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Where Did You Find Your Horse?

Hey, everyone! Feel free to tell the story of how you came across your horse(s), no matter how short or long it was :) I always like hearing peoples' experiences. Plus, I'm in the market for a horse and I don't know where else to look. I'm in VA and I just really don't want to spend $4k+ on a horse. I'd rather buy somewhat cheap and have a little of a project.


With my first horse, who I still have, was a Christmas present. He came to my barn when I was about 9 and he freaked the heck out of me. They immediately put him in a parade. He spent the entire time dancing around and half rearing. I was on the horse next to him staring on wide-eyed. That Christmas (a few weeks later) my mom gave me a certificate thing saying I was now officially leasing Blaze. That scared the crap out of me. He was booted from the lesson program because he was too strong for kids and too stubborn. After almost every ride for the following year I was crying because he never listened and we always fought. The next Christmas I got a picture frame that said, 'Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight...' with a picture of him. I was confused until my mom told me I now owned Blaze. It was bittersweet. I had a horse of my own but it was a horse I was never truly happy with. I've now owned that big lug for about 14 years and he's in his 30s we're guessing (dentist looked at his teeth a couple years ago and said he was at least 30). I'm the only one that can really ride him. When anyone else tries he jogs then suddenly walks then jumps into a trot then walk. Never consistent. Then he tries to pull them in the center of the ring and does random, jerky circles. If I'm nearby, he pulls them around to follow me or to at least be close to me... Everyone gives up. For me, he's stubborn and has his moments but I'm able to w/t/c/etc. under saddle and bareback no problem. I think I should make it a contest as to who can comfortably trot Blaze around the ring twice. They would get a prize ;)
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I got my horse, draft belgium ,form the owner when he pass away his daughter gave him to me ,I worked at the barn

ride a draft and see the world differently
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Green Broke
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The three I have currently:

I just sold my saddle horse who was jumpy and didn't enjoy trails, it was the start of the riding season and I really needed a horse. I found a vague add for a cheap Arabian mare that had supposedly been ridden in the mountains. When I showed up she was completely tacked up, in a saddle that was so big it covered most of her back and a bit that was nearly an inch too large for her mouth. Her feet looked like they hadn't been done in 6 months(shoes still on), her owner couldn't specify when she had been dewormed and she had a rough coat and hay belly from being out with the cows all winter. Despite the warning signs, there was something I liked about her. I made an offer, and she was mine. Turns out she's a registered Egyptian Arabian, and one of the best horses I've ever bought.

I was selling a broodmare for a friend. a well known breeder loved her bloodlines and wanted to trade for her. We drove out to look at the horses offered for trade. We were standing in a field, watching the young stock, my friend had her eye on a snowflake filly, when I felt something next to me. It was the funniest looky appy I'd ever seen, scruffy, hay belly, skinny neck. But she refused to leave my side, despite not having been handled in 6 months. My friend saw what was going on, bought the filly and insisted I had to have her. she is now 3, gorgeous, and one of the rare horses that are "born broke". I keep thinking I should sell her, but I love her too much.

went to an auction and was stopped in my tracks by a stunning stallion, standing quietly amidst chaos. He was a virtually untouched Clydesdale, 5 years old, 17.2hh. I couldn't stop thinking about him, he looked like a horse that stepped straight out of a fairly tale. We were sure a stunning horse like him would get a home, but he sold to the meat buyer. Halfway home I couldn't do it, I called up the meat buyer and brought the big guy home.
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Annie: i was in a really bad place in my life, and my bf at the time was out of ideas for me. i had been leasing a horse, but they bred her, and canceled the lease and that just made everything worse. so he, being a computer nerd to the max, wet lookig through craigslist ad horseclicks ad hell and high water to find me a horse. he picked out three, and surprised me with a weekend trip to see them all. god bless him, one of the best men i know. annie was the last one we looked at, and we just clicked. shes an alpha cow, opinionated, show offy, diva queen. but shes beautiful when shes behaving under saddle, smart as a tack, and a dream with kids. shes like a totally different horse with a youngun on her back.

Abby: came to me for training, stayed with me :)

Toby: got here with a woman who loved him, but really couldnt handle him. he reared, bit, bucked ad just generally misbehaved. Everybody was afraid of him and thought he was crazy. she would give him 13 ace pills before getting on him. really, he just needed to be restarted properly. we're five rides in, and he hasnt reared once, hes almost stopped bucking at the canter, and hes turning off a neck rein like he remembers his old job. im impressed with his ability to do flying lead changes and he seems to remember turning on the fore and hind. i really like him.
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That's certainly an odd way of acquiring your first horse but I'm happy to hear that it worked out for both you and Blaze, especially after all these years!

I came across my first horse Cloey through a neighbor. They had purchased two horses, one for their daughter and one for the father, at a local horse auction. Cloey was a young thing, maybe only about 3 or so at the time, and was to be a project horse for the father to ride. Turns out, the other horse was pregnant and when she foaled, Cloey apparently became possessive of the foal? I had gone over for a visit a time or two and expressed interested in Cloey (mainly just praising the owners on how pretty she was, etc.) so when they decided they needed to sell, they contacted my folks.

Now I did not come from a horsey background (although I had taken riding lessons for a few years), so buying a horse was a new thing for my folks and I. I took my dad along to check Cloey out and I will never forget standing beside him as the guy rode Cloey down the dirt lane, bucking and carrying on. I looked up at my father and asked, "so what do you think? can we buy her?" We both had no clue what we were getting ourselves into.

Cloey was the best horse I could of ever gotten. She had a gentle disposition on the ground, though she certainly had a tendency of being stubborn. We worked hard together and taught each other many things. I still have that silly horse to this day and she is always my go-to girl for trail riding and the like. I even had the opportunity to have her included in my wedding; a dream I had ever since I was a little girl. You never know when you might just stumble upon that "meant to be" horse
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I know of a girl who spent under 100 on her pony from market, she brought it on to be a showjumping winner. worth about 5k now
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Rosie: She was my first "horse" except she was a pony. I had been riding ever since I was little and I kept begging my parents for my own horse. When I was in 4th grade we were at a craft fair and there was a lady set up that painted saw blades. I saw a horse one and wanted to buy it. I guess the lady over heard me and her and my mom started talking. She told us how her father was an elderly man who wasn't physically well and he had a QHxShetland pony (supposed to be 9 years old) that he was trying to get rid of. So about a month later my mom, dad, and I followed my my cousin and his wife pulling the horse trailer took a 3 1/2 hour drive up a mountain covered in snow. We got there and she was the saddest looking pony I've seen. Her mane and tail were covered in burrs and she was limping. I begged my mom for her and they made an arrangement that we could try her out for a month. We got her home and spent hours cleaning her up. She had an abcess in her back hoof and we treated that. The vet came out and stated that she was actually around 25 years old. We tried riding her and she never would let us. She bucked numerous people and you could only rid her bareback but even then she'd walk a few steps and stop. We called the person but they didn't want her back so I ended up keeping her. Me and her actually became really close and attached. I loved that little pony. She passed away 6 years later due to old age.

Midnight: When I found out that Rosie was unrideable and put on retirement I began semi looking for a horse. We passed the word around to a few people to keep their eyes open. One day we was driving down the road when a random phone # showed up on moms cell phone (I was only in 5th grade). She had heard that we were looking and wanted us to come look at her black Morganx. So we went over and I rode him. He was a good laid back horse with some attitude. We were interested and she told us we could have him for free because he was supposedly 25 years old. So we took him home. I hated him at first. He was barn sour and we just could not connect. The vet came out and claimed that he was indeed only about 15 years old and that we had gotten lucky on our freebie. A few months later a lady I know asked me to bring him out to her stable and I could leave him there for a few months until we could connect and he could be rideable. Over those few months this horse became my life. I worked his little kinks out and we became inseperable. We did numerous pleasure/speed open shows together. When he turned 20(or so we suspect) I put him on show retirement and I became a camp counsler, here he taught many many children how to overcome their fear of horses and how to ride. He is now on full retirement except some light work to keep him in shape. I love him he is my big baby and he will spend the rest of his life with me.

Flicka: When Midnight went on retirement to light work I set out looking for a pleasure horse. I found Flicka, an ArabianxSaddlebred online. I tried her out a few times, went trail riding with her for about 4 hours and decided she is what I was looking for. She is 8 years old and I ove her dearly.
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I found the barn where I would board before I purchased a horse, and the barn manager recommended a woman who had helped my BM and her daughter find their horse several months past. Well, this woman gave me a few leads but kept insisting that I should come take a look at her cute bay arab gelding that she had up for sale. I kept saying thanks but no, I'm looking for a stock breed... well, one day she sent me pictures and I fell head-over-heels for him! Went to the barn twice to ride/evaluate him and there was no question! He was originally priced at $7500 on websites where I saw him listed (he was shown quite a bit on the A-rated arab circuit), but she knew my budget and knew the kind of home he'd be going to so I got him for less than half that price!
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I have too many, but almost always online, and from places like California, South Dakota, and Minnesota. I'm aiming to hit up Montana. LOL

Whispering Secret Arabians
Registered Solid and Sabino Arabians
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The place Faith came from is called Lightning Bar Equestrian Stables. Its a fantastic facility. Joe had a lot of horses up for sale on Dreamhorse and Faith was one of them. I kinda stalked her on Dreamhorse for a good 4-6 months before I went to go see her (bloodline research, etc.). He had two others that I saw at the time, however when I called him about the two other horses he told me he just sold them. I asked him about Faith, some simple questions, etc. I liked what I heard so I decided to go across the state to go see her. Definitely worth the trip. He had other horses that weren't on Dreamhorse that were definitely nice, top show horses. Then I saw him train some of the younger colts and fillies, all of them seemed to of had a good start (the horses had about 7 rides--at most-- at the time). It was all simple, just roundpen stuff. Lucky for me, Joe also bred Faith so I didn't have to ask where he bought her from. Then I met Faith, saw her being ridden; she had a great sweet mind, very quiet. Liked her from the get-go. Then he showed us his facility, which was absolutely gorgeous by the way, and some of the other horses he had. He was even nice enough to haul her across the state to my barn. Lightning Bar is probably the only place I'd go to find a good quality show horse. Another thing too that I liked was that since the young colts and fillies were being started under saddle, being trained more, etc. he was raising the prices of them, but when we told him that we were going to buy Faith he let us buy her for the price she was listed at.

Frankly thats a barn I'd like to go to just see the horses and the facility. Quiet amazing!

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