Barn NameSkye (deceased)
Registered NameMaggie Bright
LocationMichigan, United States
Age26 years, 6 months old
Acquired07/27/2011 (9 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlue eyes
Body MarkingsFlecking or Ticking
DisciplinesWestern pleasure

About Skye (deceased)The description given doesn't nearly begin to describe her color. She is super interesting. She appears to be a chestnut base that roaned out. Most of her skin is pink but when she is wet you can see large patches of spotted black skin. The only color left now are small chestnut fleabites, her unusual leg markings, and a spot of chestnut on her withers. She is super stocky too, just how I like my horses!
She is a real sweet girl, but does have an appy-tude under saddle which was making her not work out of the local therapy riding program. Once she knows who the boss is though she will do whatever you ask. She loves to fall asleep while being groomed and tacked up.
I plan to take her to some ApHC breed shows as well as open western shows. Our current goals are western pleasure, western riding, and horsemanship.
Favorite Food
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