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@carshon Glad all went well with the herd introduction. I get the nerve part. I am always afraid some will end up hurt or ostracized badly. It's part of it though. BO was going to introduce a palomino mare to Tuya's little herd this week, I cannot help to wonder if all went well, since Tuya might get over protective of the babies.

@PoptartShop Bad River! I can imagine Promise being all social and sweet towards her and then bam! Not funny. Yeah, I bet you called her every name possible, except hers.
Yay for Promise not being so reactive, soon she will be back to a wonderful condition :)
I hope that you got to ride and yes, I desperately need Friday!

@BeckyFletcher Yeah, some horses are THAT smart :) They soon learn routines and every way possible to try and make working time shorter. My mare drifts to the center of the arena, where the classes usually finish (she was a school horse in past), and you can tell she is asking 'are we done?'

@Tazzie Glad Kaleb is doing well. Someone needs to improve the reverse on the RZR, lol! (kidding, we are talking about a kid)
HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY to Izzie, the mare that gets herself into trouble, lol!! Just reminded of a vídeo I saw of a horse holding a plastic bag in mouth and chasing the other horses around, scaring them to death :) I wonder if she locked her jaw for a second there, silly girl!
Very good job with the gate! Hope all goes well with the chiro.

@Captain Evil I would spend hours just observing all those fellows at Poo Lagoon. It's relaxing. Yay for Nemo not being fat! I think I still see some dapples on his butt? I think that when Tuya has them it's more on the belly as well, although not usual. Will try to find a picture of her and share.

@JCnGrace BO's daughter came with me in a palomino mare that had also been used to the rehearsal. Sorry that you sat on bird poop, hope it didn't leave a stain. Does poison ivy make allergies to the skin? If so ouch!

Thanks everyone for being happy for Tuya :) I really appreciate it!

Nothing to confess aroud here… Just another rainy day
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Allright so here is Tuya when I bought her 9 years ago. @Captain Evil found it
As you can tell she always had a poor topline. And she came to me quite thin as well.
And her leading the babies. Can you somehow see the cremello's arched back?
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@PoptartShop , I'm glad he's feeling better too! I hate when they are sick! He enjoys driving when he can lol he's a goofball. I'm really hoping the chiro helps! But I'm sure he will. It is really nice to have him back. I was getting so discouraged and worrying I'd gotten in over my head. But not really. He does have a couple of issues to still sort out, but they seem behavioral more than anything. I'm getting a box of bits though from the girl who gave me all her tack, and I want to play around with it. He's ok in the myler, but the D ring might be a bit harsher than he needs. Glad we are both seeing the light of day after ulcers! I'm super proud of the gate work :) she's so good! I made it public since you asked haha! A few people have shared it out already! I laugh harder each time lol and I'm thankful he's so supportive. Definitely the perfect partner for me! I hope the bite looks better and that the work with River went well! Hope you also had a good ride! Today is my Thursday, so I'm nearly there haha!

@phantomhorse13 , I am too (though the oops made us crack up haha! My grandma wasn't too thrilled seeing he was driving already LOL). Fingers crossed we've all been ok so far! I don't even remember what we got lol I'm terrible with flower names. The kids picked out a lot. Some that I got said they attract butterflies (they are flowers, not the butterfly bushes). Yellow and orange are the best I can say haha! I'm proud of the gate work :) Woohoo for pony time!!

@Captain Evil , love your pictures! Your golden boy is gorgeous!

@JCnGrace , haha, she'd probably give me the look of death lol but we laughed so hard. I told her she shouldn't embarrass herself like that! I do feel our partnership is getting better since she handled the gate well (until it chased her, which is why I laughed and let go!) Thankfully Kaleb is fine and doesn't seem to be passing it along! And yes! That and Nick and Kaleb are going to build a go kart, and Kaleb wants to learn how to drive the tractor. I like farm life for that since no one blinks an eye at kids driving stuff LOL oh no to the bird poop and poison ivy!! Are you all itchy??

@TuyaGirl , HAHA! Yes he does need to improve! He needs to grow a bit more first though LOL Yes, Izzie is a magnet for trouble! Last night her and Diego were trying to figure out how to unlock the gate. I told Nick we will be tying that gate up tonight in addition to the chain!! If she ever got over the fear, I could absolutely see her doing that to Diego LOL! Thank you! I'm hoping it goes well too! And Tuya is just as beautiful as when you bought her <3 I do see the roach back that you're talking about too.

Not a whole lot to report here. It took me two and a half hours to get home last night... it typically takes me a little over an hour. So that was dreadful. Because of that, I didn't get to ride *sigh* that's life for you. Tonight is chiro, baths, and clipping. Well, and packing the trailer.

Nick let the kids fish in the creek too, which they had a blast with.

And got pictures from the photographer :) finally bought my Region 14 Banquet pictures haha!

And then pictures from our last show :)

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I confess, I haven't been on here all day, but I have had the worst day today. I need to catchup with everyone soon.

Long story short, my boss decided at 9:30 this morning he was going to update my computer to windows 10 (I have 7 currently, works fine)...long story short...the update didn't work, my computer crashed. It's shot, it's in the garbage now. :)

So, I have to use an OLD computer that we had here, but this computer is absolutely HORRIBLE. I mean, HORRIBLE. I can't really send emails, I can't draft anything, I had to use a coworker's computer to file a few things earlier, it locks up all the time, it's just HORRIBLE.
He hasn't ordered me a new computer yet, so not sure how tomorrow & the rest of the week will go. Sigh...just not a good make matters worse, he's frustrated with ME.

Every time I had an issue today, he'd get mad at me. Yes, me. And he wouldn't let me use his computer. :) Yet the other day, he updated one of my coworker's computer, it took half the day & he let HER use his. :) But me? Screw me, right?

Yeah, so just not having a good day...I have a LOTTTTTTTTTT to do. Not sure why they didn't just send me home :) But whatever. Is what it is, right?

Then, last night I was p'd at my BO. Why?

Well, PROMISE WAS IN THE DRY LOT LAST NIGHT!!!!!!! & has been for the past 5 nights! Without me knowing! As you all know, her being in the dry lot for 12+hrs at night made her get the ulcers.

My BO was like, she's fine, her ulcers are gone. Okay, SO???????? Doesn't mean she needs to be put back in a situation where she got them from!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's not 10% that the ulcers are GONE. Yes, she's 90% better, but she's still weaning off the meds & I haven't even started the supplement yet. Like I'm just over it.

So, she acted like I was crazy for even suggesting she needs to go back out to the pasture at night. I made it very clear, and per my vet's advice also, that my horse needs CONSTANT forage.

So, last night I put her back out to the field where she used to go, & that's that. I'm just irritated & disappointed because my BO didn't even ASK me if that was okay! Like that's a HUGE deal to me, I didn't spend over a thousand dollars (vet bills + meds) for her to get them ugh. Sorry, just had to vent...just not my week I guess?

Ride more, worry less.
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The season is definitely upon us, and it feels as though there is no time to breathe.

It will be 10 years since our old boat was destroyed and we built the new one, so next week is a huge 10 year Coast Guard inspection. I spent the day working on the hull while DH worked in the bilges down below. Such a big boat to clean!

We had intended to spend all day tomorrow on the boat, but got two calls for "emergency" diving work, so our boat will have to wait. We have been on the water pretty much constantly for the last week, so, since I come to the forum with nothing else to offer, here are some pictures:

This black bird (raven?) was upset by the presence of this eagle, and so kept dive bombing it...

DSC_5572.jpg . DSC_5580.jpg

... finally crashing into it... until the eagle left.

DSC_5608.jpg . DSC_5609.jpg

It rained all day another day, and this eagle looked so mad:


Of course, they always look sort of mad. I mean, they're eagles!

And we saw many many cute seals...


This one is, I think, actually fatter than my horse!


And Diving Husband dove into some jellyfish by mistake: these are some of the tentacles that stung him.


They are from a Lion's Mane, considered to be the biggest jelly in the world, and man, can they ever sting! The tentacles went all over his tanks, suit and face, and he was in a lot of pain.

Such is life!
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@TuyaGirl , yes about the poison ivy. If you are allergic to it you will get a rash of tiny blisters that itch like mad. I think most people are allergic to it, my dad is the only person I know who wasn't.

Tuya was a looker even back then, I can see why you got her. Oh that poor little colt/filly.

@Tazzie , not itchy yet so maybe I dodged a bullet.

All those pics are so good but WOW on the one of you and Nick looking at each other with Izzie between you. I could feel the love.

@PoptartShop , what a crazy, in a bad way, day for you! I hope tomorrow is much better. Maybe your boss was mad at himself and taking it out on you. Bad and unprofessional behavior on his part if that's the case. And then your BO, WTH??? I'm glad you're moving!

@Captain Evil , Oh my on your pics. You get to see such awesome wildlife! That fat seal is too funny. Are they fairly tame as in letting you get close for pictures? How long will your hubby be miserable from those stings?

I swear hubby is such a pessimist it drives me batty sometimes, well most of the time. Everyday after he feeds the cats I have to hear about which ones he didn't see and that they're probably dead. Today it was Pickles and he was just sure something got ahold of her and killed her. She was alive and well when I went to the barn. If I had a nickel for every minute that he spent worrying about nothing I'd be a rich woman. LOL

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@PoptartShop , I hope you've had a better day!! And shame on that BO! Thank goodness you'll be moving her soon!

@JCnGrace , good to hear!! I sure hope you have! And yes! I love this photographer with everything I have (she's a fantastic person inside and out), and I love her show pictures. But it's her candids that have ALWAYS drawn me in. She's amazing!

So, not much to confess. Izzie had her pelvis and rib cage realigned, and hoping she didn't knock it back out last night. We brought them home, gave them a bath, and then locked up Izzie in the barn in hopes Diego would stay. Nope. This morning he was in the tree line, and Izzie was still in the barn. Izzie can be pretty sensible when alone, so fingers crossed she didn't pace and hurt herself *sigh* we leave tonight for the show. I'll be showing tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening in hand, and then riding classes on Saturday!

In other, WAY more fun news!

Big momma had her baby!!!!! I have to print out some pictures later on to show our neighbors, but I'm so excited! A REALLY gorgeous, leggy filly! She's absolutely perfect! Vet checked her over and said she's in great health! No name as of yet, but he's leaning toward Mulan as a barn name. But he's just about to meet her for the first time, so we will see if the name sticks or not. Nick and I will be meeting her tomorrow night :) I've been calling her my niece, and I truly think she's one of the most beautiful little fillies I have ever seen in my life <3 I'd show videos, but I'm not allowed currently. But pictures will just have to do

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I confess, I'll respond back to everyone tomorrow because hopefully that's when my NEW computer will be hooked up. Ugh. This one is horrible, still.

Today marks a year that I officially signed papers for Promise though. <3 So I am going to have a 'gotcha day' ride after work. LOL.

Ride more, worry less.
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@Captain Evil : I think you need to look closer, as I see some faint dapples on the bottom of that butt. hope your 10 year inspection goes without a hitch. I love your wildlife pictures!!

@JCnGrace : hope the poison ivy you sat in has not infested you! tell your DH he needs to stop borrowing trouble by assuming cats are dead - sheesh.

@TuyaGirl : Tuya is such a good looking mare. I can see the roach back in that poor cremello baby. just hurts my heart.

@Tazzie : more stunning pics for the wall. hope all your chores and packing got finished without complication. Noir's baby is cute as all get out - congrats to all.

@PoptartShop : omg to a dead work computer!! windoze is the work of satan. i can't believe your boss was pissy with you about it. I don't even have words for your BO putting Promise back in the drylot (well, I do have words but they would wind up as ****s here). How long until you are moving her?? Happy Gotcha day Promise!

Today, I got both boys out. The whole story is in my journal.

I started with George.

Next it was Phin's turn, along with Kestrel.

Tomorrow, more rain..

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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@Tazzie , good luck at your show this weekend! I was just wondering not too long ago if that mare ever had her foal and was going to ask and then forgot. It is so fun getting old! LOL

@PoptartShop , HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Did you get Promise a gift?

@phantomhorse13 , believe me I've "discussed" his doom and gloom attitude with him many, many times. He sees it as being prepared for the worst while I see it as a waste of time and detrimental to mental & physical health. He's already had multiple heart procedures including open heart surgery and I don't know how he has managed to avoid a stroke.

Kestrel is going to be fit for an endurance race of her own!

Tomorrow is farrier day AGAIN, seems like we just had one! LOL

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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