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@AnitaAnne : so glad to hear that Sammy is better!

On Monday, I hopped on Phin to walk Kestrel.

After finishing with Phin, I went out to play with Link. The whole story is in my journal.

I got this pic yesterday afternoon, between storms:

This place is surely my pot of gold!!

Tomorrow we are off to the next ride with Phin and George, so fingers and toes crossed the heat breaks as predicted..

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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@SpanishRider I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. I see feline infectious peritonitis occasionally. I think that most cats that are exposed throw it off. I am surprised by the sudden onset. I have seen it more often in catteries that breed nice quality purebred cats.

If you adopt from a pound, the cats tend to have chronic respiratory infections.

Probably the safest way to get a healthy cat is to get one from a backyard breeder or even an accidental breeding.

This article may help you know more about it.

I am just so sorry. It is really shocking since he seemed so healthy.

There is a vaccine, but it doesn't work. I suspect that he has been incubating this since before you got him.

It is so hard to lose a pet.

Carpe Diem!
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@SwissMiss , those are fabulous photos! It's so interesting that there can still be hidden snow in mid-summer, when it's warm enough to run around in a T-shirt!

@Spanish Rider , I hope you are feeling a little better. The photos are beautiful.

@phantomhorse13 , your horses always look fabulous, and your smile could be used for toothpaste commercials!

@RegalCharm , how are the dentures? Can you eat peanuts with them?

@AnitaAnne , how's the riding going? Anything exciting lately? I always love your camping reports.

@Celeste , I have been meaning to ask if you still refer to your Arabian mare as "Psycho Princess" or if she has outgrown that epithet since I first heard it in 2014!

@Eole , it's so nice to have you and your animals back!

It's been bucketing down here for two days now! Almost uninterrupted. Everything is slushy, and I didn't get my trail ride in yesterday even though it was exercise day for my horse. I couldn't even get a walk in with the dog; it was freezing cold and the rain was coming in at 45 degrees on the wind. I suppose some people are heroic and go walking regardless, but the dog was also happy to be on the sofa yesterday. One time she asked to go out, and when I opened the door, she paused on the threshold, sniffed at the air, turned around and hopped back on her sofa!

We've looked at the radar and it seems that things will clear up this afternoon. It's decreasing to a drizzle now and we might be able to go out and walk with an umbrella now! The horse might need flippers for riding this afternoon - puddles everywhere, soggy ground, little rivulets turned into rushing creeks...

We've got some new general farm, animal and food photos on this page here:


Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

SueC is time travelling.
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@Celeste , thank you for your message. I had written a nice, long response yesterday but lost it when I 'timed out'.

I have been reading several articles and studies this past week, and there is really no light at the end of this tunnel. FIP is 100% fatal and the theory is that the mutation occurs as a result of a stressful event. Of course, this makes us blame ourselves because the change to our home was most likely the trigger, even though our house is low-key and Kai was a very laid back cat, showing none of the typical signs of feline stress.

As for the coronavirus rates in cat populations, cattery populations seem to be carriers at 90% and single-home cats somewhere above 50%. However, one study had compared a cattery population to a 'street-cat' population, and 80% of the strays were carriers. While owners of professionally-bred cats seek vet care for their pets or tend to have biopsies after FIP at a higher rate, this is in stark contrast with strays and there are no hard numbers for FIP deaths in these populations. Purebred cat FIP rates seem to be around 2%.

So, now armed with this information, I need to make a decision about our next step. The breeder has offered us a replacement, and I know that I need to do some investigating first. She is a reputable breeder who has been doing this for some 25 years, and she basically single-handedly brought the Maine Coon breed to Spain. She started the Maine Coon Society here and has been the President for many years, while many other catteries have used her cats to develop their lines. I have been to her home on three occasions, which is always clean, and kittens are separated from the older cats (one litter to a bedroom), with breeding females inside and males outside in a heated indoor/outdoor shelter. It is quite a set-up. I believe she has 3 litters a year, which does not seem excessive to me.

Regardless, I will be speaking with her vet (who did the autopsy, which the breeder took care of) and I have been looking online to see if there are any negative comments, finding only one case of sudden death in a 3yo male due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. No mention of FIP anywhere.

I have also read an article by an epidemiologist (who is also a Siamese cat breeder) which said that the incidence of FIP can be cyclical. Breeders can go for years without a single case, then have several over a short period of time, then nothing again for years. So, I need to be realistic and decide whether I should be taking that risk again, especially for my son. I would like to give the breeder the benefit of the doubt. I know that in no way would she have given me a sick cat – Kai was actually a cat that she had kept for herself for breeding, but then decided to neuter him and give him to us because she was going to have knee replacement surgery. But, the nature of this disease is luck of the draw. There is no way to know which cat will develop FIP or when, and I even found a case of an indoor cat who died at the age of 11 after having no contact with other cats after leaving the litter.

Sorry that this post is so long, and perhaps it should be a pm, but I thought that someone else might be interested to learn something about feline infectious peritonitis. I, myself, have had cats my whole life and had never experienced it. It mainly affects kittens under the age of 2 or very old cats who have immune deficiencies. It is caused by a mutation of the coronavirus (which the aforementioned epidemiologist states is “as common as dirt”), usually triggered by some sort of stress, and is 100% fatal. Only 2% of coronavirus carriers go on to develop FIP, which can arise between several weeks and several years after the initial exposure.

Totally sucks.
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@Spanish Rider that's so terrible to lose a pet so young. I completely understand not wanting the same thing to happen again!

@phantomhorse13 YAY Link!

@SueC It sounds like you're getting just as much rain as we are! The south part of the state where my riding friends live is getting hit really hard. I know my friend's barn owner texted her saying she was headed to Home Depot for more lumber for her ark!

I got a bit of riding in this weekend! 6 miles last Tuesday(Chico), 6 miles in the rain Thursday(Jake for me DH on Stitch), 8 miles at the park where our ride will be this weekend Saturday(Jake for me, friend rode Chico), and 3 miles yesterday (Daisy's first ride of the year! I rode Chico). It was buggy and warm but fun! I also got a picture of Lilo from the trainer! Already going down the road after one week!
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@SueC : no wonder the dog was happier on the sofa - the weather sounds miserable! hope you get a break soon

@Spanish Rider : you should in no way, shape or form blame yourself for Kai's death. I have seen countless cats come out of horrific situations that had to be extremely stressful, yet never develop it. the one case I saw while working the ER was a 2 year old, indoor-only, male DSH who had lived in the same household his entire life as the only pet. nothing had changed in that household; the cat was fine one day and almost comatose the next morning. he managed 24 hours in the ICU before passing despite all efforts.

@QueenofFrance08 : woohoo for saddle time. and so glad to see Lilo is doing so well!

Last weekend, we took George and Phin to an endurance ride. The whole story is in my journal.

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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@QueenofFrance08 , - I remember you talking about your winter, which was no riding because you were knee deep in snow and ice etc... and even in summer you're getting rain and mud? This is most testing. I hope there are nice sunny breezy riding days ahead for you! And I like the face on that chestnut of yours! Arabs are lovely...

@Spanish Rider , I knew nothing about FIP before you started talking about it, and really appreciated your post, although I wish you hadn't had cause to talk about it... That was such a lovely cat. Sometimes it may not be stress, it may just be a freak thing that allows a virus to take off... it's really really unfortunate. Your cat didn't look very stressed - he looked full of mischief and enjoying himself in all your clips since you started posting about him. The only consolation I guess is that you had him at all, and that he had a good home with you... You're the second HF friend who lost a cat completely out of the blue in the last fortnight... How's your travelling going?

@phantomhorse13 , when you post those clips of doing your distance rides, I actually get an on-the-ground idea of what things look like in your part of the world - nature, as opposed to built-up areas which is what's usually shown on TV or in movies. That was such a lush, green ride! I looked up the name - so that was a local ride in your home state? It's a really funny name - Muckleratz! I wonder if it was a prank name to start with - like Lower Crackpot, Paradise, Nowhere Else, Flowerpot and Dootown, which are actual towns/locations we saw in Tasmania!

Trotters, Arabians, Donkeys and Other People-img_2750.jpg

The white flowers in the fields are opium poppies for pharmaceutical use. Grown in Paradise!

Trotters, Arabians, Donkeys and Other People-img_2841.jpg

It's a great place for mountain climbing too!

Trotters, Arabians, Donkeys and Other People-img_1597.jpg Trotters, Arabians, Donkeys and Other People-img_1599.jpg

If anyone is interested in a bunch of nice photos from Tasmania from when we went around there in a hired campervan, I wrote up that trip here:


We're getting excited because we plan to return to Tasmania next Easter, which means we will have been away nearly 10 years... that's what happens when you buy a smallholding, you don't travel as much generally, need farmsitters etc... We were in Tasmania every year before we did our rural move!

Hope everyone is having a decent week!

SueC is time travelling.
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@phantomhorse13 , as always, thank you for your support. The vet that did the autopsy also told my husband that she had lost her own cat to FIP, catching it early and doing everything humanly and medically possible for 5 days. There is just no hope saving these cats.

@SueC , I had heard of FIP, but when my husband explained to me what had happened over the phone, my initial though was cardiomyopathy, which can affect larger cats. You are not a cat person, are you? I don't remember you mentioning a cat. I have only had three cats in my life: the first was a calico I got when I was 12 and lived 20 years until I was 32 & married with a toddler; the second was Luna, who I had for nearly 12 years; and now Kai. Since I work at home, they are either next to me, on my lap or between my legs on the footstool while I work, following me around wherever I go when I am cooking/doing housework (they even follow me into the bathroom!). So, yes, I really get attached.

I got a chuckle over those town names! In colonial New England, the colonists were not very inventive and re-used names from England. We have several Bostons, Worcesters, Plymouths, Portsmouths, Marlboroughs, etc. After the Revolution, new town names got less "English", so in Maine we have a summer cottage in Belgrade, which is surrounded by Rome, China, Sidney [sic] and Vienna. The best names, though, are the original Abenaki and Penobscot names of most waterways and mountains, including: Piscataqua, Androscoggin, Messalonskee, Cobbosseecontee, Katahdin, Millinockit, etc.

My 'travelling' is not too exciting. How many of you would spend your summer vacations at your parents' house? Or your PILs' house (the case of my husband)? Today, eldest son is at work (a cook at Chick Fil A, a fried chicken restaurant), youngest is spreading wood chips around the maple trees, and I am working (sort of). DH is arriving Aug 5th. Yesterday, I went clothes shopping with the youngest because he can barely squeeze into anything anymore, so my credit card is trembling.

Hope everyone is getting lots of riding in. I am taking a break 'til I get home at the end of August. I have been taking long walks, and this afternoon I am going to start working out with youngest. His coach has sent a summer workout program that includes weight lifting. Here, with no gym weights, we have had to modify it a bit, and my son has been lifting his 50-lb cousin!

Here's a pic of my boys and niece at the lake:
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@Spanish Rider I saw the sign with all the towns listed before I read your post and I was totally confused! That sign makes me

Shopping for growing boys $$$ but you have that lovely water to make up for it! FUN

I too did not know about FIP, it is very sad that there is nothing that can be done. I lost two cats to feline leukemia when a rescue Himalayan cat infected my daughter's cat. I swore off rescues after that for many years as it was devastating for my daughter. She used to dress her cat in Cabbage Patch kids clothing and he would act like he couldn't walk and fall over sideways

@QueenofFrance08 Lilo looks great! You have been getting a lot of riding in lately! Have you ridden the 50 yet? Didn't remember which horse you planned to ride, Chico maybe?

@Celeste you have been getting a lot more riding in lately! Is your new riding buddy have her own horse or riding HWNN?

I hope we can have a meet up in Troy, AL this fall

@SwissMiss how is the lovely Raya doing? Has she recovered from her trim yet?

@Eole you are way behind in pictures hope you are getting lots of good riding in!

@chance where oh where have you been???

@SueC farm life does tie us down a bit making travel more challenging, but so worth it! Those views are amazing, and those rocks! OMG Seeing you perched on those rocks makes me lean back all I can think of is broken bones, the perils of being an ortho nurse

@phantomhorse13 Link is so handsome and seems to be a sensible boy! Do you plan to train him yourself or will you be sending him away? He seems to enjoy hanging out with you so much, seems like he wants to learn!

Your 50 at Muckleratz (love that name!) looked like a very pleasant ride, even with the rain! The landscape seems to be not as technically difficult as some of your rides, but the scenery is still fabulous! I so enjoy "going" on these rides with you
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@Spanish Rider , those place names on the signs! Thank you for sharing names & history! It seems there are people all over the world who have an odd sense of humour and get to name places... also at the substitute gym weight... gorgeous lake photo... and I do love cats too, grew up with cats on the farm, had one at university called Haystack (after where he was born) but he got run over when he was only two years old. Brett had cats growing up. We'd like cats, but a) our dog would eat them as a snack, and b) we can't have outdoor cats where we live because of the wildlife... and we can't quite bring ourselves to have entirely indoors cats... and building runs is too difficult...

@AnitaAnne , too right! ...and do you know, we went to Denmark on Thursday, so just as well Denmark is only half an hour's drive from us! (We've got a theme here, right?) We took photos of a couple of hikes we went on there, which you can see here:


...there's this amazing beach there that looks like this:

...but the other photos are worth checking out too if you are interested in Denmark - in Western Australia! And my DH channelling Hamlet.

Sorry I have to be so slapdash this evening, but it's bedtime and I am just squeezing this in....

SueC is time travelling.

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