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Always good to buy things for your pony! And you dearly need a break from work stuff...rasps are very practical too GO FOR IT
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Dear @AnitaAnne

Please note I am now "trained"....

(but still not mature... )

Dear @SwissMiss - equine-induced endorphin analgesia

SueC is time travelling.
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Originally Posted by SwissMiss View Post
Today was such a lovely day: sunny, temps in the 70ies and low humidity. Perfect riding weather! What did I do? Sit in front of my computer all day long, working (catching up from last weekend)
And tomorrow I will do the same again (after pulling a night shift today)... *sigh*

I need some equine-induced endorphin analgesia (aka riding)

Aaaand Raya needs a trim - didn't back her toes for 2 weeks and they are running away again
Maybe I should treat myself to a Cody James Diamondback rasp
Heather has that rasp! I think it was in the trailer.... she says it leaves REALLY rough edges, so you have to use the regular rasp to smooth it out. I did not try it...🐔🐔🐔🐔 I have one in my Amazon cart....
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I don't break horses, I FIX them!
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Originally Posted by greentree View Post
Heather has that rasp! I think it was in the trailer.... she says it leaves REALLY rough edges, so you have to use the regular rasp to smooth it out. I did not try it...🐔🐔🐔🐔 I have one in my Amazon cart....
Lol, then should have talked with her about it But what I have heard is that it takes more horn with less effort - and I can use any help in that department at the moment... Trying to keep those toes backed is all I can manage ... If only my farrier would believe in short toes
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Originally Posted by Spanish Rider View Post
@Change , forgot to mention that DS is so excited! He & other aerospace students have been invited to tour a certain military aviation factory. He said that he has to take his US passport to get in. He won't be sleeping for days!

@Blue , has this happened to you?
Tuesday Video: Leash Policy | HORSE NATION
I haven't seen a horse come in our store, but we've had sheep, pigs, parrots and one young lady would bring her calf with her. She had to stop when the little heifer got too big to get in her car!
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You guys are making me hungry with your posts! I have a great picture in my mind of what "Bubba" looks like!

We went to Wisconsin this weekend for a ride. It was cold but really fun. The campground was AMAZING! Electric and round pen corrals at every site! No flushing toilets but that was okay given the other perks. The ride was supposed to be one of the easier ones for the end of the season but that must have been before the week long rain prior to the ride which created mud sucking pits around every corner. There was also tons of hidden icy tree roots under the leaves. The 55 mile ride had 4/14 people finish and our 30 mile ride had 16 out of 24 finishers. The others were all pulled for lameness. Stitch and Chico did the first loop pretty fast and were looking great at the hold but as we started out the second loop something was wrong with Stitch. She had no motivation and was dragging. I figured it was because we were doing the same loop twice and she was bored (not to mention halfway through the loop we had to ride through camp past our trailer) and we barely finished with 12 minutes to spare. She managed to vet through fine but I was dragging her up to the vet check which is never like her.

On our way home I decided to do some research on the type of pads our farrier had put in her shoes thinking maybe that could be related (extra weight or something?). I had paid attention to the bottle of goop he was using and when I googled it was surprised to read that it was an adhesive for glue on shoes and not a pad material. I decided to ask the AERC Facebook page if anyone had used that as a pad before and was greeted with tons of responses to get that out of her shoes immediately as it would be horribly painful and not at all the right material to use. We spent the rest of the night with a hoof pick and screwdriver prying the pads out and thankfully managed to get all 4 out. My poor girl did 30 miles when her feet were clearly killing her I was kicking myself all day. We called the farrier and he said he'd seen other people use it and there was no problem with it so now I'm in the market for a new farrier. Unfortunately one of her legs is a little swollen so I've been ice booting it regularly. I didn't get a chance to look at it this morning (too dark before I left for work) but hopefully she's back to normal now.

They also forgot to mention before the ride that it was youth hunting weekend in Wisconsin so that was exciting. At least our hot pink is pretty hi vis! DH used Stitch's other rump rug turned inside out so the orange showed to brighten them up!
At least we got some cool pictures from the ride?
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Well good morning all! It's been busy here, and I just spent the last hour and a half catching up.

So much talk of donuts and gluten free. I can't imagine no gluten in my life, but then I'm one of those weirdos that believes most of the problem with our food sensitivities, (not to be confused with real allergy) is due more to the shiitake that we spray our food with. Mostly in the U.S., I know.

Weather here is finally getting rain (buckets) and cooling off! Yay! However, everything is sooooooo, muddy and soaked. Husband's garage actually has MOSS growing on the side that get's no sun. Ugh!

So, let me start my busyness with with. I told you all I had to teach Jake to drag a dead body at a dead run. Well, he did exceedingly well! We spend a lifetime teaching our horses to behave, take care, slow and steady. Now I need this horse to run in a panic dragging a bouncing around dummy and not hurt my son riding him. Well, I can tell you that Jake had as much fun with it as son did! You could just see it in his eyes.... "Again, again, again?"

So the last day that we had to practice, I was lifting this homemade dummy out of the back of my lifted truck. Of course I couldn't just walk to the end of the truck and drop the tailgate. No. I had to lift over the side. A full size dummy that weighed about 45 or 50#. Dumb. I felt something pop in my back and it was uncomfortable, but I was busy and just moved on. That was a Saturday morning. We practiced and did well deciding we were ready for filming the following Sunday.

By that evening I could hardly breathe with the pain. I figured I'd put a rib out again as I do that a lot, but being the weekend it would be two more days before I could get to the chiro.

So Monday morning called the chiro and she got me in right away, but really didn't like what she saw and sent me next door to the urgent care for X-rays. That was a horrible experience and they didn't tell me that their X-ray machine was broken until after they took my HUGE co-pay. Grrrr. But I did talk the dr into writing an order so I could get the X-rays from the local place on Monday morning.

Small town has it's benefits. I got into the imaging center early and the young lady remembered me so got me in right away and had the X-rays read and a report made within a few hours.

Not good

Two compression fractures. The one at L1 we already knew about but it's shifted and compressed a little more. The other one is at T9. Didn't know anything about it, but it would explain a lot of the trouble Ive had the last couple of years.

Anyway, waiting for an MRI appt this week. then a bone density scan. Sucks getting old. take better care of your bodies!

On to the fun! The filming (even though I was on tons of pain killers) Was a lot of fun. More standing around than I would have preferred but still fun. As son was a bad guy he had to get all dirtied up. Hahaha, one of the makeup people (female) said that he's too good looking and it's too hard to make him ugly! She obviously doesn't know him!

Lacey was being a total knot head. My own fault as I hadn't been able to work with her because of my back. She only had one scene. Being led out from behind some brush by the sheriff. But she's gotten so buddy sour that anytime Jake moved more than a few feet away from her, she went nuts. That half draft mare is a lot to handle when she's unhappy, but we made it through the day.

The director asked two friends of hers to come help out as wranglers. Great. One from Sedona that tried to come in slip on tennis shoes and we had to send her home to get hiking boots on. The other was an older woman from Cave Creek that professed to know all about horses. Right. She was pretty useless and actually walked right up to Jake while son was in the saddle and started fiddling with his tack. Uh, don't just fiddle with someone's tack when you don't know them or the horse! Anyway, son saw her doing it and said don't. She got all ****y and stormed off. he told me about it and I said that some people you just have to overlook. He was only doing this as a favor to me...... and getting to run one of my horses. I don't let him run mine very often, and he knew he was going to have fun. His scene was coming up and he was ready. (I told him to screw it up and maybe he could do it a couple of times) He got in position, Jake was ready, the body which turned out to be nothing more than a doll was set. Dialogue, then GO! Jake went tearing off up the road with this silly doll bouncing along behind him and cameras rolling. It was awesome! He nailed it on the first go. Good thing too because the doll fell apart and there would be no more tries.

I was afraid that son would just take off up the hill and go for a trail ride, but he came back. The lady from Cave Creek came up to me and said "I tried to help that big bad cowboy with his tack, but he thought he was too good for help" Uh, excuse me? So I asked her what happened and she told me she was trying to help him adjust his girth. Obviously she didn't know that he was my son so I just let it go and said that it's not a good idea to just go fiddling with tack if the rider and horse don't know you. She went off on she was here to help and blah, blah, blah. Still didn't tell her who I was.

So filming a few more scenes then it was Lacey's scene. We had to keep Jake there as close as possible, but darn that girl. When it counted she did great. She KNEW everyone was looking at her and she was eating it up.

So take the horses back up to the corral and wait some more. Finally the end scene came. Big fight scene, shoot out, real macho stuff. Son took his position on the end line of the bad guys. ACTION! Shooting starts, advancing, fighting. It was fun to watch. That was the first practice run and I'm glad I recorded it, because it all went downhill here. One of the older guys was looking at his knee and we all thought, geez, hope he's ok. Older guy, might have fallen and hurt something. So son goes over to see if he could help and this guy was digging something out of his knee. Splinter? So son rolls up his pant leg and WOW! HE GOT PEPPERED WITH SNAKE SHOT! Whoever loaded those guns with blanks really messed up because two people actually got shot!

Son was really upset because he couldn't finish the scene. He was really looking forward to it, but he said his leg hurt horribly. So he had to sit on the porch picking shot out of his leg while they all finished. The guy that was in charge of the ammo was beside himself with worry, and it really was his fault, but I also understand how it happened. Doesn't change the fact. It's a good thing everyone was aiming low!

So here we are a week later and his leg is still sore. No sign of infection so really not too worried. But, I'm mad that the director really blew it off! She sent me some really good photos and I thanked her and said that so far his leg was good, but if there was a problem I'd get back to her. Never heard from her again. She DID contact my friend just about an hour later asking if she should go get a tetanus shot because she got scratched by a rooster! Talk about deflecting! She was told 3 times to wear appropriate clothing for the desert and a farm. She and her crew were warned there was a rooster. Everyone else listened but her. She wore capri's with open toed crocs, tried to feed the rooster then complained when she got scratched! All my friend could say to her was "Well, at least you didn't take buckshot in the leg". THAT really miffed her and neither one of us has heard from her for a thank you for our time and resources. It was all volunteer basis and we were gad to do it until it all went to shiitake. No good deed, right? It's a good thing sons leg will be ok, because I'd hate to have to chase this woman down for medical expenses.

So spent the last week, mostly taking it easy. Really makes me mad because I wanted to help with a search this week. Someones horse took off when she stopped for a break during a day ride. Saddled, haltered and lead looped around the saddle horn. Horse has been missing for two weeks today. I have a lot of questions, but it doesn't matter, the horse needs to be found. Tons of people have been out almost daily, two fly overs and still zero sighting. Seems odd to me. The horse was wearing Renegades which make a distinctive print and many have seen some prints, but they forget that Renegades are big here in the Verde Valley. Not unheard of for a searchers tracks to get mixed up. Maybe searchers would have had better luck if the owner hadn't waited 3 days to ask for help? I don't know.

Well, that's about it. I will try to remember to check in more often. This is our first sunny day in weeks and I need to get something done!
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I am not dead or maimed, but I am hopelessly behind. Between potatoes and life, I have just been too busy to even check HF.

My quick update:

The same weekend as the HF ride, I was in New Jersey playing in the sand. I escorted a friend around for her horse's first distance ride. The whole story, with lots more pics, is in my journal.

Kestrel is of course growing like a weed:

Now to go back and start reading all I have missed!

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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My bad guy

Me trying to keep Lacey calm while waiting

Jake waiting for his big scene. (yes, the back cinch is loose, but it was corrected properly)
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@Blue , I CANNOT BELIEVE that your son and others got shot during the filming. What the he!! kind of operation were they running?! Fun to see the photos, though.

Yes, there is cutie-patootie Kestrel with @phantom , who looks young enough to be carded! You have found the fountain of youth in some far-off forest during an endurance test, I'm sure.

OK, good news and a bit of stress:

Trail ride is on Thursday, through the mountains nearby, and I'm super-psyched. Owner is quite knowledgeable and interesting to talk to over the phone (I am married, I am married, I am married…). He offered me a dressage saddle, but I am excited to try real Spanish vaquera tack. His son trains dressage horses, so he offered to show them to me when we're done. Should be a great day.

Stress: I am really near the weight limit that the owner posted online. If we get weighed-in fully dressed and booted like jockeys, I am utterly screwed. It's days like these that I wish I were 5'2"!
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