Barn NameOatsy
Registered NameFeelin' the Rush
Locationx, Kentucky, United States
BreedQuarter Horse
Age29 years, 5 months old
Acquired06/11/2009 (11 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlaze
Body MarkingsWhite spot
Leg MarkingsPastern
DisciplinesBareback, Barrel racing

About OatsyHowdy! My name is Feelin' the Rush, but you can just call me Oatsy. That's what my momma calls me. And ... everyone else. They used to not though! Back in the old days, before my new momma came along, a man rode me around the barrels, firing through that pattern like a banshee was on our heels! Woohoo, we were champs! That's all said n done now though, I'm much past that. For now I just chill with Diamond and Cowboy. 'Cassionally momma will take me out Bareback or Western and just plod around, with a gallop or two between. It's real nice in this life. Well, that's about it! See y'all later!
Favorite FoodApples
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