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post #12381 of 13154 Old 05-19-2019, 08:19 AM
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@JCnGrace - I have blocked her but a couple of people send me screenshots of her public posts "so I can see what she's saying about me". I don't actually care what she thinks or says, she's so clearly not rational that nobody with two brain cells to rub together will believe a word of it, but people still think I need to see it.

Sometimes it's amusing.

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Double post, my apologies, but Ikora did some free jumping today :)

Canter in the round yard is hard when you're 17hh so jumping must be VERY hard. I won't ask her to jump anything bigger than this in there. Need to build a free jumping chute to really test her scope I think!

She is hanging her knees because of that and possibly also because of her shoulders which are MASSIVELY improved but still a little tight. Some light free jumping and groundwork and a lot of massage have done wonders and will continue to improve both her soreness and her topline.

Not "just another tb"...
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@JCnGrace #3 was a cluster. Her owners stopped paying board last year. Stopped paying the farrier and vet too. Barn owner told them that she had to go if they had no intentions of paying so they said they couldn't afford to move her and that she should just be put down.

Suckers that we are said we'd take her since she loves my husband and animals dont deserve to be PTS because of irresponsible owners. So #3 was Cassie. Thousands in vet expenses and farrier visits to get her lameness in check and shes turned into a perfect pasture pony.

Ironically Cassie, Kate and Sarah live in the pastures next to one another. So cassie is a great aunt and alerts us to when Sarah is up to no good - which is pretty often.
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@Tazzie As always I love to read about your shows and see the pictures. Loved Diego in costume and the filly, so cute!!

@PoptartShop Lol! The poop incident
I hope that you are fully healed by now and that Promise is doing just fine at the new barn.

@phantomhorse13 I am very sorry for your loss *hugs*

@JCnGrace I really enjoy reading about your herd's dynamics. Seems you had lots of fun at the wedding

@twixy79 So... I thought you only had 2 horses? How lost am I? The description you made of the drunk buying was priceless! Cute girls

@ShirtHotTeez Hi! Sonny is looking great!

@Werecat I hope that you can overcome the issues you are having with your horse. Me, the less I ride, the more nervous I get.
And don't beat yourself for what hapenned. Accidents will happen anytime, sometimes even if we take all cautions. Once a barn kitty followed me to the arena and got stepped on his leg by my mare. I was livid! I had to push her out of his way and she took a while to move her leg. Kitty was bleeding and took off to the barn, to hide, as they do when they are hurt. He was not mine and I felt so bad. But he made a full recovery, and so will your dog

@blue eyed pony I wish all goes according to planned. Just ignore his mother, nothing good will come from there for you both. Aww so sweet, he has your dog's approval

I think I forgot someone, and replies were small, sorry but work gets in the way
I had a good time at the barn on Saturday. Pilgrims didn't go this weekend, so I just stayed watching BO train / retrain 3 horses to drive, and then get his horses ready for an event on Sunday. His daughter didn't ride and was busy, which was a bummer, because as you remember, the more time I spend without riding, the more nervous I get, and I prefer to have another rider for company, or someone watching me for a while.
I still went to pick Tuya, that was still with her babies, and she came fine. She now gives me both her hooves, which is fantastic!! Just to access her reaction, I brought the saddle and she was perfect. The girth, oh my... She is huge, lol!
At the lunge line she was good, one off stride here and there, but very good. That's when I stopped her that I had and impulse: to climb on. I had no helmet, the saddle didn't have the protection for her back, just the pad, I was holding the lunge line in one hand, and no one was around. But I did it! I got on and she didn't even flinch!! Of course that at some point she started to walk on, because that's what she does usually, so I just stopped her and got off. I didn't want to hurt her in her back or so. I was so happy!! Small step and irrelevant for most people, huge to fearful me

The only thing I regret? To not have her fully briddled / saddled, and I would have continued for a little while. I gave her back to her babies instead. They are the sweetest thing together.
The cremello is doing so much better! And I saw him teeth clacking (?) to a mare, so cute!!

Pictures will follow, have a great Monday!
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post #12385 of 13154 Old 05-20-2019, 08:56 AM
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Tuya standing guard
She is so round! Can you see the dips in her neck? Are those fat pads?
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So, literally last week I said that my Tekna jump saddle doesn't fit my horse and never will & I have to sell it...

Her topline has built back up. I think I must have released something in her shoulders because the hollows behind them disappeared almost overnight, and the round pen work (and free jumping) is building up her topline in general. She also went from looking skinny to looking AWESOME almost overnight.

There is still lingering tightness in her shoulders but she is using herself better both on the flat and over jumps (no pics this time sadly), and even jumped a new height today that she's never jumped before. Free jumping isn't the same as jumping under saddle but she was jumping so well that I figured what the hell, let's try one hole higher. One hole higher is about... I want to say 95cm on the standards? But the standards are higher up than the ground she's pushing off from so I need to actually measure. This mare has SCOPE. Even when she meets it wrong and is taking off from the very base of the jump she clears it with room to spare. Turns herself inside out and really shows her power. So long as she meets it in a canter she'll do her very very best.

I'm really quite impressed with her at the moment.

Anyway. I got side tracked. I threw my jumping saddle over her back today, just to see how it sits now she has actual functional topline, and IT FITS. Close enough to perfect that I can get the saddle fitter to MAKE it perfect, with any luck. So... next pay is farrier (should have been this pay but life happened) and then saddle fitter and hopefully by then her shoulders will be completely fixed. :)

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I confess I binge watched Westerns yesterday on HDNET on tv. It is the channels month of westerns.

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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@blue eyed pony , Ikora looks good! What good luck about the saddle fitting her now.

@twixy79 , Cassie is lucky you and hubby were willing to step up and take her in. That's funny about her being a tattletale. LOL

@TuyaGirl , I'm glad you like hearing about their spoiled selves. LOL Every critter on this place are creatures of habit and they don't like anything upsetting the status quo. I might be a little like that myself, maybe even a lot like that. LOL

Tuya's poor babies! The one on the left with the small star especially. No padding at all over his bones, he looks like Cutter when I brought him home. All that nice grass they're in should have them looking as slick & shiny (am I seeing some dapples in the close-up?) as Tuya is eventually, takes a while when they're that run down. It took Cutter a year before he had enough fat to start turning it into some muscle.

@RegalCharm , it was a TV day here yesterday for me too. It was raining so was a good day for it. I watched 2 PBR shows and the American Idol finale.

How's your new job going? Have you got your little charge spoiled yet?

No excitement going on here since I gave up on the idea of a herd merge. Gamble finally got rid of his winter woolies, still working on the minis but they are notorious for their slow shedding which is why folks usually shave them. I don't like to do that since they prefer being outside to inside and they need that hair to protect them from the sun. They are about halfway to being slick though.

Had the first corn on the cob of the season. Store bought but it was tasty. I fixed supper on the grill tonight so besides the corn had burgers and cabbage. I cut the cabbage in quarters and then put a couple of pats of butter + salt & pepper on a quarter and then wrap it in foil and toss it on the grill. I didn't get it quite done enough but it was still good anyway. Strawberry shortcake would have been the perfect ending for that meal but the berries at the store looked horrible. I can't believe the supplier bothers picking them when they're still so green.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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post #12389 of 13154 Old 05-21-2019, 10:39 AM
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@JCnGrace ....My babysitting job is on vacation this week as the daughter is on vacation and schools around here get out for the summer the 23 rd. The 10 yr old wants to visit for awhile and she is a lot of help to her mom with the baby. Just doesn't like to change dirty diapers. LOL. Who does,, but it is a job that has to be done.

Sun came out yesterday and I got the yard mowed and messed around in the garage until the washer finished and got my clothes in the dryer then hung up in the closet. Then it was almost time for Death Valley to come on so I ended up watching it Tales of Wells Fargo Laramie & Maverick. LOL That is one of the benefits of being retired. Only have to do stuff most of the time if you want to do it LOL
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I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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@JCnGrace mmm corn! We had some the other night. Delicious! Ugh. I hate that. Like why even put them out if they look like that?! Or I hate when the bananas are SOOOOOO green at the store. Like I want them to be at least a bit yellow so they don't take forever to ripen. I'm jealous, I still have yet to go to a wedding. :( Only been to funerals. Sigh!

@ShirtHotTeez he is definitely a you-know-what. Thank you. I am getting used to Windows 10, it's not my favorite but I have to just deal with it.
Sonny is so handsome, he looks good! Hope everything is going well for you. Happy to see you pop in!

@TuyaGirl Tuya looks really good! She doesn't look obese to me! <3 She is so beautiful. Look at that shine! Glad the cremello is doing better. And that is wonderful she was so good & stood still for you! She loves you so much! The babies will hopefully fatten up soon with all that grass around them. It's so sweet how protective she is of them.

@twixy79 happy to see you back! Congrats on the new horse!! & the baby! Haha, love the names. They are so cute. You have your hands full now!

@RegalCharm I love binge-watching!

I confess, moving Promise went well on Saturday! :) She is settling in nicely. I may ride tonight, or at least do some groundwork with her. Need to get her moving. She was so calm & relaxed last night when I went after work. No signs of stress, although I am going to take her around the property more tonight so she can check it out again. She seems to like the other horses & the minis in the fields next to hers. Plenty of space & she also has a run-in! Really nice.

I went swimming on Sunday at my parent's house, it was really fun. I got some sun finally haha.

Of course even in the non-grassy areas she tries to graze. LOL.
She's gaining weight & just needs muscle, which we will definitely be working on tonight when I ride & this weekend we have a lesson!
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Ride more, worry less.
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