, it can end up like trying to take a sip from a fire hose.

But, I think you must have had many challenges dealing with a whole lot of conflicting advice, and your own ambitions.

My friend once said that horse ownership was like a "roller coaster to heartbreak". I gather that you may be experiencing this; wanting one horse but having another.

This isn't a crime. I think it happens a lot. I feel that way, at times, about my own sons. But, trying to force the horse to meet that expectation is stepping into the arena of actually doing 'wrong'. You don't want to to do that.

Your horse did not sign up for your dreams. If she can't meet you there, then let her find someone who has matching dreams. and you look onward.
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I have absolutely no doubt that you want the best for Tyra, however, I do not think that you have much in the way of empathy in reading what an animal is trying to tell you.

Animals are way more stoic in hiding discomfort and pain. They will try their best to hide it as this weakness in the wild would lead to death.

We all have pipe dreams and, ambition is a good thing if it doesn't blind one what what affect this is having to those around, including your animals. .
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Originally Posted by thecolorcoal View Post

My vet called me back. I gave her some of the symptoms we've been having with regards to the tying up. We re-checked her blood results and she confirmed RER. We also saw her selenium levels were incredibly low. I've got her on a supplement now and the vet wants to return to take blood samples to check her current levels, in order to see if we need extra supplementation or not.

So that's next on the list of things to do.

I've sent her hair off to Equiseq for the DNA test to see if she has any other mypoathies, as PSSM2 is a huge suspicion at the moment.

Our treatment consists of controlled exercise and to keep her environment and lifestyle as stress-free, anxiety-free, and relaxing as possible. We had one set back this weekend but the next day she was all better. She needs to be blanketed very heavily. She's on additional mag and has been great.

She's too slow.
she is very sleepy under saddle and generally too calm for comfort.
I need her to be a bit more "up"

I need more energy during my dressage rides.

Is there a supplement/feed addition I can give Ty so that she has a bit more zap and spark?
I agree with the others that at THIS POINT in time, I would not worry about her low energy level. You still have unanswered questions about her condition and whether she has other undiagnosed conditions, such as PSSM 2.

Focus on one thing at a time. Continue to run tests and go from there.

At this point, do NOT focus on your dressage and the results of your dressage. Exercise her like your vet has recommended but don't worry about the dressage.

You are thinking too far forward with things, and need to stay with the "now" because you do not yet have all the answers and she is still not well.

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It is not enough to know how to ride; one must know how to fall.
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