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It's so hard to photograph this colour! It either photographs more blue or more green than it is. These photos are relatively close to the actual colour.

But I love it so much <3
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that color looks great on her
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@JCnGrace well, he actually got a horse back in November, but he didn't want me to tell anyone in case it didn't work out. Long story short, she's a 4yr old TB. She's a really good girl, I've ridden her before & she has been working with the trainer for awhile. He wanted to get on her, and the first lesson he had went pretty well. The second time around, not so well...he had a bad fall. Lack of experience, and now he is just going to ride lesson horses until further notice. Which he understands and is OK with, thank goodness. He is very interested in learning. But we are doing groundwork with her right now. We will see how it goes. They do have a good bond, and he doesn't want to give up, so that's a good thing. Just taking it step by step. Oh gosh, what was the hubs thinking?! I would've made him get me pizza too after all that haha. Yum!

@blue eyed pony love that color! Looks great. Glad she didn't hurt herself on that fence, whew. Hopefully learned her lesson!

@TuyaGirl sorry work has been crappy for you. *hugs* I know the feeling. Aw, that sounds like a nice day. I'm glad you could help him out. Your English is very good I think!
I hope Tuya starts to feel better soon. Poor girl. :( It's good she is in high spirits though. Very good sign that she gives it right to you. What a good girl. The pony sounds like such a character too!

@Tazzie welcome back! :) Aww, don't feel too down about the first show. It's been a rough winter. They are sooo cute, I love the pictures of them laying down at the show. I love their personalized hay nets. <3 I'm so happy to see Nick and Diego! They look so good! :) It will be nice once he gets a saddle that fits though. I'm glad he is improving. Pressure & release is KEY! Ugh about the rain again. I know you are so over it!

@carshon saddle shopping is a PITA, it's really trial & error. Hopefully she can do a trial on a few saddles. How did meeting Sawyer go?!

I confess, I'm crazy busy at work, but I hope everyone's week is going well so far...even though it's ONLY Tuesday. LOL.

Ride more, worry less.
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@Tazzie Hi!! Long time no see!! :)
No bad show, just a chance to get horses used to that routine once again. A training experience :) Just like going to a showjumping competition for the first time just to get horses used to it, no matter the placing.
How cute are they all comfy laying down?
Glad to hear about Diego's improvement on the creek crossing, and that he is more and more relaxed. Also that vaccines went well.
I hope that the weather allows you to ride soon!

@carshon it will help to access the sadlle measurements when you get to meet Sawyer in person I think. Good luck!

@JCnGrace That would be fantastic!! But I cannot hold on to that, so as I don't get high expectations and then high disappointment. Time will tell.
Ahah, lol on the 4 bucks and the gate :) Well, it's more than I ever won, can you believe that? I don't play much though.

@blue eyed pony Glad your mare did not get hurt on the fence. She looks amazing in such color!

@PoptartShop WAIT!!! Yout BF has got a horse??? OMG CONGRATS!!!! :)
Falls happen, even with more experienced riders, I hope that said horse comes along just fine and you work through that. The fact that they seem to have a good bond is half way through the process. What's her name? :)
Aww thanks! Yes, the pony is something!! :) So sweet. I will share some pictures when I have the chance, I promise

Yesterday I spent all night trying to teach the basics to BO's daughter on how to help with the couple that is coming today for the ride. Poor girl was so lost! I hope all goes well. She was very thankful, which made me feel quite well :)
Then I will tell you how it went. I mean I hope they show up, sometimes people just fail at last minute
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Cranky mare today, I think I need to do something about getting a saddle fitter out, but I finally got ridden photos with the ice green!

The shirt is so unflattering...
And excitingly my FAVOURITE TIGHTS have green dots almost the exact same colour, so I can wear them and not commit crimes against matchy
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@blue eyed pony I love the matching pad and shirts. When I do this my daughter (who is 19) absolutely has a fit! She hates it!. I have a shirt and ear bonnet for Tillie that match my saddle pad exactly and she hates it when I wear it. But I think it is cute (maybe she doesn't like it because I am 48yrs old and trying to match my horse) :)
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@TuyaGirl yes! Her name is River. :) She's a big girl, like 16.3 lol already. She's pretty powerful. Yeah, he honestly doesn't wanna give up on her. Which is great. But I know people are gonna say 'you took on too much' but he is willing to do whatever it takes. He's not in a rush. He said if he has to do groundwork with her for a year that's totally OK. I'm also a good resource since I have experience. So between the two of us and the trainer, I think it will work out OK in the end. Exactly, they really do have a good bond so far. Aww, that's so nice of you. I hope they show up too! Let us know!
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Ride more, worry less.
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Green Broke
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@JCnGrace , no one has ever caught Izzie acting like that on film Nick honestly got so annoyed with her he quit watching after the first direction... and second was worse. I was rather annoyed with her. But such is life. She's in full work now to trim down and tone up, so we'll see how the rest of the season goes! And I'm SO proud of him for that! Incredibly proud :) I told him it was worth doing it, and I think he's even more keen to do more. Just got to bring our obstacles down and start working both on them. And yeah, I just always feel defeated when I talk about how fantastic Izzie has been doing, and then she bombs that badly. We'll get it together one of these years. Ouch about the hay though!!

@PoptartShop , I'm trying. I just hope the next one is better so I don't look like I'm just talking about how great she'd been doing when in reality she's not. I do need to start just straight up lunging her before I ride though since I'm not cantering currently. She could use a bit more work that way. I love their hay nets though! It's such a small thing, but they make me so happy! And yes! I'm proud of them :) the rain isn't getting me down like it had been honestly. We're at least at a point where when it does rain, it dries out in a day or two. So I'm not down for weeks on end like I was. And yeah, this week is dragging on...

@TuyaGirl , Izzie just has those days. One day I just hope she grows out of it. We had hoped she WAS growing up, so we don't know why she reacted this way. She drives me crazy most days... and they were awfully comfy! I'm just glad Diego settled down so well! And yes! Very glad he's calmed down with that stuff :) thankfully we can ride tonight and tomorrow, woohoo! I don't mind the rain when it dries out as fast as it has. Like, we will need rain to grow hay... but I don't want to be drenched all the time! That was nice of you to help! I hope it all goes well!

Haven't gotten to ride since Sunday. Rain started Sunday afternoon and went all day on Monday. Yesterday would have been ok, but Nick had to work on his Jeep. So riding tonight!

Ponies have been super snuggly though. And I'm breathing a little easier seeing Diego's weight gain. He got lighter than I like weight wise this winter, and coupled with dropping muscle, he was looking a bit sad. And anyone who knows me knows I don't do skinny horses. Hopefully the muscle will make a serious comeback for show season!

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@Tazzie I know, I think the next one will go better. Lunging before you ride is a good idea too. It'll help a ton. I do it sometimes with Promise. Sometimes it keeps her more focused. You better ride tonight!!!!!! FINALLY! Hopefully the ground is dry by now too. You take the cutest pictures with the ponies lol. Diego is such a ham and such a cuddlebug!!! <3

I confess, I LOVE my farrier, he does amazing work, one of the best in the area...hard to find a good one like that...but...he kinda made me mad last night.

So, weeks ago, we planned he'd come out tonight around like 6pm (sometimes he doesn't arrive til 7, but no biggie) since he knows I work 9-5, & can't get there until 6. He's pretty flexible...

Well, last night he confirms for 6pm...then an hour later (mind you, it's like 8PM) says '11am would be better may have to come earlier' He asked if my trainer/BO can hold for me, I said let me ask...well, she's busy a lot too. She's in NJ until 3, so that's not an option.

I then asked if there's any way he can come later this week or next week (even during the day, I can have my BO hold for me)...I can't really take off work, so yeah.

He's like, the next I have is April two weeks. Ok, no big deal...but I asked him what time, because then I can coordinate with my BO, and he didn't respond...I probably won't know until the day yeah just venting.

Then he says he can't do unnecessary late appointments, blah blah he has horses too and family, blah blah...I get that, but like an apology would be nice, or something? Like you can't just toss that on someone the night before. Not my fault you are busy, I have a busy life/job too. Just annoyed me that's all. I am ALWAYS understanding about stuff like this, but it just got to me yesterday.

He did this last time he was out too, didn't tell me until last minute. Just frustrated I guess. So, had to rant!

Ride more, worry less.
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@blue eyed pony , I like the ice green! Next up the darker one you got. Poor Ikora, always in the dog house. LOL

@PoptartShop , you are way too good at keeping secrets! I think it's great that he got his own horse and is so committed to sharing your passion. Falling off happens, having bad days with your horse happens it's part of owning a horse. The ones that don't let those bad days deter them are the ones who really have the horse bug. Is he hitting the trails with you yet?

I get the needing to rant about your farrier. Doesn't matter how good they are if they aren't reliable. Thank goodness I've not had any more trouble with mine since our chat because I was dreading the search for a new one. How hard is it to call your client between appointments? If they can't bother with a minute or two for a customer then they need to rethink their line of work. While they may get in it for the horses and not the humans, it's the human that pays the bill! And that goes for vets too!!!

@TuyaGirl , I don't buy lottery tickets very often, only when the jackpot gets to be a large amount. And I was wrong on how much I won, it ended up being $12.00 + a free ticket for tonight's drawing. Still don't need a new gate. LOL

It's a gift to be able to be fluent in a second language. Plus I can't imagine how hard it would be to learn English as a second language with all of our exceptions to the rule and words that sound alike but are spelled different. Heck, I'm not very good at it and it's my native language. LOL I can't tell you how many times I've gone back to proofread here lately and found I've typed "are" instead of "our" or "their" instead "they're".

@Tazzie , mine like to prove me wrong if I ever brag on them too. It's like they hear us and then think "OMG I can't let my human think they have me that well trained, I'll show them!" E V E R Y T I M E!!! LOL For what it's worth, I think Izzie is worth her weight in gold just for how kind she is to the kiddos. Just don't tell her I said that. LOL

Got a call from the grandson today and he's needing some grandpa and granny time so is coming down for a few days over his spring break next week. YAY! I am so thankful that at 18 he still likes spending time with us. Of course the 4-wheelers and shooting range helps, unfortunately he has no interest in the horses. At least he's not scared of them anymore like he was when he was little. He can actually ride pretty good, just doesn't care to.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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