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I'd ridden horses some as a kid and an adult, but never thought I'd own one. My husband had never ridden horses until a little over a year ago. The first time he rode one he decided he had to have one of his own. He's become a horse nut and I love it! Kinda funny since he's always been the one grumbling at me for wanting tons of pets!
So a few months ago, he finally talked me into it. We decided we would get two very well broke TWH geldings, 5-10 years old. We shopped around for a while, several were exactly what we thought we wanted, but we just didn't fall in love with any of them. We stopped in at the local "horse trader's" with a friend and told him what we wanted. He said he didn't have any like that at the time, but he had a very docile, 3 year old TWH filly, who had supposedly never been ridden. He whistled and the saddest, skinniest palomino came walking over to him. You could count every rib, she had rain rot, and was so happy to have grass to eat that he had her loose in his front yard, no fence or anything. I fell in love with her immediately and named her Honey. The horse trader rode her around the yard bareback with no trouble. We put a saddle on her and rode her around just fine - I really can't believe she'd never been ridden at all. I paid $600 for her (I probably could have talked him down, but I didn't care, I just loved her.). The horse trader says she'd been stuck in a very small pasture all winter without any hay or feed of any kind.
Two and a half months later, she looks like a different horse. Beautiful golden coat and she's filled out nicely. I still have some training to do, but she does amazingly well for how little she'd been trained when we got her.
My husband bought our other horse, Sweet-n-low, a 5 year old mare from one of our neighbors. The neighbor claims to love riding horses, all of his friends and brothers ride, but he is obviously afraid of them and too macho to admit it to the other guys. He would groom her and show her off, but rarely rode her. We'd both ridden her and had gotten pretty attached to her. He sold her to us for $300 so that he could buy a yearling (now he has an excuse to not ride for a couple of years). We've fallen in love with the yearling too and kinda figure we'll get to buy him in a few years, when he's old enough to ride and the neighbor runs out of excuses for not riding him too .
So, after we researched and planned on getting two middle aged geldings, we ended up with a couple of young mares!

I was normal...then I got a horse.
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I Got My Horse Oscar From A Riding School Were'd He'd Been 4 2 Months Previos!
Before That Ive No Idea Were He Was! The Poor Thing Had No Spirit, No Shine, No Jump And Absolutly No Energy! Think He Could Have Been A Race HorseCoz No That Hes All Fit And Healthy He Is A Monster When Galloping! Totally Eats Up The Ground Lyk! Lol Amazing
Also Think He Was Worth A Good Bit As He Has Pin Firing Scars Down His Tendon! Such A Disgusting Thing 2 Do!
Hes My 1st Horse And Truly Is 1 in A Million! Jumping 1.60m So Far! Hopefully Start Jumping 1.10m Courses By The End Of The Year
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Ruby - We bought her from an auction house for $400. While picking her up after the auction, we met the sellers, who my dad happened to know. XD They own a local boarding/training/lesson facility. My best guess is that Ruby was a lesson horse, because she's just so calm and well trained.

2-Pak - My parents bought him as a 2-year-old for $500 from my uncle for my birthday one year. When my uncle was teaching me how to train horses, he introduced me to newborn 2-Pak and let me work with him and his mom (who I was riding in horse shows and parades at the time.).

Magic/Tanner - About a year ago, my mom's family reunion was at a campground/QH-breeding farm in Decorah (Hutchinson Farm), and while we were up there, I was planning to go to check out a few horses I'd found online in the area, since I was looking around for another trail horse. I also checked out all the horses for sale at the Hutchinson Farm -- most of them were <3 years old and/or in training, besides being >$1000 (out of my budget). All the ones I'd intended to look at were either already sold or I just changed my mind. The last night we stayed there, we invited the owners down to the campground to have a cook out with us, and two of my friends who were there with me overheard the wife and daughter talking about some horses they were going to drive up to the Canadian slaughter houses the next day. One of those friends, who is against horse slaughter, insisted I go to look at them, and I did, just to get her off my back. When I got there, Tanner and Magic were in a little run-in thing on the barn, with their hooves in horrible condition and Tanner looking a little on the skinny side, but otherwise in good condition. The dad explained that his daughter rode them in barrels and other speed shows, they'd been used to work cattle, and he carried on about their papers and pedigree and such. Then he let me and my friends lead them around, pick up their feet, etc. They had absolutely divine ground manners, as far as I could tell. He went on to say that since his daughter had gone to college, they hadn't been ridden in five years, so he wasn't sure how they would be under saddle, but they were respectful when she was riding them. I decided that I wanted Magic (the younger one), since I didn't think we had pasture for two more, but my anti-slaughter friend convinced my parents that we couldn't "play god" and pick only one, and we had to buy both of them... and so somehow I ended up with two horses. They were $300/each... "slaughter price" is what the owner told us. We also had a nearly impossible time hauling them home... two trailers (my 3-horse slant and my uncle's 4-horse stock) loaded down with seven or eight horses (I can't remember if my uncle brought 2 or 3 horses) -- one of which was 2-Pak, who takes up enough space for two horses, and then Magic, who is pretty wide-ly built. XD
It wasn't pretty, suffice to say.

Bandit/Dante - both colts out of Ruby and a pony stud that we had when I was young. (That pony stud, Shilo, is one we got at the same auction house as Ruby for $25 -- the last owner told us that he was selling him because he didn't think the pony would survive the winter.)

When I was a little kid, we had two horses that we acquired through some interseting means. Frosty, an old grey mare, was originally my grandpa's. My dad bought a pool table at some farm auction, and my mom disapproved of it (it took up too much room), so my dad gave it to his dad, and got Frosty in exchange.
Shilo (the first! I liked that name. XD) came with a truck my dad bought. He went to some guy's house to pick up the truck, and Shilo was tied to the bumper; the owner wouldn't let dad buy the truck unless he took the horse with it.
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I found Domino on craigslist. He was at a riding acadamy before we got him! Poor boy!
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Diamond-I got diamond from my cousin in Ohio, he was starved, and neglected, only skin and bones, when i rescued him for $600. SB/QH

Rusty-Me and my family would go to the fowlerville fair every year. And theu had livestick barns. By the horse barn there was a stand that had horse tack. We bought some of it for Diamond. And the man handed us his card. It said
2hr trail rides
tack shop
So on a saturday we went to go on a trail ride, but it was raining. So we had to come back the next day. When i tacked rusty up and rode him on the trails i fell in love. I asked mike if he was for sale and we was. So i asked how much, and was $1,200. My grandpa new how much i liked him, so he bought him for me. And then i was selling him for more $ b/c i trained him better. Morab

Prancer- My dear old TB whom i miss most. The only thing i remember is that he was off the track. The fastest horse i have ever rode. He almost killed me in an isident that was not his fault, so my mom said i couldnt keep him anymore.
Spot- HATED HATED HATED this horse. more stubborn than a mule, or donkey. would not turn or walk just stood there. But on the ground he was the sweetest most loveing horse to be around. Stupid appy

Werduct- (pernounced: verdickt). I loved him with all my heart, then somthing chagned with him rapidly, my top trainer could not even get on him. i love him sooo much. Purebred arab

Rusty- then i got rusty back cuz the pppl hated him.

Hercules- BEST HORSE IN THE WORLD!. i got him from a barn 1 min away from my house, He has themost hurtful, cruesul story anyone could think of, and i will not talk about that. Everytime i told his story people would cry. Visit my barn on here, and click on the horse that say hercules(or herc) (sold), for more info.

Rowdy-ALSO BEST HORSE IN THE WORLD!. When i got this boy my life changed, so did the love in my heart. I didnt think it was possible to love somthing so much, he proved me wrong. I got him from the BO daughter, where i board at now. I will never sell him for as long as he and i live.
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Erm... I thought you got Diamond because your grandpa bought him also as a first horse o.O
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I guess if people are talking about there past horses.
Bailey-My parents bought him for me when I was in 4th or 5th grade as an early birthday present. He was for sale because the sellers daughter was getting a horse, and partially because he was a little brat lol. He's a really great pony, but 3-4 years later I gave him to my lesson barn in exchange for helping me look for a new horse and a couple months board for the new horse. He's currently a lesson pony for the slightly more advanced young rider, though he's not being used right now because he tore a muscle :(.
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I was leasing my horse before I bought her and then the owners decided to sell her to us because they wanted nothing to do with horses. My mom and the previous owner are good friends now though. Grace was from down in the Toronto area (I guess up for most of you guys) and then she moved to Timmins and then she went to Chilsm and now she's in Powasson. lol. Her great grandfather was soo pretty, they made him into a figurine!! lol. I also know that her first owners babied her around alot, which is why she has trailering problems and stuff.

"People have always cared me a bit, you see - they're too complicated. I suppose that's why I prefer horses." -- From the movie Separate Tables
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Originally Posted by morganshow11 View Post
Diamond-I got diamond from my cousin in Ohio, he was starved, and neglected, only skin and bones, when i rescued him for $600. SB/QH
I in that thread you say Diamond is a pure Standardbred, here you say he is crossed with a QH?
Well, what is it?!

It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall.
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^^morganshow seems to have this issue a lot. I think she has some communication trouble LOL

"Joe" was a 3yr old Belgium colt and was purchased from an aquaintance for $400. He didn't know anything (even how to be tied) and I purchased him because I was depressed. Wrong thing to do. I kept him for a few months and then woke up to my idiocy. He is supposedly now living in the bush making babies. Now I miss him. Oh well...

"Wonder" (rip) was a track horse; a lady took him in because he had allergies and couldn't race in July and August (prime season here). He was on vacation with her and then she gave him to me. Wonderful horse, but died of a traumatic injury at about 8 years old. :(

"Lisa" came right from the track barn to my house when she was about 6. Another freebie because she was lame and skinny. Was supposed to be a companion horse only for Wonder. Now (3 years later) she is very healthy and a great little trail horse.

"Shade" (rip) from the track paddock, free again; pulled from racing due to a "stifle injury". Ended up being arthritis at about 5 years old. Poor guy. Anyway, he was on the mend here and doing better finally after months of struggle when he suffered an unusual internal injury that we never found the cause of.

"Jade" yet another free one from the track. Due to narrowing of the trachea she can't breathe well enough to run long enough. But she's just fine for what we want here.

So, we have Lisa and Jade. They are both dominant mares I think and get along great because of it. I'm convinced that Lisa was the cause of the death of Shade and Wonder and equally convinced that Lisa and Jade were meant to be together. I'm sure they would never get along in a herd. Far too bossy.
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