Barn NameHunny
Registered NameFrosty's Calipso
LocationMandan, North Dakota, United States
BreedMissouri Fox Trotter
Age12 years, 2 months old
Acquired06/20/2011 (9 years ago)
Head MarkingsStar
DisciplinesBareback, Competitive trail riding, Endurance racing

About HunnyHunny was a bit of a crap shoot for me to buy. I knew nothing about gaited horses and didn't like palominos. I still don't really like pallies but this girl I have fallen in love with :) I took a chance, and she has given me back my confidence after some serious ride injuries. A lot of people say she is definitely my horse because we mesh so perfectly! I am absolutely in love with her and I have a hunch she might just like me too ;) (or its the apple treats I carry at least lol)

Hunny and I might try a hand and hoof at dressage...I have always loved dressage and I could really see her loving the challenge of it.
ActivitiesLots of trail riding, we fox trot and flat foot walk just about everywherreeeeeeeeee.....
We also are always taking a lot of care of Sugar. Well not really care because she fends very well on her own, but we give her lotsa love. Hunny is an excellent mother, and Sugar is an excellent filly. They don't even freak out for each other when I just take Hunny and me on a ride!
Favorite Foodapples!
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From BarrelBunny on 02/19/12
She's super cute! :) I love her coloring too!
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