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post #10081 of 12625 Old 02-26-2018, 10:23 AM
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THANKYOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just put in my ready to get outta here, but I can't burn any bridges. Woooo!
LOL. Yeah, I'm so excited to get into my field. This is HUGE!

I confess, I am back on my 'low carb' diet...ugh. Gained like 15lbs over winter...need to lose 10 & no bread here we go. LOL. I can do it!

I ALSO confess I need to catch-up on this thread...will do it on my lunch!!! <3

Ride more, worry less.
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@twixy79 - UGH, yeah been there and done the "one foot hovering precariously over a swamp of Poop Soup" dance! LOL! Poor Loretta, at least she's making grooming a little easier for you by not playing Pigpen like Duke. My old gelding was like that, then the one night I don't have time to clean all the mud off he's like " forgot something? Helloooo?" LOL, dirty boys.
@PoptartShop - I think putting in that resignation is sometimes the most freeing feeling ever! I hope the new job goes great!
@Tazzie - SO cool about the BOT pad! That's such an amazing deal! The box Nick made is GOOOOOORGEEEEOUUUSSSSS! I desperately want something like that but for craft supplies. I would really, really like an Apothecary drawer system but don't wanna spend $2000 getting one made :) Maybe time to haunt the local auctions while I'm laid off ;P
@Caledonian - I'm definitely using it for that! But any job interview where my eyes glaze over when the manager starts describing the work is not a job that will do me any good, in my mind. ADHD, even medicated ADHD is not a kind mistress where you have to have extremely high attention to detail for hours...and hours...and get my drift :)

This is going to be a bittersweet week - Thursday is my last day but at least I have something to look forward to with the Horse expo on Friday :) I'm just hoping it's not going to be super crowded, I'm planning on going early in the morning to try to beat the biggest crowds.
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@Mulefeather , I know! It made my day! I mean, I've spent A LOT of money at that tack store, but it's my favorite! I only go there when I am aiming for something. Unlike Dover, Millbrook can get basically anything in. AND they try to stay up to date with the trends! LOVE them! And I told them as such I can't wait to use it on Izzie! We have a BOT saddle pad already, but now I can have the benefit of the BOT with my LeMieux pad! And haha, yeah... I had to set a stupidly high price like that... Nick HATES making this kind of stuff, and the "price" is specifically designed to make people not ask him to do it. My mom's friend hadn't even seen the design before she was asking my mom if he'd make one for her. Mom knows how he feels about the wood working, so shut her down fast. He only does it because I ask nicely he has my tack trunk to finish up next, and will be building us a new coffee table with end tables. But then he's taking a good long break from wood working. He doesn't have the patience his dad has I'm sure you'll find something at auctions and such! Sorry about your job but yay for the horse expo! That's something to be excited about!

And what a day. My robot decided to break down, so I did my work by hand. Tomorrow I have to wait until one of the other robots frees up, and then I can finish my work. Least the man was already going to be coming tomorrow so it's not HORRIBLE timing. Just inconvenient timing.
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@JCnGrace your story about the wrong door number just reminded me of an embarassing moment with my father, although nothing related - once I went shopping with mum and dad had an ankle hurting and stayed home. When we came back door lock was not working properly so we rang the bell. And rang for a big while. Nothing. We called home several times. Nothing as well. We KNEW he should be home, so I called the police and fire department. They broke inside and I remember telling the firefighter to go first because I didn't want to see. Yeah, father was sleeping, he is deff and the medication helped knocking him down. I was so embarassed

@Caledonian yay for a little time on a horse!

@Change that is a lot of mud!!

@twixy79 I do a lot of mud skating, but never got stuck at the barn. Tuya on the other hand, once got suddenly stuck up to her knees and had a panic attack! I don't blame your horse for being sick of Winter, in here storm Emma (I think) will hit us, so lots of mud expected

@Tazzie what a cool gift! Practical and good looking

@Phantomrose yes I am searching for another job, but it's very complicated around here, so I await and dispair
The Spring around the corner.... And horses feeling good I know the 'struggle', I didn't ride last weekend because I was alone and my mare is not ridden since Autumn, add Spring and no, lol!
You did good by staying in your comfort zone.

@Mulefeather bittersweet feeling I suppose. Yes, focus on one thing at a time, next is horse expo, after who knows

As mentioned, despite the weather was lovely on Saturday I was a coward and just let Tuya be a horse... I needed someone there just in case, you know? It's been a while since I last rode her, add Spring and probably a feeling good mare, equals chicken owner, lol! It's ok, just to be around her heals my soul. BO's nephew (a small kid) was around (they spent afternoon driving horses), asked to bring Tuya in, I said yes, and followed them behind just in case. Such heartwarming sight, Tuya could not be any more careful and respectfull. Passing by the big tarp I could see her will to shy a bit away, and the struggle not to The kid likes her a lot (he has a gelding same colour and he rides her sometimes) and spend a lot of time loving on her.
Next day was warm but too windy, so she stayed in to prevent her runny eye allergy.
And now we await a storm the next days. Bah... I don't miss the mud
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@Phantomrose – Voluntarily doing no stirrup work!!!
I remember going to a riding school who, despite having an outdoor and indoor school, chose to take us out to a school on the side of a really steep hill and then removed our stirrups. Balancing in the trot and canter is hard enough without adding an extreme gradient. My legs were aching by the end of the lesson.

@Tazzie – Looking back, he seems to have been prone to faints, it just didn’t happen often enough to see a pattern. His age is making it worse and, although a faint is hard on anyone, it’s tougher when you’re 96. He was tired and pale afterwards but it wasn’t sudden enough for him to hit anything or the floor and he’s up and around today.

The box is AMAZING. He may hate making that sort of stuff but he’s very talented. It’s just as well he’s so far away or he’d have another interested client! I could use boxes for my riding stuff, art supplies, archery equipment…

That’s a really good deal for the saddle pad. My local has a rewards system and I’m doing my best to add to my total. I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when I go in.


@Mulefeather – Yes, I can see how ADHD wouldn’t help. I hope you have a good time at the horse expo, it sounds like fun.

@TuyaGirl – I wouldn’t say chicken, more like a safe rider. I’ve done the same. Tuya sounds like a sweetheart with the boy, it’s amazing how they just know.

It’s been a boring day full of paperwork. I had to get a break at lunchtime for some fresh air as I was yawning at my desk. I walked down the hill to our closest shop and then trudged back up before meeting with some of the workers from the other buildings.

It’s getting a lot colder here and we’re waiting for a storm to hit on Wednesday.
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@Tazzie - Aww that's lovely on what Nick made for your mother! She must've loved it!

@Mulefeather - I hope you have fun at the Horse Expo on Friday!

@TuyaGirl - I hear you about Spring, and the constant weather changes. I hope you get a chance to ride her when things are more stable. At least you were around her. I am not looking forward to the upcoming snow that we're suppose to be getting this week.

@Caledonian - Sounds like a pretty quiet day for you. :)

Nothing really going on. I'm dreading the weather change come Thursday and Friday. We are suppose to be getting rain Thursday, followed by Snow Friday. Then more Snow is suppose to be on the way Tuesday and Wednesday next week. That's going to suck. I hope the weather changes as the week goes on, and that we end up getting no snow.
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"All bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing."
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@PoptartShop congratulations on getting your ideal job. That really is an achievement to be proud of. I hope its everything you hope for.


@Change lots of elbow grease there, huge difference!

@JCnGrace scary about school lockdowns. I just can't imagine having to deal with that as a parent. It seldom happens here, though a school locked down about 30km from us last week because some idiot was firing a gun!!

So glad your mother not facing the big C. I hope they identify the problem soon.

@Tazzie thats an awesome job Nick made of the box, beautiful!
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When the world says "give up". Hope whispers "try it one more time"
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post #10088 of 12625 Old 02-27-2018, 02:13 AM Thread Starter
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@Tazzie , how was MI? Nick did a wonderful job on that chest. Must be nice to have a favorite tack store that is still in business. I had one like that when I lived in Indy (one that would order whatever I needed) but once the dad died the son closed the business down. Then I had one down here I really liked and they closed up too. They made their own nylon web halters that were extremely heavy duty and well made that cost $12.00. Maybe why they couldn't stay in business. Those halters are almost 20 years old and still in good shape. They even still look new if I wash them.

@PoptartShop , just keep telling yourself "Only 2 more weeks to go!" Good luck on your diet.

@Mulefeather , have fun and use that day as a break from worrying about job hunting!

@TuyaGirl , not a one of mine has ever complained they don't get ridden enough.

@ShirtHotTeez , how are you doing? Have you decided where you are going to settle yet?

Farrier up to his old antics again but at least he only put me off until Saturday. I asked him last time he blew me off if he was wanting to quit farrier work, hoping he'd understand I was getting frustrated with him, and he assured me he didn't. He got better for a few trips after that so maybe I need to say something again. I wouldn't mind so much if he'd call in advance to reschedule instead of waiting for me to call and ask him where he's at. Been a long time since I've had to deal with farrier frustrations because his dad was so dependable and I'm getting a big time reminder of how much I didn't like undependable ones.

Thank you all for the cheers about mom not having cancer. She's really happy about it too and was telling everyone she knew when we were out and about last Friday.

@Caledonian , hope dad is ok. My mom has always been prone to fainting too. I think hers is from a sudden drop in blood pressure.

@Phantomrose , guess what we are supposed to get? LOL It was sunny today though and a very nice change.
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R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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post #10089 of 12625 Old 02-27-2018, 08:07 AM
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@TuyaGirl , I thought so! Nick did a great job on it :) I'm glad you at least got to spend time with Tuya <3 and how sweet with the little boy! Ugh, good luck with the storms :/

@Caledonian , that's scary! Particularly for that age! I'm glad he's ok at least. He is very talented, though he's too humble to admit it. I don't mind screaming it from the rooftops though lol I'm pretty pumped about it! I can't wait to use it! Eek! And yeah, that store is awesome! Yup, a lot of my work is done on one of these. I work in a rather high tech lab lol Beckman Coulter Biomek FXp | For Sale | LabX Ad 4101101

@Phantomrose , she was smitten lol she tried thanking me, and I was like "no way, he earned ALL the credit!" Ugh about the weather. We have more rain moving in tonight... just what this flooded place needs...

@ShirtHotTeez , he did a great job! I just wish he had the patience to do more of it. His gifts are incredible.

@JCnGrace , too short! I feel like we are never there long enough. Some days I dream of moving back there, but then I look at what I'd have to give up here (my friends, my job, etc) and I just couldn't do it. Thankfully my family doesn't mind traveling! It is kind of nice. They closed down at least twice while I was still up there, and I was thrilled when they reopened. They just don't make too many stores like that. I pass Dover twice a day, and only stop in if I NEED something. Otherwise, I wait. I bought Izzie's new bridle from the MI tack store, and my favorite saddle pads too. It's also where most of my show clothes came from lol obsessed is real in this case lol sorry all of yours have closed before Dover moved in there wasn't anything around here. Not unless I wanted to drive to Lexington. Ugh, sorry about the farrier. That's just crappy!

Well, Nick and I drove around last night to survey some of the flooding near us. We are thankfully one of the tallest points in the county, so we won't be under water at all (if we are, it's a national disaster). It's just astounding to see the flooding.

This is the dam near us. Notice how the dam is wide open and water is even on both sides. That is not how it normally is...

(This is the locks you see on the other side of the river)

The spot where the ferry is. Those poles are typically on land

Some of the flooding downtown in this city, and a road that is flooded near the river

I don't know how tall this building was, but it's currently submerged

Under this bridge is supposed to be a boat ramp... (click to have them upright)

And this is the drive leading to where the boat ramp is; boat ramp is up on the left (click to have them upright)

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@Tazzie wow, that is insane. So much water. I'm glad you didn't get affected by it!! Thank goodness! Sheesh, so scary to see the buildings like that!
& the essential oils box is beautiful. I love it!
@ShirtHotTeez thank you so much! Me too!

@Change thank you. The forum is wacky sometimes. Never know what is gonna happen!!
@cbar thank you!
@carshon thank you!
@twixy79 thank you. I'm really excited. New beginnings! Playing hookie sounds like fun. I would do the same thing! Landing in the poo wasn't fun though I'm sure. It happens the best of us!
@JCnGrace true! 8 more days of this place. LOL. I am so pumped! Omg so relieved your Mom doesn't have cancer. That is a relief. The farrier needs to get it together though. Ugh!

@Caledonian yawning at my desk is the story of my life. I hope the storm isn't too bad on Wed. Ugh! When will this weather break!

@TuyaGirl the mud sucks. It's a mess...I'm over it. Tuya is such a good girl though. <3 So good. I hope you get to riding soon, once this darn weather stops being a pain in the butt!! I haven't ridden in WEEKS! :(

@Mulefeather thank you! :) The Horse Expo will be a fun time, I'm super jealous.

@Phantomrose UGH snow sucks. Supposed to rain here Thurs & Fri rained like 5 days straight last week. I'm sick of it. I'd rather have rain than snow though. Crossing my fingers you don't get any snow! Or if you do, not much at all. It's a bummer! I'm glad you got to do some no-stirrup work though. It is definitely beneficial even though it can make you sore!

I confess, I haven't ridden in forever... :( Hoping to ride Saturday since I'm off at my 2nd job & there is NO chance of rain...finally. I miss Camden. Had a dream last night I was riding him, ugh! Need to see him! Get his butt back to work!

Ride more, worry less.
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