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@aubie - great to see you on here. You should visit more often!

@JCnGrace - I've a recipe for small strawberry shortcakes; I'll need to have a go at the weekend. I was planning on making my aunt's Millionaires Shortbread and her Empire biscuits - shortbread sandwiched together with jam, topped with icing and a cherry. I'm sure i could manage all three. I'll need to find someone to eat them though LOL.

I'd love to hear your Robins. Ours are tiny, fluffy, cute, herald the Spring with their beautiful songs but are aggressive and extremely territorial. They lack fear and will enter your house or sit by your hands or feet.

Poor pup. He must've been miserable LOL. I've always thought that they understand more than certain words. My friend's Border Collie always looks between people as they talk. I'm sure he's trying to follow the conversation.

@PoptartShop - Me, me! I'm ready for the weekend!

Ugh, I know how you feel about co-workers. It's really annoying when they stop you working. I share an office now, so i can't shut the door. They can cause so many interruptions that it takes twice as long to do the same job. I've had bosses come in to ask me where people are and I've made it very clear that I'm not their keeper. It took ages to get through to one boss, who seemed to think that I kept track of his assistant! I know for a fact that the assistant was avoiding him but I wasn't going to involved in that mess!
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@Caledonian I will help eat the goodies. LOL Will they last long enough to make the Atlantic by mail. The goodies sound delicious.

To clear up about the Vets. There are 4 closer but 1 wasn't taking any new animals, one is a large animal vet only, and the 3rd was a lot more expensive than the one I am using, and the 4th one I have heard that people are not happy with their work. At the time I adopted Carmen.

The Vet college at Ohio State Univ. is at least over 2 hours away.

Yea I got the Dad I am hungry look last night as she watched me eat. She even moved and sit down again a couple of times to make sure I noticed she was there. Paw on my leg pulling at me, whining. I admit I did give her the last bite I couldn't take her begging me anymore

Rain turned to snow last night and got enough white stuff to cover the grass but it is melting off already.

@Tazzie The blue pad looks really good Something about his white color around it and the dark gray on his neck and legs makes it stand out. I bet Syd was glad she got to ride Izzie and the sledding video they all had fun and I laughed at them going over the jump. Maybe the going back to his western training is because he is getting confused over the cues so he reverts back to what he thinks is being asked. He hasn't been in dressage training that long and don't get frustrated at him or yourself because it will just snowball.

@JCnGrace Yes Dr. Nicole is cute but I have a daughter thats old enough to be her mom. And I have not hit the lottery so even though I am old enough just don't have the right amount of money to be a Sugar Daddy.

@phantomhorse13 yes I agree the extra weight is bad especially on her hips and such. GSD's are prone to hip troubles. And also at 6 years old she is at probably half of her life expectancy. So I really want to have her here as long as I can.

@lb27312 I thought it was Friday also. Being Thursday I have another day to put off writing checks. So that is ok.

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur
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@Finalcanter - you are lovely! You look great on and with the horse. Own it!

@PoptartShop & @Tassie - Love the pictures.

@RegalCharm - Sinna loves people food and always wants me to share. She'll sit and stare at me. So I've been telling her, "Don't." She'll go lay down then, but she still watches in case I change my mind. Silly dog doesn't care what I'm eating. She figures if I eat it, it must be good. She even likes pickles and steamed brocolli. 😆

Courage is taking just one more step...
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Originally Posted by JCnGrace View Post

I know you guys get tired of hearing my poop stories but this one was a momentous occasion. I knew I'd have a mess in the barn from feeding hay in there last night so when I looked there was 5 piles all in a line along the back wall. First time they've ever been neat about going in the barn! LOL Frecks and Thunder's side was a whole different story though.
Who ever gets tired of poop stories?

I've been trying to catch up on what's going on with everybody but, Holy Smokes! This is an active bunch! I love Love LOVE seeing everyones horse pictures and reading of their riding, especially as Boojum is still sidelined...

Rain today, so I worked on taxes and photos: almost 10,000 pictures from the Azores! What was I thinking?? I did finish editing Aruba, Azores, and started on editing photos from two dive jobs we did in February.

Editing the Azores brought back how much I love Portugal!! I promised to post some, but I think I would get kicked off of the forum if I started posting endless photos, but I will put up a few horsey ones...

We saw this horse farm but it was all locked up. A man was driving off, but stopped and offered us a tour. He only spoke Portuguese, and of course, my only word in that language is "Obrigado" (thank you), so while it was a very polite conversation, it took a while to figure out what he was saying.

But here he is, and here are some of the horses inside. They are Lusitanos, and are used for bullfighting.



This horse, which looked a bit like Boojum, bites. Think it's the color?


..and this sweet guy with a rubbed nose...


I must admit (although I hate to) that I wish the horses were better tended too... I wish they were not locked up and got to play more, and had tack which suited them better.

Here is the bullfighting ring on Terceira...


another difficult subject...

After the tour of the stable, our guide made motions of drinking coffee. we politely declined, until we realized that he was asking for a couple of euros for the pub... No problem! And more obrigados!

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@Change Happy belated B-Day Carmen eats oranges and tomatoes and lettuce.
Hope your eye problems go away soon. wearing glasses and having to change glasses to do different things sucks.

@CAP tainEvil on utube there is a bull fighting horse search for Merlin the bull fighting horse. The moves this horse makes is amazing.

I do not promote bull fighting horses or bull fighting in general.

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. Douglas MacArthur

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@PoptartShop , weekend/weekday are pretty much the same once you're retired. I remember how important they were when I was working though. Dreaded Fridays because they were a 12 hour sometimes + day for me. You need to put a sign on your desk that says "Don't know, don't care!" and then point to it whenever someone asks you where so and so is.

I wish my farrier would come at night but I'm always his first appointment of the day. Last week he came later in the morning because they had an ultra sound appt. for hopefully the 3rd generation farrier but it's usually what I consider way too early. I'll start putting that bug in his/her ear early on. LOL

@Tazzie , I'm calling you the next time Gamble's mane needs a trim. I don't have the patience to pull so I whack it off with the scissors and even though I then blend it in with a thinning knife you can still tell I used scissors. Has Diego's mane gotten more gray in it since Sept. or is it an illusion because his mane was fluffed up from a recent brushing?

@Caledonian , that millionaires shortbread sounds very good but very rich, guess that's why millionaire is in the name. I cheat on my shortcake, I use Bisquick which the recipe is also for individual cakes but I put it in a cake pan and then cut it into pieces.

@aubie , good to see you here, you need to pop in more often!

@lb27312 , a whole week without rain? Lucky you! How old is your little one?

@RegalCharm , it doesn't cost anything to dream. LOL

@Change , pickles? LOL Devil Dog has his limits on what he'll sample. Only dog I know that won't touch popcorn unless it's caramel corn. He has a serious sweet tooth.

@Captain Evil , LOL, I figured everyone. Our horses don't know how good they have it, do they? It's still interesting to learn about other cultures though. How lucky you were to get an inside view of it!

No rain today which made TJ happy. Not supposed to last, I heard a blurp on TV about places in the area getting 3 inches in the coming days. Should have stayed tuned in to the news so I'd know if it was coming to our particular area. Hope not!

The dog was mostly back to normal. We had an outlet go bad so Bob was flipping breakers and that made him tremble in fright which is actually normal for him. Sometimes I'd like to know where the heck he came from so that I could make that person scared of his own shadow. How cool would it be to have them seeing ghostly figures, hear scratching at their windows in the middle of the night, have screech owls hooting all night long, etc...? Not that I would really do that but it's fun thinking about it. LOL What would probably really happen was I'd pop them in the nose and end up in jail.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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@aubie , thank you!

@PoptartShop , thank you! I think it's looking pretty nice! Major change last night too :) and now it's Friday!! YAY! Ugh, that is annoying! I never pay attention to people.

@RegalCharm , yes! Blue definitely looks amazing on him! If only I could convince Nick to make that his actual color haha! Syd is usually always happy to ride Izzie. Though some days she's not that interested. Silly child. And yes, they had a blast sledding! It's possible that's why he reverts. I'm never asking him for anything hard, but it's whenever I correct him from trying to tank off, he reverts. So I think it's just super ingrained training. He was never allowed to move out like he does here, so when I correct the trying to bolt, he goes to what he used to have to do in that situation. And I usually work to find a good part, and then get off then. Then he doesn't feel me getting frustrated.

@JCnGrace , haha! I don't normally pull manes, but time to be serious! I was told I wasn't even allowed to use the mane cutter haha! And it has gotten more grey. Makes me sad, but he will be 6 this year, so I guess we should see him lightening up. I'm so sick of the rain. We've been getting rain and snow. It's lovely really... and I used to think that with my old dog, Elliot. I wanted to beat his old owners because he was so screwed up. It was horrible.

TGIF! What a freaking week. I'm exhausted and ready for the weekend lol lab work has been torturous lately. Robots causing temper tantrums and just overall not fun. Least my weekend is mostly quiet.

Worked more on Diego's mane. A bit shorter and he'll be done! Comparison from after my first day pulling it and then last night. Had to take a fast picture as Nick wanted to go home.

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Originally Posted by RegalCharm View Post for Merlin the bull fighting horse. The moves this horse makes is amazing.

I do not promote bull fighting horses or bull fighting in general.
I don't like bullfighting either, but the horses are jaw-droppingly amazing, right? And now that I have ridden two of them...

On Terceira they do an odd sort of bull fighting (in addition to the arena fighting) where they tie a long rope to a bull, and then the entire (mostly male) population runs, dances and jumps around the bull. There are men in special dress, whose job it is to limit the damage the bull causes to property and humans.

This is often difficult, and people do get maimed or die.

I do not have nearly as hard a time with this as I do with traditional bullfighting. I don't know how much of the following is true and how much is not, but for what is is worth...

~I have heard that the bulls "work" from half an hour to an evening, and then get roughly a week off before they are back on the streets again. People say that it is pretty tiring for the bull.

~Although the bulls are irritated by noisy people and flapping umbrellas, they are not stabbed or otherwise injured.

~No human is forced to participate, any more than they are forced to climb mountains or race cars or run marathons or go cross-country eventing.

~Although the bulls are not deliberately hurt or killed during these events, they are usually ~ eventually ~ killed for meat. But then so are many, many millions of cows. At least these guys get a small piece of "revenge" if you will, before their demise, and their life in the azores, up to their death, seems pretty great, unlike so many of our feed-lot bovines.
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@Caledonian ugh EXACTLY! 2 people asked me today where someone was, I said not sure I don't keep track. Like please, stop asking me! I'm busy!

@JCnGrace LOL I really do need that sign on my desk. Seriously. & you're right about that. My parents are retired & my mom always tells me "I forget what day it is!" I'm like must be nice hahaha. I wish he'd come in the AM, sometimes I don't get done at the barn til 9-10PM if he's running late. Oh man, I hope you won't get anything in your area, the last thing you need is more precipitation! TJ will be unhappy again! LOL, glad the dog is back to normal haha. Poor thing, I'd wanna punch them in the nose too.

@Captain Evil wow, good pictures - that is pretty cool to see. I second JC - our horses really don't know how good they have it! Good experience though to see other cultures & everything. Very interesting about the bullfighting. Beautiful horses, and Boojum has a twin!

@Tazzie his mane looks even better! So cute!! TGIF indeed!!

@RegalCharm I'm glad the snow didn't amount to much!

@Change thank you! Happy to see you here!

I confess, nothing! TGIF! FIIIINALLLLLLY.

Not doing anything this weekend except riding & doing some cleaning. It's gonna be chilly this weekend, but at least it's not raining. I need a weekend to do nothing, so this will be it. For once. I feel like I'm always running around! Gotta clean up one of my saddles though, gonna put it up for sale because I don't use it & it's too narrow. So I'll do that too. Been putting it off for too long!

Ride more, worry less.
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@Tazzie , they have rules about manes??? LOL You wouldn't think they'd care how you got it short enough as long as it looked nice.

@PoptartShop , hope you and @Tazzie enjoy your low key weekends. Your farrier works really late. Is it a part time gig for him and he has a regular day job?

Today was snow but when I did chores it was just getting started so TJ wasn't grumpy yet. It was coming down pretty good so by the time I made it to the minis Majik looked like a snowball. Miss must have been staying dry in the barn because she wasn't covered.

R.I.P. JC 5/19/85 - 12/9/14. You made my life better.
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