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post #12481 of 12609 Old 06-14-2019, 06:17 AM
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This no time to reply is getting old... And upsetting me big time

Anyway here goes, short version

@PoptartShop I am sorry about farrier breakup. I totally understand, and with the lack of farriers in my area, was one of the reasons that led me to do frequent touch ups. I hope you enjoy new one

@Tazzie Yay Sidney!!
I am sorry things were not perfect at the last show, but I really enjoyed reading the description Always something to learn from it, and you handled it pretty well!
I think Nick is doing a great job with Diego!

@Captain Evil Your horse does not look too fat, he is big boned and gorgeous! I wish I could be around seals, I find them darn cute!!
I am sorry about the messed up bus drivers...

@phantomhorse13 I absolutely loved the second picture!! Bet you had a great time

@JCnGrace Lol, Gamble's poop revenge. Never a boring day with your herd

@BlindHorseEnthusiast4582 Hi there! Glad to see you didn't forget about us

Nothing interesting to confess, just a slow wait till the weekend arrives... Time is not passing by, ugh...
Let's see what will happen, honestly I hope to have the right conditions to ride a little bit

Happy weekend everyone!!
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post #12482 of 12609 Old 06-14-2019, 01:35 PM
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@JCnGrace ugh...I'll explain below...just, no, wouldn't use him again. Ugh. LOL she is always posing hahaha, such a little stinkbutt. Mmmm that sounds delicious. I love strawberries...andddd shortcake! LOL treat yourself! Omg Gamble, little brat!

@RidingWithRuby welcome! We just talk about nonsense, LOL.

@TuyaGirl it is very difficult. Ugh.
Happy Friday though. I hope you get to ride this weekend!!! Happy weekend!!

I confess, the new farrier came last night & it's just...nope. Never again.

Now, all Promise needed was a trim. Her feet weren't crazy long or anything, she's pretty basic, but I prefer a thorough farrier, still. He wasn't. He spent like maybe a minute on each foot. Her trim looks good, but still...just wasn't that impressed. He was also VERY flirty, which really made me annoyed. Like, no thanks.

I left a voicemail for another farrier, he has 25+yrs of experience & he's certified, looks like he does really good work, so hopefully I can use him next time. She's OK for now, but I wouldn't use that guy again. This guy I left a voicemail for lives in the same area as the barn, which is good too.

But anyway, planning on riding tonight & then tomorrow going to FH for a trail. Finally!!! Sunday it's gonna storm, so just wanna beat the rain. Happy Friday everyone!!!

Ride more, worry less.
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@TuyaGirl of course not! I just don't ever have much of anything to say. My life is not that interesting ;)

Don't judge someone's horse or skill because they don't compete or work with a trainer.

Sometimes they're the most in tune with each other.
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Did someone mention they were eating all the strawberry's and cake with whipped cream covering everything @JCnGrace . No wonder none have reached Ohio yet.

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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post #12485 of 12609 Old 06-15-2019, 03:13 AM Thread Starter
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@TuyaGirl , have a good weekend and hope you get in lots of Tuya time!

@PoptartShop , hope the next one is better! How fun, a trail ride! Have a good one!

@RegalCharm , some should start arriving at any time because next up is a German Chocolate cake since hubby has been hollering for one and it doesn't take strawberries. LOL No whipped cream, I didn't get any because I thought I had some Cool Whip in the freezer and I was wrong. Hubby wasn't too happy but I don't use it on mine anyway. Shouldn't be eating any of it but try to save calories where I can. I can't make it for him and then not eat any which is why I usually try to make him stuff I could take or leave but he's been wanting sweets I love.

Today was balancing the checkbook and paying bills day so nothing exciting about that to report. I might have had a little nap somewhere in my day because I also baked a turkey breast yesterday so had a turkey sandwich for lunch and we all know (at least the ones of us that like it) that eating turkey requires sleeping it off afterwards.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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post #12486 of 12609 Old 06-16-2019, 10:05 PM Thread Starter
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Happy Father's Day to all the dads!

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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post #12487 of 12609 Old 06-17-2019, 05:52 AM
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@JCnGrace I don't eat turkey a lot, so I never heard of that before
I saw some posts on Facebook regarding father's day, we always celebrate on the 19th of March. And mother's day is on different day too.

@PoptartShop Oh my... So sorry things didn't go well well with the farrier. And on top of all being flirty? No, lol!! Bet you were super mad.
I hope the one you contacted is way better.

@BlindHorseEnthusiast4582 my life is everything except interesting, yet here I am, lol!

I confess that after 6 months I rode Tuya!! Gosh finally!!!
Appart from being a little difficult to briddle (BO's daughter helped me), she was quite good. I didn't ride for long, I want to start slow, and she also had a coughing episode, so after 15 minutes we were done.
The view from there was wonderful, I missed those chestnut ears

Yesterday was hoof day, so no riding, but she was really good at it, so yeah, a great weekend overall

The pregnant mare gave to birth a lovely black filly, was not even 24 hours on Saturday, so yeah, the cutest thing!!
Glad that Tuya did not even think of adopting that one, or would have her arse kicked hard, lol!

Happy Monday!
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Welp, turns out the saddle doesn't fit after all... and never will. W is not wide enough, it pinches her shoulders, but it STILL SITS ON HER WITHERS.

I am enraged.

And sick of everything.

I give up.

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post #12489 of 12609 Old 06-17-2019, 10:10 AM
Green Broke
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@JCnGrace , haha, I know! Nick goes "yeah, no. Good luck to the boys thinking they get to date her" he's a bit protective of his little girl. He told her she had to stop growing up because now she looks like a little girl instead of the toddler we had. He's having a tough time with her growing up lol though he did say if she ended up with her friend she went to daycare with he'd be totally ok with that! We're friends with his parents, and we know he's being raised well lol thank you! And yeah, I remember absolutely hating riding Izzie when she was 5 and 6. I just made myself because Nick wouldn't let me sell her. But I didn't enjoy it. At all. Diego is right at that age now, so I'm just hoping it's a similar situation. And yes! I just expressly told him no cantering allowed. If he's going to buck, it HAS to be with me because I can get him out of it much faster and easier than Nick can right now. And what wasn't shown was I walked Izzie in first lol he followed her to start, but then took off walking through. Nick had fun at least :) and such silly ponies! They make me laugh lol I say enjoy all the strawberries and shortcake you want haha! Oh Gamble, so mean to your mom!

@phantomhorse13 , he knows I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression. He also has anxiety, though he doesn't have the bad depression I get on occasion. At least he knows and he is getting more in tune to when I'm getting that depressed. I could see Izzie disliking the baby food too haha! She does ok with it in water, and I've gotten good enough with the syringe that it doesn't take much to get it into her. For dinner we found the perfect solution, finally, so there is that lol and thank you! Yay for another good endurance ride! I love reading your stories!

@PoptartShop , ugh, how annoying! I prefer a sweatshirt or jacket, so I don't mind so much if it's cooler. Sometimes it's a bit excessive here though. I can't believe she's 5 either! She grew up too fast! And yeah, it was a bit much. Hopefully next time we go back he'll be better minded.... I sure think he looks good! And thank you! It was overall a good show :) I love the family one too <3 I'm so tired of the rain. And honestly, experience should come into play, yes... but the best farrier I ever had was my age... and no way could he have 20+ years experience at my age my current farrier is also my age, but he's just as good. And attentive to each of their needs. Promise is so adorable <3 I hope you had a riding filled fun weekend!

@TuyaGirl , thank you <3 I try to handle things fairly with the babies... I just have to remind myself he's still young AND he wasn't shown extensively before we bought him. So he never experienced such a busy warm up ring. And I think he's doing well too :) I just have to remind him of that often. YAY for riding Tuya!! I'm glad you were able to ride!! WOOHOO! And that she was good for the trimming day :) awwww, baby!! I want pics!!

Whew, we had a busy weekend!

Friday night we bathed both ponies in preparation for a show on Saturday. Got up early, grabbed ponies, and headed straight for the show, which was about an hour and a halfish away. Cleaned up what was needed when we got to the show. Checked in, and played with the trail course before it opened. They had a water box! Diego was NOT ok with it AT ALL. Not at all. Nope, no thanks! Izzie... walked through it like a champ! Whew.

Go get ready and head on up. Izzie did a fantastic trail pattern in hand, and I was thrilled! Diego did.... ok. He was not doing the water box, and Nick knew to skip it before he got overly stressed out. He also decided brush was terrifying... because it was in an arena and not out in the field *facepalm* but they tried, and he didn't get the lowest score of the day.

Went out and tacked Izzie up. The trail pattern had no canter in it, so I did a nice, slow, methodical warm up at the walk and trot, making sure she'd back up, turn a 90 degree angle, and sidepass straight sideways. Went in hoping for the best, but figuring we'd lose it here. Last show I tried to back an "L" was not pretty, and the gate was even worse. WELL! She sure showed me. The "L" wasn't incredible, but she did it. I calmed her down and gave her confidence to tackle it. The water box was absolutely nothing and she went right through that. Got to the gate and just hoped she'd do well. It was a rope gate with a tiny ring on it (think maybe a bit bigger than a US half dollar coin) that you had to take off a hook and put back on the hook. She actually did pretty well with it, so I was thrilled. Last up was the bridge that she didn't even really look at. I came out cheering because we did the gate so well!

Last class was sport horse under saddle. She warmed up SOO well! I was thrilled! Had a super nice ride, even better than last weekend. Came in 2nd out of 4 to a horse I consistently lost to last weekend (who lives behind the vertical, yuck, but is big and moves big). I was still happy, so that's all that mattered.

Came home, tossed them outside, and came home to shower. We were invited to a wedding (that we didn't have to RSVP to) as well as a pig roast. Nick chose the pig roast, and I was ok with that. Didn't have to get dressed up haha!

Yesterday we sat around doing nothing. Nick's neck hurt, so he didn't feel like going anywhere. So instead I finished getting music on his ipod, so he's thrilled.

Now we have rain every day for the foreseeable future. Our Regional Championships are next weekend, and all my classes are outside. So this ought to be fun *sigh*

Just a couple pics :)

Two good looking ponies

The trail pattern for Saturday

And the score sheets. Each challenge was out of 10, and there aren't that many challenges. Ignore the ages too... idk why that is there. Izzie is 9, and I know Windy (Riah Abril) is in her teens.

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@JCnGrace - I've the same problem with raspberries; I missed them over the winter and i've gone through a punnet this morning and i'm eyeing the second one as i type. German chocolate cake looks really good. I'd never heard of it before, but the pictures look yummy. It's always good to treat yourself occasionally. You must be a good baker.

@TuyaGirl - That's great that you managed to ride Tuya again. You can always build up your time. Between two ears is always the best view!!

@PoptartShop - That's an unprofessional farrier! He can't get much repeat business if he treats owners and hooves that way. Good luck with the next one and have fun on your trail.
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