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@phantomhorse13 , love you're pictures of ride beautiful the tunnel one is neat.

@PoptartShop , promise is really adorable love her looks pretty girl for sure.

I confess haven't been keeping up with reading here, nice weather so have been riding. Today started off ok cloudy and windy now snowing and blowing. Having thunder and lightning snow. Pretty much white out conditions with heavy snow and 40 mph winds.

No riding today not with current weather. Under a winter storm warning till 1 pm tomorrow. Got stuff done before it got nasty out. Got enough hay in horse barn for boys stalls bedded down & filled water trough. All I had to do is bring them in this afternoon. Also had to dump out outside water trough. Took tank heater out of it to use in trough in barn.

Boys were only out in storm maybe an hour and both were cold. Wet heavy snow so far only an inch but its really coming down .

@TuyaGirl ,Yeah the city people are something else . Have some pictures from our ride yesterday will post them here in a bit. Need to go on laptop to do so.
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Here's the pictures from rides we have tasken. Also some pictures of snow mostly gone to back to winter time again, thanks to a major winter storm still snowing/ sleeting and windy as heck. A picture of barn now it's totally dried out from flooding earlier this spring. So far only 4 to 5 inches of snow so far! storm warnings are till tomorrow at 1 pm.
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@carshon , enjoy the Horse Fair! We didn't get that cold weather, thank goodness, but it's been pretty windy.

@phantomhorse13 , I get to see so many new places thanks to your pictures! Did they put up all those barriers just for the endurance ride?

@rambo99 , they were showing footage of the snow storm in the Dakotas on the news tonight and I figured you were getting something like that. Hopefully we're late enough in the year that this snow you're getting now will melt off fairly quick. Your barn looks nice and snug.

Nobody missed their meal today! They were, in fact, waiting for me at the barn. They don't like to miss their grain treat too often. LOL TJ had a tick, YUCK!

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@JCnGrace omg, that's so horrible. Yeah, probably a heart attack or stroke, but still, she wasn't even that old. :( Sorry to hear that. I know that wasn't what you were expecting!
Shedding blades are awesome lol. I literally can run my fingers through Promise's fur right now & it comes right off. LOL. Shedding like crazy! Yay for getting rid of a saddle! Since you have a free saddle rack...then yes you are no longer a hoarder. LOL! Ew I hate ticks! Ugh. Of course they were waiting haha, they think they are starving to death all the time right?! LOL I swear they act like they never ate a day in their lives!

@phantomhorse13 you were right near me!!! Ahhhh!!! I LOVE FH! Looks like you had an amazing ride!!! It's so fun! And tons of obstacles haha, tunnels etc. Really fun! I love all the bridges. Promise loves that tunnel lol. She snorts through it.

@carshon awww that will be fun tomorrow! :) You will have a good time!

@rambo99 aw thanks I'm glad you've been riding! Love the pictures. Sorry to hear about the darn snow though. Like you needed more of that. Ugh. The barn looks nice!!

I confess, Promise is going to the vet tomorrow. I'm pretty sure, like 99% sure that she has ulcers. I was going to get some stuff for her like preventative stuff, but I think it's best if I just go & know for SURE.
I put her on Outlast for about a month, it did absolutely nothing. It's not that good anyway, it's cheap, but it works for a lot of people so I was like why not. So, I think she will need actual treatment. Which won't be cheap, but whatever I can do to make her better!

She's getting scoped tomorrow, and muzzled tonight. She's going to stay in a stall, but sometimes she eats the shavings so I need to muzzle her, her stomach needs to be completely empty. IDK how she will do with one, she never was muzzled before. LOL, so we will see tonight! Hopefully she tolerates it. If not, only other option is to keep her in the roundpen where there's no grass, but I'm afraid she will still try to stick her head underneath the fence to get some.

Lately she's been really girthy, swishes her tail, tries to kick out sometimes, when I groom her she HATES it, she NEVER used to hate it, she tries to bite wood and grinds her teeth, & she hates when I go near her stomach or flanks. She turns her head towards her stomach, etc. She also lost a little bit of weight. So...I'm definitely thinking ulcers. :( But I will keep everyone updated. I just want her to be happy/feel better. It sucks.

Ride more, worry less.
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@PoptartShop , good luck at the vets tomorrow! It sure sounds like she has an ulcer. I hope a round of omeprazole will fix her right up.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Just sneaking in to wish everyone a great weekend!!

Hoping my girl is feeling better. I miss her lots
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I disappeared again.

Life is... tough at the moment. SO has been in hospital for a couple of days with neurological symptoms of unknown origin. Clear CT, MRI, spinal tap and ultrasound. Weird allergic reaction ruled out. Poisoning ruled out. Triglycerides through the roof but he's a bigger guy and he eats horribly, so that's not THAT surprising (triglycerides = fat in the blood, basically). He is diabetic - blood sugar wasn't great day 1 but has been fine since.

He's being discharged today. He's better. Diagnosis is "hell if we know, probably a migraine?"

I hate that. I really, really hate that the diagnosis is a GUESS. He doesn't have a history of severe migraines. About 5 months ago he had his first minor one, and he has had a few since, but he's not as chronic as I am or usually anywhere NEAR as severe.

Ugh. At least the tests he's had rule out anything REALLY scary.

The mare is looking good. Still haven't bought a wider gullet plate for her saddle because Tekna STILL hasn't emailed me back. Two weeks, no response. I'm really unimpressed with the customer service I've gotten, and I don't think I'm likely to buy another Tekna with this level of customer care.

But I took matters into my own hands, found an allen key that fits the screws, and pulled my saddle apart. Now I know which plate I need, I can buy one. When I get paid.
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@PoptartShop - good luck! I hope everything goes well. I'm sure she'll be back to her old self in no time.

@TuyaGirl - Hi back; have a good weekend. Same goes for Tuya; get well soon!

@WildestDandelion - Hi welcome. I think there's places like that all over the world.

@blue eyed pony - Sorry to to hear that your SO has been in hospital, At least the frightening stuff has been ruled out. I get migraines without the headache but every other symptom, including aura.

@rambo99 - Great pictures and the barn looks warm. It's a shame that you're dealing with more snow though. I hope spring heads your way.

@Tazzie - Glad to hear that Diego's through the worst.

I confess that I'm not looking forward to working the weekend. The weather's been really nice and the last place i want to be is stuck inside. I was invited to ride Blaze with the others over the weekend but it's too soon for me to go back. I feel like i need to create some space, otherwise I'll be too tempted to interfere LOL. It was really nice of them though.

I dropped by my old riding school. All I'll say is that the yard is a bit rundown, untidy and chaotic. It's under new management and has been for a long time, as my old boss sold up not long after i left. Maybe I'm being unfair but the buildings needed work, the yard looked like it'd never seen a brush, rugs were everywhere, bridles and saddles flung around in the tack room and a yard full of little girls. Oh boy did i want to say something. Then again, as my friends pointed out, my first riding school was like being in the military and not everyone's like me. At least the horses appeared healthy.

There are a few other schools; one was really nice to walk around but too far away and the other was too expensive. I should've known, as, years ago, i went there for an instructors' night and they charged each of us 20.00 to hire a cushion for an hour because our rears were freezing on wooden seats LOL. The facilities are luxurious though. I've one more to visit, hopefully next week.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!
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@WildestDandelion : welcome!

@rambo99 : riding is a good excuse to not keep up with the thread! hope the storm wasn't as bad as expected..

@JCnGrace : the endurance ride was at Fair Hill, a popular horse park that is open to the public (it's not far from @PoptartShop actually!), so all those barriers were up before we got there and will stay after we've left. amazing how your ponies got everything figured out as to not miss their morning meal! yuck to ticks - I fear its going to be an ugly year for them.

@PoptartShop : hope you can get to the bottom of what is going on with Promise. ulcers aren't great but at least it would be a reason!

@TuyaGirl : hope your girl is doing great and you get to spend some time with her this weekend.

@blue eyed pony : how scary about your SO. I am glad he's doing better now, but I would also want to know the cause. hopefully it was a freak thing and will never happen again! hope you find the saddle plate you need so you can get back to riding.

@Caledonian : I am sorry to hear you are stuck working this weekend, but I think you are smart to keep some distance from Blaze right now. Does your old riding school still give lessons? Maybe you can take some there in exchange for some simple chores..

Monday, I got the boys out. The whole story is in my journal.

Phin was first:

George and Kestrel were next:

Wednesday, I got the boys out again. Phin was first:

Then George:

Yesterday, I got Phin out with Kestrel.

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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@JCnGrace thank you, I sure hope so!!! Crossing my fingers. & @phantomhorse13 is right, it's literally like 10mins from my house LOL! I love FH!! I'm doing the Good Friday paperchase (sadly it's their last one) next week!

@phantomhorse13 yeah, I can't wait to get some answers. Contemplating on if I want to watch the scoping or not...LOL. So glad you got the boys out. Such amazing views. So jealous!!!

@TuyaGirl fingers crossed she is feeling better, keep us posted. <3

@Caledonian cool to see how things changed huh?! I am not surprised. It sounds like new management haven't kept things nice there. Hopefully the next one you look at will be nicer! And sorry you have to work this weekend. :(

I confess, I'm trying not to be nervous about tomorrow's vet visit, I'm 99% sure it's ulcers, so that is what I am hoping for. I can't think of anything else it could be, she is fine otherwise & sound. Ugh!! Nervewracking.

I'm supposed to do a fun Obstacle Clinic at FH on Sunday. Tarps, bats, balloons, etc. Not sure if I'm gonna go now, we will see. Not really excited for it now. They already took my $40 so not sure if they would even refund me. It's supposed to rain that day too, so IDK! We will see, if anything I will just hand-walk her.

I hope everyone has a great weekend though, I will be sure to post tomorrow after the vet visit <3 Dying for 5pm to get here so I can prep her, LOL hopefully she doesn't mind the muzzle, but the girl has to fast!

Ride more, worry less.
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