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Originally Posted by phantomhorse13 View Post
@RegalCharm : you are not the only person who doesn't recognize me without a helmet! always fun to go to non-mounted distance events and try to figure out who is who - hair done, normal clothes and no horses.]
Everyone should be required to wear an ID tag with a picture of their horse on it. Instant recognition!

I always identify people by their dogs. No dogs, total stranger in my book. It's always embarrassing: "Hi Pookie! Hi... ah... um... Pookie's looking great!"
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@Captain Evil - I've a friend like that. Everyone is named after their pet, whether it's a horse or dog. So I was Toby's mum or Blaze's mum, others are Camus' mum and pepper's mum. She says that we all need t-shirts with our own names across the front and back.

@Finalcanter - I hate getting my photos taken, especially formal ones LOL. At least it gave you a chance to shop at the mall. I have to wear a uniform as well and I don't often get a chance to dress-up. I tend to come home and change into something comfortable. I like the darker, grey breeches.

@JCnGrace - I had to visit the large supermarket this morning, ugh! I haven't been out for ages, plus I've been using my small, local shops to pick-up a few odds and ends when i needed them but I couldn't ignore the gaps in the cupboards and fridge/freezer for much longer. I'd forgotten how much i hate the crowds and the queues at the checkout.

I think all horses feel at their best when they're muddy LOL. They probably don't understand our need for clean!

@PoptartShop - I hope the lesson went well and the weather is nice. I'm glad to hear that Promise is on the mend.

I confess that I'm feeling better after two weeks of fever and flu like symptoms. I've been on 19 tablets a day and off work for the past week. I'm still having problems with my sinuses and dizziness but I feel a little more human.

It's sunny but chilly today, so I bundled myself up in multiple layers of clothes and headed to the supermarket for a load of messages this morning and I'm going to make some drop scones/pancakes this afternoon.

Back to work on Tuesday. I hope everyone has a good weekend!
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Hope every one of you is doing well.
I confess that between work, sick parents (they both got a cold) and barn, I just didn't even had the time to read through the thread properly.....

So just a quick update on us: the weather is absolutely amazing here, 25 degrees celsius. So what did it ask for? A trail ride! Finally!! We went alone, and Tuya was a 5 star girl! I could feel her wanting to rush when we left, but she calmed down really fast, and went willingly. When we came back she trotted a couple strides, and I think I felt some "ouchiness", nothing serious though. I missed it so, so much!
But she was a bad girl at bath time - pulled back when I started hosing her. So I calmed her down, tied her against the wall and gave her a bath with several buckets of water. Yeah, she can be very loud about her moods, and she didn't feel like getting wet (the water was quite warmish due to the Sun exposure), but I could not let her win.

On another note I am being a hostage at my own town, lol! It's the Carnival, and if I left town today to go and see my girl I'd better leave the car at the barn and walk back, because of the crazy amount of people around.

For the ones that never saw it, this was yesterday night. A big no for me, lol!
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The first of the things I went a little wild on buying arrived today and I regret nothing.

Cheekpieces for Chuck, nice new reins for one of Ikora's bridles, and this stunning browband <3
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@PoptartShop , did you have a good lesson? Our weather was about the same and it sure was nice to have sun instead of rain.

@Finalcanter , nothing wrong with being cute and when you get to be in your 40's & 50's you'll be glad you look 10 years younger. Nice duds and either pair of pants will look good with the vest & shirt. You can go with whatever suits you on that particular day.

@Caledonian , two weeks is a long time to be sick, glad you're doing better. I ended up waiting until Saturday to go and it was a good time to pick because they weren't busy. Their busiest day is Thursday for some reason.

@TuyaGirl , OMG, I think I would have left town and camped out at the barn. That's a lot of people in that crowd. It's awesome that you finally got to ride Tuya this weekend and that she was such a good girl (except at bath time LOL).

@blue eyed pony , that is some serious bling! Anxious to see Ikora model it.

I confess that my computer is all messed up and I can't figure out how to fix it. Everything is too small and changing the text size only works on emails and not on the forum. Changing the display from 100% to 125% helps the forum text but makes everything else too big. LOL

Hauled hay for the minis today which put my allergies in overdrive. Seems like I get immune to the meds and have to switch to a new kind when that happens but they haven't come up with any new ones lately.

I also threw away a favorite sweatshirt today. I inherited it from hubby 27 years ago when we took up residence together and he has no clue how long he'd had it before that. I still have one of the 3 that were the same brand though. LOL

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@JCnGrace thanks! It was stormy weather so the ride was cancelled because of safety reasons, but we still lunged my niece her 25 old horse in between the rainy storms (so he got some movement, that's important for him)

@phantomhorse13 Thanks, that's really kind of you! I did take some pictures. :)

@PoptartShop The ride was rescheduled (the weather gods didn't favor us this weekend, haha) because it stormed and that was too dangerous at sea...

This weekend my niece and I went to the horse expo where I watched a jumping competition! I have so much respect for those riders... It's so technical and you clearly need to be a very good rider and have a good horse to enter such a show and win! I also bought a western hat and nice red riding gloves in discount. :)

That evening my niece and I wanted to go ride a pre (spanish horse), but somebody had lost the key of the saddle room so we had no tack. Since I didn't know this horse I led it by hand for 30 minutes and let her sniff everything in the arena. She seemed comfortable so I halted her and stroked her back, I put on more pressure gradually. After that I hung on her back to check if she allowed it (she did) and I put my leg on her back and took it back off. This all went without any problems, she calmly and patiently waited. I mounted bareback, still no problem. When we started walking I noticed a change in her energy and I immediately understood this was a sweet good horse but she wasn't used to bareback so I let her take a few more steps, dismounted and rewarded her for staying calm. I gave her a good brushing (she tried to groom me back, lol) Too bad I couldn't ride, but I think the horse should be taken into account too...

The next day my niece booked me an english riding lesson... I ride western normally so it was totally different. I sat on some kind of chubby hairy horse, lol. I didn't know you had to squeeze your legs on the saddle when you were doing two point riding in an english saddle. What a struggle to keep my legs straight and under me... I also constantly almost lost my stirrups because I am used to chill riding and western stirrups. Clearly English riding is not my piece of cake. I enjoyed it and tried it, but I think I need to become a better western rider first (So I can do everything on automatic pilot) before I start to mix styles.

Also! My grandpa gifted me his olf Kieffer dressage saddle! And some tack! I am really happy with it and plan on having it restored! (I will make a separate post in another forum about this) I don't have my own horse (yet), but this tack is family heritage and it needs to remain in our family and be taken care of regarless of anyone will ever ride in it again.
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The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding go out and meet it. (-Thucydides)
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@JCnGrace just for you! (Plus her other bridle because she's pretty) <3
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Glad everyone is getting over their colds, flu, and other aliments. No fun being sick.

Watching Dr. Pol the other day and heard on one of the little FYI . Only 5% of new and graduating vet students want to work with farm animals. So I guess they must be watching the vet shows also and don't like being up to their shoulders in cows and the like, getting kicked or pushed around. LOL.

Carmen has a vet appointment this afternoon for her heartworm shot and flea and tick medicine. She got a bath yesterday so she would be presentable. LOL She knows what the word bath means as first she went to the couch and laid down then she went and laid down in her crate. Good she only offers mild resistance after getting in the tub and doesn't try to escape. Just goes to the far end of the tub where the hand shower doesn't reach. LOL.... Really hard to move a 70 some pound dog when they don't want to be moved. LOL

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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@Finalcanter totally fine to feel cute! I feel like half the time I try to look nice for work, but I don't overdo it - & the other times I'm a barn bum...but if I clean myself up, I'm always like 'wow, I clean up nice when I'm not looking like a bum!' Both breeches will work, but I say go for the tan too. Mmm, nachos sound amazing!

@JCnGrace that is weird, did you try holding down the scroll thingy on your mouse & sliding it forwards & backwards? That may help w/ the zoom? Hopefully it fixes itself after a restart! Yes! My lesson went really well!! I'm sure it was bittersweet getting rid of that sweatshirt too.

@RegalCharm silly Carmen! LOL. At least she did tolerate it haha. Her fur is probably so nice & soft now! & omg, I don't blame them about the farm animals...I couldn't do it either! No way!

@Jolien awww that sounds like fun! Glad you enjoyed your lesson - it can be hard to adjust to an English saddle. You don't really have to squeeze your legs to post, but I think you will get used to it the more you do. It's a huge change. It's fun to explore new things! I honestly thought I'd fall right off the first few times when I switched from Western to English. I was like, how do I stay on without a horn?! It felt so weird haha. & that is so nice of him to give you the saddle. Glad you had a nice weekend despite the weather!

@Caledonian pancakes sound amazing right now. Yummm! I'm glad you are on the mend as well, although sinus pressure can be a pain. I hope you get better each day!

@TuyaGirl I am so happy to hear you went out on a nice trail with Tuya! What a good girl. Even though it's been awhile, sooo awesome that she was good! LOL she is very opinionated huh about the hose! I am glad you didn't let her win though. You are boss mare, after all! Omg, I don't blame you - that's way too many people for me. I hate crowds!!

I confess, I had an amazing lesson yesterday. Promise was so good! Lots of progress made, but a lot to work on as well. It was a lovely day. Super nice weather too. My trainer hopped on towards the end of my lesson, & seeing her ride my horse amazed me!

I do feel like the weekend went by too fast though.
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Ride more, worry less.
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@RegalCharm My daughter is Pre-Vet major in college and the large animal vet shortage is a very real thing. They were told that a lot of it has to do with the graduates being predominately female (that is just because a lot of males are just not going into that line of work) and the cost of school as well as the very real struggle to get into Vet school has made large animal practice suffer. And to top it off there is a lot more money in small animal practice. My daughter would be more interested in large animal (as in cows) than in small animal or equine. Where we live there are only 2 vets that see horses one is an hour away and one is 30 minutes away. But the farm call is $100 minimum to have them come here.

What most people do not realize is that Vet schools only accept 80-100 people per year - that is a really really small amount of students - most states have 1 vet school but each school takes in a certain percentage of out of state students. The application process is expensive and rigorous and many schools take only the best of the best grade wise -so the competition is fierce. Only for those that graduate to graduate with 1/4 million dollars of debt in a lot of cases.
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