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@Captain Evil , I just couldn't hit the like button on your post because -8 is horrible! I had to leave very early the day I needed to take my friend for her surgery and it was 21 degrees here and got down to 19 as I traveled further north and I thought that was way too cold. Thankfully by afternoon it was up to 45 degrees.

@phantomhorse13 , it was nasty but oddly enough I wasn't very emotional about the whole thing. I don't know if it was because I'd never seen anything like it and it was an interesting case or because that mare had caused me a lot of pain over her lifetime. She was gorgeous but that was about all she had going for her. I wouldn't even let hubby breed her because I was afraid she'd pass on her lack of a brain genetically. At the end of my post I'll see if I can figure out how to post a picture of her. Computer guy did manage to save and transfer all of our pictures and documents so thank God for small favors.

@TuyaGirl , yes you all did a wonderful job with handling the tribulations your equine friends were blessing you with. LOL

@Tazzie , you posted as I'm still working on mine so I haven't looked at the videos yet, will catch them tonight when we switch over to bonus time since whatever was wrong with our computer was eating up our satellite usage and will be limited until our time gets reset. I forgot to mention last night about Nick's adventure with Diego that Nick deserves kudos for sticking in the saddle and not letting it intimidate him. WAY TO GO NICK! What part of this fine state are going to? Is Nick from IN or does he just have some family that lives here?

OK off to try to see if I can get to the pictures. She's the black standing in the middle of the close up picture and in the background grazing in the other picture.
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R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@Tazzie what kind of food do they have there? Never heard of it! Raising Canes!
Aw, seeing the lights sounds like fun. & synchronization is even better, that's so cool. Congrats on the jeep!! YAY! It better be low maintenance like yours! Yummy cookies. Early Christmas sounds like fun. I bet the food was good. So happy to see you both riding! Awww, I love the pictures. Diego is gonna be a good trail horse indeed! I hope trying the new bit goes well, he will probably respond better. Poor Sheldon, glad the vet visit went OK. Poor buddy. That is so cute they did that with his bag of meds! Love the picture with Santa, so cute. Oooh, prepping the barn for electric finally, sounds amazing!!
Diego and Izzie look good, LOL silly girl trying to get at Diego. Sounds like you have a nice weekend ahead of you! <3 Kaleb will be FINE! He's lucky he's getting them out now...I got mine out last year & if you remember it was HORRIBLE. Hemorrhage & everything. It's so much worse when you're an adult.

@TuyaGirl same's almost the weekend!

@phantomhorse13 I know right, she has such a hard life! Oh yeah, she is very expressive and opinionated too! LOL. I hope you are feeling better. Yay for saddle time though, Raven looks great, & love Phin's ears! Omg that last picture is just too adorable.

@Captain Evil aw thank you! Geeze, they are ridiculous. Exactly, you're a dive team...not freaking machine operators. What do they expect, doing that in December is just nonsense. Hopefully things get better, that job sounds like a nightmare. :( Can't wait to see pictures though, I have to say, I love your stories.
Still, can't believe they want all that done in December! It's COLD!

@JCnGrace yes, & we tore up the leftovers haha. It was delicious. I know! Last weekend was weird for the horses apparently! I can't wait for it to be the weekend. OMG, I hate Windows 10. Everyone seems to love it, but I just don't like it. At work I have 7 & they want me to upgrade to 10, but I'm like no thanks.
It's just so different. Aw, a jigsaw puzzle sounds fun. They are relaxing. Aww, poor Dakota. That sounds horrible, I know that must've been hard seeing that. :( Just saw your post, aw...she was beautiful!

I confess, work has been crazy (again, what else is new...) so I haven't had a chance to post in here much, but! Last night I rode Promise, been riding her all week after work & it's been lovely. Always have the indoor arena to myself after work!

Tomorrow night is my BF's work Christmas party. It'll be fun, last year was a blast. I'm excited! Is it bad I'm gonna wear the same black dress I wore last year? LOL, I didn't feel like getting a new outfit plus I don't dress up much anyway...who cares right? Nobody will remember

Back to it Friday yet??????

Ride more, worry less.
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Originally Posted by phantomhorse13 View Post

I am sure I wouldn't be laughing if that was my equipment or I was the one that needed that dock clear.. but omg I laughed so hard, the cat left my lap in disgust. That whole job sounds like a huge cluster. Please tell me you are paid by the hour!!
Oh phantomhorse13, we are SO paid by the hour! And we get paid a lot! But after the fiasco that was yesterday, DH felt that he couldn’t submit a bill: we got nothing done. I, of course, see things differently. THEY needed it done in horrible weather, THEIR equipment failed even more than ours did, and the dock and working conditions were way worse than anticipated. And, we already put in three free prep days.

But he is the boss, so...sigh. I was hoping to embezzle funds for... er, save up for... a dressage saddle, but potentally available excesses just keep slip-sliding away.

Well, we packed the truck to go home, checked out of the motel, and headed to the site figuring our chances of making this work were about 25%. When we go there, they seemed even less.

Yesterday the workers had cleared a space on one side of the dock for DH to dive in, but the excavator, which was supposed to clear the other side, had fallen into the lake a ways and so was rather preoccupied with getting back out. (Mike, the guy driving the excavator stayed so calm; he just sat there ignoring all the advice and instructions being hurled at him, and then slowly but surely finessed his way back onto the blast mats. The crew decided that certain parts of his anatomy must be made of brass). But the excavator falling in created a sort of ice tsumami, and instread of clearing the ice away from that side of the dock, it pushed it up against the side of the dock. Hard.

Anyway, overnight, the combination of packed and frozen ice crammed up against one side of the dock and very thin ice on the other side of the dock, resulted in a dramatic shift in the last 30 feet or so of dock, pushing it severely to the south and misaligning all of the underlying layers of blocking and cribbing. So, this morning there was a huge curve in the dock in addition to all of the other issues. And then the temperature dropped to -12 degrees.

But one of the foremen had gotten crew to stay late and come in early, and they had wrapped the all air hoses in heat tape and foam tubes. He also had gotten a bigger, cleaner compressor. He said he would like us to stay and see if any of these changes would work. If it did, great, we’d go on; if not, we would table the project until spring.

And work they did.

Between all the innovations and improvements the foreman made, and by repeatedly dunking the impact drill in a lobster pot of simmering water, we were able to move forward. The excavator smashed a path through the ice on the other side of the dock, and also pulled the big cribbing 6x6’s back into line. DH shimmed, blocked, braced, beat and lagged everything back into place, and was even able to make some progress into replacing some bad beams.

So, barring any further disasters, we are back on track, and will most likely be here a few more days.

So, yea!

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@Captain Evil well done!! Your DH must have endless patience! What a mission!

When the world says "give up". Hope whispers "try it one more time"
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@JCnGrace . Windows 10 sucks. And people I know say so also. It also has built in spyware that sends information back to Microsoft. Just wait til you try and clean out temp files and internet temp files . They are not in one place as they are stored in different places and some the OS will not let you delete.

Press the windows key and r and you will get a box with 3 different places on the drop down menu. You have to do each one separately. . Select all click delete and here is where it will not delete all it tells you they are in use. also you have to go to setting click on storage click on the hard drive "C" then click on storage it will give you a MB in storage Click clean and all will not be deleted.

I had windows 7 on my computer and kept getting notices to update and install Windows 10, I kept canceling the update then one day I started up my computer and it said it was updating. It forced the upgrade to windows 10 shortly afterwards it crashed. So this laptop is it replacement and it came with windows 10 and well I have hit this one so hard with my fist I popped the touch pad up and out. LOL. I got a wireless mouse now. LOL

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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You are all so wonderful and supportive, thank you. I am taking lessons now and riding again with much improvement. The next hurdle to tackle is riding in an open space without the security of a pen or arena =)
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@PoptartShop , nobody will remember about the dress. Put some different accessories with it and it will look like a new one anyway. Listen to me, the sweats, jeans, baggy shorts and baggy shirts person, giving fashion advice. LOL

@Captain Evil , glad the job is turning around for you guys.

@PoptartShop and @RegalCharm , about Windows 10, you're both right and I want my familiar 7 version back! LOL I can't find anything. Why did they make it so complicated to use? I haven't tried to reload any of my games yet but I'm not going to be a happy camper if they don't work. On the back of the cd cases they say compatible with Windows7 or Vista.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Originally Posted by JCnGrace View Post
I haven't tried to reload any of my games yet but I'm not going to be a happy camper if they don't work. On the back of the cd cases they say compatible with Windows7 or Vista.
they probably will not work right. The games installed with W10 are not what window 7 had. They want you to go to the Windows App store to get games in windows 10 Did I mention I don't like windows 10.

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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@RegalCharm , these are games bought from a store that are on cd's. I learned my lesson buying games online with our first ever computer crash. You just lose them and all tries to communicate with the company you purchased them through falls on deaf ears. And the order number they give you as proof of purchase never works on their site where you go to get the game reloaded. I think they all have their little scams.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Green Broke
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@JCnGrace, we will be not terribly far from Perfect North. I don't remember what the name of the town is exactly. His Aunt lives there though :) so every few years we go there for one of the celebrations! And no worries! Just a couple of silly ponies working :) haha about Nick though! Diego is a good one to learn how to stick since he tries to be bad, and typically fails miserably. He also lets you know when it's about to happen, so Nick will learn how to diffuse it fast! Pretty girl!

@PoptartShop, chicken fingers! It's the best omg. And their sauce. Ugh, now I want it for lunch or dinner haha! The food was good at that Christmas! Hoping the one tomorrow is good too! I love that Nick wants to ride with me now :) it makes it more fun! Sheldon seems to be doing better, so that's good :) and they are silly ponies! And I remember! Praying his isn't as bad!! I'm glad you got to ride Promise! Yay for the arena all to yourself! Have fun at the Christmas party! I don't see an issue wearing the same dress at all :) and TGIF!

Thank goodness it's Friday!!

Last night I talked with my father in law to see if he'd watch the kiddos so we could ride. He agreed :) we went down and Nick had decided he had wanted to ride. Works for me! I don't mind giving an easy day after a good day of work, even if they will be off for a while (thank you rain...). I opted to lunge both first (details in my journal for that excitement haha!) and then we hopped on. We sent them straight up the hill so Nick could scope out for deer. Didn't see any, so we hacked down and around the hill. We were about to go to the bottom to practice creek crossing with Diego (he's not completely confident doing it without Izzie yet), but Nick saw a deer... so we went back to the barn. Sadly I failed recording us trotting back as it was a sight to see, but enjoy this walking clip of us. You'll understand why

Got untacked and I fed the ponies while Nick went to crouch by the fence. I had hold of them while they ate, and used them as a shield so deer wouldn't see me. It was all for nothing since it seems the deer changed course. Such is life! But Izzie and Diego were reenacting scenes from Lady and the Tramp, which I found amusing

Raining today, so no riding. House cleaning instead *sigh*
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