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29 years old
Been riding on and off since I was little
Don't ride enough
Fallen 6 times
Haven't had a funny one yet
Worst and recent combined. Happened this past March. I was a bad horse mom and didn't listen to my horse telling me his back hurt. We were at the end of our trail ride, and let the horses canter a bit. My guy started to gallop when another horse passed him, then next thing I knew he went down, I went over the front of his shoulder and lander on my back in front of him. He ended up stepping on me, broke 3 ribs, cracked a few more and punctured my lung. Everyone thought I was weird that concerned about my boy and that I said it was my fault I fell.
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1. How old are you? Old enough, some days feel older than other days

2. How many years have you been riding? 29 years

3. How often do you ride? as many days a week as my schedule & physical health allow

4. How many times have you fallen? Too many to count. The Dr asked me how many concussions I've had and I had to tell him I didnt know exactly but that I had cracked 3 good helmets AFTER I started wearing them.

5. Funniest fall? Several "funny" ones. Funniest recent one - just over 4 years ago was schooling a clients mare over a gymnastics line when the mare shied last minute from a jump and I lost my right stirrup. As I was proceeding over her shoulder I managed to turn to dismount, and would have landed on my feet but got my left toe hung up a hair too long and ended up doing a slow motion fall at the mare's left shoulder onto my rear. We were cracking up how if my toe had gotten free a moment sooner I would have landed square on my feet as if I had dismounted.... then we realized we had better hush because I was 6 months pregnant and didnt want my hubby to realize I had actually "fallen".

6. Worst fall? I have 2 that tie:
1 - 6 year old stud colt threw himself over backwards on me outside of the barn, and fell at just the right angle that when he attempted to get up his feet were against the wall and he had to roll back over the top of me to get up. A fractured hip was thankfully the only result. (20 years ago)

2 - A typical teenage stunt of riding my barrel horse back to the barn from the pasture when I went to fetch her. Without even a halter on her. Yup you can see where this one is heading cant you? Idiot teenager gets mare to full gallop, and turning into the barn gate I didnt manage to stick the turn with the mare and ended up on the ground (pre-helmet days), apparently I not only got up, feed the horses and the goats, put everything way and was walking BACK to the house when I came around - I had no memory of anything from the moment I was making that turn until I was walking back to the house. (18 years ago - give or take a year or two). THat was my first REAL concussion - and I vomited plenty that night and was at the ER the next morning.

7. Most recent fall? About 3 years ago (maybe - time runs together) Schooling my retired gelding to keep him in shape, took one last jump and something went wrong - felt it from take-off. He caught the jump with his rear legs and came down on his knees, I rolled over his shoulder and my "eyes on the ground" said he threw himself the other to keep from flipping on me as he came down. Both of us stood up and looked at each other with this "what the heck happened" look on our faces.

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1. How old are you? - 55

2. How many years have you been riding? - 44 years

3. How often do you ride? - About 2 - 3 times a week unless the weather is horrible.

4. How many times have you fallen? I fell off about every other day when I got my first pony at age 11. I lost count after about 50. On a good note, that pony taught me every way that a horse can ditch a rider, and I am much harder to ditch now.

5. Funniest fall? - Same pony. I was trying to mount bareback. I put her in a ditch for the mount. I overestimated my jump and landed in the ditch on the other side of the pony.

6. Worst fall? - At age 19 I fell off a runaway horse and had a really bad neck injury. I still have some aches and pains from it.

7. Most recent fall? - I fell off about a year and a half ago. My horse got spooked and bolted off. I tumbled off. When she realized that I was not there, she came galloping back and nosed me. I could almost hear her thinking, "What are you doing down there?" She had no idea that she had any participation in or blame for my sudden dismount.

Carpe Diem!
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1. How old are you? 20 (technically 19, but I'll be 20 in a month)

2. How many years have you been riding? My whole life

3. How often do you ride? 2-3 times a week

4. How many times have you fallen? Five times

5. Funniest fall? I was riding my horse down a side road after a parade we were in. He spooked at cattle, spun off the road, landed in a ditch filled with run off from the cattle farm. Dumped me, and took off. My saddle broke and everything.

6. Worst fall? My funniest one was probably my worst.

7. Most recent fall? I was riding bareback in my pasture two summers ago, and my other horse charged mine. I lost my balance, and slid off.
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1. How old are you? 18
2. How many years have you been riding? 4
3. How often do you ride? 4-6 times a week
4. How many times have you fallen? 3
5. Funniest fall? My horse went from standing perfectly still like a gentleman to crow hopping and I just fell off the side of him, I need even saw it coming.
6. Worst fall? I was probably 8 or 9 and I was riding an ancient appy. She got excited because she thought it was feeding time and started galloping and my saddle slid completely underneath her, thanks to her being tacked up by my non-horsey father. Her hoof grazed my head, and that's why I always wear a helmet.
7. Most recent fall? The crowhop one above ^
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1. How old are you? 15
2. How many years have you been riding? 12 years
3. How often do you ride? Twice a week
4. How many times have you fallen? More than I can count!
5. Funniest fall? My pony took off with me and then dumped me in a corner lol
6. Worst fall? I haven't had any really bad falls but I got bucked off right after a jump one time
7. Most recent fall? In February. My horse jumped way harder than I was expecting and I fell off when he landed
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1. How old are you? 16

2. How many years have you been riding? I can't remember!

3. How often do you ride? Once a week.

4. How many times have you fallen? Seven.

5. Funniest fall? I was riding Holly down the long side of the indoor and she spooked, taking a funny step in the process. I wasn't prepared and was on the ground before I could blink. I think it was probably the fastest fall that ever happened

6. Worst fall? Over all, I'd have to say when I was bucked off a horse named Junior. I was trying to get a trot to canter transition and he got frustrated and started bucking. I had a second to realize that I was going to go over his head and wonder how I was going to end up before I was on the ground. I've been injured more in another fall, but I mark this one as the worst because it was luck that kept me from getting a serious injury.

7. Most recent fall? The fall off Holly I mentioned. It happened a few months ago, I believe.
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1. How old are you? 20

2. How many years have you been riding? 12-13

3. How often do you ride? About 5 days a week

4. How many times have you fallen? 5

5. Funniest fall? I got my new green horse and I was too lazy to tack him up so I decided to hop on bareback. His eyes just about bulged out of his head he was so confused lol. He pinned his ears and threw me over his head and I somersaulted across the arena...I proceeded to get up laughing and brushing the dirt off as my horse stood there staring at me like "wtf just happened...". I then decided to tack him up and we had a very nice ride.

6. Worst fall? I was jumping an x about 7 years ago and I didn't have enough contact with my reins so when my horse tripped I wasn't able to collect him and we both went down...both of us were fine. It didn't phase him (he was the BEST school horse) and I had some big scratches on my face from the rubber footing, and my back was hurting, but I got back on and jumped the course perfectly...never made that mistake again.

7. Most recent fall?
Last month. I had just cantered my green gelding for the first time and he was doing SO well. I decided I'd ask him one more time and we'd be done. He picked it up perfectly the first time I asked him, and we were passing an open gate and at the last second he tried to go out of it. He went left and I flew right. He instantly stopped and was staring at me on the ground confused. He was a good boy and didn't try to run out the gate once I as off though (it lead down a path to the barn so he wouldn't have gotten far if he had decided to run) I was proud of him.
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1. How old are you?

2. How many years have you been riding?
Gosh, I've been riding on my own (not with an adult in front or behind me) for about 26 years.

3. How often do you ride?
Every day, sometimes all day, on several different horses (I train horses for a living).

4. How many times have you fallen?
Whoo, I lost count somewhere back in my early teens LOL.

5. Funniest fall?
I suppose that depends on who it was funny or the folks watching. I suppose the one I found the funniest was when me and the horse both fell in a great big mud puddle. Thankfully, we were both unhurt...but we ended up being one uniform color. I can't really say what would have been the funniest for others as I don't usually have an audience when I fall.

6. Worst fall?
Hmm, worst by damage or pain? Worst damage happened when I was 9, I came off a horse while loping down a caliche road (he spooked and dodged sideways...I didn't). I shattered my left arm which required 4 screws, 1 pin, and an "external fixator" to get it all mostly put back together again. Worst pain would have to be when I came off a young Arab a little over 3 years ago. I landed just wrong and pinched a nerve in my back. I had to walk almost a mile to catch him...and then ride him the 2 miles back to the barn. That was absolute agony for 3-4 months.

7. Most recent fall?
Um, last October. I was riding a young mare on her first trip outside of the round pen. Something spooked her and she just vanished out from under me (I've never had that happen before). I landed on the point of my right shoulder and the left side of my face. Road rash, cut eyebrow, dislocated collarbone, and 1 broken rib with that particular fall.
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Originally Posted by konikirule View Post
Survey time !
Okay so
1. How old are you?
2. How many years have you been riding?
3. How often do you ride?
4. How many times have you fallen?
5. Funniest fall?
6. Worst fall?
7. Most recent fall?
2.2 years, more or less
3. few times a week
4.once =D
5(6 and 7). I was going to trot bareback for the first time, right? So I get real short reins and gently nudge him. He explodes into a trot, and I slow him down. I'm halfhalting and it's going well, but I'm slipping. I pull and he doesn't slow down, and I just slid off. Did a great defensive curl though.

I've almost fallen twice more. Riding bareback, trotted for the second time, and didn't fall off. I'm recovering from the shock and had my reins kind of long. He comes to a hill, and he lunges up into a trot/canter/something fast, and all I have is a knee barely over his spine, and a hand on his neck. Trainer says "there is a place for you to remount over there....oh, you didn't fall off?"

I'm walking, and I ask for a trot and already was in the air for posting when he went into a canter. I pitched forward, but really wasn't in danger of falling.
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falls , survey

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