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Green Broke
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I actually have something to confess! I have been keeping a secret from my friends here on the forum. This morning my husband, daughter and her boyfriend picked up her new horse in Missouri and are (right at this moment) headed back to daughters college where she will be boarding until the end of term. For those of you who may not remember my daughter lost her beloved mare Gracie in early Feb. Gracie spent 10 days in an equine hospital and unfortunately had to be euthanized due to liver failure due to a mysterious infection. My daughter was heartbroken - but being pragmatic she knew that she wanted a new horse before riding season really got under way. She looked at a few horses but our budget is very limited. She found a horse she lived in Southern MO - she and her BF had spent a weekend looking at horses at the end of Feb and tried this mare out. My daughter thought it over for about 10 days and then put a deposit down on her. This they picked her up and are currently making the 5 1/2 drive from MO to my daughters college in SO IL. They then have to make the 7 hour trip to our home in NW IL after dropping the mare off at the boarding facility.

I do not have any good pics - but we are welcoming Sawyer to the family (formerly known as Radish) she is an 8yr old green broke reg TWH mare. 15.2 H tall and stocky built. My daughter is very excited to get to know Sawyer and bring her along the way she wants to. She will remain boarded down by my daughter until the end of term when we will bring her home.

I am so excited for them both. We all miss Gracie but have told my daughter it is not disrespectful to her memory to love another horse.
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Congratulations on the new horse for your daughter @carshon

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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@carshon that is lovely news, congratulations!! I like her name too. Hopefully some pictures soon! Aw, I agree, it is definitely not disrespectful, Gracie was loved and can never be replaced. Sawyer deserves love too! How exciting!! So glad she found a horse, I hope they become the best of friends! <3

@phantomhorse13 gotta enjoy all the saddle time you can get with this bipolar weather! Gonna rain here tomorrow too...not looking forward to it. Just when you think the mud is drying up...bam.

@JCnGrace mmm, so jealous! I told the BF last night we need to go there soon. Delicious!!! OMG, that happens to me a lot at self-checkout. I always get the one with the problems. Or it always says 'ITEM REMOVED FROM BAGGING AREA'. It makes me so mad! LOL.

@blue eyed pony glad the little lesson went well! :) Glad you got to ride, and I love that saddlepad on her! You guys look awesome!

I confess, I'm a bit IRRITATED.

So...not sure if you guys know, probably but I used to ride with one of my barn friends (we were friends for a few years), Christina. I used to also ride her horse Trigger sometimes...then about 6mos ago we stopped being friends, because a few months before that, she kinda started changing, like she became pretty cocky, & acted like a know-it-all (which was never her character before), then she started talking crap on Facebook, just unnecessary stuff. And she's almost 40yrs old...I'm 27...she acted like a child.

So, she blocked me (thankfully, I would've done the honors if she didn't)., 2yrs ago, she GAVE me, yes, GAVE me, a HAF pad. She was going to sell it, but then decided she'd just give it to me since I needed one. I offered to pay for it, but she refused & told me it's a gift. I was super appreciative.

Since we haven't talked in 6mos, I haven't talked crap on her, or caused any drama, because that's just not in me. I've moved on and let things go.
I saw her two weekends ago, because her daughter takes lessons at my barn once a week. I was the bigger person, I smiled, said hi, she said hi, then we went on our way. But she had PLENTY of opportunity to speak to me that day. I could tell she felt a bit awkward, so it was pretty, you talk ALL this crap online, but to my face say nothing? Okay. :)

SO...last weekend, I met up with my old barnmate because I accidentally left Promise's fly sheet & a few other little things at my old barn. He asked me to bring Christina's trail boots (I had borrowed them just to size Promise so I can buy my own, which I did). So, I gave them to him to give to her. He then asked if I had the HAF pad. I said um no, that was a gift. Plus I sold it (I am in the process of selling it, MAYBE, but then again I may keep it for when I use my treeless saddle). It is a good pad.
He agreed that it was a gift, but he was just the messenger.

So...TWO DAYS ago, she randomly texts me out of the blue: "Since you sold my pad I let you borrow, I will accept $150 cash, a new replacement pad (which is $190), or you can pay the trainer for THREE of my daughter's lessons (which equals $150).'

HAHAHAHAH, WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is she psychotic or what? LOL! I said, I am not giving you ANY money, you gave me it as a gift two years ago, I am not responsible for paying for your daughter's lessons, & it's ridiculous you are even texting me right now out of the blue, yet when you saw me in person, said nothing. I also told her it's none of her business WHAT I did with the pad, because it was in fact, mine. I don't ask my old friends for GIFTS back.
I said, I gave the boots back to you because those WERE in fact, borrowed.

I blocked her number. So, she will be there Saturday with her daughter, & I swear if she says anything to my trainer/BO about this...I will flip out.
I thought about telling my BO beforehand, just in CASE she says anything, but IDK. I don't do drama, first &'s just ridiculous. Like, what is wrong with people??
Someone must be hurting for $$$. Not my problem.

Sorry just had to vent! UGH!

Ride more, worry less.
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Green Broke
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@csimkunas6, it worked super well for my Kaleb. It allowed him just enough clearance he could potty like daddy. Which was what he wanted to do. And @evilamc was just telling me to get it! I about have them cleared up, but will probably still try it. I'm just so over this rain!

@JCnGrace, my eyes are fantastic! I really can't imagine my life with glasses anymore haha! And thank you! I'm over the moon about it! It's mostly cleared up now, but man is it annoying! And I have the same luck with checkouts! I swear we ALWAYS pick the worst ones!

@PoptartShop, I'm using Hay Where's That Blue Stuff, and it's about got it cleared up finally. Their ears were the worst, which is NOT fun to do on a horse that had been ear twitched! And haha, it's raining right now. Raining all day with winds up to 50 mph. We are currently under a tornado watch until 5 pm, yay us. Thank you! I'm still so over the moon about the award! Like I can't believe out of ALL the Adult Amateurs in the region that I'M the lucky winner this year! I'm thankful for the cool calories right now. I know more than anything he needs muscle, but we all know I like chunkier horses haha! And yes, that photo of Nick and Diego is 100% my favorite ever! I hope you're feeling better and your sinuses cleared up! YAY for riding outside!! It was SO nice outside! I do hope your ex friend leaves you alone.

@phantomhorse13, she can be a kite at times!! Though disappointingly (or maybe happily??) she opted to NOT be a kite last night when I finally got to lunge her. Instead she looked at me like "mom, I'm too old to be lunged, I'm not a baby." Even Nick was saying "babe, she's telling you she's not a baby anymore" HAHA! And thank you! I'm so thrilled for it! Yay for all the rides! Man I love reading about Phin, though not sure I'd want to ride half the stuff he pulls on you!

@TuyaGirl, thank you! I admire it from my couch haha! I love it! The rain rot is finally going away. They are getting a bath on Saturday, so I plan to wash them with my antifungal wash. I hope your back feels much better! And I hope you can be there for the farrier!

@rambo99, thank you! I'm very partial to them :) I'm just ready for them to not be yellow haha! Saturday they are getting a show bath! I'm sorry you'll have mud soon! I'm ready for winter to be over! And YAY for a less reactive ride!! Ugh about your barn being wet though!! That is so annoying!! I love your pictures!

@carshon, that is exciting news!!!! Congratulations to your daughter!! I can't wait to see pictures! How exciting!

Sorry guys, work has been insanely busy lately!

So Tuesday Diego saw the vet for his mouth. Not wolf teeth (I had a dumb dumb moment haha!), but he had BAD points. We are talking he was creating an ulcer on the left cheek. He's clearly going to need it done twice to three times a year since we just had them done back in September or October I think. I knew when the issues were escalating that this wasn't a bad baby, that there was pain somewhere. Which was why we went to the halter (which I know a lot of people wouldn't have since he HAD bolted up the hill with me in the bridle). He seems to be feeling a lot better now, but we're giving him a week before I ride with a bit.

Yesterday was just way too nice to not ride. Nick had said he'd walk Diego over to our riding area, but that I had to work him. I said "his work for the day is walk while you practice bending and leg yielding". They both seemed happy to be with each other again. Nick doesn't make Diego work as hard as I do, and Diego has more whoa than go (opposite of Izzie who is more go than whoa, which is what I prefer). But they just hacked around while I worked Izzie :)

Izzie was truly fantastic yesterday. I lunged her in a halter to give her a chance to be a kite, which she turned down and told me she wasn't a baby and big girls don't need to be lunged. She cracks me up lol she was perfection though in our work. She was a bit heavy in my hands and trying to be heavy on the forehand, but didn't fight when I asked her to lift like she's supposed to. She's just super out of shape right now. But we got both canter leads with zero issues, so I was super proud of her :) after we worked, we hacked back to the barn the way Diego wanted to go. Which was surprisingly up the hill and then back down it. If you'll remember, the reason I took over riding Diego was because he was threatening to rear with Nick when Nick asked him to go downhill. He had zero issues and went wherever Nick pointed him. So I was thrilled for that :)

Today it's raining and we're under a tornado watch until 5pm. So yesterday I brought all the tack home, and this evening will be tack cleaning. Which is honestly one of my favorite things to do :)

Ok, pictures!

Sydney and Izzie <3

Diego being nosy on Tuesday lol

Starting to look much better

Nick riding his happy baby <3

And then videos!

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@Tazzie HWTBS is really good too!! Glad it has cleared up. That stuff works pretty fast. Oh gosh about the wind/rain, nooo!!! :( I hope the tornado misses you guys, gosh! The wind is probably insane, sheesh!
You DESERVE that award. Well deserved & you earned it!! I'm glad you guys figured out what was going on with Diego's teeth. Poor buddy, ugh! I know that ulcer probably hurt! He will be back to feeling better & back to his old self again soon. So glad you got to ride yesterday before the storm came in.
Izzie is so good, I LOVE the pictures with Syd! Just so adorable. :) & Diego's nosy self, LOL he is so cute. He is definitely putting on weight! Happy to see Nick back on him too!! Love the videos! You can tell Izzie loves Syd! So good. Diego has such a silly personality too haha, what a ham for the camera.

I confess, I've decided I'm not going to bring her BS up to my BO unless I have to. I haven't said anything bad about my ex-friend this entire time, I could have, but I chose not to because I'm not dramatic. I know her & my BO are a bit close, but my BO isn't dramatic. She doesn't tolerate drama, so I know nothing will come of this. But I really hope she does leave me alone. LOL, it's just silly nonsense. Like come on. How can you ask me for something you GAVE me 2yrs ago????? Out of the blue? & expect me to give you cash, or a replacement, or pay for your kid's lessons? Like...what?! So stupid.

Super busy day at work, ugh! Meeting my parents again at Kid Shelleen's for some burgers...mmm!! Is it 5 yet?!

Ride more, worry less.
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@blue eyed pony , I have a long sleeved tee that would match your pad about perfect but you'd have to grow a lot before it'd fit.

@carshon , what great news! I'm so glad your daughter got a new horse and really what better way to show honor to a deceased 4-legged friend because if Gracie hadn't been loved and such a big influence in your daughter's life, she (your daughter) wouldn't have wanted another horse. I hope they have many beautiful rides together.

@PoptartShop , what a mess with your ex-friend! I'm glad you're not going to let her pull you down into a bunch of drama. It's probably a good thing I'm not in a boarding situation because I'd have everyone mad at me for telling them to grow up. You can keep your mouth shut much better than I can. LOL The irony being I wouldn't be mature enough to ignore it. Dinner with mom & dad should help get your mind off of it for a while.

@Tazzie , Love the pics and videos of Syd & Izzie. Diego's personality reminds me of Cutter. LOL

More trees down today. Saturated ground plus high winds is not in their favor. Farrier will be here at 9:00 am and I'll need to get to the barn extra early, since I fed hay inside tonight, to have time to get the cleaning done before he gets here.

Since I probably won't be making any posts until tomorrow night, I'll wish you all a good weekend now.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@JCnGrace yeah, it's ridiculous. Back in October when we stopped talking I basically told her to go F herself & that was that. She was always the one saying she was NOT the dramatic type...HA, boy did that change right? LOL. Honestly there's no drama where I'm at now, she only comes once a week for her daughter's lesson & I usually don't bump into her (thank god) but it's like...why start this drama all of a sudden? Get a life!
Dinner was really good!! Ugh about the trees. :( I hope the farrier goes well & everyone behaves!!

I confess, I'm so glad it's already feels so nice out. It's gonna be nice this weekend too, thank goodness. Supposed to rain tonight but not much at least.
AND...TODAY IS PROMISE'S 6TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to spoil her with treats & some apples tonight (her favorite). So excited to get outta work later & see her! <3

Ride more, worry less.
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Green Broke
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Happy Friday! Daughter- hubby and BF made it home at 9:30 PM last night. She hated to leave Sawyer at the barn but needed to make the 7 hour drive home. She was waiting to hear if Sawyer drank anything after they put her in her stall. She did not drink anything on the 5+ hour drive from her former home to the boarding barn so we were a little concerned. They fought horrible wind and missed a tornado by a few hours - thank goodness they were driving from MO to So. IL - because the tornado hit just east of where daughters school is.

Daughter's spring break will be over this week and she heads back to school on Sunday - she plans on going straight to the barn to see Sawyer - at least these few days will give the mare a chance to settle in before my daughter starts working with her. Hubby says she is a real nice looking horse and has a super sweet personality. She loaded up in extremely windy conditions with just a little urging and took right to the hay bag they had in the trailer. The stopped often because she has not been in a trailer for years and had never been trailered that long. They did say it took her a bit to take the step off of the trailer because her legs seemed tired. But she stepped off and was happy to eat some grass - daughter led her around a bit and groomed her to comfort her and just spend some time with her before they had to put her in her stall and leave. They left her happily munching on hay in her stall.

I get to meet her in a couple of weeks as I make my way to So Il to trim her feet and then to KY to surprise my Dad for his 70th B-day.
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@carshon how cool is that? A new horsie!! Glad they dropped her safely. Can't wait to see pictures and I like her name

@blue eyed pony Aww that's so cool that you gave a lesson using Ikora, and that all went well. Weren't you like, proud? Because when I let someone ride Tuya I get all happy and proud

@phantomhorse13 I never been checked by a chiro, maybe I should, right?
Enjoy the breaks the weather gives you the best you can

@Tazzie I hope you stayed out of the tornado path. That's scary! Lovely good boys
It's not the wolf teeth, but it was the teeth in general, so you were technically correct

@rambo99 I like the looks of your fuzzy horses

@PoptartShop about the whole situation I have 3 words for you: delete, block, forget. As you did the first two already, just forget, don't worry and enjoy your horse - spoil her!! Happy Birthday Promise - and the dinner at parents

The supplement I was giving Tuya was being so successful - I mean, look at her, lol - that BO is using it too and recommended to my farrier. Well I called the company to make the order, and they have a new policy where they only sell to stores. And no store near me Let's see how I will fix this.

Basically I just came here for the small rant and wish everyone a great weekend
I hope my girl will be feeling better too!
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@carshon awww YAY! I'm so glad she is doing well and is safe, I am sure you are so excited! You better take pictures! That is good she will have a chance to settle in too. Sooo exciting!! And the surprise will be fun!

@TuyaGirl oh no about the supplement. I liked your post because of what you responded to me, not the supplement part. Ugh. I will definitely spoil her! & you're right, just gotta forget it. People really have nothing better to do. Can't let it get to me. That's ridiculous about the supplement, they're going to lose a LOT of customers that way, wow. :( I hope there's another supplement just like it, like an alternative or something. Sigh. Always something. You also have a great weekend & enjoy miss Tuya! <3

I confess, this has been a pretty rough workday. One of my coworkers left at like 11, & left me with a ton of crap I shouldn't even be doing, ontop of my OWN work. We had a filing rejected like 4x, just been one of those days. But, it's's actually sunny out, no rain :O Surprisingly! Gonna be a nice weekend too...can't wait to get outta here in an hour & see my girl!! My now 6yr old! LOL. Giving her tons of treats & apples I can't wait to ride too. Not having to layer up is gonna be nice!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!!

Ride more, worry less.
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