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post #12491 of 13236 Old 06-17-2019, 01:19 PM
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@Tazzie I agree, most definitely, years of experience doesn't mean much at all, people can still do crappy jobs. Someone who has less experience might be better, that's for sure. My last farrier wasn't that old either & he was amazing. But the guy who I had was just horrible so I'm hoping this next one is just more experienced & more detailed. :( Blah! Her feet are OK for now, but I'd never use him again. So hard to find a good farrier. So glad you had a great time at the show this weekend!! Congratulations!!! You guys always kick butt! LOL I would've chosen the pig roast too - less dressing up to do & maybe even more fun haha. They are so cute eating! <3

@Caledonian seriously, I was so mad. He probably doesn't have many clients. Ugh.

@JCnGrace thank you! Mmm turkey sounds amazing...speaking of which, I just had a turkey sammich for lunch haha. A nap is definitely in order!

@TuyaGirl glad you finally got to ride. What a good girl!!! I bet that felt amazing being back in the saddle.

I confess, the other farrier did contact me this weekend & I set up an appt. for the last week in July, so fingers crossed he is much much better...he's actually mutual friends with my OLD farrier, & he has a lottttt of pictures of his work (the other guy didn't) & I think he will be good. Hopefully! Her feet are OK for now, she rides fine, even on the trail she was good, but I just can't risk using that other guy the flirtiness, big no-no.

I did have an amazing day on Saturday though. We went to FH finally & she was soooo good!!!! All by herself! <3

Some pictures. It was a beautiful day.

Supposed to storm at night ALL WEEK long. So not sure how much I'll get to ride this week, ugh. Happy Monday!
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Ride more, worry less.
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post #12492 of 13236 Old 06-17-2019, 10:05 PM
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@PoptartShop : sorry to hear the new farrier was a flop. a two second trim AND flirty? umm, no! woohoo for getting out on trail - love FH!

@BlindHorseEnthusiast4582 : I hope you can find something else to help you de-stress. horses are such good therapy..

@JCnGrace : no such thing as too many strawberries!

@TuyaGirl : woohoo for riding!! hope you will share pics of the new foal with us.

@blue eyed pony : you may need a saddle with a hoop tree.. saddle fitting is so frustrating!

@Tazzie : just reading your posts, I need a nap. I hope momma nature gives you a break next weekend.

@Caledonian : good to see you pop in - how goes life on that side of the pond?

Today, I got George out. Kestrel came, too. The whole story is in my journal.

It's supposed to rain the rest of the week.. so no idea when I will get saddle time again.

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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@phantomhorse13 hoop trees generally suit the super round ones which is great until you have a horse that is wide AND high withered... I'm starting to think I need custom made but the problem is I don't have that kind of money.

I mean hell I can't even afford a brand new off the shelf synthetic, I have to buy second hand.
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@blue eyed pony Maybe you can find a second-hand opportunity? Who knows, do some search.

@Tazzie I would have chosen the pig roast as well! No dressing up and I suppose less crowded :)
Glad your boys did so much better! Diego has the water issue, but I am pretty sure he will overcome it quick.
I hope that the weather holds up for you next weekend!
And thank you! The person dealing with her hooves was actually me, lol, but she was really good

@Caledonian Hi! How have you been?

@PoptartShop I hope this new farrier is wayyy better than the flirty 2 second guy :)
Aww, the trail is gorgeous!! And Promise really is proving to be a great mount, you must be really happy and proud!!

@phantomhorse13 The trails you ride at are quite 'versatile'. Lots of green, thick forest, or open fields. I like it :)

Thank you everyone!! I was really happy and thankful for the ride :)

Nothing out of the ordinary to tell... Weather is crappy, windy, cloudy, supposed to rain...
Is it Friday yet??

Oh, and yes, I will try to get pictures of the filly, the one I got was just too far away, so add zoom and you see nothing, lol! Although I've been close enough, instead of taking pictures I was like 'Awwww' :)
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Better catch up before the rain gets here and makes my connection hit or miss.

@TuyaGirl , turkey contains L-Tryptophan which can make you sleepy.

Big YAY for riding Tuya! So glad she did well for you. Yes we need pics of the foal so we can oooh and aaah over it. And yay for Tuya being smart enough to not try to steal another mare's foal. Frecks couldn't be in the broodmare herd unless she had her own foal because she always tried her best to convince one she was it's mama and Gracie (Gamble, TJ and Flash's dam) would let her.

Crap, the rain is back so let's hope I can get this typed and posted before it gets heavy.

@blue eyed pony , you are just having the worse time of saddle fitting. Hope you figure out something soon. In the meantime start saving your pennies for a custom one. Just a question because I don't know. If you have a custom saddle made does it only fit your horse for the weight/muscle tone your horse was at the time of measuring?

@Tazzie , Izzie is such a good sport, congrats! LOL on Nick being such a protective dad of his little girl. Pig roast sounds good, been a while since I've been to one.

@Caledonian , good to see you (so to speak)! I love raspberry pie but can't bake an edible pie to save my life. Mom used to make incredible ones and she even tried making them and giving them to me for baking with cooking instructions. I get burnt crust on top and raw dough on the bottom no matter what. LOL

Work still keeping you busy? How is your dad doing?

@PoptartShop , are looking forward to when BF gets himself and River experienced enough to join you on the trails? I can't remember, does your new place have an indoor arena? Has BF moved to the new place yet?

@phantomhorse13 , all this rain is frustrating isn't it? Has your family got their crops in? My b-i-l got his initial planting done but can't get back in the fields to replant the washed out areas or get his weed spraying & fertilizing done.

I got nothing to report or confess. I got wet doing chores last night but I didn't melt. Kyle the cat must be scared of storms because at the first sound of thunder he disappears and won't even come out to get his share of canned food and he REALLY likes canned food. Takes after the dog I guess.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Quote from @JCnGrace ( Mom used to make incredible ones and she even tried making them and giving them to me for baking with cooking instructions. I get burnt crust on top and raw dough on the bottom no matter what. LOL)

What position in the oven are you putting the oven rack in. They also make pie rings that you can buy that fit just around the outer edges of the top crust to prevent the crust from burning. (rural king sell these in different sizes) or use strips of foil to cover the top outer edges of the crusts.

The secret of pie dough is not to over work (knead) the dough and instead of using Crisco shortening , use lard and butter to mix with the flour.

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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@JCnGrace yeah, that'd be nice. He's still just doing groundwork with her though. But no, he hasn't yet. I hope he does soon, but she has been getting constant forage 24/7 now & he's using the arenas so he is ok right now. But it would be easier if we both were at the same barn...oh well though. Not my horse, not my problem I guess lol right?! He hasn't taken riding lessons in months, so he's pretty behind on them. But like I said, I'm not forcing anything. My new place doesn't have an arena, I ride in either the pasture or there's a grassy area I can ride in which is like the size of an arena, so it works LOL. There's also a roundpen for groundwork I can use. I am gonna miss the indoor arena, but hey I have dealt without one before I can do it again haha. Awww! Poor kitty! I hate storms too!

@phantomhorse13 I am SO sick of this rain. Not sure if I'll get to ride this week either! Ugh.

@TuyaGirl yes please get pics of the cute filly! <3 & thank you! I am pretty proud of her lately, she's starting to mature & really starting to get things. Still has her baby moments as she's only 6, LOL but we are getting there. I am hopeful we can do trails more often!

I confess, it sucks it's gonna rain like all week, because I wanted to ride this week to prepare for my lesson on Sunday, but oh well...ugh! If it holds off tonight, I'll at least do some groundwork with her so she's not just 'sitting' all week lol. Rain, rain, go away!

Ride more, worry less.
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@RegalCharm , I had the rack on whichever mom told me to have it on. I gave up trying to bake pies many years ago so don't remember exactly where I had it. I have tried the foil around the edges. The thing is I can make a tasty pot pie just not a dessert pie. Weird glitch on my part I reckon. LOL

@PoptartShop , you're being smart by not forcing or egging him on. Did he lose a little confidence somewhere along the way?

Friday is our only day in the foreseeable future that is supposed to be rain free. Hubby has it down for his yard mowing day but since the grass will be so wet it will still be a clumpy, nasty mess that the dog will drag into the house.

I confess that I am bored. Have a 1000 and 1 things I could do to relieve the boredom but nothing that sounds appealing. My no rain Friday chore might be to get the clippers out and tackle some bridle paths since their manes should be dry. I have to take scissors to the minis before using the clippers because especially Majik's mane dulls the blades in one use. He's got crazy long and thick locks any woman would give their eyeteeth for. And it only takes a couple of days for that nice, neat bridle path to look like an overgrown mohawk. LOL


R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@TuyaGirl you at least have a horse to report about! Lol
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Don't judge someone's horse or skill because they don't compete or work with a trainer.

Sometimes they're the most in tune with each other.
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@JCnGrace yeah, he's getting better with it now though. I know he takes time.
Omg he's so cute!! I'm jealous haha, so much hair!

I confess, last night we just played in the roundpen, before the rain started. Haven't used a roundpen with her in months. She did really well, and she actually joined up right away! :O LOL. She's so cute! Ignore her dirty blaze lol

Nothing else to really confess. Gonna rain tonight...yay!
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Ride more, worry less.
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