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@JCnGrace I can be like that as well. I feel sorry to let some family stuff go to garbage, although I don't have the space to put them, so I only keep small stuff, like books, tea sets, paintings, and some decoratice items. Plus some can be considered antiques of some value someday in the future, who knows? :)
Lol you are so funny in your writting, the after you die being forced to come back to haunt your husband scene was hilarious!!

@Tazzie Glad Nick enjoyed his birthday. I lost that statement somewhere in between the lines, oops! Now that you have Diego out again he should gain some muscle just trotting up and down those hills :) He has been off of work for a while, so I am pretty sure that with some consistency he will reach where you want him to.

@PoptartShop Lol why are our girls so over dramatic with flies? Other horses be like *nothing happens* while Tuya dead stops, scratches head on legs, kicks at flies, you name it… Promise is looking great! But yes, pertinent question from JCnGrace, aren't you affraid she will revert somehow after moving to a new place?

@phantomhorse13 is Link a young horse?

@blue eyed pony I am sorry that you are going through this. Now just go and enjoy the most you can!! :)

@csimkunas6 Oh. My. God. What a cutie!!! Love her!!

@Captain Evil Lol he's still incredibly handsome!!

Weekend was overall good. Pilgrims came to do the usual rehearsal before the event, they are going to be 4 but only 3 came. BO went to pick 3 mares, and yep, one of them is soooo pregnant!! We thought she was just fat, as she was always big boned, but now you can see the swelled tits and belly… It reverts to beginning of Summer when a young stallion escaped. That's no fun, especially since he was planning on selling her, and using her to pilgrimage. He does not need another baby!
After they rode BO's daughter asked me if I wanted to ride her mare, so we hit the trail around the property. Felt so good!! Plus I did a lot of trotting on the arena, her mare is really comfy and I can do a really easy sitting trot. Today I am quite sore! :)

Vet came during the week (see, I was right, he had came, I just didn't call BO). He came for a first evaluation, to discuss treatment / possible exams, checked Tuya's legs all over, found nothing, no heat, no swelling, actually said she had very 'clean' legs. Checked hooves, nothing screaming as well, on the lunge line no significant lameness, only slight head bob on some strides, so he said no worries, could be some arthritis flare up due to age but not worrisome, no need of anti-inflamatory (Danilon), nothing, and to keep her outside, that would help wonders. And best part is that he did it for free!! BO is getting him more and more customers in the area, and so he charged nothing. Tuya is mine, but being at BO's barn I was lucky :)
I confess I should do X-rays, but this month I am struggling financially because of car insurance, so I will wait, as he saw no need for those immediately. I wish he had come sooner, maybe he could have seen something at that time, but what matters now is she is so much better!!! Long stride, reaching under… Of course you still can tell she is ouchy to the worst side, but in a couple weeks I hope I can get back on slowly. And she is accepting quite well being taken away from her babies, a little fuss but manageable.

She is still on grass, and for some hours has access to oat pasture like the previous one, because of the babies, and yet she is doing better. Maybe it was not laminitis flare up? I think BO didn't ask that because he never believed it was related. All I can tell is that she is sooo fat! Can't feel ribs at all!

The cremello baby is not so well still. He has no balance in rear legs, stands all sideways, legs really underneath him, which gives his back even a rounder aspect. Poor baby.
My favourite (the bay) escaped to the other side of the fence, we had to get him back in. Horses… Always ready to get into trouble :)

Will try to get picture, as it's on my phone

Can you please cancel this Monday for me? I really don't feel like it.
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I confess - I introduced Sawyer into the herd yesterday and it went amazingly well! I am so happy! Introducing a new horse to the herd is so traumatizing - for me and the horse! Sawyer was by herself at previous owners and then went to a boarding barn in March- where she became buddy sour once introduced into their herd. She is much happier out in the sacrifice pen even though she is still trying to find her place. Daughter will be home in a week so its nice that Sawyer is in the herd before daughter gets home
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@TuyaGirl I'm not too worried about it, she pretty much got the ulcers from not being on forage 24/7. She was fine when she moved from the place I got her from, then from that place to the old private barn, THEN to my trainer's place...she settles in pretty easily. Surprisingly, and the new place will be quiet also, so hopefully she won't be stressed.
I will have her on a supplement (RiteTrac) once she's totally done with the meds by the end of this week. Then I move her in 12 days. I will let her settle in of course, so hopefully she will be just fine. Fingers crossed.

I am so glad to hear the vet visit went well. Thank goodness. & so kind of them not to charge you! Ugh about the car insurance, I hear ya. It's always something. :( Very glad Tuya is doing well, and the fact that she has clean legs is awesome. She is such a good girl, and very healthy! <3 Oh wow about the preggo one, sheesh!! & sorry to hear about the cremello baby. :( Poor thing. & gosh yes, they are always getting into trouble.

@phantomhorse13 yeah, my vet said to keep her on the RiteTrac for a few months after the meds are done, but if she's fine I won't have to keep her on it forever (which works for me, because that isn't cheap either). Whew! Yeah, I agree it's good to have in case I need it for before long trails & whatnot. So jealous you got to ride this weekend, looks like a fun time!!!

@carshon aww that is great it went so well introducing her! It can be traumatizing, sometimes it just doesn't workout, ya never know. Glad to hear it!! It'll be very nice when she comes home & sees her out with the herd settling in.

@JCnGrace aww I hope not, there's a few older horses at my barn who haven't shedded out their winter coat much yet. Sigh. I think some just take longer than others. Hopefully that's the case.
From work, it's 45mins versus over an hour. From home, it's about 20-25mins versus 35, but the best thing about it, is that coming HOME from the place ONLY takes 20-25, versus an HOUR. So that'll save me lots of time (& gas) at night during the week! I was thinking that too, hopefully it doesn't stress her. She's not easily stressed, last time I moved her she settled in quickly. This place is quieter so hopefully it'll be even better. She will be on RiteTrac supplement, after she's done weaning off the GastroGard (by the end of this week or so), which will helps the ENTIRE digestive tract (foregut & hindgut). For prevention. So it should keep the ulcers away!

@csimkunas6 she's cute, but I did see your most recent post on your journal, about all the red flags. I'm glad you didn't go through with it!

@Captain Evil LOL, very, very slim!

I confess, I didn't get to ride at ALL this weekend. :( I got to the barn early on Saturday to beat the rain, & it was nice & sunny........went to get Promise, took her up to the barn to groom/tack her...& I found a nice big bite on her shoulder, right near where the tack would go - she was very sensitive, it broke the skin, so I put some Krudzapper on it & I should be OK tomorrow to ride, if not we will just stick to groundwork. Sigh. Always something.

Guess who bit her...& also kicked a few other horses & put bites on some others? My bf's horse. BO moved her to another field (Promise moved also because for the most part they get along great) & she's in a field with some older mares that DO NOT TAKE ANY CRAP. LOL, she was getting too cocky in the other field, causing trouble & becoming a bully.

It sucks though, like my poor girly! :(
At least MY horse isn't a bully haha. But yesterday it looked much better, still healing & she's still a bit sensitive, but gosh! Like I said, always something.

She's weaning off the meds now, bit by bit. Should be fully weaned off by the end of this week, then she will start the RiteTrac supplement.

Here's a picture of the lovely bite with the Krudzapper ointment on it lol but as you can see, it was pretty big!

Can't wait until Promise gets muscles back, I still want her to gain more weight too, but it'll happen. No issues at ALL grooming her this weekend. :)
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Ride more, worry less.
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Made me laugh but also sigh...

I thought this might be worth a laugh to someone. I'm a novice, taking lessons while leasing to own. The horse is a bit more than green broke, but getting finished now because of my (in)experience.
Took the horse in from paddock for my lesson this weekend just after he got some hay. He wasn't impressed with this as he's very food driven. Trainer had to step out for a moment after I just started to lunge him. He is an angel with her around, he really is a good boy. Lunging is new to me. Soon as she walked out of arena he went from his walk to a trot, (without me asking him for anything but his current walk) halted himself, turned the other direction, took a few steps walking then went for a trot... before I could even get my thoughts together to get him back to the walk that I was asking of him in the opposite direction. I really think he was just trying to get through the 'routine' before she got back to get on with the lesson which got him to his food faster! Yes it was naughty and he was testing me, but I'm proud of his thought process!! haha Okay maybe some wont laugh, but if you saw it you might have!?! Oh, and I didn't tell her either. He would have gotten in trouble. Yes I know I cant be letting him get away with things. I fixed him and got him back to what he was supposed to be doing and we took our time finishing the lunge session. Just made me giggle.
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@Captain Evil , he'll still be golden under the mud/dirt. LOL

@TuyaGirl , he provides lots of comedic material. LOL What good news about Tuya's vet exam! As of my typing this only 14 minutes to go until Monday will be done and over with! So good you got to go out on a trail and nice of the BO's daughter to let you ride her horse. Did she go with you on another horse?

@carshon , I'm glad Sawyer is fitting in nicely!

@PoptartShop , aaah, that shouldn't happen to sweet Promise, poor girl! Shame on BF's horse (I can't remember her name, dangit!). Sometimes I wish I still had a herd of dominant mares to turn Cutter out with. LOL The only 2 I have left are pretty mellow and while Cloud will get stirred up if pushed enough I don't think I've ever seen Frecks stick up for herself. That will be a nice save on driving home, you'll be able to spend that extra time at the barn if you want to! I'm not too worried about Gamble and his shedding issue since his timeline has always been different than the rest of herd. Plus in the spots I have gotten clear he has a nice short healthy summer coat.

@BeckyFletcher , LOL the smart ones will do that. Back many years ago a friend gave me the Monty Roberts join-up series on tape. I decided to try it with Gamble and after he figured out that coming into me while free lunging him was what I was after he'd trot or canter halfway around the round pen and then cut in and bury his head in my chest.

I am soooo dumb! I spent all day snuffling, sneezing and being otherwise miserable with allergies. Went to take my allergy pill tonight and saw I had forgotten to take it last night. DUH!!! LOL

My vacation time from poop scooping is over, they've already started their summer habit of turning the barn into their bathroom. Thankfully they start it gradually so that I can get back in shape before the real mess starts.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@PoptartShop, I guess we're just lucky LOL! I'm glad he's feeling better! And YES! He says stalls are NOT his life! I can't say I blame him since it's gorgeous out! And I love all the blue on my girl! I know I'll get through to Diego, but it frustrates me. Like, this is what martingales cause. They cause a false headset and a horse that doesn't bend. YAY for the move for Promise! And I'm about halfway through the music for Nick's ipod, woo! Poor Promise! I hope it's healing well! Naughty River!

@phantomhorse13, haha yes! I knew it's what he wanted, so it was easy. He was made I actually went to Best Buy to get it as opposed to ebay, but I wanted to make sure I could exchange it if something was wrong! And it's not so much worry. If he keeps himself together, he's a shoe in. He's won up to 4th Level I think, and schooling PSG. So he'd deserve to win. And after all she's been through with him, she deserves SOME luck with him. He's a really nice horse, and I really like her as a person and as a rider! She tried him at our October show, but he decided airs above the ground was a better alternative than actually working lol we need more Link pictures!!

@JCnGrace, that's the hope! He definitely needs muscle, but he's right about where we want him as far as weight goes! I do not want to send him into the obese category knowing that his line tends to have metabolic issues! And I did :) she graciously says thank you LOL glad ponies had sense today! Whoops about the allergy med! And darn ponies!

@Captain Evil, even dirty pony will still be cute!

@TuyaGirl, it's ok! I'm glad he did too! That is the hope! He was always out, but locked in the barn at night so I could give him meds in the morning! Now he's back out full time with just meds in the evening. MUCH nicer! And hopefully we can get some consistent work in on him! Just needs to quit raining! Oops about the pregnant mare! I'm glad you got some riding time! I do hope it is just arthritis for miss Tuya. I get it though. We all go through months that are a bit rough financially. I just consider it a part of life. Sorry to hear the little cremello isn't doing well :( but the bay sounds pretty hilarious!

@carshon, I'm glad the introductions went well!

@BeckyFletcher, that sounds like what my mare would do haha! The smart ones are the fun ones though!

Well, didn't go down to work on my friend's bathroom. Kaleb woke up sick Saturday morning. Such is life. He's fine now at least! I did laundry and worked on some music for Nick's ipod. I'm about halfway through it now. I have A LOT of CDs....

Sunday was kind of blah. It was cold and drizzly in the morning, which it wasn't supposed to be. We went and grabbed some more flowers for my garden, and essentially just did that. Didn't ride because everything was saturated. Just not cool! But I got a lot of folding done. We had a birthday party we went to, which was fun!

Kaleb also drove the RZR (with Nick's assistance). We had good laughs over it nothing broke though haha!

Yesterday was Izzie's NINTH birthday! We had decided we'd be riding since it was so nice out. Izzie showed me she desperately needs the chiro as she felt very out in her haunches. Like, absolutely not ok using her hind end, and our transitions were terrible as a result. Fingers crossed it's what she needs! She sees him tomorrow evening!

Diego was absolutely fantastic! Lately he's been BAD about mounting. Like, REALLY bad. Nick tossed me up on him and prepared to catch him, but there was no need. Diego stood stock still, focused and ready for his job. We gave him a treat as a reward (I'm trying to get both better at mounting in general; neither are actually bad, but I want better) and then headed out. He was literally fantastic for all of it. We put the ear bonnet on Diego since he kept thinking his mane was flies, so he tantrumed briefly over that. But he smoothed out and was incredibly good. I'm very proud of him! I was feeling a bit hopeless with him because he'd been getting worse. I'm talking threats of rearing, bucking, halfway bolting when I was mounting, etc. I was really worried I'd ruined a really nice horse. But it's shaping up that the ulcers were the cause of all these issues... which is a relief because I didn't want to make the horse we bought for my husband dangerous...

Izzie and I tried something new last night though! Two years ago we failed miserable working a rope gate at a show. Like, it was bad. Last night we practiced with the gate in the barn. Safest idea? Probably not. But I know my horse and how she reacts. The bit chomping you see is her anxiety coming out. She has high anxiety when learning new things, so I ignore it while we work through it. It diminished the more we played with it. But I'm proud. I've literally never asked her to do this, and I think she had one or two trial runs before Nick recorded. So I'm proud :)

And then my horse is a mess we laughed all night long at this hahaha! I actually think it was my most laughed at video I have ever put on Facebook it's that funny

Tonight I aim to work Diego again while Nick just hops on Izzie for a leisurely stroll around the field. Diego needs the work, Izzie is just Nick's baby right now lol

Tomorrow Izzie sees the chiro! Which I'm hoping will help her issues! We plan to give them baths too (chiro will be calling when he's on his way home, and we will head over then). Then I'm locking Izzie up in the barn stall, leaving Diego loose (he won't leave her), so Thursday afternoon I just have to grab two ponies and head to the show! Nick filled their water trough in the barn up to the brim, so it's all ready in that aspect! Love that Nick is so supportive of the ponies <3
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@JCnGrace haha it's okay, her name is River! Although I had some other names for her this weekend after seeing that bite on Prom! LOL. Oh gosh I hate allergies. I'm the same way in the spring, if I accidentally miss a dose, I'm sneezing all over the place. Ugh!!!

@Tazzie sorry to hear about Kaleb, gosh, but I'm glad he is feeling better...& hey, at least now Nick will have some music. LOL. That is so darn cute seeing him drive it hahaha omg! That looks like a blast!! Thank god nothing broke haha. Happy birthday Izzie!!! <3 Hopefully the chiro helps the girly out! On her birthday too, poor pony! So glad Diego is doing better too, especially with the mounting. The ulcers were definitely the cause...doesn't it feel nice to pretty much have your horse back?!! I remember when I'd try to get on Promise, she'd keep moving or walk off when I got on, & pinned her she stands still again, but I was losing hope too. It sucks, stupid ulcers. They affect so much.

Love the gate stuff!! What a good job Izzie! LOLOLOLOL at that video of her scaring herself. Omg. I watched it like 10x already, it's funnier each time. LOL!!! Omg she is a riot. Made my day hahaha. It needs to go viral. I love that Nick is so supporting also, it's the best feeling when your man is supportive. As it should be. <3

I confess, I am HOPING I can ride tonight...I haven't ridden since like Thursday or Friday...& I'm dying to! Hopefully the bite is almost all healed, we shall see. I'm sure Promise is enjoying her little vacation though. LOL. Yeah, River is a brat for that. She's gonna get worked in the roundpen tonight, which she NEEDS. My trainer & BF are gonna work with her. It'll be good for him to do some more hands-on stuff, it'll help his confidence too.

It's a bit humid out, but nice out today. I would love to ride, so let's see! I'll take a picture of it, hopefully it looks better today.

Is it Friday yet? LOL

Ride more, worry less.
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@blue eyed pony : hope your visit continues to go well. What did Ikora think of him? Did his bag finally show up?

@JCnGrace : you asked how many horses I help condition: right now, that would be our two boys and Nicole's two. I do ride with my SIL sometimes, but she is a slave to the farm, so doesn't get the saddle time she wishes she could. hope you are feeling better now that you have your allergy medication on board again.

@csimkunas6 : omg what a face - congrats!! of course I am partial to the name Dream.

@Captain Evil : nothing is golden during mud season!

@TuyaGirl : Link is young, he's not quite 3. so glad you got some riding time, even if you are a bit sore now. bet it was worth it. glad to hear the vet didn't find any issues with Tuya (and how fantastic not to be charmed for the exam!!). sorry to hear the one baby still isn't doing well.

@carshon : what a relief when a herd intro goes well!

@PoptartShop : ugh to Promise having a bite mark - why are they always in the worst places?! glad you figured out who the bully was, so hopefully it won't keep happening. fingers crossed you got to ride this evening.

@BeckyFletcher : sounds like you have a very smart horse.

@Tazzie : glad Kaleb is feeling better now (and I won't mention the oops). hopefully it doesn't work its way through the rest of the family. what kind of flowers did you get? Happy Birthday Izzie! love the gate work.

Yesterday, I got George out. The whole story is in my journal.

Today, I got Phin out.

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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I'm really enjoying catching up a bit on HF. I can only use the big computer now, as I keep getting booted over to porn sites on my iPad. Hmmm.

My golden pony did not stay golden at all, but he got new brushes for his birthday, and they are awesome. He was pretty clean for the vet on Monday. Best present for both of us: she says he is not fat!!!!

What a shock! Wonderful, but...really?

Here's what is hard about this horse. He has dapples (sort of) but only on his belly...


...and not one on his butt! It's a huge butt and a total waste of space! Like some vast, unused canvas!


Anyway, the mud is starting to go, and the puddle in our backyard known as Poo Lagoon has started to come to life. We now have two muskrats:


Two ducks:


...and two painted turtles (although I think there are really three):


...and millions of fish, other birds like kingfishers, sparrows, wrens, finches, a blue heron, eels, and some snapping turtles. So, yea again!!
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@Tazzie , Happy Birthday to Izzie! Her spook was pretty hilarious, you'll have to ask her if she's getting senile in her old age. LOL She did good with the gate. Glad Kaleb is feeling better and he was pretty cute with the Razor. Good lessons for when he's ready to get his license and that will come faster than you think.

@PoptartShop , RIVER! I knew I liked her name when you told us what it was, I just couldn't think of it. Half the time I forget my own animals' names so it's not surprising I forgot. 3 more work days and then you can have a break.

@phantomhorse13 , that's actually a lot considering you keep them fit for endurance. Were you brush popping with Phin?

@Captain Evil , you could draw dapples on his butt however he's gorgeous just like he is. Beautiful pictures!

I confess that I managed to sit in bird poop and poison ivy today.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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