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What kind of struggles did you go through with your first/new horse?

I just got my first horse! Its a very exciting time, but we're still working out the kinks together.

She doesn't let me catch her every time, troubles with bridling.. etc.. But shes a wonderful horse at the end of the day.

And everyone tells me "well when I got my first horse he did this, and that..etc.." so I want to know! What kind of things did your horse/first horse do when you first got them that is resolved now?

And also, what breed, gender, height, and how long you have had them.

Breed: Arab-saddlebred
Gender: Mare
Height: 15hh
how long I've had her: almost 4 weeks.

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Uh were to start... After 6 months of lessons I was ready to take on the world with my brand new 7 year old Arab pony. yippy!!!

Only problem is he we smarter than me and totally had me figured out from day one. He dumped me more times than I can count. Me walking back to the barn was a frequent site. I thought he was barn sour, spooky, ill-mannered, and stubborn. What the heck had I gotten myself into?? My non-horsy friends were totally against this and maybe they were right!

Turns out he was a good boy who just didn't have confidence in me (rightly so). It was back to the training barn...

Little did I know I would grow into him, and share the ups and downs of life for 13 years.
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Breed: paint/Percheron cross
Gender: gelding
Age: 4.5 years old
Height: 16.3-ish hh
How long I've had him: 2.5 years

I bought my gelding as a virtually unhandled, 15hh 1200lbs, 2yo stud colt. He had been tossed on a stock trailer as a weanling, trailered from Canada to Arizona, then handled minimally after that (turned out and brought in a couple of times a week). He hadn't had his feet trimmed in a year and he hadn't been out of his stall in six months because he decided that he didn't like men and it was only men who did the turnouts.

So, I bought his as a 2yo stud colt and started to work. He was a biter, had no idea about personal space, and had no clue about having his feet trimmed or cleaned. Over the last two years, I've worked on his leading until we can now just loop a rope around his neck to lead him to/from turnout, he's stopped biting, I can pick his feet up and hold them without a halter or anything, and he's been started under saddle and lightly trail ridden.
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My first horse was a appy mare (Plaudit line)
Age at purchase, 11
Height, 15.2

I had no issues as I was fortunate to have ridden her for 5 years prior to buying. We were a perfect fit.

Along with her I got her last foal, Walkamile, who was 2 when he came home with her. That is a whole other story! LOL! Now my boy is 15 yrs old , 16.2 and has finally become his mothers son. Though last Sunday you would never have known it , the stinker! But, they all can have their moments. We continue to be a work in progress, with more wins then losses.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, "Oh crap, she's up!".
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What have I not gone through with Henny?

Paint, 13.2 , 19 months old, I've had him since he was 4 months old, but bought him in utero.

He was my first baby to train but he is such a little smarty pants. He came to me halter broke and barely able to loss on the trailer. I taught him everything else.

At 7 months old, he was kicked in the head and almost died of brain damage. He spent 3 days at the vet hooked up to multiple IV drips. The vet and everyone else calls him an absolute miracle. He has taught me to never give up, because he never did.

I've been dealing with on and off feet issues(finally under control), getting him gelded, monthly visits to the vet for the 6 months after his accident, acupuncture to help with his crooked head set(he also broke something up in his poll area from his accident) and general check ups on his health.

He has taught me how to be a confident leader, as he definitely needs one. He looks to me for guidance and reassurance, I have been able to step up to the plate for him whereas I was not able to before. I completely trust him and he trusts me just as much. I've gone through trial and error with him. He is not the same horse he was before his accident. He is a lot more insecure and reliant on me. He is forgetful and I must keep that in mind when working and interacting with him.

I wouldn't change anything about our journey together. He has made me who I am now and I can never thank him enough for that. There is just something about him that calms my soul. Nothing melts my heart more than him being excited to see me and wanting to interact with me. The last time he had to stay at the vet for a few hours, he popped his head up so fast and whirled around to the front of the stall when he heard my voice. Just days ago, I caught him napping in his stall and was able to crouch next to him and pet and love on him for a good five minutes before he woke up enough to get up. Moments like that make the blood, sweat, and tears we've shed together worth it.
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This reminds me of the nickname my daughter gave our horse when we first got him: "Bat-out-of-hell-raised-by-monkeys!" He is a Paint/draft cross, 14 years old, 14.2 hands and we have had him for 2 years now. Some of the problems we had with him in the beginning had a lot to do with the barn we kept him at (bad flooding and not-high-enough fences) and also bucking when asked to canter.

He has his quirks but has turned out to be a very good boy.
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Name: Doll
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age at buying: 10 I believe maybe 9.....
Age now: 18 or 19
Years owned: well.... from lessons since I was the only one to ride the nag, about 7 or 8 years... maybe longer.

I actually took lessons on my first horse. The only reason I got to buy her was because she threw everyone else off but me and when she was sent off for training got banned from all of those barns. When I bought her it was like everything changed. Sure, we'd have our fights when I was taking lessons, nothing too bad but they were there. (People said that I was the only person she got along with temperament wise). Day four of me owning her we got into a knock down, drag out, cage fight in the middle of the arena when she decided to not move for anything. Let me tell you - when we fight, we FIGHT. She bars her teeth, I bite her back, she pins her ears I shout; honestly a lot of people still think we don't get along, but we're like soul mates.

I do know aside from the fighting the one thing she did when I first got her was figure out how to lay down and take a nap and thus put my plans aside. (Though she was always gracious enough to let me lay on top of her....)

Though since I've had her we've done so much more. She was labeled a 'nag' and 'waste of a horse' because of her temperament but all of those things the trainers could never fixed I have (and probably not due to my experience, but more with our compatibility), and taught her some new things. That mare's always been there for me I'm so glad she was my first horse!
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Oh lord, my first horse was a mess.

Name: Nadia
Age: 24 when I got her, 28 when she died.
Breed: Grade, mostly quarter horse.
Height: 16.2hh

Whoever decided that a 16+ hand barrel racer was a good idea for a first horse for a 7 year old may have had their head screwed on wrong. That mare was a -wreck-. She was terrified of men, she would completely lose it if she saw one. Extremely head shy (her previous owner liked to beat her in the face with the reins). She wouldn't cross bridges (which was a problem since on the road on either side of my house were big stone bridges), she had a near crippling fear of white bags. (You could shoot off of her and she was fine but a bag?! OH NOOO) For the first few months I would literally just sit on her while she grazed for a few hours and then put her back out in the pasture. Eventually I got around to actually asking her to do things. She was the sort of horse that understood when a kid was on her back and usually erred on the cautious side with them. However I swear every once in a while that mare would decide that I didn't need to get too full of myself and she'd think of something awful to do to keep me in check.

In the four years I had her I got dragged through fences, gates, rubbed into trees, thrown, stepped on. She had a big ugly head and she wouldn't hesitate to clock me with it once in a while as well. For the most part though we had some sort of understanding I think, I was the only one that could even get near her without her taking off. That mare gave me concussions, broken toes, she's the horse that permanently messed up my neck during one incident.

As much of a witch as she was though I still loved her, and even at the age of 27 she was running and winning at barrels. She definitely taught me a lot. She was big, sway backed and foul tempered. Everyone else that knew her referred to her as 'the nag'. Despite all the aforementioned things she taught me so much, she taught me to ride (I'd never been given any lessons or anything, I'd just been told 'kick to go, woah to stop' and sent off on my way. I don't think I've ever owned another horse that taught me as much as that sway backed old nag did.

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My first was a very barn sour pony. No clue how old she was. She soon learned that it did her no good to turn around and run back to the barn because she'd just have to turn right back around and run to where she took off from.

My second was a 15 year old AQHA mare that had been run on barrels until she went sour and then became a brood mare. Any time I rode her the owner used a high-ported bit with a copper roller and a tie-down so cranked down that her nose was practically between her knees and she still spent more time on her two hind legs than all 4. Poor thing didn't know the meaning of walk or relax under saddle.

Every one hated her and not just when riding either. She would kick or bite at any opportunity. Me, I fell in love with her. After she kicked Mrs. horse owner I was told to buy her and get her off the place or she was going to the sale barn. Back in those days I could barely scrape up the 500 bucks to buy her so other than the halter she came with any other tack was out of the question. Friend gave me a cheap headstall that comes with a mild curb and that's what I rode her with, no saddle so no tie-down. Took a while for her to learn to walk but she finally got the hang of it.

She tried to kick me once as I was carrying grain & hay to her shed and missed then as soon as I dumped her grain she took a bite of grain then turned and tried to take a bite out of me. I scraped every little morsel of grain out of her feed pan, picked up her hay and walked right back out of her lot. That was the last time she ever tried to be rude to me. LOL

She's long gone but I have her last foal. He's 28 now. My how time flies!
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Heh, I love telling the story of how foolish I was.

The description of my first horse should give you a clue as to what happened.

Her name was Baby, she was a 4 year old TB that never made it to the track. When I bought her, I was told that I was officially the third person to ride her since she was sacked, and it wasn't even her tenth ride. She rode beautifully, turned on a dime, and was such a sweetheart.

Got her home, rode her the next day, and she decided to show me just how 'slow' she was. I spent the night in hospital. A fortnight later I was healed enough to get back on. Even on a lead rein she reared, headbutted me, and off I came. No hospital that time, thankfully. I advertised her for sale not long afterwards - she was definitely not the horse for me.

All up, I owned her just shy of 2 months. She's now (hopefully) living out her life as a polo broodmare thanks to her sire line. That was a bit over 2 years ago, and I am so grateful for what she taught me, even though the lesson was painful.
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