Barn NameRiley
Registered NameJust A Top Vantage
LocationVirginia, United States
BreedQuarter Horse
Age13 years, 6 months old

About Riley
ActivitiesWestern Pleasure and HUS training and playing in the field
Favorite Food...not carrots...
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From VanillaBean on 03/16/12
I think I'm in love! Beautiful boy!
From KyAngel on 08/13/11
OK, now I gotta wipe drool off my keyboard ! I'm a gaited horse person but I have a severe weakness for QH's and yours is magnificent ! Keep those pictures coming and we'll all have a drool fest !
From horserider321 on 01/03/11
He looks great! and tall!
From PaintsPwn on 03/23/10
He's either all legs, or you're really tiny! Looks alot bigger than 15 hands! LOL
From Honeysuga on 03/06/10
Riley is such a handsome boy with such an awesome frame! congrats!
From CecilliaB on 01/28/10
He's one of the best looking QH's I've seen. I'd swear he was at least part TB. Love him!
From Dartanion on 01/11/10
This is one handsome boy right here!! great pics
From mom2pride on 09/25/09
he's gorgeous! If he goes missing, I didn't do it!
From G and K's Mom on 09/03/09
I love his baby picture!!
From ponyz on 06/22/09
Very BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Nice looking western pleasure horse =]
From JMMarroq on 04/12/09
haha my horse loves playing with brooms too xD
From Walkamile on 02/25/09
Wow! Impressive guy!
From brittany on 01/14/09
He's gorgeous!!!
From Rebelappy on 12/27/08
hes beautiful !!!
From Moxie on 11/30/08
While you are delivering Blue to me, Riley can come along.
From farmpony84 on 10/03/08
I sticked him last night. He's right at 15.3. He is tall but he still looks very baby because he's so narrow in the chest still......:)
From FGRanch on 10/03/08
Wow no kidding, what a big two year old! :D
From farmpony84 on 10/02/08
I havent sticked him lately but I would GEUSS around 15.3ish. His butt is over my head now... He's such a big boy!
From FGRanch on 10/02/08
My goodness he looks tall! How tall is he?
From farmpony84 on 09/29/08
Thanks! He turned two on April 18th...
From free_sprtd on 09/28/08
He is a cutie! How late of a 2 yr old is he??
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