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Over my riding career I have probably ridden 50 or more. I used to be assistant trainer at a hunter jumper farm and they alone had 35 horses on their property. Many were lesson horses whom I rode all of, and then a few OTTB in re-training that I helped hack, and a few client horses as well. I have owned/leased 4 horses in the last 11 years, plus all the other lesson horses I've ridden at other lesson barns. As for the various breeds...

Anglo Arab
Tenessee walker
Irish Draft
Dutch Warmblood
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I'm not entirely sure. Over a 100 for sure but no idea about an actual number.

I've ridden a little of everything.

Arabians and crosses
Drafts and crosses
Frisians and crosses
Thoroughbreds and crosses
a pretty wide variety of wbs, different bloodlines and types
stock horses (paints, quarter horses, appaloosa, mustangs, etc)
PRE and spanish horses
tennessee walker and crosses
pony varieties
etc maybe other stuff but IDK

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Oh gosh... I don't think I can count how many I've ridden. It's definitely over 100 for me. I used to hang out with my riding instructor all summer when I was a kid. I rode nearly everything that came through her barn for training. I've taken lessons on countless different horses. I've leased and owned multiple horses over the years. I've visited other horse friends and rode their horses. I did pony rides as a kid, and have been on a few commercial guided trail rides. I did a few horse camps as a kid too, and rode all the camp horses.

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Wow. Never thought of counting all the horses I have ridden. I basically was that kid growing up that would ride anything folks would let me ride. Rode and drove a lot of horses in my early teens for a stable that raised cream QH and Hafflies, plus had a variety of ponies and horses that the owner would buy and sell on a regular basis.

Always pairs though, he never bought individuals. He would have 10-20 at a time, so must have ridden/driven over 100 horses/ponies before I was 15. When he relocated too far out to go except on weekends, I started riding jumpers a couple of times a week at a lesson barn.

I don't think I have reached 1000 horses yet, but really have no idea!

Breeds might be a little easier to list, but still lots I'm not sure of, lol.

Quarter pony
American Walking Pony

Other assorted grade ponies

Missouri Fox trotter
Appendix QH
Spotted Saddle Horse
Rocky Mountain Horse
Kentucky Mountain Horse
Racking horse
Dutch WB
American WB
Georgian Grande
Paso Fino

Other assorted grade horses.

At one time I had a goal to ride a stallion of every breed! That is a much shorter list, lol. Most were what is local, TWH, Saddlebred, TB, QH and a couple more that I don't remember, but my list was at 6 breeds when I gave that up.

A few that I have never ridden but wanted to was Chincoteague, Mustang and Friesian.
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Grade horse

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I've ridden a few. Grew up on a ranch working cattle with horses. Rodeoed a little in my late teens/ early twenties. Worked at a Thoroughbred race horse breeding farm starting their two year olds. Trained Professionally for a few years. Managed a therapeutic horse program for nine years at the Idaho Youth Ranch, a residential treatment facility for troubled youth. One of my jobs there was to evaluate and train horses that were donated to the program. Had between 70 to 160 horses donated each year. Trained and showed reined cow horses and cutters. Now I own some cattle and lease a ranch in NW Nevada.
A lot of horses of different breeds. I think I am in the 1,000 category. Some of the memorable ones-

Strawberry, a red roan mustang my grandpa caught off the Bruneau desert in SW Idaho (in the 1950's that was still legal). My cousins, sisters and I rode the hair off that horse. We would go to grandma's nearly every weekend. Strawberry would spend the week out in the pasture with the other horses but every Saturday he would walk down a quarter mile lane and stand by the gate waiting for us.

April, a grade filly. In 1966, when I was 14, I worked in the fields and earned enough to buy a horse of my own (for $45). First horse I trained by myself.

Lori,s Glory Gal, appendix QH. I team roped on her. My first registered horse and an honest to goodness performance horse.

OTTB mare. Donated to the Youth Ranch. People who donated her said she was a good horse. Their daughter had a cast on her arm. When I tried her out, the mare reared over backwards. I was able to push/ slide off before she mashed me. I told the guys that worked for me she was dangerous and not to ride her. One of them did anyway. Off 2 1/2 months with a cracked pelvis. What kind of people donate a dangerous horse to a place that has a bunch of kids????

Go Kaborr, bay Arabian gelding. The world's best kids horse. Every kid at the youth ranch started on this horse. If Gokie didn't think a kid had a good enough seat to trot, there was no way you could make him. No amount of kicking, yelling, or chasing would do it. As soon as he felt the kid could handle it he would willingly trot. Same thing with a lope. I had a bunch of horses at home, but when my grand kids started riding, I took Go Kaborr home for them to learn on. He packed kids around the Youth Ranch until he was 31 years old. I semi retired him then. At 33 he died peacefully in his stall. A lot of kids cried over that horse. There might of even been an old cowboy that had some feelings.

Sorrel overo Paint mare. I started this mare when I was riding for the public. She bucked the first 15 times I rode her. I got to thinking she couldn't get me off. The 16th time she dusted me! The next ride she was good, The 18th time she bucked again. She never bucked again as long as I had her. A few years later I went to a ranch sorting. She was there with her owner. Yes- she bucked!

Colonels Oak, sorrel QH stallion. A National Cutting Horse Association money earner and a great sire. He made the Equistat leading sires list for reined cow horses for several years. At the time I had 13 mares. He died years ago but I still have a gelding and a mare by him that I ride on the ranch today.

Miss Colonel Nita, brown QH mare. Daughter of Colonels Oak. The best show horse I've ridden. Won the Intermountain (Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming) Reined Cow Horse Assoc. Novice Circuit Championship.

Honey, sorrel/ flaxen Mustang mare. The smartest horse I owned. She was an expert at opening gates. She would work for hours with her lips and teeth until she got it open. Our family once went for a ride and left Honey by herself. My nephew drove by and saw Honey grazing on the lawn. He stopped, she ran into the coral and he locked her up. An hour later he drove back by. She was grazing on the lawn again. He locked her up again and wired the latch. Once again he drove by with her on the lawn. This time he didn't even stop. She was still grazing in the yard when we returned home.

Just a few. Good memories.
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Forgot to mention mules! Have never ridden or driven a mule, but I would love to! Would especially like to ride Dressage on a mule; would be so cool.

Oh yes have ridden several sows and hogs when a youth and I DO NOT recommend it! Very dangerous or so I remember; those hogs would run us down in a hurry.
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What an interesting thread!

Hmm...well I'm not going to count all the trail horses I "rode" on vacations, where the horses knew the trails so well I literally just sat there. I do remember Frank The Paint; the owners of the place actually let me ride him for real after the trail. Oh, and Charlie. Same place and they again let me ride him in a meadow in the middle of a trail ride. I have really fond memories of that place! I've done many paintings from the pictures I took there. But I remember dragging my family with me on trail rides nearly every vacation we went, so I know there were many others haha.

Horses that I rode in lessons...I remember Duvet, a sweet black gelding. I remember a really lazy appaloosa mare. I did "vaulting" on a bay gelding and a palomino pony. The horse that I started taking regular lessons on was Si, a sweetheart of a gelding. Della and May were put in the rotation as well. I didn't get along with Della, but I loved May. I leased her for a summer! I also leased a little black mare, Maggie. She still holds a very special place in my heart- I would've bought her but her owners retired her. My friend's horse Adahee.

Not sure if this counts, but I rode the horses I tried out to buy. I remember Otis, a black gelding. Faith was a flighty paint mare. Hot Rod Baby, an OTTB and Secretariats great granddaughter! She looked just like her grandsire Storm Cat. And then of course my girl Tessa.

I've been a working student at my stable a few summers, so I've also ridden many of the horses at my stable. Apache is a paint gelding that had a lot of body issues; it was so amazing helping him overcome them. Tony, an amazing Andulusian. Fernando the pony. Flynn, Zoe (a draft mix), Albert, Gypsy, and Jaxie.

"Do you give the horse its strength or clothe its neck with a flowing mane?" ~Job 39:19
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Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to count or keep track.

Well, I started on Pete as a young child. Then “upgraded” to Cheyenne. Along the way, I know I rode my mom’s horse Sham from time to time as well as my brothers horse, Barley.

As an older child, I primarily rode Misty. But did also ride Geronimo and Sundance. Then along cane Beau ... who I “stole” from my mom!

Had Scooter for a while, as Beau healed from an injury. Also trained Jammer, Rosie, Cherry, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy (people seriously did not get creative with names!!), Reggie, and Silkie. I feel like I forgot a couple but that should be close.

I jump rode a lot of horses during my rodeo queen years- mostly the pickup men horses. Also took various riding lessons over the years, some English and some reining.

And then more recently, my own two horses Red and Shotgun, along with my mom’s horse Crinkle and my aunt’s horse Romeo.

So we’ll say consistently and routinely rode 20+ horses, but also another 15+ here and there.
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Originally Posted by Filou View Post
I was curious how many horses everyone has ridden?

Are they lesson horses?
Horses you train?
Personal horses?
Horses you have shown on?

I thought it would be interesting to see how many horses everyone thinks they have ridden be it 1 or 1,000!
I used to keep track of all the horses I've ridden. What I liked and disliked about them. Any quirks they had. Somewhere in one of my moves I lost the list.
As I think back on it, I remember most of the horses names, but only 2 or 3 people I've ridden with from when I was younger.

Very first lesson horse was Dr. Cox. He was great! Another favorite was Zorba, a beautiful dark brown almost black gelding with 4 white socks. He was gorgeous! Oberon, a gentle thoroughbred that seemed to float on air.

There were many horses that went through the stables I rode at. It was a big lesson barn. So occasionally we would get to ride a boarders horse. Those were great lessons. My favorite was Blue.. A true black Morgan, so dark he had a blue sheen. Only a few of us got to ride him. Talk about cloud 9.

Then for a span of about 13 years my own horse, and occasional friends horse, or the trainers prospects.

When my guy passed away, back to lesson horses.

Geesh... I've probably ridden well over 30 different horses, with 3 or 4 favorites.

Add in the two favorite places I've ridden... Ireland and England.

Oh the memories! Wow! Thanks for this trip down memory lane.

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