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I confess that I totally ignored medical advice and rode a horse.

I still have two broken fingers. Mum wanted to see how a saddle she was trying on her pony behaved with a rider, but she can't SEE it if she's IN it, so she tossed me up there and had me ride on the lunge (no hands)

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I confess that I have not been doing my assigned OT exercises. Seems so senseless to stand and move my arm up and down 10 times when I move it up and down numerous times in the course of the day.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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Originally Posted by GMA100 View Post
Aww @ShirtHotTeez , life changes can be so hard! Sometimes just letting the flood gates loose is the start for healing and settling in to a 'new' life.

We need some pictures of Camden @PoptartShop ! I love his name!

Hope today is nice and calm for you @Tazzie !

I confess I am becoming that crazy and weird animal person! A young sow had piglets last night and one of them is having problems walking around and hadn't nursed at all. So, this morning the sisters and I headed to town to grab some powdered pig colostrum and milk.
We TOOK THE PIG ALONG! Yep! We also took his bottle and some warm water to feed him right away! We were going to stick him in a baby sling and take him in Tractor supply to get it, but ended up making him a bed in a crate and having someone watch him. The change lil guy has made is crazy! Now all he does is eat, eat, eat, eat and eat! He's a piggo I guess! LOL He also wants to be held a certain way and will crawl out of his bed and scream if we don't feed him right away. *Sigh. I forgot how much work rising a piglet can be!

We need name suggestions, BTW. Pigson, Burt and Mr Piggo have been suggested, but I'm still not to sure!

Attachment 942290

Attachment 942298
What I thought of for a name is Mr. Pinkerton! Please call him that! lol
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Hold on to what makes you happy! If it tries to buck you off, just hold on even tighter!
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@GMA100 Awww glad to know Mr.Piggo (and I really like this name for him) is doing ok and getting strong. About being that animal lover, well let's say I could not sell any cow for meat, much less eat it myself. Big no no. I am not proud of me in this department, lol!

@Tazzie Nick really is putting a lot of effort building the stall, soon Izzie will be in there with you And feeling a bug on the head in the middle of the night must be like Ewww... Once I felt a cattle fly on my back, after taking a shower, I got off my shirt in 0.5 second, lol!

@gingerscout and @evilamc hi!

@JCnGrace cool that you could manage to check on your horses. Yeah, they learn fast and I can feel some resentment of your horse for being fed from someone else One of the pastured horses soon learnt I was the one feeding this past weekends and cannot see me, will demand for his hay immediately (yeah, we're still facing severe drought in here, so hay supplementing is a must). Kittens are at an age where they grow up really quick.

@twixy79 your horses are lovely that is so nice that Duke is moving more freely since Loretta arrived. They will get along just fine And I hate when something happens when I am alone at the barn. I just had a very scary incident this weekend, will tell below. And I don't know how or why but my house cats get fleas sometimes, so yeah...

@ShirtHotTeez we all have our bad days. I hope you could let it all out and that by now you are feeling better. You are a true fighter, never forget that!

@PoptartShop You can bet I am a totally better person during the weekends. During the week I am a lot bitter...
I hope your ride with Camdem went allright!

@Change I guess I lost something along the way. Are you putting rides on this new cute horse, just boarding him or... Whatever it is I hope all goes well.

@Zexious I hope all went well with thanksgiving! I too read library books, as books in here are really expensive! And I didn't ride Tuya, just no time for that when in charge of a whole barn

I really wish I had the time to ride this weekend as the weather was really not that bad, but as soon as I arrived to the barn and took a look inside the stables I realised it was not going to be easy, or possible at all. Only on Tuya's stall I took 6 full wheelbarrows... She was very well manered going out, since she had been loked all week. Just a little spazz after a long roll and that was it. That's when I brought her in that manure hit the fan. She started peeing herself and smelling the young stallion next to her, and that darn horse did the climbing the wall trick (what's with horses trying to climb walls crap???). I went to pick a whip and when I got back the horse was straight vertical against the wall with both hooves stuck on one of the metal bars (hard to describe for a non native english speaker, I am sorry), and when he finally managed to come down, half of the bar came down with him, along with a piece of wall. The horse was acting blindly and almost impaled himself a few times, as the bar was now all twisted towards him! I got out screaming and calling for the man in charge of looking after the property (the same that is feeding the horses during the week), luckily the man was nearby and came to help removing the bar that was still stuck on one side. He had to hit the horse several times in the process. I was all shaking and swearing (oopsy). If I was alone I could not have had the strength to take off the bar and God knows what could have hapenned...
Sunday as I was only going to feed the horses I decided to take my mum with me. She is the one that thinks that horses are money being thrown out of the window, are dangerous and not cool because they are big and do not sit on our lap. I keep telling her that could hurt a bit if they did, lol! I was not taking Tuya out so as she could remain next to the stallion, to ensure she would not throw the seducing move, and can you believe my mum never even atempted to approach her? I kept talking about her, showing her topline and how concerned I was, bla bla bla, mum was paying attention to the barn cats!! When I asked her if she thought Tuya was pretty she answered 'well, might be, it's a horse'. Yeah, that was akward. She didn't even pretend to show interest. Nothing new to me but...
Well, at least Tuya will not bite the bar anymore, because I seriously thought she was going to break her teeth someday.
Do you guys think that living next to stallions is causing her to have more frequent heats? BO used to be against the need of stallions, now he has 5... Sigh...
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Just an old picture, thought it could help. The lower bar is gone now...
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Green Broke
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@TuyaGirl - even when I had two stallions, I Never stabled them next to a mare. I always left either an empty stall or put an older, well-mannered gelding next to them.

As for M&M, he belongs to a friend who wants to sell him, but since he hadn't been ridden in two years I offered to check him out, get him in better condition, and help sell him to a good and caring home.

After worming and a bit of grooming - he's not white yet, too cold for a bath - I decided to ride the new boy yesterday.

Finding a saddle that fit was a bit of a trick. He currently has no spine and minimal withers (a back that begs for bareback) I tried my endurance saddle first (center-fire rigged) - but it slid to the side as I tried to mount. My barrel saddle stayed on for mounting - so I rode in that - but it slid a bit to the side as I rode (girth wasn't very tight and I tend to ride slightly right leg heavy) so I kept having to shift it back to center. I think I may have to work him in my trooper. Surprisingly, although he looks round, he's not as wide as he looks once you're on. He's 15/15.1h and stocky - so he looks like a little fat boy instead of a tall chubster.

I will say this, though: He hasn't forgotten much. Once I was in the saddle he was responsive and light, ears forward, and has a HUGE motor. I took him into the meadow just beyond my tree line and he really wanted to step out! I kept him mostly to a walk since I just wanted to see if there was any "silly" in him, but once or twice I let him ease into a slow gait. He's super smooth and it was obvious he had a lot more if I'd just let him. But that has to wait until his feet are done! Can't wait to ride him around the cotton fields at his 'normal' cruising speed!

Courage is taking just one more step...
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I just want to bother you all with my saturday happiness.

Grand was ponied for the first time, and can be lunged from another horse! :O That is one brave horse.

Hope you all are well!
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@TuyaGirl oh gosh! What a catastrophe. That sounds really scary. I'd be so flustered too! Sorry you had to witness all that, sheesh. I hope you get to ride soon so you can relax! :( You need a nice calm day with your girl. It could be because of the stallions for sure. Hopefully he doesn't get anymore of those! :(
@Finalcanter yes, try to just focus on now & let things happen as they do! :)
@Change awww, he's really cute. :) Sounds like a good boy too! That is very nice of you to help with him.
@twixy79 I think they will get along great. :) Aw, they're so cute. And it's always something isn't it?!!!
@Cherrij love the videos, what a nice weekend! It's fun to try new things. Grand is such a good boy!
@JCnGrace well since you already do that I wouldn't do them either! LOL. Same thing right!
@GMA100 OMG the piglets!!! So cute!!! I like the name Mr. Piggo! So cute.

I confess, I had a GREAT morning ride on Saturday with Camden. I thought he'd be a little stiff, plus it was chilly (like 29F!) but he was SO energetic & willing to work. He's so cute! :)
I warmed up pretty fast, so did he. LOL. I was sweating by the end of the ride.
Can't wait until this Saturday to ride him again. I hope they get lights for the arena or we can use the indoor soon so I can ride during the week again. DST messed me all up, it's pitch black when I get out of work. But it won't be forever.

Pictures! He's a ham. I ALSO oiled my saddle this week - it came out so nice!
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Ride more, worry less.
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@Cherrij Good job!

Am I not your own donkey, which you have always ridden, to this day? Have I been in the habit of doing this to you? - Balaam’s Donkey
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@TuyaGirl , I never noticed the mares coming in heat more often but they did show more signs of being in heat when Thunder and Majik were still stallions. Majik lived with his woman so not a problem there and Thunder shared a barn and fence lines with the girls but he was respectful of the barriers and never tried to go over or through them. He was the most mild mannered stallion I've ever known though so maybe not a fair comparison.

@Change , what are the odds that you end up really liking M & M and end up with a 3rd horse? I may be guilty of having that happen. LOL

@PoptartShop , Camden reminds me a lot of hubby's TB that he used for horse patrol as long as I don't see his feet. Chance had the same shade of bay and a small off center star but no leg white. Glad you enjoyed your ride.

@Cherrij , sadly I can't see your videos. It's not you, youtube links just won't show up for me on this forum. Don't know what the deal is because this is the only site where it happens.
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R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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