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Green Broke
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Teapot: I was 5 years old and wanted a pony. The guy down the road was swelling a few, he said make an offer, so my dad said,$25.....sold! Paid for her with mynown money! Had her until I was in my early twenties!! She taught me A LOT! Ornery thing!!

Butterscotch: we moved to the country when i was 12 and my parents said I could have a horse, since I out grew the pony. The guy across the street had three fillies....this one was the " prettiest" , so I saved my $$$$$ and bought her for $125!!!! She ended up taking me and winning states in western riding!!

Lurch: my riding instructor had this 17.1 thoroughbred. I had btdt in the western world, so I wanted to go huntseat. My parents made Payments on this guy for me. I was 17 yo. $3000

Rainn: after 20 years without horses bc of an automobile accident, I found this oldy but goody. My old 4H leader knew I wanted to get back into horses and turned me on to a current member trying to sell this horse...they had too many. I just wanted something to 'play with' and simmer down my horse bug after all these years. She is a 24 yo retired reining horse. Bought her for $250!!

We had more horses in our family....but these were the ones that were technically mine

Great thread!!

The beat of my heart will always resemble the cadence of my horse.
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I have trained a lot of horses, and ridden a lot more, but there are only two that I considered mine.

The first I got when I was 11. I was a typical horse crazy kid, and would have settled for anything with four legs and a mane. After taking lessons for many years, my parents offered to but one of the old lesson horses. To my great disappointment, the barn owner turned them down (He was a very smart man). Anyway, a few months later, we went to look at a house for sale, and in the back was a horse in a large stall. I spent the whole time watching him but knew I couldn't have him. To my surprise, without me even asking, the next day my parents said we could buy him. We knew NOTHING about him, didn't have a vet check, and never rode or handled him, or watched anyone else touch him.. LOL They paid $100.00 for him - a giveaway price even in those days. My barn owner went with us to pick him up, and I rememeber him looking at the horse, then looking at my dad, and saying "You stole him.". He was a 3 year old Quarter Horse that had never been ridden. I found out Much, much later that he was a ridgeling to boot. I was 11 years old and weighed maybe 90 pounds. He was a handful and bucked, reared, and crow hopped, but believe it or not, he never threw me, and he wasn't mean. He sure taught me how to ride, though. Even though he was a stock type Quarter horse, I wanted to jump, and several years and a lot of miles later, he was nationally ranked in both the hunter and the jumper ring. He could jump 6 feet, and he NEVER refused. I loved him to death, but wHen I got married I was forced to sell him, and he went to a young boy who loved him as much as I did.

I never thought I'd get another horse, but when we moved to Kentucky my daughter bought a small horse farm, and as soon as I walked I the barn, I knew it wouldn't be long. LOL

I planned on doing it right this time - look at a LOT of horses, get a vet check, etc. I wanted a calm, older gelding - the ground looks a lot harder at 60 then it did at 16!!! I guess I don't learn from my mistakes, LOL. I went to look at a palomino 2 year old filly simply because she was close to where my daughter lived. An hour and a half later, she was delivered to my daughter' farm -again, no vet check, I didn't ride her, and didn't see anyone else ride her, either. Once again, I managed to luck out. She is perfect for me! EXTREMELY calm and level headed, sweet and well behaved. She is also sound.

The first picture is of Troy the day I got him, the second picture about 6 years later. The third picture is of Nibbles the day I got her, on her 2nd birthday, the fourth picture is of my grandson sitting on her.
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To keep my post somewhat short, I'll just discuss the horses that are currently all my own (not family horses).

Denny: Sent to my Dad to be trained in '98 because he had hurt a couple of people. I was young and foolish and fell in love with the way he looked so I decided to start riding him. After I'd been riding him a few months and had him broke-broke, Dad made a deal with the owner (who couldn't afford the training bill) to give me the horse instead.

Dobe: Adopted from the BLM from some friends of my Dad's before they realized that wild mustangs are actually wild LOL. He had them so buffaloed that they were terrified of him. They called one day and asked if Dad wanted a mustang. He really didn't, but I did. Brought him home with the intention of him being a resale project, but I fell completely in love with his personality and heart. Best $125 I ever spent.

Rafe: Dad brought home a Belgian mare in the spring of '09 from a friend of his. She'd lost her team-mate to lightening a few months before and so she'd just been turned out for a while...with the owner's 14hh quarter horse stud LOL. He said "you know, I honestly didn't think he'd be able to breed her, but she might be pregnant". She stepped off the trailer and there was no maybe about it, she looked like a balloon that was ready to pop. A couple of months later, out came Rafe.

Taz: Our good Percheron stud managed to crash the fence just before he was gelded...and he ended up in with the neighbor's mare. Thankfully, they were friends of ours so they didn't get mad about it. However, just after Taz was born, the husband died and the wife is decidedly non-horsey. She called and asked if I wanted Taz and, even though I really didn't, I felt it was my responsibility to take him in and give him the best possible chance at a real life. So, as soon as he grows into my saddle, I plan to get him broke to ride and find him a good home. Maybe with someone on here so I can keep track of him.

Talyn: She was one of a herd that had been running feral on some pastureland just outside of town for about 20 years. The man who owned them died about 10 years ago and they've just been on their own since because the daughters couldn't agree on what to do with them. They finally decided to have them rounded up this spring and shipped off to whoever would buy them. Since Dad and I did the rounding up, the girls told us that we were welcome to take anything that we wanted out of the herd. It was Talyn's flashy markings and blue eye that caught my eye...but it was her temperament that pulled me in. She and her momma were the calmest out of the entire bunch. She'll never be pretty (conformation wise), but I figure that she's got a good enough mind that she might make a good beginner/kid horse someday.
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Most of the horses I have were raised here.

I saw Abby on the internet a few years ago, and I found myself visiting her for sale add over and over during the course of a year. One day, my trainer called and said she was at that farm. I said, Oh, I've been looking at this little brown filly. My trainer said that was one she had picked, so I bought her. Love her.

Learning never stops
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I apologize in advance for the amount of words I am about to use :)

Mater: I started window shopping for horses while living in an apartment in the city during the week. Weekends were spent home on the farm taking care of my little mare who suffered from severe allergies.

I found a Reg. QH gelding online that I really liked, but the timing didn't work out and his ad was removed. A few months later, I convinced my parents that another horse was a definite need as my mare was getting worse. They agreed, but said that I couldn't purchase another horse unless I moved home - which wasn't an option at that point with my job. Within a few days I found out that my job was reduced to part time hours and home I went!

I returned to my online perusing and miraculously the gelding's ad was back up. Mater hadn't been worked in over 6 months and sometimes bucked when you first started riding again. I bought him without ever sitting on him or seeing him ridden.

After working with a trainer it turned out that Mater had been thoroughly trained and had more buttons than I knew what do to with. Four years later we are a team and I couldn't have asked for a better horse. He is truly my "heart horse".

Mia: Soon after I purchased Mater I had to have my little mare put down. That left Mater and my mom's old pony as a herd of 2. Last year I decided to start looking for another companion for Mater and an additional riding horse for me as the pony was over 30 and starting to feel it.

My farrier trains horses and kept telling me about this Reg. QH mare that he had in training. Again, the timing was not right and he ending up selling her to someone else. A few months later, a few more dollars in the bank and it turns out the mare came back to him when the new owners changed their minds. So I hurried on down there and bought her as soon as I could.

I couldn't ask for two better suited horses. They're both intelligent, gentle and have a comedic side that comes in handy when training the most ridiculous tricks
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Bagheera: I had known him since I started riding at 10 years old. I befriended his wacky owner in my early teens. She taught me how to lunge him and let me brush him/walk him all the time. He was way out of my league back them. When I was 16 she abandoned him along with another horse. The other horse was sold almost immediately. Bagheera sat in a stall for a year. The horse I had been leasing was put down due to a cyst rupturing in his leg that shattered his cannon bone. A friend suggested I start riding Bagheera. I talked to the BOand got the go ahead. I rode him for 6 months, then started leasing him because everyone and their brother wanted to lease him. I don't share well, so of course I had to lease him. He was still for sale and after a year, I was sick of being worried that he would be sold out from under me. I finally put in an offer on him. He was on the market for $10k and I offered $3k. The BO came back a week later and said I could have him for $2k. I was floored. I never expected that kind of generosity. I had Bagheera until he passed away a few weeks ago. I hope in lucky enough to find another horse as amazing as he was in the future.

Strength is not defined by physical ability. It is determined by your actions and the compassion of your soul.
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My first horse I bought a few months ago. I was looking on Craigslist to find a horse after getting permission from my husband and trainer. Had to be cleared by them first that I was confidant enough to get one and handle one. I saw this 9 year old unbroken mare on CL and she ended up staying in my sleep with me. I made and appointment to see her the next day and Fell in love. My trainer ran her around and tested her out. Got me into the field with her and watched us interact. She gave the green light and now a few months later (With lots of hard work) she is able to be ridden around.

^yesterday. My husband was playing with her flaps and the reins fell.
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Jangalian, not sure if you're aware, but that saddle doesn't even come close to fitting her and it's several inches from being in the correct place on her back. I pray that's not the one you're using for her training.
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We know where the saddle sits on her. We took them both into the local saddlery and they said for now it is fine until the custom one for her comes in. :P
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Green Broke
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My daughter's pony I started looking for shortly after my daughter was born. I figured it would take a few years to find a pony suitable for a small child that wouldn't be immediately outgrown here in rural NH. My daughter was 2 when I found her at a small farm that did childrens pony parties. They had only had her a year. They only had so much room and wanted a slightly smaller one and a slightly larger one. They probably thought I was nuts. I came back and watched that little horse for hours in and out of the barn. Watched her reaction to small children. The sellers were completely upfront about her. Said she was alpha. Said their 10 year old daughter could really put the pony through her paces. Little mare was impeccably trained. The clincher was when I watched the mare put 2 huge draft horses around in the paddock and take charge. I had a rescue/animal cruelty case at the house that was a real pain and didn't want a horse he would bully. Little old Chip is still with me at 38 yrs old. Her muzzle is pretty gray now but she still is in charge. Once a dark chocolate palimino she is more the color of regular chocolate now with mostly gray mane and tail. My daughter is grown up and in navy boot. Little stiff getting up at times but she still manages a gallop across the pasture and can still steal the food of my much larger mare. I've spent many years mourning the fact that the little mare is only 11 hands.

The other 2 I have now are craigslist free horse finds. My old QH had just passed and the pony was alone and in a serious funk. They had been together over 20 yrs and the pony was in such deep mourning that she had stopped eating. Her 3 goat companions were no consolation. She just stood by Kings grave with her head hung down all day and night. Started browsing craiglist and nearly immediately stumble on an ad for a free TWH. I've got some good arthritis going in my back and neck so I figured it was worth a look. Only about an hours drive away so off I went. Expected to find a smaller, plumpish mare, like the few walkers I had seen here in the north.

I was horrified when I got there. I was looking at a 16 hand skeleton, covered in rain rot. They were riding her and tried to get me to ride and try her out. I kept saying no I didn't need to ride her. After much insistence I got on and went 20 ft up the driveway and back. Not much of a test ride but no way was a going to put a horse in that shape through it's paces. I decided to take her just to get her out of there and if she turned out not to a suitable mount once recovered I'd deal with it then. The people gave the grand tour of their farm. I was sick the whole time. Had to have been 25 various horses, ponies, donkeys there. Many goats and sheep, tons of little dogs. All in various stages of icky. I also took a small horse/large pony mare out of there that wasn't in such bad shape but she was so timid and stuck in the corner by others that I figured it was only a matter of time. I knew the walker was liable to act very different once she felt better so I got the other small mare as a back up ride. It was also pretty obvious they were all needing a friend. I got lucky, both mares are kind and gentle. The walker is very green but sensible. Not prone to explosions. Waits for direction from me if something scares her. Odd holes in her training lead me to believe she was a broodmare that didn't produce and was sold off.
The other is just a nice, wise old mare. Nothing like a friendly old horse who's been there and done that. She is actually perfect for my daughter who is a much more timid rider than I was at her age.
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