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Dani: There's a little local auction about 15mins from me we liked to check out every year. The year before we had come home with a crazy little pony. Definitely one of those purchases where you fell in love with the cuteness but didn't really realize perhaps you bought the wrong horse. There weren't any plans to bring home another horse - more like seeing what there was, maybe possible buy. After working with the pony and bringing her around to a semi-decent rideable little mount I wanted a new challenge. A foal. My dad was looking more towards something more kid friendly, quiet, and well broke since the pony hadn't turned out to be the dream mount for my sister (but hey I loved the crap outta her with all her issues). Dani came into the ring & I knew my dad had kinda been eyeballing her in the stalls, checking out her breeding. Well whaddya know. He starts bidding on her. Yet again we bought something that wasn't all she seemed to be but you couldn't even imagine how happy I was. My weanling to spend a few years on, bring her around right, & sell her as a three year old. BOY did I not know what I had gotten myself into. This filly bit, kicked, would run you over - she was nasty. 6 1/2 years later and I wouldn't sell her for anything. We had a rough couple of years but she's become my best bud. This is the horse that kicked me TWICE as a weanling, nearly plowed me into the ground trying to run me over, turned every ride into a rodeo & just generally made me question how crazy I was. We've really found our talents and she is probably the nicest little mare I've ever owned.

Cally: I spent a year working for my trainer 3yrs back and fell in love with this mare. Of course. I liked the brattiest animal in the barn. Cally barely got along with her owner, couldn't walk on the leadrope without having some sort of "cally attack" (spooking at something & being goofy), but dang did I like this mare. Maybe it's because she's so pretty... Well this March I took Dani down to my trainer's barn for spring break & made a joke that I would take Cally and she could be my pasture puff if her owner ever wanted to get rid of her (I've made this joke with my trainer constantly for years). Next day? My trainer's mother comes down to the barn & asks if I was serious, that Cally's owner seriously is looking to get another horse and would give me the mare. Jaw dropped. Ya know the scene in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory where Charlie finds the golden ticket and runs home as fast as he can? Yeah. That was me. It took some serious schmoozing over with my grandpa. I put my adult shoes on though & really stepped up. Made all the plans, looked things over, & decided if I could really afford to do this. I'm gonna be scraping pennies for awhile & this might be the horse that makes me broke, but I'm so happy with my decision. She might be the biggest nutcase around, but she's mine She is also much better with me than she ever was with her owner >.> I feel like I'm seeing another side of her every day & am loving it. The horse she should be I tell everyone lol. Sweet, quiet, and respectful. She's still got her brat moments, but really she wouldn't be Cally without them.
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My trainer actually mentioned my horse to me months before I started looking. She told me her friend was selling him, I thought he was pretty, but I wasn't ready to make the commitment of buying a horse yet and didn't think I could afford it. At our barn's fun show a few months later, his owner brought him and I commented on him being pretty, but didn't think about it and didn't have time to watch him.

Later that month I actually did start looking, and looked at a LOT of horses. Almost bought a thoroughbred three hours away but she failed her vet check; almost bought a gorgeous Friesian cross. My trainer mentioned her friend's horse to me again, and I went out to look at him. It had been a pretty rough week and I remember commenting that "I hope things go ok when I look at this horse today because nothing else has gone right this week!" And fortunately, it worked out pretty fantastically. His owner hadn't sold him in the 4-ish months since I'd first head of him because she wasn't entirely sure she could part with him; at the end of the day she liked me enough to call my trainer and tell her that I was a good rider, I loved the horse, and my trainer thought we were a great match. He was mine by the end of the week. :)
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I had wanted a horse since I was 6 (I'm 28) but being that my family was pretty poor we could never afford one. When I got married we moved to Tennessee where my husband became a horse trainer. I would BEG him to let me help him clean stalls just so I could be around the horses and he would lead me around on brood mares( I had never ridden before). We always lived at the barn but was not allowed to have horses there. About 6 years ago he changed jobs and we moved.( to a new home above the new barn) I had had enough of petting and dog walking other people's horses and asked if we could get one of our own. He spoke to the BO and he said yes. I was so EXCITED! So I began my search. I feverishly search Craigslist and other sites for a horse that wouldn't cost my a fortune. One day an old customer of the barn was visiting and I mentioned the fact that I was looking for a horse. He was one of those people who "KNOWS A GUY WHO KNOWS A GUY" and thought he could help. He said he had a horse that was given to him by someone to settle a debt but he didn't ride and didn't want the horse. My eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas. I had my husband talk to him and check the horse out to see if she was ok. He sold her to us for 50.00! I had serious doubts about her then.but my husband said he had started her before she was put to pasture and she was a good horse. I drove out to see her the day we bought her. She was in a pasture with a pony and some cows. She was wormy and had a hay belly and still had alot of her winter coat evn though it was March. But I was in love. She came right up to me at the gate despite having not been touched in a year and she was almost 2 and not completely broke yet. That day I spent hours brushing out her mane and tail which was full or burrs and mats. Four days later she was at the barn. That was two years ago. My husband said one day the maybe we should sell her. I told him that was fine as long as there's room on the trailer for me cause if he sells her I'm going with her. :)
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Barrelhorseworld, after looking for months and finally getting the money needed I found him. This was just after missing out on a filly I wanted and looking again in surrounding states, I happened to notice him and he had everything I wanted and turned out to be exactly what he was supposed to be when we went and looked. So he came home and I couldn't be happier with him.
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Dreamhorse and craigslist. Same ad was listed both places.
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Green Broke
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With Rosie, the horse I have now, I was looking around for a cheap horse and couldn't find anything, so I put a wanted ad out online and her owner contacted me. They were in the middle of nowhere and couldn't afford feed anymore, so I got her pretty cheap. She's kind of lame though, but I don't think the owner knew, they were completely clueless with horses.

My other horses, I got two from ads in the local paper (a schoolmaster and an unbroken rising 2 year old) and my first pony we put a wanted ad in the local paper and they called us!
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I found mine out of the local bulletin board. When trying to find the farm, the guy told me "listen for the peacocks" lol.... seriously.... and I bought my filly there (mare now), and also a colt off the same guy!

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For (many) years my wife and I would drive passed a ranch about 5 miles from our house that always had a small, simple "Foals for Sale" sign by the road. We probably drive by it a thousand times before one day my wife wanted to stop and just look around.
We stopped, my wife went off with the owner to look at the horses, I wandered around the farm, and we left about an hour later. We found out that they were a very nice family farm of Paint breeders, did lessons, training, trail rides, boarding, and hay.
The next day, my wife came home, all smiles, waving a bill of sale, and saying that I should go see our new (first) horse!
We didn't have any place set up for a horse, so we pasture boarded her for 6 weeks while I fenced an area, built a shelter for her, and spent every Sunday at the ranch riding. I had everything done in time to bring her home for my wife's birthday and that was the beginning....
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My dad found Bubbles after a 12yo me had been begging for years to have my own horse, he found a teeny ad in the paper for a 22yo tb schoolmistress for $550 (dirt cheap here) We went and I rode her, and there was a few people interested in her but the owner (who turned out to be our workers aunt/cousin or something) said we could have first dibs. A few days later we went to the biggest field days in NZ, bought her a cover, a pretty purple saddle blanket, and a few other things, then picked her up on the 18th June 2008. This horse was my life for nearly 3 years until old age got the best of her and she passed away naturally in my arms on the 13th April 2011. RIP old girl, your still on my mind each and every day

I partially retired Bubbles in mid 2010, as I wanted to jump higher and didn't think it was fair to push her past her limit at nearly 25yo. I set to work on finding a younger horse, I had anything but a tb in mind, and I wanted something over 10 years old. we had $2000 to spend at the time so I looked and looked for months, and after being thrown severely off one horse, watching someone get severely thrown off another, going to see one that ended up having very bad founder, one that had been abused and couldnt jump which I wasnt told until I went to see her!
I basically gave up after looking at 6-7 horses, but in early December I got an email asking if I was still looking for a horse, I had no idea who this email come from, and it showed up in my spam folder, but I replied anyway and said yes. I got sent photos and a description of this beautiful 6yo thoroughbred gelding.
I went to see this horse, which turned out to be less than 30 minutes drive away, and I walked into the stable to see this HUGE horse butt swinging side to side tied up outside the stable. My first reaction was "Hell no I aint getting on that thing its huge!!" -The emails never stated the size of this horse.
I watched the girld ride him, then sucked it up and got on myself, he was the most beautiful horse to ride, minus the fact that he was 6 months off the track after winning races, he knew nothing, and he managed to lose a shoe while I was riding.
December 8th, I bought this horse home, and that is Mitchell who I still have now, 2 and a half years later.

DJ; we were looking for a horse for my mum and come across this very sorry looking little horse who looked like a hairy little bush pony.... Went to see her, turns out she is a thoroughbred, but rode beautifully through the forest track. Got her home, and not long after she just lost her nut. Think she may have been drugged, but there were no obvious signs at the time so it may have been a muscle relaxant. I'm now working on re-breaking her slowly, she has severe mental blocks and its like hitting a brick wall. She was abused and neglected in her past, and was an SPCA case, she has a few scars, two of which would indicate she may have been hung over a gate at some point. She is a dear wee thing but very scared, and when she gets nervous she lashed out and it is dangerous, but I'm working on that very slowly (with my own safety in mind of course!)

Gemma, my boyfriends mother at the time we went out introduced me to this deathly obese 37" 3yo miniature horse that was her parents. We both agreed I should take this horse if possible, so I managed to convince the owners that my horse was lonely and needed a paddock mate, and it would be good for Gemma to learn to socialize as well. I convinced mum and dad into it, and the image they had was this "cayute widdle poneh" was coming to live with us, I warned them she was obese to the max, but they stuck with the "cayute widdle poneh" idea... Picked her up and their jaws just dropped... That was no cayute widdle poneh, that miniature horse was deadly obese with a neck so cresty her mane was a mohawk, she had no manners, hadn't been halter broken, didn't know how to lead, kicked, bit, but loaded up perfectly. A few weeks into her strict diet and light exercise she foundered, but since she was already on a strict diet and we caught it early she has no lasting effects, I started taking her swimming in the river, as a way of exercise but also taking the weight off her hooves. 5 years later, she is now registered under my name, and is at a healthy weight with impeccable manners.

I have two more but I'm too lazy to type them out

R.I.P ~ Bubbles - 25yo tb mare - 13.04.2011 ~ 8:30am ~ passed away naturally and peacefully in my arms
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Mom said I couldn't get a big horse so I went with a mini horse. Searched everywhere for one in my area. Found an ad for a 2 year old red mini stud on Craigslist. Pic was of a black mini with a blurry red tail/rump in the back ground. Went and picked him up in my BFs mini van for $80. One year later I have the most amazing little mini gelding ever =) I was lucky and had no idea what I was doing but things turned out pretty good.
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