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I've been missing in the middle of paperwork... The joy...

It's been a long week and I absolutely should not even be here atm, lol!

Just wanted to share one of the biggest scares of all time at the barn before weekends get mixed up:
I stayed alone for some time on Saturday, because BO went somwhere with his driving horses. So I took the chance to bring Tuya out and do a touch up on her hooves with the rasp, now that she is back to give be both hooves.
The run-in area to the pasture has a big manger made of cement. It had several poodles of blood along it. Not totally dried on some spots. Me being me, I started to mild panick, since it had been a couple hours since I had arrived and I hadn't seen Tuya or the babies. I jumped the manger to the other side, and at the entrance of the run-in there were splashes of blood, like someone had been dripping blood badly. Ok, by then I was in full panick mode, and ran to where I could see them. Tuya was standing (whew), 3 babies were laying flat. Two of them (cremello and grey) raised their heads when I yelled at them. The bay with the star didn't. I yelled louder and louder, and approached him. Could not see his belly move, and he had his mouth slight open.
Suddenly little guy woke up. He was in deep sleep.

All was good, still don't know what hapenned there, but left a text to BO's daughter about it. Will ask on the weekend.

Man those were not pleasant 5 minutes of my life!

I am so sorry, I've read all you wrote, saw the lovely pictures, but just no time to reply or post my own pictures in here

Have a great day!!
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@JCnGrace yes, short week! Although it isn't really flying by so far, haha.

@phantomhorse13 I hope you feel better. Sinus infections are horrible. Mother nature definitely needs to feel better too! Ugh! So over this weather.

@carshon it sucks. It rained SO hard here last night, the storm was terrible. Supposed to rain again tonight, back to the mud we go. I hope things dry out soon for you.

@TuyaGirl gosh, I would've been a wreck if I saw that too. :O Glad Tuya is OK, wonder what happened though, maybe they got cut on something. Ugh. Hopefully it is nothing major. Sigh! At least we are halfway through the week now, right?!

I confess, I was sooooo mad at mother nature yesterday when I got off work. It was nice & sunny ALL DAY. Even on the way to the barn - sunny. So, I get to the barn, BAM! Here comes the storm...really bad thunderstorm & it was pouring rain, but Promise of course was like, I'll just stand out here instead of going into my run-in shelter. I was like what are you doing?! LOL. I took her fly stuff off because it was soaked anyway & I figured she'd be more comfortable without it during the storm lol.

She does that sometimes, she looked pretty content although it was coming down pretty hard. She's a silly girl. But like come on, why choose standing out in the rain instead of going inside the run-in?! Grrr.

It's supposed to rain tonight also/storm again, but of course while I'm at work it's sunny. :)))))))) WHY! Blah.
Attached Images
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Ride more, worry less.
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Oh @TuyaGirl : What a horrid few minutes you must have had. What ever could have happened?!?

Hi again, all; my goodness everyone is busy! So much going on.

Of course we are no different; now that spring is here and tourists are arriving, we are on the boat a lot. If we are not on the big boat then we are on the Pisspot rigging moorings and doing odd diving work.

This year is a logistical nightmare as all the roads where we are are one-way and we have lost our parking. We have been told, most emphatically, that if we allow ANYONE to park where they may not park, THEY will be towed and WE will lose our dock space; e.g., we will be out of business. Trying to help 70 people, 3 times a day, find us, figure out where to park, and do it all before the boat leaves is challenging.

School groups are the worst. To help them out we:

-e-mail back and forth with the school for about a month prior to the trip
-send a letter with big loud instructions telling them to READ the instructions and then CALL us to be sure they understood
-I call the teachers involved the day before the trip
-I go up to the meeting spot one full hour before the trip to make sure I am there to help any lost souls figure it out and I meet every school bus and explain it all again.

And STILL they park where they may not park!

Today, the school bus driver actually lied to me; told me got it, he knew where to park, he understood where NOT to park, and he still parked illicitly. He looked me right in the eye, and lied, and he got away with it! I didn't tumble to it until it was too late, and then the guy smirked at me!!!

I just saw red! The nerve!! DH is ready to cancel every school and just deal with tourists; much easier to help someone who speaks only Chinese or Greek than it is to deal with lying second-grade school bus drivers.

Anyway, here is a gull that I misidentified - so embarrassing!

DSC_6744.jpg DSC_6762.jpg


I thought it was a second winter Ring-billed gull like this: (I did not take this photo; it is from a bird ID site)

second winter ring.jpg

...but it turned out to be this a third winter herring gull like this: (Same thing: photo is from a bird ID site)

Third winter gull.jpg

All my credibility just turned to dust...

I'll survive, somehow.

This is what they were eating:


I would love to tell you that they are clam worms (aka sand worms), but now nobody will believe me!
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@RegalCharm , I'm pretty sure it wasn't a young cougar. The size he described would have had to of been a baby cougar and since he didn't see mama cougar it's quite unlikely to have been a cougar at all. Although some neighbors insisted they saw a cougar roaming around here a few years ago they don't supposedly exist in Indiana. He says it was definitely some kind of cat, not a dog and the color of a deer. It was probably George our very large and fat orange cat roaming around.

@carshon , the craziest thing about the crop insurance deal is that the old saying for corn was "knee high by the 4th of July" and these days it's at least head high by then-faster maturing hybrids I guess. It also used to be normal for farmers to be harvesting into Nov. & early Dec. but they are generally done no later than mid October these days. Unless we have a wet fall my brother-in-law is usually done by the first of Oct.

I know you're right about feed prices but at the same time know there's enough grain stored that a bad year is not going to create a shortage. And what really irks me with feed and hay prices once they go up for a bad year they don't come back down in the good years. Well feed prices will if you buy ground corn for your cattle from a grain mill but bagged feed from TSC, Rural King and the like won't. Our hay prices have never come back down at all from when farmers raised prices because of gas being 4-5 bucks a gallon back several years ago.

@TuyaGirl , OMG I'd have been having heart palpitations seeing pools of blood. I hope it wasn't from any injured humans on the farm either. Keep us posted on what you learn.

@PoptartShop , my friggin dog wanted to stay out in the rain this morning. Crazy creatures sometimes. The horses however were standing in the barn peeking their heads out the door waiting for the rain to stop so they wouldn't melt. LOL

Only two more work days left in this week, you can do it!

@Captain Evil , I for one will still believe most anything you tell me about sea life because I don't know any different. LOL I thought that last picture looked like an octopus tentacle just to show you how ignorant I am. School bus drivers must be the same everywhere.

Another stormy day in Indiana which pretty much makes for no horse tales. LOL

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@PoptartShop and @JCnGrace Sorry that you are facing stormy weather.

Poptart Promise is looking great!! Glad she adjusted well. She is very laidback, that's really nice. Silly girl, standing in rain :) I hope that you can ride today

@Captain Evil no, your credibility didn't go to dust, lol! We all have those moments. Recently I found out that one of my favorite songs, that I thought was about abusive relationships, was indeed about a turtle. A TURTLE!! Lol
Good luck with the parking issues, people can be so complicated, right?

Today is the pilgrimage day. I confess I am really happy that I didn't get to see those people riding in rehearsals again (they didn't come for the past two weekends, and came during the week instead). That was cringy!! For real! Poor patient horses. One of the girls was a 'know it all' because she would ride her uncle's horse sometimes. And then would hold the reins by her chest, on a death grip, not following the horse's movement.
The other guy has a horse. He would kick the mare so badly to ask for a canter you could see air between saddle and butt, like a barrel racer.
It's over now. What a relief!! - I am going to hell, I know, lol!

Still no time for pictures... Tuya was in a bad mood on Saturday. No patience for 'her' kids at all!! I got it on picture, they would come to her and she would pin her ears at them. Even tried to kick them. I don't have children, but I felt that, lol!

Have a nice day everyone!!
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Green Broke
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@PoptartShop , she does make it look easy! Couldn't tell I was nervous haha! She's a good sport :) and ugh, haven't ridden since. The rain just won't stop, and Nick worked too much. I hope River moves soon!! I'd get her out ASAP! I'm glad your lesson went well, and that your parents got to visit with Promise again! She's so cute in her hunter green!

@JCnGrace , yeah, I love doing different things with her. She likes it and it helps keep her happier! As for the ponying, I haven't yet. Izzie isn't the greatest when it comes to ponying... she likes her space, and I worry about Nick getting kicked in the leg. Haha! Your horses sure give you some incredible stories LOL

@phantomhorse13 , hopefully you're ok!! With both the illness and that the storms didn't hit you guys! I love your pictures though!

@carshon , we are right there with you. We've started conserving hay best we can since we have no clue when we can get it baled. I'm freaking out about it, but Nick isn't too worried yet. Just ugh. I'm so over the rain.

@TuyaGirl , that sounds frightening!! YIKES! I'm glad the pilgrimage is over! And silly Tuya!

@Captain Evil , that would make me mad about the parking!! UGH! People are awful! And I'd believe anything you say about what things are haha!

Really not a ton to report. I haven't ridden since we played with the "jumps". It's either rained, or Nick was working *sigh* I'm over this weather. Can't ride. Can't cut hay. Can't do anything. We bought two more gates last night and have gated the front of the barn now. Izzie is now on twice a day allergy meds, so here we go again with treating and turning out in the morning... so much fun. She's worse than her brother when it comes to it too, so yay me. He'd at least eat meds in food. I have NEVER met such an unmotivated animal when it comes to food. We've tried sweetener. We've tried hay pellets. She has never gobbled down her grain, regardless of what it was. So meds in food is a no go. No guarantee she'll eat it all. I'm just so frustrated with her over it. Stupid weather for making her allergies so bad she had to be put on something.

Anyway, I got my pictures back! There are more in my journal, but these are some of my favorites :) ok, maybe I had a hard time picking lol they were all my favorites. The fancy halter pictures are with the halter I got for Mother's Day.

First, comparison pictures. The top photos in each image was from last October, about 4 months after his career change. The bottom of each is from Mother's Day weekend, just shy of a year of owning him. It's been a long road, but progress is seen!

Diego :)

He's looking so much better <3

Izzie <3

And us with our respective babies :)

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@TuyaGirl aw thank you Yeah, no riding because another storm is coming after work. AGAIN. Ugh. Oh gosh, I'm sure that would've been horrible to see. Glad it's over, ugh. What is wrong with people? People like that really treat horses like a bunch of slaves. Makes me so mad. Ah, poor Tuya being in a bad mood! Maybe they were getting on her nerves & she really had to get into 'mom' mode haha. That's right Tuya!!

@JCnGrace they really are. Like why would you wanna stand out there?! Stormy here too. Again.

@Captain Evil I thought you took those bird pictures for a second, LOL your pictures come out just as clear! Psh, don't be embarrassed. It happens to the best of us. I know nothing about that stuff, so no worries! Ugh, that's ridiculous about the bus driver. Some people just think they own the place. Sigh.

@Tazzie he is moving her 30 days from this weekend - he will put in his notice. FINALLY. It's getting ridiculous. & thank you!! Hunter green is definitely her color! I am so over the rain too. Every single day this week so far. Poor Izzie, I hope her allergies go away asap. Can't have her feeling like poop! That sucks she won't take it, even in her food. Makes for such an annoying morning too. Ugh. Wow, I love the pictures. Amazing comparisons too. He has come such a long way. <3 He looks sooo good!! I love the halter too. So beautiful! Izzie looks so fancy & perfect as always too! I love the costume one.

I confess, I don't have much to confess today. Just another stormy day...well, it was sunny all day again, but it's about to start storming again now. Of course. I hear the thunder. Not gonna even bother going to the barn tonight, since last night it was pretty bad, right when I got TO the barn it started pouring. I couldn't really do much at all, but Promise again wanted to stay outside instead of the run-in, but that's her choice lol. Silly girl.

Then tomorrow & hopefully all weekend the weather will be nice & sunny. Just over the rain. I wanna work on stuff from our lesson & get Promise really back into work, but of course the weather never wants to cooperate! Oh well, tomorrow is finally Friday at least!

Ride more, worry less.
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@TuyaGirl : what a horrifying story! so glad that nobody was seriously hurt. if today was pilgrimage day, does that mean you get a break from all those people until next year now?

@PoptartShop : momma nature has not been anybody's friend lately. hope the storms didn't damage anything near you. our horses insist on standing in the rain too. maybe saddle time tomorrow or this weekend..

@Captain Evil : I cannot believe the nerve of that bus driver!! I hope you called that school and had a long conversation with the principal. Love your photos and you could identify the critters in them as just about anything and I would be none the wiser.

@JCnGrace : hope the storms haven't brought any damage with them. is your place prone to flooding?

@Tazzie : I agree this weather is horrible. we really need to cut hay.. love all your pics, as always.

Two weeks ago, I drove down to Virginia to meet Kathy and Lani. Then, we headed out to a ride in Indiana. The whole story is in my journal.



There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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Oops I got distracted hahah...

@JCnGrace it was AMAZING. I haven't ridden since though, I need to solve a couple of minor issues before I do. Including getting the horse clipped hahah...
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@TuyaGirl , Tuya's babies have probably gotten familiar enough they've started trying to nurse off her so she's telling them "I AM NOT REALLY YOUR MAMA NOR AM I A MILK COW!" LOL That would drive me crazy watching people ride like that too.

@Tazzie , what a snazzy halter! I bet you enjoyed opening that present. Diego looks much more comfortable doing his tasks now vs a year ago. Great work with him! All those pictures are really good so can see why you had a hard time narrowing down favorites.

@PoptartShop , enjoy your weekend and the good weather. We're still supposed to get rain here.

@phantomhorse13 , where were you in Indiana? Was that Midwest? You didn't have enough footage of the campgrounds to tell for sure.

Our place doesn't flood, too hilly plus there's ravines to carry it back to the creek. Going somewhere sometimes presents a challenge though especially if we want to go North. That reminds me though of the time my mom had to bring my uncle down here to prove to him we weren't floating away during some bad flooding. After he got here he said "Well I guess you'll only have to worry about biblical type floods." LOL

I'm off to see if your journal says where your ride was and if it was Midwest, Brown County or Deem Lake you are in big trouble Missy because they are all close to me.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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