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Yet again, I confess I am behind on reading. Hope to get caught up this week..

Last week, I got some saddle time. The whole story is in my journal.

On Monday, I went over to ride with Nicole. I rode Hombre:

Wednesday, I went out with Gina. I rode Amish:

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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@BlindHorseEnthusiast4582 LOL that is the truth! They are expensive, age us & they can be stressful but we wouldn't want it any other way. Hopefully you can get out of that funk you're in. Maybe go for some walks or do yoga? It can be relaxing.

@phantomhorse13 beautiful ride!!!! So sunny!

I confess, I had to find a new farrier.

My current farrier does amazing work, don't get me wrong, but Promise is a bit overdue for a trim & I've been trying to schedule her for WEEKS now...I'm lucky she has strong feet even though she's barefoot. But he has yet to respond. He responded like once saying he's trying to find a date, but that was like two weeks ago. I tried to follow-up a few times & I got nothing (yes he saw my messages), being that I can't wait any longer, & I shouldn't, I was on the search for a new one. Found one, hopefully he's good. He has 12+yrs of experience, hopefully he does good work. He's coming TOMORROW! He responded pretty quickly.
All the really other good ones in the area are all full, so it was slim pickings but I am confident he will do a good job. Hopefully. We shall see.

Farrier break-ups are hard though. Even though he doesn't know it yet, but I can't do business with someone who's not reliable anymore. It's sad because he does such good work, but his loss ya know?

Ride more, worry less.
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Green Broke
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@Rainaisabelle , thank you! I'm glad I got to ride so much too :) and YAY about the float! Sucks you can't compete, but a break sounds nice too!

@PoptartShop , I'm glad too! But yes, the storm was brutal. I hate feeling trapped in situations like that. And yeah, Nick allowing that to happen was driving me crazy because it's something I had to fix. He's learning though! The cows are super sweet this year. I'll miss them when they go back home! Sucks about you're brother. I'm not super close with my brothers, but I enjoy visiting with them, on occasion we do talk on the phone. But we all live super busy lives. Why on Earth did you boss turn off the air?! That's insane!! If coworkers are cold.... tell them to dress warmer! I'm ALWAYS cold. Always. I have a jacket on, and I truly have a blanket on my lap right now. I FREEZE. But I don't ask anyone to turn off the AC! Sucks about the farrier, but I'm glad you were able to find a new one! That long without a trim is absolutely unacceptable!

@JCnGrace , guess they just wish they were related haha! And yeah, I was not excited. Nick stood watching while I hid haha yay for getting out and getting your second celebration! And I hate getting caught in conversations! I'm such an introvert that even talking crazy long with friends starts getting me anxious for alone time. And gosh, you are SOOOO abusive! I'll have to turn you in for this *shakes head* I can't believe you LOL least you made it up with some food for the bigger horses.... I've gotten better with back trailers that aren't the goose neck, but not before I dented Nick's truck... thankfully he wasn't mad at me at all (he was my ground person....). And ugh, I hear you on the rain forest comment though. It never ends!!

@TuyaGirl , oh Tuya. Such a naughty girl keeping those babies from the water tank! At least it was caught! I'm glad she settled quickly having them removed. And of course she didn't pay any attention to the stallion haha! I'm glad she's back to holding up her hooves and that they are looking in good shape! I'm sorry you didn't get to ride though. Ugh! I'm glad her lameness is gone, but man about the cough. I hope it clears up soon!

@Captain Evil , I think he looks pretty good! Maybe a touch chunky, but nothing to be concerned about! Awww to the seals! CUTE! I am so sorry about the bus drivers!! I can't believe they would be such jerks!! i feel bad for you and all the teachers and parents! What a mess!

@phantomhorse13 , yay for good rides!! Amazing how life gets so busy!

Whew, we had Sydney's birthday party Thursday. Can't believe my little girl is 5! She enjoyed her party and hanging out with her cousins!

Friday we left for a horse show about an hour and a half north of us. Hauling up went fairly well, so that was good :) Saturday morning I helped at the Dressage ring, which was a bit of a mess. Most of the horses HATED that ring. Just too much I guess. One girl even came off. Thankfully I was blocking one of the only exits, and was able to keep him from coming out. But it was rough. Saturday night was SHIH. Diego was a total jerk for Nick, so Nick was upset with him. I told him hardly any of the horses liked that ring. Izzie was perfect, but it's Izzie....

Sunday was under saddle classes. I hopped on Diego, and he was tense and upset right from the get go. Worked to get him to relax and calm down, and I thought I'd succeeded enough to not have him be stupid in the show ring. Boy was I wrong. He went in and got more tense as the class went on. The stands were right alongside the arena as you walk in, then opened to a gate that had people standing at it. Had weird plexi glass panels on some of the boards (why, I don't know). An open door that was immediately met with banners that did flap lightly. He was so unhappy. Cantering was nonexistent. Instead we bucked. For all of the canter work. Both directions. He was SO bad. After the class, we went to the warmup ring to see if we could get him to relax and work even a little bit. Nope. We walked in, and the horse and rider we had to wait to pass before entering had a whip cracked on his butt, which sent Diego in a semi bolt forward. Tried to work a bit more, but they allowed lunging in the arena... and his brain just kept melting further and further with all the whips cracking around him. I finally called it, had Nick take him back to his stall, and I went to scratch his remaining classes. It just wasn't going to work. At all.

Izzie though... so last two shows we thought walking was 100% stupid. This time we were walking fine. Then had to reverse and walk... right into the banners and open door. So we walked... but it was sideways. Everything else was perfect though. Took 4th out of 8 in our first class (against a few BIG horses; one of which has at least 3 National Champion titles (ridden by my friend from my last big show lol) and a horse that has multiple full siblings that are National Champions), so I felt that was a decent placing. The second class I had a horse spook INTO us at the walk, which sent Izzie into a tizzy. Judge didn't like that... 6th out of 7 or 8 for that class. Next up was Show Hack with my friend. Izzie was outclassed by far in that class, but she still rode well. People laughed when she was hand galloping, had a small cough, and tossed in a tiny buck like "WHEEEEE!" I even laughed because it was so Izzie haha! Final class was the championship against a horse I'd already beaten once that day. Judge commented Izzie was much straighter that class (she was; a lot) and that it paid off. Then told the other girl her horse was way too far on the forehand for his liking. So we won the championship class :)

Monday, Diego earned a work. He wanted to be a butt at the show, well he gets to work the day after! So he was tossed on the lunge first. He tried doing his bucking fit again, and was reprimanded and driven forward. Then he tried kicking out at me. Which then caused a sterner discipline and more driving. By the end he was begging to be done. I HATE working them like that, but I remember having to do this with Izzie at this age. I don't know if it's all horses, or just Arabs, but I absolutely hated Izzie when she was 5 and 6. It was her rebellious teenager years. I just have to remind myself we'll get through it with him. I hopped on him after the lunge for a walk trot canter and he was perfect. Called it a night and brought them back to the barn. Turned them loose while we worked on the electric for the barn :)

Yesterday Diego was worked again. He thought about kicking me once on the lunge, and was sharply reprimanded. Didn't dare put a foot wrong after that. Hopped on and he was super good. Then Nick hopped on. We needed pictures for his trading cards, and I think we got some good ones. I told Nick under no circumstances was he allowed to canter. I wasn't willing to risk him trying the bucking fit again. Nick listened to me, but honestly Diego looked a bit tired and not up to putting up a fuss. It blows my mind his former trainer told us he could never get him tired... makes me wonder what they did because while Diego WILL keep going, it's very easy to see when he gets tired.

No riding tonight since storms are moving in. Again. Maybe tomorrow, but doubtful. Then bath day again Friday, show Saturday morning. Then a break from showing until Regionals end of the month.

Of course I have pictures :)

Love my girly <3

Show success!

I really feel like Diego's weight is about perfect now. He needs muscle, but he actually has a belly on him now.

And our adventures yesterday :) this sure looks like a really bad pony, doesn't it lol and please be kind about Nick. We all know he's green and is a work in progress. I'm proud that he's TRYING to learn.

Love riding my girl bareback in a halter and leadrope. You'd never know she gets hot as heck when showing haha!

He's so handsome when we were getting ready :)

And almost forgot one of my favorites! Family picture :)

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@BlindHorseEnthusiast4582 , good to hear from you! What about posting a flyer maybe at a local feed store that you are available such and such times to work in a hay field? It's that time of year and what better way to get in shape? Added bonus of getting paid.

There was a movie that used those words but I can't remember what it was. I want to say it had Oprah Winfrey in it and she is the one that would say it but I'm probably way off because, well, I've slept since then. Pretty cute to say it to your horses. I gave TJ a pep talk tonight about being older, tougher, and bigger than his little brother and to quit letting Flash boss him around! LOL

@TuyaGirl , poor Tuya getting her babies weaned from her. That's pretty hilarious about the stallion and her rather having grass. LOL So glad she's over the lameness issue, now to get that cough cleared up!

@Captain Evil , Boo looks good to me. I don't think he's too fat considering he's a draft breed. Such pretty pictures and I'm sorry about that loss of income, that hurts!

@PoptartShop , OH MY! on the conditions in your office, I wouldn't be able to breathe. Your boss sounds like a not so nice word (think of the nickname for Richard and it's not Rich). LOL

I hate it when farriers do business that way. If you like your new one you might want to see if they'll schedule your next appointment during your current appointment. I have learned over the years that it's much easier than trying to get a timely appointment when you have to call them when it's time.

Did you have a good ride?

@phantomhorse13 , did you get over your sinus/bronchitis problems? Amazing that your dirt roads don't look muddy even though you've obviously had rain since there are mud puddles.

@Tazzie , Happy Belated Birthday to Sydney! Her dating years will be here before you know it which will give daddy fits because she's such a cutie the boys will be flocking to your door. LOL Congrats to you and Izzie and well Diego is young, he'll get there. Nick looks like he's doing a fine job to me, he got Diego in the water while he was on his back.

We had a gorgeous day yesterday so I took advantage of it and got the mini's lot picked and the uneaten hay cleaned out of their barn ready for next round of day after day of rain. Today I had to break down and go grocery shopping, YUCK! Gamble's herd was ignoring me at feed time except for Cutter so I put him Gamble's stall to eat. About the time he got done here comes the rest of them and what a cluster it was trying to get Gamble to eat at Cutter's feeder. Finally got them settled although Gamble took TJ's spot so TJ had to go to Cutter's spot. LOL...I told you it was a cluster you know what. They do NOT like anything different.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@TuyaGirl : sorry to hear about the virus going around your area. Hopefully it won't bother Tuya or the babies too much. glad you got to the bottom of the blood! I am sure seeing Tuya's feet like that is very frustrating but I am sure you will have her on the right track in no time.

@Tazzie : I am glad you were able to tell Nick about how low you were feeling as that way you can tackle it together. Saddle time is always the best therapy. If Izzie doesn't like applesauce, you can try mixing her meds in with carrot baby food and syringing them. happy belated birthday to Syd and congrats on another great show!

@Rainaisabelle : glad the ponies are doing well. hooray for new trailer!

@blue eyed pony : perhaps you can offer Ikora and Hippo marshmallows to make s'mores out of (do you have those over there?) and then they won't mind the fire! hope you got the blanketing thing figured out.

@JCnGrace : happy belated anniversary! had a good laugh over the return of the pee-swamp, though I am sure I would not be laughing if I had to deal with it. I hear you with the rain being so frustrating. we just can't catch a break.

@PoptartShop : so glad you had fun at Devon! I haven't been in years but I bet its still pretty much the same. what was your favorite class to watch? Promise is looking good and doing really well with the pig. sorry about the visit with your brother. so frustrating the farrier wouldn't call you back!!

@BeckyFletcher : welcome! sounds like you already know what you need to start doing, so I would ask your trainer to help you with the timing and the degree of the corrections so you can feel you are disciplining in a correct manner. something needs to change before you are injured. could be that horse is too much for you and you need something more beginner friendly.

@BlindHorseEnthusiast4582 : is there a dog shelter or rescue near you? while not the same as horses, offering to walk dogs would get you moving and do a nice thing for the animals.

@Captain Evil : Boo is so handsome! and even let you get a post bath picture before rolling. where you work is always amazing.

Last weekend, I went down to Virginia for the Old Dominion. The whole story is in my journal.

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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I confess.... I don't really, truly know what this thread is for, hehe. But anyhow, carry on. &#x1f609;
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Originally Posted by gingerscout View Post
I'm getting sick and tired of being alone with my horse all the time, I can't find people to ride with, and feel like I am going to get no where I want to be always by myself with no one to help if needed. So much so that as much as I love having him, and spending time with him, and owning a horse, I nearly threw in the towel. There is only so many failures one person can take, can't get into lessons atm as the only ones I found won't start till April at the earliest. No groups Ive found in the area, none on FB, none on CL.. zilch
I am so sorry - but I can relate. Please don't give up hope though. Many times during the early years, I went trail riding alone. I boarded my horse at home, so no other boarders. I joined a drill team and met lots of people (acquaintances mostly) but had people to ride with finally. Later, I joined the Forum and found people in my area to ride and rodeo with.

You could try to start a Meet-Up group for horse people. Just Google the site.

I feel so bad for you, but honestly, quit feeling sorry for yourself and try harder! Do you board your horse? Are there any local shows you could just ride to and watch? Please don't lose your fire - it only makes one more depressed. Make it a JOB to meet horse people!
Good luck - it will happen if you let it!

As a trainer, I never stop learning. Just as a horse learns every time you ride.
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@JCnGrace seriously, it was so stuffy in here. Today wasn't as bad, but still. Ugh. He definitely is a nickname for Richard... By far. Yeah, I usually do schedule it with my current appt but he had to reschedule me, so that's why I'm so upset. Like it's been forever. Screw him though lol. Yeah, I hope he's good. Fingers crossed. I did have a good ride though. Yesterday I just did groundwork, because Promise needed some reminders, but she did good.

@Tazzie I'm always cold too, I always have to bring a sweater hahaha. They never do. Yesterday they turned it off too. Ugh. Like come on now. Exactly, he was a great farrier but if you're not reliable??? Onto the next! Can't believe Syd is 5. Awww!! Glad she had a good party. Diego will get better. I know you didn't expect all of that nonsense to be going on. It can be frustrating when they're younger (I mean, I have a 6yr old horse! lol) but it will be worth it in the end. He is a good boy & he means well. <3 They just need discipline!! Kicking is a big no-no! Yay for Izzie though!! She really is a gem! Love all the pictures. So many ribbons! Well-deserved. Diego does look really good. It's amazing seeing the difference before (w/ ulcers) & after without them. He looks so good! Gorgeous photos. <3 Love the family one!!!!

@phantomhorse13 I like watching the hunters. I really like watching the 36 or older (I think that's what it's called) class. It's amazing, there was a lady who was at least 70 I swear, & she was jumping! She looked amazing! So cool. I hope I'm riding when I'm that age, LOL. It's fun. And of course the food is good! Gosh I love your rides!! They always look so amazing. You look fantastic! & gosh yeah, he's an amazing farrier but I can't deal with someone who isn't reliable!

I confess, new farrier is coming tonight so I'm anxious to get outta here & see how it goes. Hopefully he's good, he has 12+yrs of experience (not a ton I know) but if it doesn't workout, I know another one that could come out next time. But she needs a trim, so hopefully it's cake! He's responsive & even confirmed with me for tonight, so that's good. My other one still has yet to this point I don't even care. His loss of my business! *shrug*

Supposed to rain tonight which sucks, but at least we can use the barn or run-in. It's almost Friday, yay!!
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Ride more, worry less.
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@JCnGrace nobody close enough to here that doesn't already seem to have a full crew working on it.

@phantomhorse13 I've volunteered at the shelter in the past, but some rule changes they had there made it really frustrating and I just gave up a few years ago. Other rescues I've tried I never got responses about volunteering, unbelievable as that is. And besides I won't have much free time soon, which will make it harder to get established anyway. Hence why getting into horses/back to martial arts classes isn't an option right now. Thank you for the reply though.

Don't judge someone's horse or skill because they don't compete or work with a trainer.

Sometimes they're the most in tune with each other.
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@phantomhorse13 , thank you. Looked like there was some fun trails there in VA.

@RidingWithRuby , WELCOME and feel free to join in. It started out with confessions and has morphed over the years to talking about anything you want to talk about with a few confessions sprinkled in here and there.

@TimmysMom , a WELCOME to you too and ditto about joining in the conversations. It's been a while since @gingerscout has participated in this thread. The last I knew he was hoping to move to Florida and a more active horse community. I hope he was able to make that happen.

@PoptartShop , be sure to let us know how the new farrier did, it can be so hard to find good ones. I can't even count the number of one and dones I've gone through in my search for a good farrier. The worst by far was the one that was scared to death of horses. I mean why would you pick that as your profession if you were that scared of them? LOL Promise is doing a "look at me, I'm so pretty" pose!

@BlindHorseEnthusiast4582 , around here you'd get more offers than you could handle because no one wants to work putting up hay. Square bales keep getting harder to find because of it.

I'll make a confession. Tonight I had 2 helpings of strawberries and shortcake and I'm fighting the urge to have a 3rd. It's like I'm trying to make up for the fact that I haven't had any since last summer. LOL

Gamble decided he liked where he ate last night since he didn't have to walk as far to get there so I had to convince him we were back to our regularly scheduled program and to get his butt in his own stall. He paid me back by pooping in 3 different spots in said stall that I'd just cleaned before he came in and he wasn't in there more than 15 minutes. I call him The Brat for a reason, he had to try really hard to get that much poop out in such a short time. LOL

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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