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@Tazzie oh my gosh Izzie & the bridge! I would've been upset about that too, it's frustrating. Like Izzie all of a sudden scared of a bridge?! Ugh. But don't feel too discouraged about Nationals; I agree with them - don't stress! Yay for roses! Izzie looks so cute with them! <3 Awww. Well-earned and deserved. You guys always come out in the end. Love the pictures & videos too. Both of the horses look amazing. Such great improvements with Diego, you should be proud! <3 Jo is getting so big! Such a cute baby. Are you missing the kiddos like crazy?!

@Captain Evil LOL, hey the first step is admitting! Hope you had fun cleaning, although when is it ever fun?!

@Rainaisabelle love your photography!

@JCnGrace gotta love naps! Omg yes, the flies/gnats around here are driving me crazy. I need to get a fly trap thing for the barn. Ugh. Plus, Promise is so sensitive to bugs (she hates them LOL) it makes it even worse! I had to get bug spray for my own self too this season.

@TuyaGirl I'm so sorry to hear that about your neighbor. Sounds like she was a nice woman, and living to be 92 is pretty amazing.

@phantomhorse13 again, I swear I am living vicariously through you! Love the video!! Your rides always look amazing, & I agree with JC, you must have a body of steel! Looks so fun. Love the rainbow, & I'm so glad Link is doing well. So cute! Love how Kestrel is in the lead too, during the ride with Phin!

I confess, I had a nice long weekend, but I'm super busy today at work! Whew!

I got out to the barn early each morning because either it was going to be super hot/humid, or it was gonna rain that day. It rained off & on all weekend long, so the ground wasn't the best, but I did ride a few days in a row so I can't complain.

Raining again all day today, so I won't be riding, although Promise will be fine with a day off lol.

I got myself with the hose while I was hosing her off, cause it was just so hot.

Thursday night the BF & I saw some fireworks locally, it was nice! Then on Friday I swam all day at my parent's house after a nice ride. I cleaned the house all weekend & relaxed mostly. I wish long weekends were a thing ALL the time!
Yesterday we took the guinea pigs outside to let them hangout in the grass. LOL, they loved it!

Some pictures!
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Ride more, worry less.
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Green Broke
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@Finalcanter, I'm getting in the showing I can now since after this year, we'll be taking a two year minor hiatus. We will do a select few next year, but next to none the following year. We are breeding Izzie, so super light year for showing. I do enjoy the local shows though, and I think you'd have a blast with them!

@phantomhorse13, I can tell you I'm quite exhausted from it all haha! I'm pretty happy with how we did :) and the horses are working really well lately! We miss the kids, but it's kind of nice to have the house clean after cleaning it haha! I'm so glad you were able to meet up with one of your friends for a ride! Link is looking so good!

@JCnGrace, story of my life as far as being busy haha! And yeah, we uncovered a few things I need to work on, so that was good. Always something to learn! Oh lord lol then maybe it's not a good idea haha! I hear ya on the heat though! It's awful! And the flies have been terrible here!

@TuyaGirl, haha, you are right. She's a butthead, but she's my butthead lol I'm glad Diego is improving so well! And nope! Fake tails are not permitted in Arabians. Instead, they typically wrap them in a tail wrap and grow them as long as humanly possible. I'm not a huge fan of the look, but it's a to each their own kind of thing in my mind. Diego had a long tail when we bought him, and it was the first thing to go when we brought him home lol we did enjoy the move! And yes, horses enjoyed their vacation! I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor :(

@PoptartShop, ugh, I know. She's such a butt sometimes. But thank you! I'm looking forward to it more now! And thank you! I'm excited by our roses :) I am very proud of Diego! He's come so far :) I'm so jealous of the pool time! Ugh, I want to relax in the pool!! YAY for all the riding! The piggies look so cute outside :) and of course Promise is looking good!

Well my weekend flew by! I did have to work Friday, but mostly just tooled around online lol

Nick and I went to see the movie Wednesday night. It was good, but I was a bit lost on some of it. Some I felt was a bit overdone, but overall a good movie.

Thursday Nick and I decided to saddle up a couple of horses and went for a trail ride - off the farm. Nick got lots of practice mounting and dismounting from Izzie in a bunch of different places. I didn't trust Diego enough to get on and off too much for his first go around off the farm for a ride. He did spectacular though! We did about an hour and a half I think of putzing along, which was nice. All we did was leave the field and walk up to Nick's uncle's farm and ride around his property for a bit. He's the one who owns the cows, and it's the old family farm. He doesn't mind us riding out there at all as long as we follow the rules of if you open a gate, you close it behind you. All we did was walk, but the ponies were drenched by the time we got back to the barn. They fully enjoyed being turned out for a good roll!

Friday we didn't really do anything because Nick worked late, boo.

Saturday we spent ALL day on our barn. I had put my foot down and said it was time for kick boards to go up. There weren't any kids to whine about us being down there for so long, so I wanted to get such a huge project out of the way. It took us about 7 hours, but it's done! I think it looks fantastic! In the pictures you'll see wood that goes quite a bit higher than the rest. This is where Nick is going to build hay racks for them. It'll be nice to have the hay up off the floor!

All that working in the barn burnt me out on being outside though, so no riding as planned. I asked Nick if he was opposed to getting up at 7 am to get a ride in on Sunday, and he said no. So Sunday we got a ride in! Both horses were pretty darn good. Opened up a few things I need to address with Izzie, but I adore where Diego is right now. Someone shot up in the hind end this week (no joke) so I'm not asking him to come off his forehand at all. He physically would be unable to do so right now.

In addition to riding, I got a whole bunch of laundry done as well as cleaned up my house. It was nice to get a lot of that done! We leave Thursday night for Breyerfest. This is our last demo, most likely ever. Then just one show, a month break, then Nationals!

Diego being butt high...

Our barn :) he also cut off the extra pieces sticking out from the trusses. It's nearly ready to hang up gutters!

Then onto riding!

Fourth of July riding :)

Nick and Diego riding :) I'm very proud of watching these guys! Nick gets frustrated with learning his diagonals, but overall he's doing well. I'd worked entirely on just forward with Diego before Nick rode him. Right now I'd prefer him to be a bit quick in his tempo as opposed to the slower trot he had when we got him. Also quick note: this is Diego's stiff way. Getting him to relax into the contact is super difficult, and I had told Nick he has to make sure his inside leg is on for support. I think he did a good job :) he even cantered him, but I didn't catch that on camera!

For reference sake, this was my first ride on him at home at the trot. And I had to leg and leg and leg him to be that forward in the trot.

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@PoptartShop , that pool looks really good about right now. It would be even nicer at my barn where I could jump in every 15 minutes or so to cool down while I was doing chores. The horses have been sharing their fly spray with me. LOL Tonight I remembered to spray down with human stuff but it didn't last any longer than the horse stuff. Those pigs are too cute! Don't they try to run off? You got a lot of stuff done on your 4 days!

@Tazzie , I am doing a happy dance about your kick boards! It always makes me nervous to see a metal barn + horses without them. A friend had a yearling slice a good portion of her foot off from kicking through metal once and that was some nasty doctoring & bandaging we had to do on her.

While I'll miss hearing about your showing adventures I'm thinking Izzie Jr. stories will more than make up for them. LOL Are you going to continue to show Diego or take a break altogether?

Still not much to confess to since it's still get the chores done as fast as possible so I can get back to the AC. This time of year it's 2 - 3 hours of chore time though vs 45 minutes max in the winter. This is the time of year I look at the herd and think, "hmmm...who could I get rid of?". LOL Tonight I didn't even get the whole floor clean because they didn't have the energy to move and I didn't have enough left to shoo them out of my way so whatever they were standing in is still there. If we don't get a break in this heat/humidity soon I may have to start doing chores at this time of night instead of late afternoon. Where is that fountain of youth hiding? I could use my youthful energy back. LOL

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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I confess that I've been busy and haven't really been reading people's posts (sorry!)

BUT I'm riding again (bareback), got somebody interested in my saddle (she's looking at it on Saturday, assuming she's not a massive timewaster), and I'm REALLY HAPPY with my dog's nails.

Quick lesson in nail maintenance for dogs, for those who don't know:
Nails shouldn't touch the ground when the dog is standing neutral on a hard surface. If they do, the nail is being pushed back into the nail bed, and this causes pain.
Many dogs have long quicks from having their nails too long for such a long time that the quick has grown down. This CAN be rectified. My dog's nails used to be twice the length they are, with quicks to the tip. It takes work and correct trimming, but it can definitely be done.

Long nails cause splayed feet, flat feet, poor foot posture and pain. The pain can cause paw handling issues.

My dog will not tolerate nail cutting, so I went out and bought a grinder. And now her feet are great! She's the comfiest and most active she's ever been and she just turned 11!
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@JCnGrace I know, I wish I had a pool at my barn haha. Would be amazing. LOL. Maple (the brown & white one) explored a bit more, she does like to run but she stayed nearby, but Maisie (the fat plump one LOL) she just sat & ate the grass, didn't move. Typical. LOL. I don't blame you, the humidity is horrible. It was already super humid when I left the house this morning. Ugh.

@Tazzie the barn looks great! Really coming along. Glad you got some stuff done with it. Sounds like a day well-spent to me! & I'm glad you got them off the farm a bit, that looks like it was a great ride! <3 Diego really is coming along!! Those two really blend well together! And YAY for him cantering him!!!! Ahhh get it on camera next time! Love the cow video haha.

I confess, it's going to be too hot to ride today/too humid, even when I get to the barn later, so I'm just going to lunge Promise/focus on groundwork for a change. I did get to ride this weekend at least. I just want the humidity to chill a little bit. Blah!

Ride more, worry less.
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@JCnGrace : the flies here have been horrible. gnats too! and no spray seems to make a difference for more than 5 minutes..

@PoptartShop : sounds like a fun weekend, with pony and pool time. the pigs in the grass are super cute! don't blame you for not wanting to ride in this humidity - it's oppressive.

@Tazzie : glad Diego's first field trip went well. the barn is looking great. hay racks will be super exciting.

@blue eyed pony : hope you can get your saddle sold. glad things are going well with your dog.

Last weekend, we took George and Phin to an endurance ride. The whole story is in my journal.

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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@blue eyed pony , where's your coat? It's winter down under and your pooch has a coat but you're riding in short sleeves.

With my dog the worst are his dew claws. Since they get no wear they grow extremely fast and if I don't keep on them they'll grow in a circle and I have a heck of a time getting them inside the clippers.

@PoptartShop , gotta admit that if I boarded and knew someone else was going to care for my horse I might skip going to the barn on days like this. LOL

@phantomhorse13 , I know you condition your horses constantly but is there anything special you have to do for them in this kind of weather during an endurance ride? When we rode more we'd go out very early am and/or after the sun started setting in the pm but I would guess that on a 50 mile ride you'd pretty much be riding most of the day.

I got so lucky today! Going up the driveway I saw Gamble's herd was actually out of the barn and grazing in the small pasture. I quickly went into stealth mode which is hard to do when you have to pass right by them on a 4-wheeler but I did the best I could. No eye contact, no talking to them as I pass by then after I get to the barn I quietly make my way to shut the gate. SUCCESS!!! The barn is a bit cooler when you don't have 5000+ pounds of horseflesh generating body heat. I was less than half done when they realized the gate was closed so then they ran out into the big pasture around to the back of the barn and SURPRISE that gate was closed too. LOL They were not happy. I was, I got the whole floor clean without them standing in my way, pooping in spots I'd just cleaned, walking through a big pile that I'd raked together, and no one breathing and drooling down my neck. I'm sure that they've already put their heads together and made a pact to come inside to poop all night long as well as all day tomorrow to make me pay for locking them out today. LOL

We're having a sisters get together tomorrow to go through the stuff my sister that is moving has sorted that belonged to older generations. I'll be loading up that radio cabinet to bring home too. Still haven't figured out where I'm going to put it so I hope she doesn't have a bunch more stuff she wants us to take. Then we are going to Montana Mikes for lunch. YUM! What is baffling me and the other 2 sisters is why she is getting rid of all her heirlooms. She's moving not dying so she could still have this stuff in the house in Phoenix. She says her kids don't want any of it when she does pass but I don't even have any kids to give this stuff to and the others say their kids don't want it either so it's all going to disappear eventually anyway. Really it's kinda sad because while it may not be today's fashion it was quality stuff that was made to last and then there are all the oil paintings my maternal grandma painted that will be lost too.

They finally listed our old house with a realtor. Looking at all the white cabinets, built in bookshelves and woodwork makes me think of all the work hubby and I did sanding them down and staining them cherry and they covered all that work up with PAINT! LOL In the one view where you can see all 3 barns (we only built the one in the middle and then there was another barn they tore down to put the indoor arena up) if you look at the second place from our old house you can see a dark spot and light spot out in the field. The dark spot is Chief, Gracie's #2 son and the only one of her foals I ever parted with. I think I have one of him I'll also post where he isn't just a little blob. LOL Well I thought I had a better one of him because he's standing downhill and all wonky in this picture but it must be in my photobucket album.


R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Thanks guys :)

@JCnGrace lol the dog has arthritis, I don't ;) and it's actually been pretty mild here even by Aussie standards! It never gets COLD cold here. For me, cold is under 15C (which is like... low 60s in Freedom Units, I think) lmao
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has anyone heard from @walkinthewalk or @Gold enhorse? I haven't seen any posts from them for quite some time
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@JCnGrace yayyy for getting stuff done without them all in the way! Aww that should be fun tomorrow. Montana Mikes sounds good...what kind of food? :)
That's interesting she wants to get rid of all that...hmmm. I wonder what her reason is. I know some people just toss stuff for de-cluttering, but certain things like that are special & should be man. :( Maybe she will end up not being able to part with some things. I know everyone's different though. Wow, nice house! :O Definitely lots of hard work was put into it.

@phantomhorse13 gorgeous ride!! 50mi, whew!!! I'm achy just thinking about it! LOL. Love the video!! :) Phin is amazing!

I confess, last night it was just too hot to ride like I figured it would be, so we brought out the good 'ole surcingle & lungeline! Promise did really well, for not being lunged in awhile. I'm planning on doing the same tonight.

My OLD farrier (yeah, the one who sucks at responding/getting back to me) is coming out to night, hopefully (so he says he will) to look at/trim her hooves if necessary. I know she just got them trimmed in the middle of last month, but he may be able to shape them a bit/fix them up because the other guy did a so-so job. He left them a bit long still. It just sucks, I don't really trust anyone else. I have another one still lined up for the end of this month, but I'm just hoping my original guy comes through. Ugh!
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Ride more, worry less.
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