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@CaptainEvil – Nemo’s face is so funny with the mule bells (as is DH’s LOL)

@JCnGrace – Do you have many options if you want to change your farrier or is he playing on the fact that he’s the only one for miles? Like you I wouldn’t have the patience to deal with his issues.

@PoptartShop - I hope you get a chance to ride. He’ll have been enjoying his holiday too much

@Tazzie – that’s a lot of water and damage to their houses.

@carshon – Man flu?

@PhantomHorse – I was dreading the snow as well and it hit last night…

we’ve had snow, snow and more snow today. Everyone was told to stay at home or return home by 3pm, as a red warning has been issued until tomorrow. Heavy, persistent showers are being blown in and every so often we get whiteout conditions for about an hour. As yet, it’s not as deep as last month but we still have a couple of days to go. The storm is going to be joined by one heading up from the south, probably the same one that was affecting @TuyaGirl . This is the worst winter we’ve had for ten or fifteen years and I’ll be glad to see the back of it.

If you’ve read my thread you’ll know that retired Regimental Mascot, Lance Corporal Cruachan III passed away yesterday. When the email arrived in the afternoon, although the subject was ‘Cruachan’, I honestly didn’t expect to read that he’d been put to sleep. I know that’s silly when you think that he was 30 and in poor health but he just seemed to be a permanent fixture alongside his stablemate Cruachan IV. They were almost a double act. It’s amazing that he lasted this far into the winter given how bad it’s been.

I pass his tack and rosettes numerous times a day without really noticing them so I had to stop for a little while last night. They’re going to give him a service in Stirling Castle where his remains will be interred; he’ll probably go into the flower gardens that run along the edge of the Queen’s buildings. It’s a nice spot.

His Pony Major told him to ‘rest easy wee man’ and given how much he’d done and how many people he touched, I think he deserved it; he had a good long life.

On a happier note: I hope everyone’s having a good day, despite the weather.
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@Captain Evil pictures are AMAZING!!! <3 YAY! Oia looks beautiful. Wow. Love the snorkeling picture too & the cool treasures. Nemo looks so cute, he's like...what are you doing mom? LOL

@Tazzie oh wow, both of them (Izzie AND Nick) were being brats it sounds like! I wouldn't have been too happy about that either. Ugh! Glad you rode out the bucks though, mwahaha! Not this time Izzie! & soaking in a hot bath sounds like a great reward. I'm sure you were sore! Yes, that's right! Keep working her. She knows you don't put up with any crap Same here...super slow it's not even 2PM yet...SAVE ME!

@Change that just sounds like an entire mess. :( So sorry to hear! Flash flooding is no good. & I'm sure she was disappointed about not being able to get her license yet because of it!

@carshon I hope both you & your hubby feel better. Men are ALWAYS such babies when they're sick. We're the strong ones.

@Caledonian aw, so sorry to hear that. :( But that is good he lived a nice long life & they will honor him. Ugh, it's never long enough for us though. :( And yuck to the snow. Nooo! He really has been enjoying his vaca for too long...spring is almost here, he will be put to work work work! LOL.

I confess, working two jobs is kinda getting to me, I'm always tired/drained but I know it isn't for much longer. I asked them to give me less hours, hopefully they do. It's just a lot but the money helps so...blah! I'm pushing through it. I work again tonight but I'm off tomorrow night & Saturday so that's good...1 more month of this nonsense I hope. Just wanna save as much as I can!

They started the framing for the house today :) I'm excited to pass by it after work. Can't believe I will be in it in 2mos! :O Time just flies!

Ride more, worry less.
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@Tazzie - You and me had similar rides experiences! Jet was being a little butt today. Those Driving blinkers look kind of funny on Izzie!
@carshon - I hope you and your hubby feel better, and still boo to the snow on the forecast. Not looking forward to that this week lol.

JCnGrace - Yay for another nice day out!
@Captain Evil - Lovely pictures Captain Evil! Lol I like the look on Nemos face with the presentation. That picture of Oia is gorgeous! So white and pristine and clean looking!

Today was a... eh day. Had a lesson with Jet and he was basically a butt. He was dropping his shoulder and trying to test me every step of the way. My trainer ended up getting on him. I was annoyed at him, and annoyed at myself for not quite getting the timing to correct him efficiently yet. Sometimes I correct him at the right moments, and other times I wait too long. Sunday is always another day, another ride. :)

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"All bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing."
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LOL @Tazzie , I knew you were going to train Izzie to drive but for some reason those blinders didn't make me think of driving. I'm used to seeing the leather ones with just a square flap behind their eyes. I was thinking you were going to turn her into a race horse next. LOL I used to be a fairly intelligent person, this old age crap sucks!

@PoptartShop , it's wonderful they're starting on your new home and pretty amazing they'll have it done in 2 months. One of my nephews is having his house remodeled and they've been working on it since before Christmas for sure but maybe they even started right around Thanksgiving, I can't remember. It very well could be that he doesn't push the contractor to get done because he and his family (wife and 3 kids although one is in college) moved back in with my sister during the remodel and she's basically been their maid.

@Caledonian , I posted in your thread but I'll repeat that I'm sorry you lost a horse that meant a great deal to you. Some leave big holes in our hearts when their time is up.

@Phantomrose , one step forward and two steps back is how it seems to go sometimes. Don't get discouraged because eventually you do take more steps forward than backwards. I bet when you get into summer when he isn't feeling so fresh all the time you will progress a bunch.

I did a bunch of nuttin' today. Hubby went down to Clarksville to visit hardware stores so was gone all afternoon and I almost always take those opportunities to be a bum. LOL I walked past my piled up bookcases and thought about organizing them then thought "nah, not today". Would have been a good day to do it since it was rainy but just wasn't feeling it.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Well, I confess that I have yet to go to sleep. Power went out after I was in bed doing Sudoku to get sleepy, power off = smoke detector chirping, chirping = dog a nervous wreck who learned a new trick of using his nose to push my bedroom open and letting himself in, nervous dog = extremely loud panting (at least it sounds that way in an otherwise quiet house), noise = no sleep. Then hubby woke up to use the bathroom and noticed the power was out so he added to the noise and it makes him as nervous as the dog because he thinks "CONSPIRACY!" so went to drive around to see what he could see. Cut off switch on the pole out at the road tripped. He wants coffee and always pretends he doesn't know where the stovetop percolator is even though I tell him every time, so I have to make him coffee and here I am wide awake. LOL Oh and in the meantime the REMC guy showed up and turned our electricity back on.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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I feel like I missed so much! I had so much to catch up on this morning!
@carshon - glad to be in a club, but did it have to be the poop step club? I mean I am all for club and activities but stepping or getting stuck in poo doesn't strike me as fun. :p
@Change - that green stuff is grass? it has been so long I have forgotten what grass looks like! I am sure it felt great to get in a ride outside where you could start to see spring slowly coming....
@JCnGrace - glad that your girls are ok. We had lockdowns frequnelty in my high school. Sadly, I almost feel like it had no real impact on me. Then again, I may just have been happy to get out of class and head to our "secure" location. After 9/11 a lot of schools started using secure locations instead of classrooms (especially in NY) so we got to head to the basement of our school which was like weird steam tunnels. Ahh the things that happened in those steam tunnels after hours
@PoptartShop - no carb diets are rough. I have been on a modified keto diet for the last year. I don't have more then 10grams of carbs in a day. I would give my right arm and probably my left for a bagel with cream cheese right about now! also very cool that they are starting your new home already! we are leaning towards building because we just can't find a house that suits all of our needs. We need land for horses, big windows for lizzards, large wall for fish tank, extra room for dogs, guest rooms, windows for the cats to nap in... if it was up to me, i'd be content in a 1 bedroom forever
@Mulefeather - i am sad to report that loretta did indeed find the mud. i went down there on Monday and she looked like a black and tan painted horse :p she was covered in dry mud from head to hooves, all over her back which i can barely reach.. and it was too cold for a bath. i groomed her as best i could, and gave her a stern lecture which did nothing lol
@Tazzie - those flooding pics are amazing! not in a good way... you know what i mean. i haven't had to deal with real flooding since I left NY... after hurricane sandy, I never want to live near water again. I do now, but its a marsh, and doesnt flood. Right now, we are dealing with flooded pastures because our ground is still pretty frozen and cannot absorb the water. Ironically, they say we are probably going to go straight into a drought because our snowfall totals are well below where they should be, and the ground couldn't slowly absorb the melting snow because it melted so rapidly. We shall see. I wonder what this will mean for our "mud season"
@CAP tainevil - i love diving! i do it for the pictures and videos. I hook 2 body cameras up, and have 1 handheld that I use for close-ups of friendly fish, and sometimes reefs. I also love ouzo! Its the greek competition for saki lol both will knock you on your tush if you arent careful!

I confess I am ready for spring in a big way. I think I am getting spring fever. I have broken out my spring/summer shoes and have been wearing them all week, hoping that they will help encourage nicer weather :p

I did have another riding lesson yesterday. I took my barn friend Michelle with me since she needed some equine therapy and it is way to muddy down there to ride. We had a nice lesson in the indoor, and I got to attempt a trot. My horse has a very big trot (he is a big round horse, so I guess you can expect that). At first I couldn't get him to trot, he would move faster than his typical slow mosey, but it wasn't a full on trot. The instructor had to come behind him and was flailing her arms at him which made him take off. Apparently, my kicks and "trot" were not enough to make him go. I felt like I needed to hold on for dear life, and like I was going to be bounced out of the saddle. Luckily, he would only trot for 5-10 strides before slowing down to his walk. I need to work on my up-down up-down. Someday, I will get it...

I also met the owner of the Fresian that looks a lot like my Loretta (body shape and size). Apparently, she does dressage with him, and he is only 6 and 17 hands. My Loretta is still bigger. She'd probably do great at dressage, but I am her mom, I think she is great at everything lol

They are forecasting more snow for tomorrow. Possibly a bad storm with lots of wind. Joy. Just what I want to deal with on a Friday.
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@JCnGrace I know! They go up pretty fast it's insane. :O The weather kinda made it a later date though, it was ORIGINALLY supposed to be done in March!!! But it's OK with me because I could use another 2mos to save money. You must be EXHAUSTED after all that! Aw! I think a well-deserved nap is in order for you today!

@Phantomrose sorry your lesson didn't go so well today. Ugh! What a stinker! I hope Sunday you have a better will get the hang of it & break his little habits soon enough! I hope you ended on a positive note, though!

@twixy79 that sounds good, this way you can make the house your own!! :) It is hard to find a place that fits your needs, I understand!
I'm glad you had a good lesson yesterday. :) It does take practice, but you will get it. It can take awhile to get that 'rhythm'.
& BOO for snow!!! :(

I confess, I lost 2lbs...8 more to go. :) SO, Saturday we have a 'wind' warning & it'll be am hoping to see/ride Camden SUNDAY after my 2nd job. YAYY!! I miss him so much.

I also need to confess, it's kinda awkward knowing I only have 7 days left of this place...putting in your 2wks is not easy LOL
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Ride more, worry less.
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Green Broke
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@Caledonian , it really is. The water is finally receding a bit, so the damage is becoming apparent. I feel awful for all of those dealing with it and I'm so sorry to hear this news he looks like he was a special little guy.

@PoptartShop , they really were. Bad, bad, BAD! Nick was just like "I guess she wanted to keep up with the razor!" Well DUH! But then I had a puffing horse at the end, not cool! That's basically what I said to her, though it was more colorful than that and it was heaven haha! Ugh, you can do it! I'm sure it's exhausting though but YAY about the house being framed!! EXCITING! Yay for the weight loss! And ugh, hopefully you can ride SOON! No, putting in your two weeks isn't easy, but you'll be WAY better off! SO happy for you!!

@Phantomrose , those days just are never fun! And they really do also, I've had those days too. Don't fret it. There are times my trainer kicks me off too in order to set Izzie straight. Bad ponies! Not really, but ya know lol

@JCnGrace , oops! I never remember what I said where, so figured I'd forgotten to say we were doing that. Maybe it's not normal to start them in these kind? I don't really know. My friend who I'm borrowing them from trains saddleseat horses along with road horses/ponies to bike. So I've seen them used on those guys. Don't fully know! One day when she's less busy (she's insanely busy right now lol) I'll ask her what the reasoning is! And hey now! I still think you're intelligent! It's ME that has issues sometimes and that sounds like an eventful night! YIKES! Glad the power is at least back on though!

@twixy79 , I know what you mean. It's awful here. And yeah, Nick was sent to work in NY during Superstorm Sandy. That was AWFUL. He hated it, but he felt the push to go help (he works for Duke Energy). He likes helping people get their power restored ASAP. I heard all about how bad it was there :/ I don't blame you for leaving. And yeah, I'm worrying too... sounds like you had an eventful lesson though! I know you'll get the hang of it! I'm sure Loretta could do Dressage too :) truthfully, I think any horse can do it good luck with the snow :/

Whew, glad the day is about over! Have a house to clean when I get home in preparation for Kaleb's birthday party on Sunday (he's turning 5 on Monday). Also been working on printing off my tax stuff, woo. We meet with our tax guy on Monday, YAY!

Also got the payouts for last years show season! Izzie will be getting a check for $4,375.16. I did her overall total as well. She's shown three full years in this incentive fund. From those three years, Izzie has earned $11,465.62! We about break even every year showing, so that's cool! This year will be going to finish the stall/small turnout area, and paying for the injectors we had to buy for the truck.

Right now I'm planning to ride tomorrow. Hoping for at least Saturday too. Had planned Friday/Sunday, but Nick's riding trip was canceled for Saturday, and he's picking up overtime for Saturday night and Sunday morning. I can't tell him to turn down overtime, so I'll ride when I can
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@JCnGrace – Thanks for your kind comments. I did notice them on the other thread as well.

Your description of the electricity going off is hilarious.

@PoptartShop – thanks for your kind words as well; you’re right, they’re never around for long enough.

Do you have everything you’ll need for the new house or will you have to buy in some things to fill the rooms?

Well done for losing the weight. I’ve put on a stone since last year and I find it hard to get the time to fit in regular exercise and to sit down for meals. I’ve never tried a low carb diet though. I imagine it’s hard to stick to.

@Phantomrose – apologies for getting you’re name wrong on my last post. I really shouldn’t do things from memory LOL.

We all have rides where everything goes wrong. I always tried to get them to do one positive thing, no matter how small, then stop. It was as much for my benefit as theirs. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself.

@twixy79 – I know what you mean about large horses and big actions in the trot. I felt like I was rising in slow motion when I rode them. It was hard to learn the slower rhythm with a much larger bounce. I felt like I was getting thrown up and out of the saddle each time.

@Tazzie – Way to go Izzie. She certainly pays her way. Thanks for the comments about Cruachan; he was special.

The weather here is atrocious. We’ve had whiteouts, thunder snow (a first for me) and bright sunshine. The Red life-at-risk Warning ended this morning, at least in my area. We’ve had a foot of snow on top of what we had and the wind’s created three or four feet drifts. There’s a massive drift running down the length of the driveway, which is going to be hard work to shift and the wall and bushes along the front of the house have disappeared.

Many of the small villages are cut off as their roads are blocked. I’m guessing that our main road might be passable with care; I can’t see it from the house. Some 4x4s have struggled up the steep hill past the house, so they must be coming from somewhere.

At the moment, the snow is blasting horizontally past the windows; I had hoped that it would have eased by now but it’s seems that we’re going to have this until early next week.

I confess that I’ve gone through the cupboards to check what’s in short supply and worked out when I’ll need to walk the few miles to the shop. Beyond that I’ve done nothing.
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Dangit @Tazzie Nick could have transferred and you could have bought that house! Salem and Campbellsburg both are on Duke Energy although your service at home would have been REMC. I think the house and the 38 acres across from it have already sold because they've both disappeared from the website.

@PoptartShop , congrats on the weight loss! I did get a "nap" in from 9:30 - 2:00, my whole day has been screwed up because of it.

@Caledonian , some storm your having, sounds like a blizzard. Stay safe and don't get on the roads unless you absolutely have to. People drive crazy on slick roads especially if you don't normally have snow.

At feeding time the horses were back by the garage. When I pulled out on the 4-wheeler I told them it was time to eat and they must have been hungry because they beat me to the barn. Fed them, got back to the house and took care of the minis, back in the house and washing my hands when they all come storming back. Right behind the house is a ravine they have to cross, no sharp drop offs just fairly steep slant on each side and right now muddy with some water standing in it. Of the 5 in that herd 4 of them slowed down and came down one side and back up the other like they had some sense. I bet you all can guess which one didn't. LOL

Not a good picture showing the ravine but will give you some idea. You can see the opening they come through if you look behind the minis.
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R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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