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@PoptartShop , you could bring Promise to my place and let her run up and down the hills for a month for some muscle. I promise I wouldn't hide her when you came back to get her (fingers crossed behind my back). LOL...KIDDING! Yay on your good report from the chiro!

I confess that I found 2 ticks on me last night and darn near had to wake hubby in the middle of the night to remove the one on my back but I finally contorted around enough to get it. Then I was taking a shower at 2:30 am because finding ticks freaks me out and I have to shower in order to quit feeling them crawling all over me even if I already had a shower. Just typing this made my head start itching. LOL

Gamble almost missed his dinner tonight. He finally realized he was alone when all the other horses were done eating and out of their stalls but still loafing in the barn looking for stray morsels one of the others might have missed and came running. Yes, I took pity on him and went ahead and fed him. Poor thing can't help it that he's hard of hearing in his old age. Still haven't gotten the 2 herds integrated. It's been muddy enough I don't want one of them to injure themselves from running around acting like fools and slipping.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@TuyaGirl : I am glad you got some nice weather and some horsey time. So nice that Tuya is taking such good care of the babies. Fingers crossed your boss is in a better mood this week!
@PoptartShop : I cannot believe all the computer drama at your work, especially if you have IT people to do that instead of your boss. and having to re-do all the templates sounds like a LOT of work to me. no chance one of his monitors can take a walk to your office? Hope the move with Promise went smoothly. I look forward to pics.
@JCnGrace : glad all went well with the farrier. always nice when one behaves better than expected. OMG to the ticks - nasty buggers for sure. what type of tick was it?
@blue eyed pony : congrats! looks like your SO passed the animal test, which is always a big one for me. glad his bag finally arrived.
@Finalcanter : I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon. That may help shed a different light on some of the issues you and/or those around you are having.

DH and I let Mia go over the weekend..

Saturday afternoon, DH and I got Phin and George out. The whole story is in my journal.

It started raining early Sunday morning and finally stopped last night, dropping 3 inches of rain. Everything is floating..

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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Weird... I got a mention notification, but can't find the post. Maybe was deleted...

And btw how many pictures of Tuya do you see? Because I only get to see two today, and yesterday I could see all 3 (the exact number).

That's gotta do for now, got so much work today...

See ya!!
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Green Broke
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@PoptartShop, yay for a year of owning Promise! Thankfully she didn't! She was just fine for the show, whew. Ugh to all your boss did! I'd be so annoyed!! Yay for moving Promise soon!!

@phantomhorse13, haha, yes! Nick tells me I don't HAVE to buy pictures at every show... but how can you not?! And that baby is the sweetest thing ever! Yay for more ride time! And I'm sorry about Mia :(

@JCnGrace, thank you! And yeah, she was due this past weekend (well, "due" lol). She was a maiden that actually read the book on how to have a foal, so they got super lucky! Yay Little Miss! Glad the farrier went well overall! UGH to the ticks! We've pulled so many off the horses already this year, and one off Kaleb. They creep me out so bad! I HATE them! And oh Gamble, silly old man!

@TuyaGirl, they were released :) I don't like fish at all, so have no desire for them to come home lol they just have fun catching and releasing. And thank you! I'm rather lucky Nick loves us all so much! Thankfully, Izzie didn't hurt herself. But we made interesting discoveries this weekend. I loved snuggling that baby this weekend! She's the cutest thing EVER! Hope you had a good weekend! I'm sorry your boss is being so bad. I only see two pictures, but they are adorable!

What a long, mixed emotion weekend.

Thursday I was late getting down there as it was kind of a cluster trying to get everything moving. Thankfully Diego was in the barn when I went to grab Izzie, and the creek wasn't up, so I at least got lucky there. After the exhibitor party we worked the two horses on the trail course. Not only did we have to tackle the bridge, but there was also a small cross rail. Newsflash: Izzie will never make a jumper haha!

Friday morning the judge was LATE. Like, thought she was judging Saturday and Sunday, not Friday and Saturday. Coming from north of Columbus to Frankfort, KY. Oops. Then Izzie lost to a main ring Country English Pleasure horse in sport horse in hand, which did NOT make any of us happy (including my friend whose mare won the half arabian supreme championship; I handle that mare as well). Nick was fuming mad when he finally got down there too. Thankfully, I was able to get all of the sport horse stuff done before the trail stuff, so didn't have to worry about braiding and unbraiding. Izzie did ok, but tried to swing around too much when side passing. Judge was a bit generous, but I think we picked up points in other spots. She won all four of her trail in hand classes, with competition in three of them. Diego did an outstanding job, and held his own alright against seasoned trail horses. His first run earned him a 69.5, and his second run a very respectable 72.5! We also discovered he LOVES to jump. I told Nick not to let go of the lead at all heading to the jump as Diego would drag him right over it. He got sixth in his first class, and THIRD out of six in his second! I was super proud!

Saturday was under saddle. My friend with the national champion horse was able to get him around the ring Friday night, so had entered two classes with me. And boy is that horse STUNNING. Saw another national champion rider (who I am also friends with!) on her baby, and turned to Nick going "I will be pleased as punch if I take third behind those two!" I'm warming up and something just still isn't right. Izzie is still trying to cross fire and just overall not ok. I'm beyond frustrated and want to just quit in that moment. I walk up to Nick and he goes "she hasn't moved the same since she had her shoes put on." I look over and see the girl who hands out ribbons in the ring... and realize her husband, a farrier, is there. I have her call him over, and ask him to take the shoes off Izzie. He looked at me like I was insane. I told him "right now we are already going to blow the classes as is. May as well see if this is the cause." So he pulled the shoes. And on her left hind shoe, he found a nail that had come out of her foot, and bent up under the shoe. It's amazing that Izzie merely cross fired and didn't full on rodeo bronc instead. She immediately started moving A TON better.

Off I went into the first class. I kept her a bit conservative since they normally ask for an extended trot, and it wows the judge more. Only, they didn't. I got fourth out of six. Second class I let her out a bit more... and got third behind the national champions :) the show hack class we kind of blew (out of two) since we didn't walk super well first direction, but the judge was like "her extended trot is INCREDIBLE!" I told her I understood we'd blown the class when I was fighting to get her to walk. We were all alone in the championship class, but the judge made sure to call for the extended after that haha!

Diego... didn't get the warm up he needed for the first class, and opted to run the Derby. So deserved sixth out of six. Second class he was much better and got fifth out of six. But then he went against too much competition for a third out of three, and he was a bit tired on top of that for the championship class, so didn't place. But he progressively got better, and Nick was thrilled with how he himself did regardless of the placings! So I was happy!

We topped off the night in native costume, which was fun. I forgot to change the bit, which Izzie once again reminded me she hated, but she listened fairly well to my seat lol

Couple pictures and video :)

Nick trail classes :)

My favorite junior rider riding Izzie right after costume. I told her it was even more important she not touch Izzie's mouth that nice since Izzie herself had snorted, hit the bit, flung her head vertical, and blamed me for her hitting the bit... she's fun like that lol

Day after the show

Last night trying on big sister's costume bridle after we changed the bit and put the headpiece back on

Happy horses outside

And I got to meet the baby Friday night!! She's so perfect!

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@JCnGrace LOL she would love all those hills! Uh huh, bet you would keep her LOL

@phantomhorse13 yeah, not moving her until THIS Saturday But it is coming up fast!! It's so nice to see some sunshine in your riding pictures. Looks like spring is here. I am so sorry for your loss of Mia. I know how hard it is to lose a pet, they are family.
@Tazzie I love the baby pictures...omg. So cute!!! She is adorable! Haha, I love Diego in the costume. LOL he is so adorable, and so photogenic. He looks great, it looks like Nick and him are doing so well, they look so good together!!! And Izzie is so silly, like it's somehow YOUR fault she did that to herself. Love the videos. <3 They are adorable laying down. Good job though, you guys always rock it. No matter what.

I confess, I am beyond sick of being, well, SICK. Still stuffy & just so mucusy, I have to keep blowing my nose & clearing my throat. My voice even sounds weird because of it. Ugh. But at least I'm not feeling worse.

Gonna TRY to ride tonight, or at least do some groundwork with Promise. She's been off for a few days again, because I've been too sick to ride. But I am excited to move her on Saturday. Finally. Went by the place this weekend, & it's just so peaceful! So quiet, it's on a dead end road so not a lot of traffic too for when I walk down to the trails nearby.

I'm ready for 5pm...sick of clearing my throat & blowing my nose every two seconds. It's such a quiet office, so it's all people hear!

Ride more, worry less.
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phantomhorse13 so sorry your beloved Mia is gone.

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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@phantomhorse13 , I'm so sorry about Mia. Such a beautiful girl, I know your heartbroken.

@Tazzie , that showing stuff is hard work for Izzie & Diego! LOL So cute them curled up taking their naps. The little filly is adorable. Seeing pics of foals always makes me miss having them around so it's probably a good thing the only mare I have that I would want a foal out of is too old (don't tell her I said that).

@TuyaGirl , the forum has been having problems the last few days.

@PoptartShop , GET WELL SOON! I hope you felt good enough this evening to ride.

Herd Integration Part II: I thought things were going to go smoother this time around. At first they all pretty much ignored each other but were grazing fairly close together. Gamble's herd didn't act like they'd never seen another horse before this time. Freckles very much wants to join the larger herd, Thunder not so much. He eventually went back to the corral but Frecks stayed out and Gamble & Cutter checked her out calmly then walked away. YAY! I walked with Thunder to get him back through the gate into the pasture with the rest of them so he rejoined his mama and I no sooner told TJ to be nice to his grandma and dad and to welcome them into the herd than the two came walking by him and he tried to bite both of them. That's how good he minds. LOL

Then Thunder left again and went back to the barn while Frecks tried to mosey her way into the herd. Gamble started following her and was nickering with his neck all arched up like he thought he was a stallion (he should have no clue, I had the little monster gelded when he was 5 months old) and oh boy did that tick Thunder off. He came charging out of the barn and him & Gamble had a little scuffle with poor Frecks right in the middle. Thunder finally drove Gamble off and tried to take a final chunk out of him as he ran him off. Thunder still being po'd herded Frecks back to the barn and he was NOT being nice about it. First time I've ever seen him bossing her around. Integration aborted at that point and I closed the two back into their own pasture.

I know I could leave them to work it out on their own but I have 2 issues with that theory. When I do this I have both pastures opened up which gives them around 35 acres to do their "getting to know you" routine, but every dang time they have a confrontation they always bunch up in a corner and I do not like that. 2nd thing is at 26 & 25 Frecks and Gamble are both too old to be put through the nonsense. I think I'll just leave well enough alone and when Frecks is gone I'll turn Cloud out with Thunder to see if he will accept her since she's a mare.

New topic to show you how weird I am although most of you, being horse people, probably won't think it's too weird. Yesterday after doing chores and while fixing supper I saw a spill of something on the kitchen floor. Closer look and realized the mister had made himself a ham salad sandwich and of course didn't notice that he dropped some or didn't care that he did. Since I was in the middle of peeling potatoes I told myself I'd clean it up in a minute. Of course I stepped in it before that happened and said EEEWWW! because it felt pretty gross on my bare foot. Grab a paper towel to clean my foot and the floor and noticed a big green stain on the side of my foot from horse poop. That didn't cause me the least bit of concern. LOL

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Ahh! I'm totally living vicariously through you @Tazzie & @phantomhorse13 with your riding! I feel like I've lost my confidence :( Bear has been acting a bit hot lately, on the ground as well, and me not riding him regularly (I basically have no one to ride with on a regular basis), and not having lessons (don't have anyone I know of in my area that I'd take lessons from :(). I miss all of those things!

As a result of not riding regularly, his and my condition are not great. He's over weight, despite wearing a grazing muzzle (had to put him back in his old one since the Tough 1 sored him, and the GreenGuard I need to take time to readjust on one of his halters because the one it came with is a bit big/has too much on extra on it that irritates him. I am limiting his hay and feed. I'm worried about IR and all that, so I am very careful with his intake, but he definitely needs to be ridden at least 5 days a week. Problem is I just need to learn to get the confidence to make him work under saddle, through having a fit of not wanting to work in the field or alone. I live alone so I will try to call my parents to check in with them when I get on, and then if they don't hear from he in an hour, to call me or come check on me. I have pasture 3 completely shut down and they haven't been on it in almost 8 months, so I was hoping he'd be more inclined to work there. Pasture 3 is my most level pasture and the best place to ride, so I really need to start with ground work in there and build up both of our confidence. He isn't happy when I take him out there and away from Doc.

Sooo back to the hot thing. It's all my fault and I am so mad at myself for it, I've been kinda sick over it, but I'll confess because I did in the corgi group and got such an out poor of kind words and good advice. Buuut, my aunt's back visiting with me for a few days, and last night we went out to the barn to groom the horses, and I had just Bear out in the isle. I still am not leaving Ajia alone, because she still pees in the house if you aren't watching her, and she peed in her crate the one time I left her alone and left the house for a few hours (she has a vet visit on Friday for a wellness exam and to make sure it's not medical).

So, dogs are in the isle with me and my aunt, I had Bear tied up, and I was grooming him. He wasn't standing super quietly because Doc left, so I was making him work through it, and he calmed down. I kept a close eye on the dogs and shooed them away if they got too close to him.

We WERE DONE. He was ready to go back out. I put his grazing muzzle on, and as I was walking toward my aunt to show her how we put his fly mask on (I was showing her all these things because she was curious and if I needed help, she could go out and do these things for me in the mornings). Bear was no longer tied up, and was following me like a good boy, and little Ajia, my new Corgi saw me walking and thought I was going to leave, so she got up and started to try to follow me. Right as Bear was turning and swinging his hind end to be able to face me, his back leg got Ajia right on her back right leg and he stepped down. I. went. white. as. a. ghost. She was trapped and SCREAMING and yanking her body to get her leg out. It was seconds. He heard her, and as soon as he did, and I got next to her and shoved his rear, he stepped off; but I was so certain he crushed her leg.

So, before I even had a chance to TRULY check her out, I had my vet's office (who is also an emergency vet thank god), on the phone. Within 30 minutes I was racing over with her to the vet and my friend Nancy who owns Doc (the horse I board at my place) arrived at the same time I did. I carried Ajia in and the vet arrived and took her back for x-rays.

They couldn't see definitively any clear breaks, just a potential bone chip. So I'm sick that it's a torn ACL or ligament. Corgis are notorious for those issues. I am so upset with myself, I am so upset that it happened under my watch. So, accidents DO happen, and now no matter what, if horses are in the center isle, dogs are in the feed room until horses are back out. She can come with me to do my barn chores, because horses are always in their stalls or turned out at that time, but never, ever again will I have a dog in the isle when horses are being worked with. I am still sick over it. I just want her better. I have care credit so if she does need surgery I can do that... Crazy thing is I was looking into pet insurance the MORNING before it happened.

Sorry for the long post, I just needed to share... Ajia's previous owner hasn't been informed yet. I wanted to tell her as soon as it happened because I feel like she has the right to know, and know that I will get her WHATEVER treatment necessary to make her healing as successful as possible. Problem was by the time we got home from the vet, it was nearly midnight and she's an hour ahead of me.

Today, work and taking care of her kept me busy (plus lack of sleep), so I still haven't been able to reach out, but I don't want to worry her unnecessarily :(. Ajia is OKAY she isn't losing her leg like I originally thought if her bones were crushed (which they aren't), I'm just worried about her needing surgery for tendon/ligament damage. Praying she heals fine, she's been such a trooper. God I love her so much already and it's just been shy of a month of having her <3. I have been researching best fencing options that blend nicely with my horse fencing so she has a safe place to play without the risk of getting too close to the road or the horses hurting her. I'll get her fence up by the time she is healed and ready to play fetch again.

On a happy note, she and Wesley are totally bonded/get along for two dogs that are indifferent to other dogs! He's a pic of them right now as I write this:

Our little adventure!: The Chronicles of Bear & Were
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Reading this thread and looking at the pictures is really making me want to go riding...even though my fever came back yesterday (gone now). I'm still waiting for my doctor to see if this is just a nasty case of the flu since it's been a week of being sick. I always chuckled at the memes that depicted equestrians with some injury with the caption "Hi doctor, I think I'm better- can I ride my horse now?" This is true right now for me lol- but I'm going to sit here instead and drink my soup. I rather make a full recovery. Though the nice weather sure is tempting- and I'm working now, so I can always put away for a monthly lesson whenever. No need to rush back into things. In fact, I might just do a trail with my friend first.

cantering on, into the familiar and unknown
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@JCnGrace thank you, I am feeling a bit better, but still stuffy & mucusy. Bleh!
I didn't ride last night, but tonight I will!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I don't blame you for putting them back in their own pasture. Whew! Thunder was not having it! Sheesh! Too funny about Gamble thinking he's a stallion. LOL. & oh yeah, to non-horse people that would be weird but not to us! I have a 'poopy' story from last night to tell.

@Werecat I am so sorry that happened to Ajia. Don't beat yourself up over it. Trust me, I get it, I'd probably put myself into a panic attack overthinking, but it wasn't your fault. Yes, accidents do happen & now you will prevent that from happening again, but you had no idea it was going to happen! Luckily he did back off & he didn't make things worse. I am very glad she doesn't have a break, that'd be 10x worse. Hopefully she heals smoothly & everything goes okay. I know it's hard not to worry though. Keep us posted.

@Finalcanter I hope you feel better! I also think you should make a full recovery before doing any riding. You want to feel your best! A trail with your friend sounds like a good idea too.

So last night I didn't ride, but when I groomed Promise...I got 'pooped' on! Never happened to me before, I've had some close calls, but that was it haha.
So, I was making my way to her other back hoof, & I felt something drop on my shoulder/back...SHE POOPED! It got on my t-shirt, huge stain, & not sure if some got in my hair (it probably did, I had my hair down instead of up since I wasn't riding but I should've known better).

The funny thing is, she turned around & looked at me after she did it. LOL, like thanks Promise! AAAND whenever she poops, she always looks back at me while I am cleaning it up. She is such a brat haha.

Here is her in her new rope halter though. I need to adjust it a bit, but it looks good! I'm aware she needs a bit more weight & definitely muscle. We are getting there! <3 You can thank the ulcers for that. Lol.

Gonna ride tonight for sure since I'm feeling a bit better. But I will be extra cautious now in case she tries to poop again while I'm right near her tail. Never a dull moment.
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Ride more, worry less.
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