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@Tazzie So nice you have little fishes on the creek! So you let them go after or they can be good to eat? :)
Such lovely pictures of you! Blue is definitively your color :) Everyone can tell how much your husband loves his horse. And you, lol!
I hope Izzie didn't hurt herself back.
And the baby? Adorable!! I just want to hold her and squeeze her. Look at her sleeping, so darn cute! Glad all went ok.
Enjoy the show!!

@PoptartShop Oh, man, that sucks. That was a really bad day. No one has patience for moody bosses! Same here :(
And your BO should know better, right? Well being in the dry lot was exactly what caused the ulcers. No one can heal in the same environment that made them sick in first place! Duh... Well best part is Promise will leave soon! I hope you enjoyed your first anniversary with her. Time flies!

@Captain Evil Oh wow! Amazing pictures! Love the crow ones. And the seals look adorable!! And fat :) The one of the tentacle not so much. Such a tiny thing with so much poison. I hope that the pain goes away soon!

@phantomhorse13 Let's hope it does not rain? Same here, tired of grey days, I don't see the Sun in a few days and it's driving me nuts!!
I still ride through your pictures, I love the sights between the ears :)

@JCnGrace Poor Pickles, being already dead in your husband's head :) I associate being worried about something constantly more of a women trait, don't even know why...

Aww thank you! Yes, Tuya catched my sight, but mostly my heart and confidence, since who rode her to show how reliable she was, was a child. And then my non horsey friend. With a loose gelding in the same paddock running around her like crazy :)
Another cloudy day in here. I swear the lack of Sun is driving people crazy, my boss being the best example. She is in the hateful bipolar phase again. It's not with me, but affects the whole environment to hear her screaming constantly.
I really need the weekend. Pilgrims are doing another rehearsal on Saturday, maybe I can ride a little after once again if horses are not too tired (usually they won't go faster than a walk). I don't plan on trying out Tuya yet.
Weather is supposed to improve drastically, going from 21 degrees celsius today, to 28 tomorrow and 34 (!!) Sunday. I will be cooked alive!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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@Tazzie ugh, thank you! & omg the baby pictures! So freaking cute. <3 Hopefully Izzie didn't hurt herself again after just getting re-aligned! Always something. Gosh, I love those pictures. <3

@TuyaGirl Tuya looks just as good today. <3 So beautiful. & thank you. Exactly, like...just because she's much better, DOESN'T mean put her back in there. Ugh. So glad I said something. Ugh, I need the weekend too...a few more hours! Stay cool!

@Captain Evil love the photos. So beautiful!!

@phantomhorse13 thank you! :) Seriously, I was SO p'd off. Like...the fact she didn't even ask me if it was OK to move her back to it! Ridiculous. Moving her next Saturday though!!! Ugh, I know, more rain here too. :( So over it. Love the pictures though, how nice you got both of them out!!

@JCnGrace I feel like you just had the farrier out too. LOL, seems like this month is flying by! & I spoiled her with treats! <3 Yes, I did buy her a new rope halter. The one she currently has is fraying. So she will like that! I also ordered her a hunter green fly bonnet for when we go on trails. Hunter green is the color! Thank you!!! I can't believe it's been a year already.

I confess, I am on my brand new computer...but, it didn't go as smoothly as you'd think...I figured my boss would've hooked it up after-hours, or before...but nope. I got to work today & he was working on it. Okay, no big deal. I used another computer in the meantime (the bookkeeper wasn't here today, so I could use hers).

Then..........I heard a bunch of slamming noises, sounded like something was broken...I didn't even say anything, because he sounded frustrated. Like, you're an attorney...why are you even bothering with this stuff? We DO have an IT guy.

Long story short? He broke 1 of my monitors, & my printer. :)
Yes, my printer...not sure why he did, because the printer was fine. He broke the tray, & now I can't print anything on it. We have a main printer, but I obviously like using the one right in my office.
So that's what all the noise was about.

He said the monitor broke because he slammed it on the desk (not sure why, again, because my monitor was fine...). Then he said he broke the printer but didn't tell me what he did. It's a mess. All the pieces from the front tray were all over my desk. I was pretty upset about it.

Then, I jokingly asked him later on, 'do you want me to order a new printer? Not sure what happened with mine...' he goes, 'ha, no, I don't want you to order a new printer. It's fine. The tray is just broken.' So...guess I'm not getting a new printer? LOL. I'm over it at this point. This week has just been so crappy, I'm ready for 5pm so I can get out of here.

I also need dual monitors (all the work I do!) so I'm hoping he gets me a new one...we will see. I'm just sick of all this crap.

Anyway, at least I have a new computer, right? OH.....FORGOT TO MENTION.......................he somehow 'deleted' all of my templates. So, I have to re-create new ones now (for legal docs). :) So yeah, once again I'm not in the best mood.

On top of it, I woke up today with a sore throat, so not fun at all.

Ugh...but anyway, last night went well with Promise. She's still putting on weight which is good. We had a nice ride. Moving her to the new place next Saturday! Can't wait!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Ride more, worry less.
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@TuyaGirl , hope you have a nice break from work and get to recharge your batteries with a ride!

@PoptartShop , green is my favorite color on a horse! She definitely looks good in it but she could probably rock any color.

That little chore done for another 8 weeks. The big surprise of the day was Little Miss. I didn't have to lock her in a stall and then still get her cornered to get a halter on her. She stood like a champ and got lots of praise and scratches for her good behavior. Cloud had a little white line going on but he was able to trim it out. Everyone else got a clean bill of foot health.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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HF doesn't like the photo I really want to upload so here are a few others :)

We did get engaged! I'm SO excited!
FMIL is not impressed but to hell with her, it's not about her.

His bag showed up a few days late, delivered to us by rush courier from Perth.

Don't have forever on my computer so I'm going to leave it at that for now!
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@blue eyed pony , Congratulations on your engagement! From your pics it looks as if he likes animals and they like him back so that is a huge character reference.

Happy Mothers Day to all whether you're mom to 2 legged or 4 legged kids!

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@PoptartShop Ugh, what a mess at your work. What's with bosses tossing things? Mine when she gets mad slams the keyboard into the desk repeatedly! I just feel like punching her and yelling at her to stop. I am sorry about you having to work with only one monitor, and having to redo all of your templates.
So I just hope that you enjoyed the weekend and was good enough to make you forget this stressful week. Promise is looking great!

@JCnGrace Yay for everyone's good feet :)

@blue eyed pony CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He seems to enjoy animals a lot, that's a big step to success in my book :) Yes, your FMIL cannot decide on your hapiness.

Back to Monday and feeling like disappearing. I really hate the big town :( I wish I could have stayed at the barn. And I feel so great in there. It's like... I am me.
So, now into what hapenned: Pilgrims were there for another rehearsal as expected, and I had to wait to pick Tuya up, not to disturb. When we knew it was almost over, BO's son went with me because he wanted to check on the foals. We took a bucket with a tiny handful of grain, just to reward her for coming, per advice from BO. She was watching the babies sleep, mounting guard. Melted my heart - She saw the bucket and us calling. Started to shift weight in fronts, but did not leave them, although she clearly wanted to. Gotta love animals :)

So we went to her, and brought her up. When I was tying her up while the pilgrims were finishing the ride, I heard them saying to each other what a beautiful horse she was. I was proud! :) She was extremely mellow, gave me very rare horsey hugs while I was scratching her withers. And was away from her children, lol!
BO's son then asked me to bring her back to the foals, so as they would follow her outside pasture into the arena, so as he could work them all together. So darn cuteeee!! They followed her just fine, and were all free lunged. Movement is key, especially to the cremello. And Tuya really needs it as well. She is sooo fat I think I see fat dips on the base of neck :( But is moving so well, only slight head bob here and there, reaching under, long stride... I was quite pleased!
Next week I got advice to ride her a little bit. That she needs it. And in the meantime I don't know how BO's going to do, but she will be kept in the not so lush upper part of pasture.

As usual pictures will follow in separate post
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The quality is terrible because they are screenshots from a video I made of the session. It's her worst side.
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(first off I apologize if the post ends up talking about one thing at the beginning and then switching to something else near the end- I'm just writing, my thoughts are a bit chaotic)..

Something to get off my chest? Yeah.

Certain horse people. The my way is best horse person, the set in their ways horse person, the 'for the good of horse' but not really for the rider horse people or vice versa, the 'judge before knowing the full story' types- which we all do to an extent- but come on.

Everyone can do any of these things horse person or not, but something about certain pets seem to rile people up and bring out the worst, the overbearing, and (often) the best. But call me a pessimist, I've seen less and less of the last one, even on forums which makes me wonder why I join such places. Reminds me of dog owners and how zealous some can get (not a fan of dogs here but that's not the point). These archetypes are more common with that group- and more- from what I've noticed, imo, but those achetypes are here as well. Then again horse people are often dog people so I'm not surprised. I've seen too much nasty, too many 'opinions' that often derail the confidence of the rider and in turn the confidence and comfort of the horse (without knowing their story), etc. It's tiring. Not to say everyone's bad- no there are many great people I've met, but the commonality of these types seem to be the catalyst to a lot of infighting off and online.

I get it, it can be like that everywhere. But the prevalence is so clear.
I always try to look before I dive when it comes to groups on or offline. Thick skin or not, turning a blind eye to toxicity is never helpful. The best thing to do with barn drama/other is try* to resolve it and not let it linger. We might not be able to prevent 'archetypes' but we can resolve the problems sometimes caused by them. This is not a call out post by the way. But If you feel offended somehow perhaps you should examine why.

I've encountered too many of the same, I'm feeling a bit...I don't know how to put it.. 'skeptical' of how we mesh together, and there's more to it, but that's all I can say. Words are words, but the overall concept is actually a bit "distressing".

I'm not overly sensitive to the issues- I find them to be of a real annoyance- but I guess for me its 'distressing' because I feel like I'm not doing much to help with a little resolve. No one person can change everything, but the little bit of drama I'm dealing with now, I just kind 'shut down'. Yeah, that's exactly what it is. These archetypes all around me and I'm shutting down and removing myself from them when I used to actually help them or figure things out. In a way I feel bad for doing it but I realize that people need to find their own way. I'm tired, I'm mentally and emotionally tired- some people need to stop leaning on me for help, and help themselves (in the situation I'm in). In general, people need to help themselves. Sorry for a lot of rambling, I'm sick, I just have a lot of thoughts bottled up but I don't mean any ill intent..I'm just logging thoughts and figured this vent thread would be good. I really do believe certain pets bring out the worst and the best in people-stubbornness, arrogance, braveness, hope.. it's such a strange phenomenon to me, but we all have different minds and ways of thinking. We all have our 'black box' moments.

cantering on, into the familiar and unknown
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@TuyaGirl , Tuya is beautiful! Those foals following her around is just too cute. Do you know if she ever had a foal before you got her?

@Finalcanter , this forum is pretty good about not having people arguing. Of course everyone has their opinions that they like to share when someone asks a question but when you ask something you're opening yourself up to those opinions and have to sort the good advice from the bad. We form those opinions by what works for us in our own situations and our own experiences and the good thing about getting old is you come to understand those situations and experiences can be different for other individuals. It works that way in real life too not just forums.

Of course you run into toxic people too and it's best to avoid them the best you can. Funny, my farrier and I were just discussing this on Friday when he was here. I think it's fairly common for all of us to run into a few in our lifetimes.

The good news is there are people out there who are good people. Ones you mesh with even though you don't always agree with everything the other does. If everyone had the same opinions it would be a pretty boring world. The trick is finding them and you have to put yourself out there in order to do that so you may have to do a lot of weeding before you find your green pasture.

Welcome to the thread and I hope you stick around and share your good days and bad days with us. We can't do much to make you feel better other than listen but it does help to get it off your chest. You mentioned you're sick and whether that means a physical ailment or just sick and tired of whatever you're dealing with I hope it gets better soon.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@JCnGrace glad the farrier went well, yay!! Me too haha, love the hunter green! Her new halter comes today

@TuyaGirl yeah, that's ridiculous! So unprofessional. & thank you!! Tuya looks amazing! Love the pictures, they are so cute following her! And that is so sweet. She is adorable. <3 She loves her momma! It's so cute how she 'mothers' them!!!

I confess, this weekend was kinda crappy out. Saturday the chiro came out, Promise got a good report - she just needs muscles (which I knew already, thanks to the ulcers). So have to work on that, no big deal. She got an adjustment & all is well. Didn't end up riding, I've been sick with a cold ALL weekend. Ugh. Getting better, but still can't breathe through my nose, yuck.

Rainy day again today. So over it!

Ride more, worry less.
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