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Green Broke
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Question Thrills and Spills

Thrills and Spills:
Tell me about one great time you have had in your riding life and one bad time that makes you cringe of cry even thinking about it.
Post stories, videos, photos or anything else you can think of.

Ok for me:
Thrill- Coming 2nd in the Veteran horse championship 2003 on Peanut. The championship envolved a comformation critique from the judges and a short equitation. Don't know were it came from but I though I would have a go at leg yeild and there was something about a 18 year old, 11.2hh, welshy doing that that won the judges over. No hard feelings about coming 2nd, my friend won on another or our ponies and she got a cup!

Spill- Galloping along the fence of the outside school and catching my foot! ouch! can still feel it :(. I remember seeing something flying off into the nearby field...
and then relief when I realised it was only the stirrup. My foot was so numb up untill then, i couldnt feel it. It was when the feeling came back...

lets hear and see yours :)

Keep your feet on the ground when your head's in the clouds.
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Thrill: Would probably have to be riding in the colosseum at our state fair with my 2 year old.

Spill: not really a spill but when I was showing my yearling in the training class at our fair i was ground driving him. It was a rainy icky day but they continued the show anyway. Well my yearling decided he was itchy and laid down and rolled in the middle of my class and got all tangled up in my ground driving lines. I was mortified it was my first show with the horse and I was only 13 at the time.
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Thrill: I was riding a WP horse in a fun day weekend with our local horse club. I wasn't trying to win, just trying to have fun. We came to the flag race which I had entered. I did our wp lope down to the barrel (we had to run to the barrel, pick up the flag and race over the finish line), picked up the flag and started my wp lope back. I guess then, my horse saw that I was carrying the flag. She decided to do her imitation of a bronc bucking horse. It was amazing. I sat there riding that buck (which was sooo slow) until which point, I just stepped off her and on to the ground (just like if I was getting out of the saddle regularly). Afterwards all my friends told me that they had been yelling at me to drop the flag. I honestly didn't hear them and had never considered dropping the flag. It was a fun evening!

Spill: I lived in MT at the time and I was visiting some family's ranch. (out in the middle of nowhere) A gal and I decided to go bareback riding. We headed out on a pair of horses. We were about a mile from the ranch when my horse got scared. I went right over his held still holding the reins. I didn't want to lose my horse, so I didn't let go of the reins. Being the working horse that he soon as something was on the end of the line..he backed up and he pulled me over a bunch of ground cactus. After he stopped, and I got up. I had cactus from my shoulder all the way down to my thigh. I got back on him, rode the mile or so back to the ranch..then drove the 15-20 minutes back to the house so I could spend the evening having cactus pulled out. Ouch!!

(I'll throw in my Comic one as well!)

This past fall we joined the local horse club. They were having a fun show, so I loaded up one of the thoroughbreds for my daughter and we drove down. This was my daughter's first time and she fell in love with it immediately. While there, a gentleman had a small blue roan mare that he had wanted shown but didn't want to ride. He offered her to me to ride. I said yes gladly! (I do adore blue roans!!!) They had a water race where you had to take a cup, run down, scoop some water out of a bucket, race to the finish line. (You had to have water in your cup when you crossed the line. Anyways..I loped down to the barrel on this little mare, lined her up close to the barrel, and tried to lean over and dip the water. I got some water, but then I dropped my cup. So I got down, picked up the cup, went to get back in the saddle and I dropped the cup again. By this time, my mare was leaning her head into the bucket and drinking the water. The crowd was roaring with laughter. I finally grabbed the cup..dunked it into the on the horse and headed back to the finish line. But I was bright red from blushing when we crossed the line.

"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and, once it has done so, he will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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About five or six years ago, I was riding my mare... we'd never cantered before because she had a bucking problem... a major bucking problem... at anything faster than a trot. We were trotting down the side of the road and she was acting really good, so I clicked to her to see if she would be ok or not at going a little faster... a faster trot, but a canter. Instead of the faster trot, she went right into a slow canter. Scared me silly when I realized that we were cantering, on a very loose rein, with no bucking. It was only for a few strides, but my smile was a mile wide and I felt absolutely elated! Even now, when I think about it, I feel elated. (it definately wasn't my first time ever running with a horse, but that was the first time I'd ever thought about and done that with my girl)

A few years ago, my friend and I were riding our horses... I'd say about four years ago. I was on my mare, my friend was on my uncles mare. We were cantering (at that point, I'd learned to 'read' my girl and could usually stop or ride through her bucks) and my girl bucked all of a sudden... a very, very small buck. I didn't even feel it coming, it took me by complete surprise and dislodged me. Before I could regain my balance, she did another buck, and I came off... kinda. Somehow my foot got stuck and I was hanging on one side of my girl, trying to get my foot loose because I didn't want to be drug. I lost my grip and my girl panicked and took off. Thankfully, she only drug me for a few strides, but when my foot came out of the stirrup, I was positioned in front of her and she trampled me and knocked me unconsious. When I came to, I was laying half in the road, my glasses were gone, my horse was gone, and my friend and the horse she was riding was gone. nothing was broken, and by the time I found my glasses, my friend was coming back leading both her horse and mine. She'd taken off to catch my mare while I was unconsious... Best friend ever.
Neither of us were hurt badly, but it was months before I regained my confidence...

Horseshoe Loop Farm: Home of Gypsie (22 y/o TWH mare), Dakota (10 y/o TWH gelding), Codie (18 y/o Walkaloosa gelding) & Harlow (9 y/o APHA mare)
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Green Broke
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wow, good stories guys, keep 'em coming :)

Keep your feet on the ground when your head's in the clouds.
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The horse I want to do clear round jumping had hurt herself so they gave me a choice between a horse I'd never ridden or one I'd ridden months ago once so I took the one I'd ridden before. The jumps were set at 2ft 6 which at the time was the largest I'd jumped. I got on Charlie and took him into the ring. Don't know how but we did a perfect clear round! Never been so happy.

Had plenty of these. I was in a jumping lesson on a very badly behaved Welsh D gelding who decided it was far more fun to buck and take off rather than behaved. My instructor told me to keep him going and keep riding. I did and went over a jump again. The gelding took off, unbalanced me then threw in a really big buck. I somersaulted over the top and when I landed broke my shoulder and ripped the muscles in my back.

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ouch! i think your instructor should have told you to stop before that point!

Keep your feet on the ground when your head's in the clouds.
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Thrill- Riding bareback from the large pasture to the tieing post, we had to go down a steep hill well I started slipping to his neck, my horse quickly turned sideways at the time I had no idea what he was doing till he started going down the hill sideways for my balance. =]

Spill- When I was in lessons we were getting my horse to jump, hes not to fond of it. At one point he wouldn't go over this box jump so my instructor started yelling and he was spooking, then she brought a whip and started whipping calling him a 'bad pony' well he went up in the air and I lost my balance and fell off. She then wanted to lunge him and he wouldn't lunge she got so angry and said "There are good arabs and crappy arabs and yours is leaning at a crappy arab" and "He needs to be sent back to training" She got me and the horse so upset, I got angry at him, I got home and he lunged fine for me, did everything I asked. Of course I apologised to my horse and we quit lessons. After that I had trouble going over ground poles and having a whip around my horse which I taught him to never be afraid of it, just use it as a guide. It was a hard summer re-training him back to normal, he was literally tramatized. Of course I've had bad falls landing on jumps and all, but this one really gets me.

- He jumped fine in lessons on 2 foot jumps, then she moved us up to the high class 2'6-2'9 in a week but the middle classes were full so we had to go to the high class, and he had only been jumping in his life for a week unlike the other horses with 3 years.

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." - George Harrison

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Thrill: I would prob say the first night owning my horse Honor, I did some jumping and a lot of cantering. It was a thrill alone just owning him, and cantering him is always an adreniline rush :) Or maybe the time ( only time) I fell off him at the canter...oddly... One summer day I was riding western and I had checked and rechecked his cinch. So I got on and about half way through my ride I lost both of my stirrups at the canter, leaning forward trying to stay on. He decides he wants to go faster so I believe he was at the gallop at the time...I flew off, and jumped back up and got back on. It was a wierd rush though!!

Spill: The night before my second show everr and my horses second show ever. There was a really bad storm when we were traveling about an hour away to the fairgrounds. When we were unloading it was pitch black and lightening like crazy. When two of the horses were left in the trailer (Ivy and Honor my horse) One of my instructorz went to take Ivy out of the trailer, and when she was in front of her, Honor panic-ed. His halter at the time wasnt very tight and he slid right out of it. and the trailer floor was wet so he started to slip. All I could hear was my instructor yelling, and I was praying it wasn't honor that just freaked out. So my whole team is standing around the trailer when Honor slides out kinda on his side. I broke down and my team-mate/sister Erin took me to the truck to calm me down. It was so dark my instructor had to take him to the front of the truck to check for injuries, and he was okay. It was so scary though, I still have nightmares about it... He walked away with only a gash on his back legs but it could have been so much worse, because he backfipped out of the trailer.

**Mocha - 4 year old Spotted Saddle Horse Mare**
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It was the end of the year Invitational of my first ever show series, and there were only 4 people in my class, but I got 4th in the first class. But then I got first and first and ended up Champion of the ENTIRE SHOW SERIES!!!!! I have a plaque and everything

My first time at a camp where I was assigned a horse for the week to take care of rather than just hopping on and off and handing the horse over, one of the activities was to bring the horse over to be measured so we could learn. In my seven year old ness, I put the halter on upside down, and when I led Fancy out of the stall she just walked away and it took us all half an hour to catch her again. I cried so hard that night I was sooo embarassed and humiliated.
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