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Green Broke
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@TuyaGirl, yeah, I've long since learned to apologize to Nick. I'd be lost without him lol the storm was crazy! And everything is green where there isn't mud haha! Baby Jo is adorable :) she's kind of snuggly, but a bit independent currently. When she's older, she's going to need to be turned out with a boss witch mare. She's already pushing around the babysitter mare that is in with her and the big mare! I do get a bit focused haha! And yeah, Panda is a giant! Thank you! We did! I'm glad you all got some rain (at least if you needed it lol) I hope things resolve with Tuya and the momma horse :/ oh man! I can't imagine wearing long sleeve shirts outside right now! We've had heat indexs over 100 this week! Yikes to the sand! And how annoying with the BO's son! UGH! Hopefully the key doesn't go missing again!

@PoptartShop, haha, I'm still feeling it. I'm so exhausted currently! I'm glad they are getting swimming lessons there too :) makes me happy! And Jo is a character lol and yes lol Panda makes Izzie look like a pony... and she's 15 hands right on the nose! Thank you! Not buying pictures from this one for a bit. I remember prices being high, but haven't looked closely in a bit. I'm glad too! And yeah, it's nasty here this week, ugh. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! Silly boss! Promise looks so thrilled to be riding haha! I'm glad you enjoyed a nice swim! Least you got to do it before it stormed!! And yay for riding! Also so jealous of your three day work week lol

@JCnGrace, she makes a lot of people have grabby hands lol the stallion's breeder said she's the nicest out of the foal crop, and I'd agree. I believe Panda is 17.2/17.3. Izzie sticks right at 15 hands (I have a legit measuring stick lol) and my friend towers over me haha! Yeah, we have another year to search now, but I'm glad Nick is on board again with a LQ. I just wasn't happy with the idea of a dressing room we'd make into a makeshift LQ. I don't care if there isn't a shower, but dangit I want a toilet! I do want a 4 horse, but right now I want a better trailer than I have currently. So we will see what happens. And thank you!! Oh what a story with the horses and their bridle paths! Izzie is perfect for any and all clipping.... Diego is the biggest jerk on the planet with clipping. I can't wait till I have electric in the barn. Those clippers will be on him every single night. Whoops with the neighbor and all his irons! Someone should have figured out which needed to be done first, or gotten help! Haha, I'm sure your babies would enjoy the sprinkler! Get one of those big/tall ones. Set it up outside of the fence where it'll spray over the fence. Problem with the hose solved lol OMG to your neighbor having his elderly father help! When I said help, I imagined kids! NOT a man that shouldn't be out there in that heat like that!!

@Finalcanter, yay for booking a lesson!! I'm glad it went well!

@phantomhorse13, everyone here was successful getting their hay done and up! I feel awful for some in Ohio and central Kentucky though. It RAINED after they'd cut their hay. One place I heard lost over 200 acres of hay. That is just awful. Nick took enough from this cutting to get us through the rest of show season, and we will take what all we want in the second cutting. There was quite a bit baled though, so if we need more we can get more. Haha, not really any plans. Tonight we are going to go see Avengers End Game because Nick wants to. Hope to do some barn work since the kids aren't here to whine. Then next week is our Breyerfest demo. I'm both happy and sad since it'll be our last demo, possibly forever. Yay for beach time!! I'm glad you got so many rides! What a good boy Link is!

@carshon, I'm so glad you feel better!! That's so exciting!! I hope the ride was good! I'm sorry the hay isn't all that great :/

@Rainaisabelle, I'm glad your photography has been going well! And you've gotta be exhausted after that work schedule!

Whew, I'm still catching up on my exhaustion from the show!!

We got everyone safely to the show Tuesday night. Opted to not bathe Diego since he didn't show until Thursday, and this way I didn't have to fret trying to keep him clean! Izzie made sure to get gross every night of course.... ugh.

Wednesday was the trail courses. Our under saddle was not at all pretty.... Izzie suddenly decided the bridge was horrifying. I could have killed her for that behavior. There were three in each class, but we managed to still take second in each of them. The first because one of the horses was very young and it was their first show... the second because the girl blew one part of the pattern and was disqualified. The in hand was much better at least. We were the only entry for both, but had good passes lol

Thursday we lunged Diego to take the edge off so we didn't have a repeat of our last show. Headed on up to the ring. A mistake cost Izzie first in the open class, then we went against much larger horses. Fourth out of six in the next class, then second out of I think five? Maybe six. I can't remember now. Our last run was the best of the weekend lol Diego went in and was looky, but overall very well behaved. He won his class out of three, with me being the only amateur. Showed Izzie in the in hand to a second out of two placings in Dressage Type, and I was alone in the Hunter Type. But the hunter judge said she wants to show my horse HAHA! She wrote it on the score sheet!

Friday same deal where we lunged Diego. Head up for the Regional classes. Izzie had her best class that morning took a Top Five out of six (I was told by the announcer that she was third). She didn't handle the hurry up and wait well on top of being tired in the heat. So that was our only Top Five of the day in her under saddle classes. Diego went out and did super well, but had what I felt was a costly mistake to take him out of Reserve Champion. Though after that session, I had no less than three people tell me I'd been robbed of the reserve placing. So that sucked. I guess the horse who took reserve broke gait a lot and was spooking all over the ring. Such is life. Headed straight down to the trail ring to do trail in hand. Since Izzie has repeatedly dominated in the trail in hand classes, I'd decided to add it. Sucks we were the only entry though, so she won a set of roses. However, she had a score of 72. There was only one score higher the entire day for a purebred, and that was a 73. So we weren't far off! We all rested a bit before the sport horse in hand classes. I helped my friend with her stallion, who took two champions, a reserve championship, and a top five. And the stallion classes were the biggest ones of the show! Izzie had two entries in her. The dressage judge didn't care for her, so she took reserve. But the hunter judge did and we actually earned a set of roses! So I was happy there :)

Overall, a decent day. I was feeling down since I kept thinking to myself "and I want to go to Nationals?! I can't even take a top five in some of my classes out of 8 horses!!" A friend of mine who is big in Dressage down here, and a repeated National Champion, sent me a message going "is it bad I can look at the pictures and see how many main ring horses are trying to be passed off as sport horses?" I said we'd seen a couple for sure. She said more than normal were in there.... she told me to not stress, and that those that beat me here would look like fish out of water at Nationals. Said Regionals is often that way for some reason, but they never do well when it comes to the National level. She full on told me I would not look out of place nor would I be a fool to go. She gave me tips on what to work on, and it made me feel immensely better.

The trainer of the horse that was Regional Champion Junior Horse against Diego also told me I'm doing an incredible job with him. That his entire way of going has been changing and that he's actually using his body now. It was so appreciated that she told me this. The announcer was his former owner, which made me anxious that she would not be happy seeing how he's doing. But she said he looked great! He still needs muscle, but weight wise I like where he's at.

After the show, I hurried home and got everyone turned out. I brought them in around 10 to feed, went home, showered, and crashed lol my parents and brother/hopeful sister in law arrived around 1 am and 2 am. Visited with them in the morning while I helped mom get her prime rib ready and made Sydney's birthday cake. Relaxed most of the day. Nick did some mowing for more hay that was going to be round baled, and then came home for the best prime rib ever lol

Sunday we got up fairly early to go to breakfast. Sydney wanted Cracker Barrel, so that's where we went. Afterward, we packed up the kiddos and sent them on their way with my family for two weeks! Nick left shortly after to go bale the hay, and I took a nap till dinner at my sister in law's house for my nephew! One of my sister in laws was also just approved to be foster parents with her husband, and I now have a foster nephew. He's quite adorable, though I think today they find out his story.

Since then, the ponies have had time off. Everyone was tired, and they needed a break. We had a severe thunderstorm pop up last night, which wasn't fun. At least we didn't lose power!

Tonight we are going to go see Avengers End Game because Nick has been dying to see it!

Pictures and video!

Silverama pictures and video:

Izzie's regional roses :)

Oh! And I saw little Jo :) I'm standing upright!

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Those videos make me miss the days that I showed. Surprisingly haha (thought I wouldn't miss them).
Maybe some day I'll re enter the show ring, even if just casually doing schooling shows. The barn I'm at now hosts a few on occasion.

cantering on, into the familiar and unknown
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@JCnGrace : somewhere, I have that movie about the pit ponies on vhs. So sad because I am sure that really happened in a lot of places. i love all the stories about the personalities in your herds - they really are like kids, only better.

@carshon : so glad you are feeling better!! I understand your frustration about the hay, but agree any hay in the barn is better than none. hopefully second cutting will be better..

@PoptartShop : riding early and then spending the day swimming sounds perfect in this heat.

@HollyHolly : do you have someone around that can help you if you decide to try riding again? perhaps having a friend around to hold the horse while you swing a leg over and see how you feel would help set your mind at ease.

@blue eyed pony : hope things come together on the job front. glad things are going well with Ikora.

@TuyaGirl : how annoying to lose good barn time because of the wind! maybe you need to invest in a good pair of swim goggles..

@Finalcanter : so glad you enjoyed your lesson! you will be back into the swing of things in no time.

@Captain Evil : I avoid that problem by not having a dining room table..

@Tazzie : as always, just reading your posts makes me tired. sounds like you more than held your own at the show overall though - and as the only amateur! are you enjoying having time away from the kids or are you missing them?

On Thursday, I got out for a ride with a visiting friend. The whole story is in my journal.

Last weekend, I went down to North Carolina for an endurance ride. The whole story is also in my journal.

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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@blue eyed pony , hope your interview went well!

@Rainaisabelle , do you have to work four 10 hour shifts each week?

@Tazzie , that was one busy week girl! I'm sorry you didn't do as well in some of the classes as you had hoped but you can always use those as training/learning experiences.

I've tried the fixing it to the fence route which resulted in fussing on who got to stand in the spray. We have another sprinkler that spins in a circle and I was thinking more of them at a time could enjoy that. I just keep picturing Cutter trying to chase it around in that circle and getting his feet tangled in the hose. LOL

@phantomhorse13 , hmmm...this time it's some of your pictures not showing up. The first one you posted and the video is showing, the rest are not. I can click on the little boxes with the X inside and get them to show up but I know from previous threads about that issue that it doesn't work for everyone.

50 miles??? You must have a body of steel! I'd be finishing up draped over the saddle like they carry dead people in westerns. LOL Hubs and I got lost one time and the best we could figure was that we did around 30 miles that day but it certainly wasn't intentional. The horses were exhausted too.

I confess that I'm a fair weather person and with the heat & humidity we've had these past few days I spend my 2 hours or so getting the chores done and then I'm ready to come in and hit a cool shower. That gives me absolutely zilch to talk about. Farrier is coming Friday so maybe that will give me some material. LOL

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Never mind @phantomhorse13 , after I hit reply all of your pictures popped up.
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R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@Finalcanter Aww, glad you really enjoyed it! In a heartbeat you will find your balance back, you will see :) When is your next lesson?

@PoptartShop So jealous, I needed some days off so much, ugh! Enjoy the best you can! I love to see Promise in green :) I hope you get to spend a great time with her

@Rainaisabelle When I tried to check it Facebook had a huge glitch, lol! But then I came back and I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing :)

@blue eyed pony hoping all went well with the interview! Fingers crossed!

@phantomhorse13 lol, then I would have to buy some for Tuya as well, since she has an eye that gets teary with excessive dust :) Barn by the sea whoas....
A ride with a friend is always nice :) I suppose you let her ride one of yours or she brought her own horse?

@Tazzie no, you could not have killed Izzie, lol! Look at her all sweet with the roses :)
I really enjoyed watching Diego in action. So did that judge, ahah. Izzie is Izzie :) But I notice big improvement on him.
Is that a fake tail on the dark bay or just like that?
Hope you enjoyed the movie. I bet horses are enjoying their little time out :)

@JCnGrace Lol on the divorce vs small place to live and share :)
Want some wind, clouds and cold temps? Where. Is. Summer???

I confess I am quite sad today. My 92 year old neighbour passed last night. Lung malfunction. I really liked her. A woman with a huge pair of balls for her time. I loved to hear her stories about how spanish would run to Portugal to escape their political system (Franco), and she would help them. And much more.
She had no kids, I guess tomorrow at the funeral will me me and my mum. She will be missed.

Have a nice day!
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@JCnGrace : I find this hot and humid weather really has me dragging. I guess its better than the constant rain though..

@TuyaGirl : sorry to hear about the passing of your neighbor. she sounds like she had a lot of adventures in life.

On Monday, I hopped on Phin to walk Kestrel.

After finishing with Phin, I went out to play with Link. The whole story is in my journal.

I got this pic yesterday afternoon, between storms:

This place is surely my pot of gold!!

Tomorrow we are off to the next ride with Phin and George, so fingers and toes crossed the heat breaks as predicted..

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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@TuyaGirl , as long as your cold temps are above freezing I'll take them! LOL

I am sure sorry that someone you cared about passed on. Hugs of sympathy to you. She sounds like a very interesting lady.

@phantomhorse13 , cool rainbow! I thought for sure we'd have one today because it was raining while the sun was shining. Didn't see it.

So today's chores included adding ag lime to the barn floors again so that the farrier will be able to breathe while he's trimming tomorrow. Close to 5 hours working on that. I probably won't be able to get out of bed in the morning. LOL I have them locked out of the front stall we use for farrier work so that they can't trash it again overnight. At least it will look nice and be stink free for 12 hours.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@JCnGrace the strawberry have arrived in Ohio. Big bright red and grandkids looked like they bit into a lemon when they tried them. No taste or juice to them. and they are hollow. You must have eaten all the good ones. lOL
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I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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I hate when that happens @RegalCharm . When it does lots of sugar and a little water will make a decent syrup for them to soak in. I haven't had any since last I talked about it so I've only used up 4 pints. Right now a big bowl of them sounds pretty good.

Farrier just left and it feels like an afternoon nap is in my future. Cutter wanted to lean and Thunder didn't want to pick up that last hoof but other than that all behaved.

Does everyone else have particularly vicious flies this year? For about the past 4 days they've even been eating me alive. I have to use fly spray not only on the horses but myself and even then a couple will manage to find a spot I missed. Last night one bit me on the butt right through my clothes. Farrier said he's noticed it too.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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