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Green Broke
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I miss my Paint gelding Rocky and cry everytime I think about him. I can't believe I sold that horse.

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I had Northern Runaway (Bandit) for about 2 months. He was a huge dapple grey OTTB and he was an absolute dream to ride. Looking at his race report though we saw that he was winning or placing every race, and then took time off. When he came back his races showed he was at the back of the pack. We got xrays of his legs and the vet called me to tell me he was fine.

But I got a call back in about 10 minutes because he had read the wrong xrays. Bandit had a slab fracture in is right front. I was devastated. He went back to his prior owner but she wanted a trail horse and was afraid of him.
I am told he went to a TB retirement facility but my heart tells me that is not the case.
I've been trying to find him for years but havent had a single lead.
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I wish I tried harder to find a way to keep Zeus.

I give myself very good advice, But I very seldom follow it
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I also have had horses that I wished I had done things differently with. My first one was a 13.3 hand Arab/welsh x. She was a dapple gray, her name was Misty but since there was another horse named Misty at my grandfathers farm I renamed her Frosty(Frosty's Gray Lady). I found out many years later her name was Stormy to begin with and if I had known that I would have kept it.
She was my 4H pony and did it all, western , english , gaming, jumping , trail riding , driving ...there wasnt much she couldnt do. She was perfect for me!
I was young and it wasnt always easy to get to the barn because I couldnt drive, soon I was into other things and discovered boys...I ended up giving her to my aunt where she lived out her days entertaining children and help teach my cousin to ride. She crossed the rainbow bridge several years ago and I know she had a good life but I miss her so much. I wish I did things differently but being a kid I guess I didnt know any better.
The second horse is an Appy/QH cross named Cloud Dancer (Cloud) I got him as a weanling..named him, did all his groundwork training and put the first few rides on him. I was older but still stupid my early 20's I got preg with my daughter and money was so tight I ended up putting much giving him to my aunt too ( she still has him and he is only a couple miles away) so I still see him sometimes. He has a great home I know but I always think about him and regret not doing things differently. I know I made the best choice at that time but it still breaks my heart. I would love to be able to buy him back if I could have a third horse but I dont think my aunt would even be willing to do that. He is 13yrs old now.
Now that I am older , married and have more stability in my life we have 2 horses who I think are awesome and cant imagine not having them. It makes me be a better owner to them now because of the things in the past.

My Dun , Radar is my heart horse now, there was a time I thought ...what did I get myself into but I have had him for 4 yrs and he is proving to be an awesome horse. Our Paint, Henry is perfect for lazy trail rides and a wonderful partner for my 11 yr old who rides him and shows him in 4H. We have had him for almost 2 1/2 yrs.

Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world.
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Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, I appreciate it and it does make me feel better to know that I am not alone. It is nice to have others to share our emotions with and to have shoulders to learn on, with those who have the same "pangs"

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I had a palamino saddlebred that I had bought from the show barn that I worked for in SC. His registered name was Rose Hill's Roy Rogers...or just Roy for short. He was 14 when I got him and the reason I bought him was because the BO owned him and nobody else in the barn would even attempt to ride him. He was a little spirited...but controllable. My daughter and I were living with my dad at the time, and he didn't like me playing with or riding him as much as I did. He moved him to an old strip job (from strip mining coal) that we had to drive to...and had to have a 4x4, which I didn't have at the time. The last time I got on him, he reared, the girth straps broke and both of us went over sideways. He only reared when a man was near him when I was getting on, and dad had insisted on holding his head that day. I always thought that a man had abused him. But anyway, when we fell over sideways I was on an English saddle and the stirrup broke my leg about midway up my calf. After that, he wouldn't take me out to even see him again. Then told me that I needed to sell him because I wasn't doing anything with him (because he wouldn't let me borrow his truck to go). I ended up selling him for $700 to a guy that I went to school with. He worked with him as a show horse again and taught him to gait, where I was just trail riding. He won a couple of the local shows with him, then sold him. Nobody told me when he did, and I've been looking for him since...which is probably in veign because he would be 30 years old now. I cried for at least a month after I let him go. Other than the old work pony I rode when I was a kid, he was one of the first really good horses that I had the pleasure of owning. I still keep a couple of pictures of him by my bed, and still miss him really badly. I'm crying now just thinking about him. :(

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When i was 16, i got a beautiful 3yo Oldenburg gelding named Carnegie Hall. He was stunning, so personable, had a huge heart and tons of personality. He was big and black, just screamed DRESSAGE! The first 6mos i had him, he was awesome. We worked so well together, and i enjoyed everyday with him, even when he was goofey. He had a sore back a the beginning of his 4yo year, which i was unaware of until we began trot in our lesson and he took off full speed and didnt stop. I came off..and it rattled be a bit, but not a big deal. It seemed like his entire 4yo year was full of bad incidents, it was terrible. His 5yo year, i had my friend start helping me with him that summer when my trainer was fired...and things were going OK for a while..but still not much progress. I finally put him in training for 4mos during the summer of his 6yo year, which was a smart idea. He started to get the basics of Dressage and figure things out. This year, he really came into his own, and started enjoying the work. I was back and forth for 2 years trying to figure out if i should sell him or not because i felt like i couldnt do what he needed to really become a super star. So, in May of this year, i listed him on the internet "for sale" and continued working him with the help of my BF. I showed him at Dressage at Lexington, a huge show and his first show in 2 years...he was a saint. I was a nervous wreck, but i feel like for once he took care of me. I was really starting to get my confidence back with him, when someone came to see him. I knew once i met them that they would be the perfect owners for him...and they are. He is 15mins from my barn, gets worked nearly everyday, and at least once a week with a trainer, they are crazy about him, and he is really happy there. I've been up to see him a few times, mainly to drop off paper work, but i still feel like he is mine and he will be back someday...maybe its because i havent even gotten upset about it until now. Ive been thinking about him a lot the past 2 weeks...i jumped right into a new investment of those 2 morgans, and i keep thinking it was a mistake. Maybe i shouldnt have sold him, even though i know i had to...for his sake. I couldnt afford to get the training i needed to work him or get him the training he needed to move on because he was ready to. But i really miss him....he was just funny to have around and could always put a smile on your face. I hated him at times...but i loved that horse.
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yup my avatar horse. Had to put him down 9/11 which I was not happy about at all for the record! And it was literally killing me to see him. he was going blind, deaf, foundering in front feet, really bad arthritis in stifles, and I now for a fact now he had Cushings (continous growing hair) and right before we put him down I found a lump on his back and I'm pretty sure he had cancer.

That horse ment everything to me, within the first days we'd knowneach other we clicked. That horse acted more of a best friend to me than my best friends do as friends...if that made any sense
Bottom line: That horse was the greatest and I didn't realize how much I missed him til last night
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I had this horse name Showgirl. She was 18.hh and sorrel with a white blaze and she was a thoroughbred. I love her to death, she was a awesome horse, though I broke my arm riding her bareback once. I would still ride her to this day... But I can't, I cry over this.... I could have stayed home and ride/work with Showgirl but no... I had to go to the stock show I had s much fun... The next day I went out with a foe but that the time she was a friend. We went to look for showgirl cause I haven't seen her in two days, we fund her in a slope down.. She slipped and fall into a tree, she was bleeding out of (gross) butt. She been there two days, she was cover in mud and blood. I started crying seeing her that way, she was only 24 years old. i called my dad on a cell phone, he could with water and food. She fed her, though she couldn't eat well. My grandpa came over and him and my father try to push her up but.... it didn't work one of her leg was hurt to bad to stand and because she was there two days. The only thing left to do was put her down.. (Trying not to cry on the keyboard) It was bad, she was in pain, have took a drink in two days since then or ate. So my grandpa got his gun with hollowpoint bullets so she would feel anything. Two shots to the head and that ended it.. I was so freakin DUMB but to go sooner or she would still be here! It's my fault! I cried while typing this..
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Originally Posted by MIEventer View Post
Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, I appreciate it and it does make me feel better to know that I am not alone. It is nice to have others to share our emotions with and to have shoulders to learn on, with those who have the same "pangs"
We horse people are never along. There's always someone that's gone through (or is going through) the same thing! Sometimes it just doesn't feel like it and you feel perpetually alone. -hug-

I, also, have a horse and regrets that follow. Her name was Livia, a bay OTTB, and when I got her (I was...13?) she was a 6 y/o with very little dressage training but she really enjoyed jumping. She was the first horse I ever evented on, ever went cross country on, etc. She was a bit of a witch, especially when I first got her. I only owned her for about 2 and a half years (actually 2 years, 5 months, and 30 days, 1 day shy of 2.5 yrs). She was officially "mine" on December 17th, 2003. We even had the same birthday (March 7th, obviously I was not born in 1997 though, hah). On June 16, 2006 she had a very, very severe form of colic that is also quite rare. Basically the blood got cut off to her small intestine and the tissue started dying. The only way you can know if it's that kind of colic is if you do surgery and by the time that the vets decided that was our only option about 80% of her small intestine was dead. If we had proceeded with the surgery she would have had a 9% chance of survival. Obviously I made the decision to have her put down (as my parents made it quite clear that I was the one that had to make that decision).

I never really appreciated Livia. I was always envious of the other riders with their fancy horses, the girls that always won and who seemed to have it all. The ones that I thought got everything handed to them (granted, a lot of them did...) while I was over there working my butt off with a tempermental, somewhat green mare. I remember finally having the courage to go look at the show pictures of our last show together (we had FINALLY moved up to Novice level eventing and we placed decently, no ribbon but we were in the middle of the pack, dressage held us back) and being stunned by just how good of a jumper she had been. She had good scope and my trainer and I had finally gotten her to where she picked up her legs nicely and rounded her back, even over the smaller jumps. She just looked so happy in all the pictures. I eventually saved up money to buy a poster size of one of the photos, which now hangs on my wall to remind me that I should never take any horse I own for granted.

I know, I'm in my awkward teen years in that one, lol. Don't judge me. Look! Dressage ribbon under her face! *attempts to distract*

"Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then, always be a unicorn."
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