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Sorrel - don't you get your horses teeth floated?

Unless it weighs a ton... it's just a horse. Draft horse motto.
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The best estimate I could give you is roughly $3000; per horse, per year. If you can't at least shell out that much, don't buy a horse. That is just yearly matinence. That doesn't include the "first horse" expenses, such as tack, grooming supplies, pre purchase vet exam, and transportation fees (if you buy a horse long distance). Heck, a single saddle can easily surpass the $2,000 mark all by itself.

I don't mean that to be rude. I am sure you love horses, and you want the best for your to-be equine companion. But board, hay, tack, and show fees are more than their fair share of a paycheck themselves. If you can afford that, what happens when your horse colics and need immediate vet care. I garuntee you that would set you back at least $500 for that ONE vet visit. What if your brand new saddle is stolen? That will set you back a pretty penny.
It isn't the annual fees that get people into trouble, its the emergency/unexpected costs.

Even if you find you have more than an ideal financial setting for a horse, do you really have the time and skill to care for a horse by yourself? Horses are a HUGE responsibility. Much bigger than the responsibility of owning a goldfish or dog.

If you feel you can handle ALL aspects of horse ownership sucessfully, good luck in your horse search!
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Originally Posted by haleylvsshammy View Post
Just a quick question- are you just getting into horses? If so, I wouldn't buy right away. I would suggest a lease, probably a half lease for two or three months and then a full lease. With the half lease you can get used to being with horses. The full lease will allow you to take him/ her home and understand the cost of a horse without actually owning the horse to make sure you really want to do it.

As far as how much they cost, it depends on the horse. We pay $175 a month for board, $20 every couple of months for worming, $75 every 6 weeks for the farrier, once a year $500 (AHH! SO MUCH!) for hock injections, probably around $100 a month for all of his feed, plus miscellaneous fees if he throws a shoe, needs the vet, etc.
No, i am not just getting into horses. i have been riding for about 4 years. we are just talking about getting a horse now.we have been putting it off because my dad has been stationed in afghanistan and we don't want to make a big descision like that without him. i kind of knew how much a horse would be but i wanted to ask someone who owns their own horse. thanks for the advice!

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.
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Noogie, welcome to the forum. This is a great place for advise and opinions.

The poster who suggested leasing first was the best suggestion for a first timer. It gives you the experience of having to care for a horse 24/7 but an easy out if it doesn't work.

I've owned and kept horses at home for ~30 years and I think I've got it down to a good formula. Personally, aside from a catastrophic event, I can keep a horse for not much more then a big dog.

I'm feeding 2 horses and a pony at this time. I use good quality hay in round bails that are kept inside my barn. I proportion out what I need 3x per day (I come home for lunch so it's easy), and I feed 2x per day. A 1,000# bail will last me ~3/4 weeks and cost $30. I can buy a very good quality feed for $25.00 per 100# and that lasts me a month (only one horse is used regularly so he gets more feed then the others - who only get a handful each feeding.

Farrier bills run $50 every 6 weeks for the horse I use (shoes in the front), $30.00 for the other one every 8 weeks (trim only), $25 for the pony every 8 weeks (trim only).

Wormer is $5/ per tube/per animal on average (I used different ones at different times of the year) - every 8 weeks.

Floating teeth every 2 years at $175.00.

Shots run ~$30 per year (I give my own). Yearly Coggins costs $25.00/per but I bring my horse to the vet rather then pay for a farm visit. I only pull on the riding horse since the other two never leave the farm.

My guys are kept in a paddock during the day and turned out to pasture at night. They have full access to the "common" area of the barn and to water at all times. I don't stall my horses unless there is a medical problem.

30+ years experience tells me when I need to get a vet out to my farm. The cost on that can be anything, depending on what is wrong. The last time I had a vet out was this spring when one of them got his eye poked by a branch. Two visits cost me $250 including the medication. I administered the meds 3 times per day for 2 weeks. The time before that, a new horse went through a wire fence and it cost me $300 for an emergency vet visit to administer to her and stitch her up.

Keeping a horse is a 24/7 job and you really have to love it. Weather plays no part of it - you have to be out there every day, at least 2x. Vacations, going out for the evening, an amusement park until late at night, overnight at a friend's, etc.? You need to prepare to have someone capable out to take your place.

All that in addition to the start up - tack, brushes, buckets, wheel barrel, hay fork, muck fork, bedding (if you stall them), fencing, run in shed, gates, halters, etc, etc. AND a companion since horses typically don't do well alone.

1 acre and a horse will turn that paddock into a dirt field within a month and you will have to contend with mud when it rains.

I'm not being discouraging, only realistic. good luck with your decision and thank you to your father for his service to our country.

I'm not arguing with you, I'm just explaining why I'm right.

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^^THIS! iride is dead on. And just when you think you have everything planned out, either a fence will get broken, or the horse will get hurt, or something else will come up. We figured it cost us $110 a month per horse, if kept at home, for just the basic necessities NOT including farrier, vet, tack or emergency costs. Strictly hay, feed, shavings, water, power, etc. It adds up fast when you start figuring wormer, any necessary supplements, shoes, tack, vet, the list goes on forever. Even though you've been riding for several years, your best bet would be to full lease one for a while, if nothing else than to get a good idea of the amount you'll spend and the time involved. You may still end up convinced you want one at your place, and that's great, but you may decide it isn't for you, and then at least you wouldn't be stuck trying to rehome a horse. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!!!

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If you plan it sensibly and dont rush into buying every single item your horse will ever need in his lifetime you can spread the cost out.
Say for your first month or so buy tack and one nummnah, a headcollar, leadrope and a few brushes.
I dont have a full vet kit but my horse is in my back garden and a lot of house hold supplies work just as well as fancy stuff which is my experience.

Also you should put money aside for a lesson etc I also out 10E each week in to an emergency fund you may never need this or you may need it in the first week but best to be prepared!

Id sit down with your parents have a good good chat about it and money etc who is paying for what.
Also decide if your going to shows alot as if your horse donesnt leave the property you can avoid some injections

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I don't know if anyone else said this, but a horse shouldn't be kept alone, and one acre isn't enough for two horses. Even if you just got a donkey for company, they would be quite "crammed."
Anyways... Sunny only gets trimmed, no shoes, and that is about $200 per year. Her yearly shots are around $200, teeth runs around $100.$100 worming including fecals.
Food for her is about $350, $100 hay just for winter, you would need it year round. All of this is only essentials. This does not include emergencies, tack, show fees,
nor boarding because I keep Sun at a relative's. I just bought Sunny 10 months ago and I have already spent around $2,000 on her with almost zero extras.
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Originally Posted by Solon View Post
Sorrel - don't you get your horses teeth floated?

I have never needed to have it done. None of our horses have ever showed any soreness in the mouth, and we've looked and felt up there for sharp point sbut never found any; not even on Jester, and we've owned him for fourteen years.

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Personally, aside from a catastrophic event, I can keep a horse for not much more then a big dog.
I'm the same - Though I think I do it even cheaper!

My horses are kept on the farm where my dad works for free. We have a huge paddock, about 10 acres with four horses, so we can strip graze it and they always have enough grass.

Because they are on grass, we don't feed them unless we are competeing. They get a mineral block and salt block. When competeing they get Speedi-Beet and KER All-Phase which both last a long time as you don't feed much. When we go away to comps we also feed hay that we get cheap from dad's boss.

All mine are barefoot and i've just started trimming myself, which saves about $40 per horse every 6-8 weeks.

Teeth once a year/two years for about $100 a horse.

We don't give shots unless a horse is injured. We don't have a lot of the diseases you guys have.

ur vet is fantastic and is very cheap, we don't need her out much either.

Rugs for winter and show nights are about $300 per year per horse.

Then I have comp entry fees which jack it up a bit, I compete most weekends. I have a custom made saddle that cost me $4,000. But without those things, I keep my horses very cheaply.

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Originally Posted by SorrelHorse View Post
The cheapest part about the new the new horse.

If you buy an older, nothing-special horse in this economy it's anywhere from $400-700 in my area, and that means you'd be lucky to get any leg aids and there is probably various problems. Once in a bue moon you get something extremely lucky, like the owner being an idiot and not knowing she can sell her horse for triple what she's asking. If you see that, I would suggest you go for it before someone else does.

If you are keeping at your house, remembering hay. Our feed store has decent quality alfalfa for about ten a bale. We buy it buy the ton because we have a lot of horses, but I'd say if you only have the one horse I would buy about five bales at a time. I can't tell you how fast they would run out, but that would give you enough time to spare before having to buy again. And if you need to grain over the winter, that's also an extra expense.

Then the tack. If you don't already have tack, you could get a cheap-o saddle for maybe two-three hundred on craigslist. The bridle, a cheap-o one for 20 on craiglist. Then the bits....That just depends on what bit you want. Reins too, it depends. Saddle pads are at least $100 if you want a quality one, which is ridiculous in my opinion but it's true. This is why Craigslist is the best friend of first time horse owners.

Then the vet bills. I personally have never had to visit the vet in the past ten years, but when you do they are so expensive you maye get an anurism from looking at the bill.

Farrier. Front shoes = $50-$80, depending ont he farrier. Now imagine all four, every seven or so weeks. And if you need corrective shoes, or special shoes. My mare Annie needs silicone pads. That's $100 per shoe, per foot.

If you want to compete, equipment regulations. Like reining, you have to have skid boots, splint boots, curb bit, etc. Depending on what you do the equipment will have to be differant.

ALSO, if you only have the acre in the winter if it rains a lot that area will become muddy. Just watch for mud fever, thrush, and things like that. I had my Annie get mud fever so bad she couldn't stand up and we actually had to use a sling and the crane on my dad's service truck to lift her into a stall, and then we spent the next month treating her until she got better. And after that, she was never the same.

I'll come up with more later lol but for right now, I think I'm done ^^
oh that is so sad what happened 2 your horse! I know that the rain and the grazing can turn it into a big mud puddle. how can you keep this from happening? I also know the supplies for a horse can cost A LOT. but i went 2 some lady's yard sale today and bought a halter, bell boots, shipping boots and a really nice blanket all for $19! (i know i don't have a horse yet but it is still fun to shp for horse things!)

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.
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