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Woah...upset/moody BO...rant

Last Sunday we all (me, the lesson girls, and the BO/instructor) went up to a tack shop to look around. Every Sunday we do that. When we were about to leave she asked if we all would like to see her old boarding stables that she used to board at before she bought her land. We said sure so she drove us there.

All of us were not too too thrilled about it, mainly because the BO was telling us in the car how mean and rude the BO of her old stables used to be. One of the girls spoke up and asked "Are you sure it's okay to just go and look at the stables without them knowing?" The BO answered it was fine and that people do it all the time...yet whenever I visited a stables I always called first to let them know.
Anyways, originally it was just going to be the 5 of us (the lesson kids) going and looking around because the BO knew the lady would recognize her, but we convinced her on coming.

Then she got into "everyone thinks my prices are too high, but look at what they have to pay and a messier barn" mode and kept growling at me to take pictures. I snapped a few mainly to shut her up, but I did not feel comfortable taking alot of pictures. Mainly because if I had a stables, I wouldn't particually want a total stranger walking in and just taking random photos of the things.

THen the BO pointed out every bad part about the stables...yes the obvious ones that no other stables would do....empty grain bags just thrown in a corner, and the supplement/feed room was a total mess.

And then yesterday I went to the stables just to clean out Sonny's pasture and work on a pasture that I'm going to put him in. Anyways once I was done with the work I was going to do for the day, I saw a lady and her two daughters walking down the hill. I simply asked them if I could help them with anything and they said that they were here to look at Annabell, and that the BO told them to go down to the lower barn and find her. So I told them I could show her where Annie is and I brought them down.

I took her out for them to look over, and then when they asked if there was a place that they could try her out, I took Annie and them up to the arena and put Annie in a stall while the BO talked to them.

All things went well, the one girl (who was the girl wanting to buy a horse) looked at 2 of the BOs horses and Annie...and seemed to like Heart the best (though they seemed like they couldn't afford his price, but not sure). So afterwards, I told the BO that I had to leave cause I had to get home, take a shower, and then go to work.
Then I heard the BO saying to the lady and her daughters to take Annie down and put her back...they did it, and then I said I'll just walk them down just to make sure they remember to shut the gate all the way and put her fly mask back on, but then the BO totally flipped out and kept saying that they can do it themselves.

So I just left without even saying bye.

I'm getting so fed up with the BO, I know she means well but her "costumer service" is HORRIBLE. If I were to be like her at my job I would be fired instantly because my job is all about costumer service.
She doesn't get the importance of HER at least walking down to the lower barn with Annie...what if something happened...Annie spooked, hurt one of the girls, and then ran off only to fall and hurt something.
Not only would the BO be responsible for the injury on her property, but she'd be responsible for the injury of that horse because chances are it could of have been prevented.

I really would like to move Sonny the more I think about it, but I have no where else to take him. The board at the stables, is reasonible, I can afford it with no problem, and I work off it to make it even better. None of the "barn rules" apply to me cause they were made for the lesson kids that come to ride (the barn hours, can't ride alone, etc) so I can ride whenever I want and spend literally all day up there if I please.
Just there are so many things that the BO and I don't agree with. I'm totally anti-"put all the laid back horses in the pasture with all the mean ones"....I also feel that I'm not getting my moneys worth for lessons, because, though I know the BO is doing a lesson and watching over 5 girls all together and mainly looking at the one that doesn't know how to ride (well she knows the basics, but doens't know what is dangerous and what isn't), but I think she can still give more attention to me in the lesson.
Sonny and I work on so many things when I ride that I have to say (not trying to brag) I am more advance than the girls...the only thing they know how to do that I don't is flying lead changes...and that is only because I was sick that lesson and couldn't even get out of bed lol.

Also I'm totally against the girls (their ages are 13-15) riding without a helmet. Yes they do, but there are times when it was really hot that the BO said that they can ride without a helmet as long as they don't canter or jump. I spoke to the BO and just simply said that if someone comes and sees the kids without helmets it will give them a bad impression of the stables...I didn't state that legally the girls HAVE to wear helmets until their 18.
Then all the girls but one (the one that is the only sensible one) got upset at me and then one of them walked around the arena and trotted around with no hands on the reins and kept yelling "see Jenny?! She's not going to do anything...and we are trotting. We wouldn't be cantering at all." And no matter how many times I told them that the people who fell off here fell off at a TROT not a canter, she wouldn't listen. And I could kinda tell that the BO was on the side of the girls.
Now I can't say that I've never ridden without a helmet on, I've done it twice, but I'm 18...I can legally ride without a helmet and I've been in more situations then the girls and would more than likely be able to correct it (though there are things that I wouldn't be able to still).

And one more thing: I am totally against waiting until the last minute to get a horses hooves done. Sonny gets his done every 6 weeks (besides for this time because farrier is away and is only gone an extra week...and he said SOnny would be fine an extra week), but the BO has waited 3 months before calling the farrier out.
Thankfully she is on schedual now, kudos to my farrier for putting her on it :) but at times she seems a little sore about that but not really bad though.

Sorry just had to rant and get that off my head...
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First off I will be expecting a cake in the mail. That was one long post women!

If she bothers you that much, why are you helping her out and going on field trips with her??

I see where you are coming from and I can understand why you are annoyed. Maybe there is even more to it than what you posted but your situation doesn't seem as bad as some of the ones I have heard from some of the people I know whom board.
The fact that your trainer has no manners or good foundation for buyers or even clients is really not your problem. Let her crash and burn. She should know better than to treat potential buyers the way she does, but it's her business.
As for going to another barn to simply bash the facility and the way they do things is VERY unprofessional. That would be more than enough for me to say "see you later" and find someone else to traine with.

Tho from reading your thread I don't think leaving is the best option (or really needed), if you are really that frustrated with her it might be a good option for you. Keep in mind that regardless of where you go there will always be someone you really dislike. It might be the BO, a trainer, boarders or lessoners. Regardless of what it is, there will always be someone.

A good reminder to me how fortunate I am with where I am currently boarding. I love the facility, the trainer is great and the boarders are all adults which makes for a really pleasant place to board at.

It sounds like you are to involved with the BO. If you are taking lessons from her, I would leave it at that. Do not go on trips with her to the tack store, or anywhere else. Do not help her out anymore with the sale of horses etc.

Do your own thing with your horse.
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I agree with my2geldings, If you dislike her cut back on spending time with her. My BO can be the same way, though she is a lot more professional. When I was under 18, sorry Its Colorado Its like living on the sun sometimes. My barn owner had to shut the barn up and turn on an A/C a few times, because It was so hot. So we didn't where helmets, not saying Its wise. But got LONG hair and a humid helmet on isn't fun. If I didn't have to ride I'd pass up the hot days, but I practice a lot for shows. The barn thing was a REALLY bad Idea, first of all Trespassing Is illegal, and to add to It you took pictures with out permission. Sorry I keep my personal life from those at the barn, shop on your own, and you can find another trainer who will travel to you for lessons. If you so advance, why are you still taking lessons?? Sounds to me, that you don't know how you feel about people at the barn. You cant rant about what never happened, so to avoid barn stress. Stray from her clients, honestly my BO BARKS when you try and show her horses to her clients. Honestly Its her personal problem If she does or doesn't sell. If she needs help, she can easily ask for assistance and when she does I help. But when she doesn't, thats all :). I lay low and for 3 years I've never had a problem with anybody. I'm not blessed with all adult boarders. The upside Is, she does lessons when I'm at work, because most are In school and thats when I work .
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Dude! I am in the exact same boat. Well almost...When you started to talk about going to the tack shop then the BO says lets go to an old barn, and how she kept saying how awful it was. My heart jumped out of my chest! I was like on no someone is on here thats from my barn! (ive had a few rants myself)

But that is so weird. That basiclly the exact same thing happend. But we had just come from a show. And my BO was complaining how the stalls didnt have enough sawdust. Which they didnt it was gross.

You know im the "help" at my barn to. And I get treated like horse crap. Ive just posted about what just happened to me so I wont keep going on...

My grandpa always told me mom "If your not happy with where your at get the hell out" My mom then later told him that on his death bed...It was what he needed to hear, he was in to much pain,

But no one desirves to be treated bad. And you do seem to have the barns best interest. If I was a BO I would want to have people like you at my barn!

edit: Oh yah can I have some cake too!

From east to west a travlin gypsy found her prancing pony for now their hearts run as one...into the north
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im going to sound really stupid here...but does BO stand for barn operator? lol im retarded I know...

It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.
- Paul "Bear" Bryant (Former college football coach)
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barn owner/ barn operator... same thing :)

From east to west a travlin gypsy found her prancing pony for now their hearts run as one...into the north
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when she's in good moods she's great....the nice thing about her is that she knows I know alot about horses (more than any of the other girls) so she literally looks for me to help....which I love because, sadly, I know her horses a little better than she does (mainly because I "train" them...."train" as in get the bad habits out).

And I go on the errands with her because I need stuff for Sonny everytime she plans on going. I needed fly spray and the stuff she gets doesn't work...so I buy the expensive kind that works for a while lol

90% of the time she is the greatest, yet out of the blue she gets upset for stupid reasons.

And I can see where she's coming from with the bashing (though I NEVER would do it), is because the other girls that ride totally take advantage of her, money-wise, and she's tried showing them prices for lessons elsewhere, but I think she wanted solid proof that they are paying alot less for what they get.

She doesn't have a professional attitude, but she is a great instructor and that's the only reason why I'm sitll with her (that and without her I'd never be able to afford board).

Another reason why I can't move is that no other place close by offers pasture board...ONLY full board or daily turn-out

But I really just needed to rant...I have no intention of leaving
No the situation isn't bad enough for me to leave...she'd have to do something to Sonny to make me leave, I just needed to rant somewhere lol

@Pretty Jumper
It wasn't her horse she was showing...it was a clients horse and like the last time someone came to see that horse, the horses owner did a no-show....so we had to show her

It's not that I"m treated like crap or anything, it's just I'm usually the one that gets growled at because I "suck it up and take it"....mainly because I hate argueing and such.
Put those things aside, and the BO is wonderful...but her person skills are 0.
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oh here's a cake for everyone

Sorry the post was so long lol
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MMmMmMmm... Horsey cake! Thanks!

Can't you slip a mare suppliment into her coke or something!? Geese louise! Sorry she's being so snippy...

Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Don't be afraid or discouraged by the size of the task, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.

1 Chronicles 28:20

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Nummy cake! What is the horse made out of? Wait no way that whole horse isnt cake?

From east to west a travlin gypsy found her prancing pony for now their hearts run as one...into the north
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